Animals That Only Eat Plants (15 Examples)


The list of animals that only eat plants is a long one, with the number of species swelling every day. Some animals never once touch anything else for the entirety of their lives, aside from when they might need to eat some berries or flowers.

These creatures are true herbivores and are often covered in spots that resemble a lighter green than most plants. In this article, we are going to list a few examples of animals that only eat plants.

What are Herbivores?

Herbivores are creatures that survive solely on a diet of plants, and nothing more than plants. While they might eat grass and berries, they cannot eat anything else. When herbivores are born, they instinctively know what foods are safe for them to eat and which ones will be harmful or poisonous.

These creatures have a long list of species that only eat plants and in this article, we are going to cover some of them, read on!

List of Animals that Only Eats Plants


The list of herbivores starts with one of the most famous domestic animals in the world. The buffalo is a gigantic beast that lends its strength to farmers across Africa and Asia.

Buffalo are herbivores, and they only eat a few different types of plants. They cannot chew through tougher plants, but once they get the leaves down, it is easy for them to get everything they need out of them.


Another type of animal that only eats plants is the rhinoceros. All rhinoceros are herbivores, but several different types of rhinos will only eat certain plants.

Some species of rhino will only eat grasses and flowers, while others will only eat fruits and vegetables. The Rhinoceros is a large mammal that is native to Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Rhinos are not the only type of animal that needs to consume a variety of different plant foods to survive.


Antelope is perhaps one of the most common herbivores in the world. These animals live in a great variety of different climates and environments, many of which are very dry and arid. The antelope only eats plants and has no need for anything else but its food.


Giraffes are herbivores that eat plants, fruits, and vegetables. These animals have long necks that allow them to reach out for some food while they graze on low bushes or tall trees.


The list of herbivores continues with one of the most common domesticated animals in the world.

Sheep are domesticated animals that do not like to eat meat, Many people who want to start up a new pasture will buy sheep so that they can become self-sufficient over time. Sheep are herbivores, and they will only eat grasses and other types of vegetation.


Elk are a type of animal that only eats plants. These animals live in areas where it is difficult to grow crops, and they have to eat what is readily available to them.


Bison are an interesting type of herbivore that is native to North America. Many people who live in the United States have seen one of these animals in person, as they are common sights at zoos and other animal preserves.


The list of herbivores is long, and it continues with one of the most interesting animals on Earth. The camel is a unique creature that is both herbivorous and a mammal. It might seem strange to have something that is a part reptile, but the camel does the job for various religions all across the world.


Horses are another type of herbivore that has been domesticated by humans. Horses are strong creatures that can survive in the harshest environments out there, as long as they have food and water to eat on a daily basis.


Cows are one of the easiest types of herbivores to recognize on the planet. These animals have long been domesticated by humans, and they have had a variety of different uses throughout history.


Squirrels are only herbivores and do not need any other foods to survive. Squirrels eat a variety of different types of vegetation, and they thrive in a variety of different environments.


The list of herbivores is long, and there are many different types of creatures that only eat plants. Each animal has a specific role to play in the ecosystem, and they all contribute to the balance of nature in some way or another. The list will continue to grow as humans find more ways to use animals in their day-to-day lives.

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