Are Cats Self Aware?


In this article, we will explore the various questions regarding self-awareness in cats. We will also discuss the different ways in which humans have determined if a cat is self-aware.

Are cats Self-Aware?

The answer seems obvious: cats are not self-aware. But, as this question of whether cats are self-aware has been brought up in recent years, research has been conducted to determine if any other animals might be able to recognize themselves. Surprisingly enough, it has been found that none of the mammals tested could recognize themselves when they were presented with a mirror image.

This means that no animal is aware of what its own reflection looks like and thus does not have true self-awareness. This includes dogs, monkeys, elephants, dolphins, and of course cats.

However, it is believed that some birds may be self-aware as they have been observed preening in front of a mirror and picking at their own feathers.

The concept of self-awareness has been studied for many years and has always been a controversial subject. It was originally stated that only humans and higher primates had the ability to recognize themselves in mirrors, but even this could not be proven true since the animals being tested had no way of communicating their thoughts and feelings. This means that researchers can only really hypothesize what an animal may be thinking in various situations.

Do Cats realize they are Cats?

So, it has been proven that cats are not self-aware; does this mean they have no concept of themselves as a cat? Cats can recognize themselves as their own species and they are capable of recognizing their own image in a mirror, but from what we can tell, they do not seem to be able to differentiate between what is actually happening and what is just a reflection.

Cats do not seem to be self-aware on the same level as humans, but they do recognize themselves as being part of a group (the feline species).

Cats are also able to identify the position that they are in based on certain cues. For example, they can tell the difference between being on a table versus a bed or being outside versus inside. They seem to be aware of the positions that they are in, but cannot probably be considered as self-aware.

Do cats recognize themselves in mirrors?

While some researchers still debate whether or not cats recognize themselves in a mirror, most will agree that even if they are not self-aware, they almost certainly have a sense of self as a species.

It has been proven that when cats see their reflection in a mirror they will react as if they are being threatened by another cat. So, while the thought process behind this is not known for certain, it is generally believed that they are simply recognizing another cat as opposed to actually recognizing themselves.

Are cats capable of conscious thought?

So, even if cats are not self-aware, is it possible that they are capable of conscious thought? The short answer to this is no. It has been proved that dogs are capable of conscious thought as they can correctly categorize when they see themselves in a mirror.

Cats have also been proven to be able to think abstractly and solve problems with tools. So, cats can learn complex tasks such as how to open a door if it is stuck or how to turn on a light when the switch is stuck and the power has gone out.

They can even learn how to use a scratching post instead of your couch in order to sharpen their claws. While this may seem like an incredible feat of intelligence, cats are actually able to perform these tasks by relying on their instincts.

For example, when cats encounter a new object they will want to investigate it in order to determine if it poses a threat. This is because every time a cat is about to encounter something new they are prepared for a fight or flight response and have fight or flight hormones rushing through their body.

How to know if your cat is self-aware

Is it possible to tell if your cat is self-aware? The best way to test this is to see if your cat has any other signs of self-awareness, such as the ability to think abstractly or recognizing whether they are inside or outside. They may exhibit these signs without being self-aware, so the only way to truly know is for your cat to recognize themselves in a mirror and react accordingly.


Self-awareness is not a trait that is unique to humans. It is likely to present in dogs, apes, and certain birds as well. However, when it comes to other animals we have not yet been able to determine their level of self-awareness. The interesting thing about self-awareness is that it does not require the ability to communicate via language. So, while we are unable to determine whether or not cats are self-aware, there’s a very good chance that they aren’t.

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