Are Guinea Pigs Good Pets? Here’s Everything You Should Know


The straightforward answer to that question is a whopping yes! They do not require the same energy from their humans as cats and dogs, yet they are quick to form an everlasting bond. Here is everything you need to know before you bring these furry rodents home as pets:

Guinea pigs and the family they belong to

Guinea pigs belong to the family of rodents and have omnivorous roots. They are also considered exotic pets for a variety of reasons.

Despite their short-tails and rough fur coat, they are easier to care for than other house pets. You might have heard the comparison between guinea pigs and hamsters, but although they are alike in their appearance, they are quite different.

They are often referred to as cavy, due to their roots in the Caviidae family. You might have wondered if guinea pigs are called ‘pigs’ because they’re related to pigs, but that this is not the case. They are not linked to the family of pigs nor to Guinea.

They are very easy to take care of

Many people know of the fact that guinea pigs are a lot easier to care for in comparison to dogs, cats or other common pets.

All your little rodent requires is fresh hay, straw, clean water, a lot of vegetables and pellets made for guinea pigs.

Additionally, if you want your guinea pig to be on their best behavior, then make sure you provide them with a cage that is large enough for them to roam around and play in (Check out this cheap and nice cage on Amazon). You should also line the cage with paper-based bedding — they’ll thank you for it.

They are ideal first pets

If you are still wondering, are guinea pigs good pets or not? The truth is, they are some of the best pets that you will ever have. If you have never had a pet in your house before, guinea pigs should be considered as a great first pet. They are clean animals and require little to no exercise outside of their enclosure.

You should always ensure that you provide them with everything that they need, but for the most part, your guinea will be able to take care of themselves.

In addition, your guinea can and will become your best friend if you give them the love and care that they require.

They are the best pets for children

Having kids and pets in the same household can be a daunting task for parents for many reasons. This is why most people do not even entertain the thought of keeping a pet when they have small children. However, pets are important for everyone for various reasons, especially in the case of kids.

Guinea pigs make ideal pets for toddlers and small children because they are a lot easier to handle and take care of than other pets, such as rabbits or hamsters or even cats.

You should always pay close attention to how your child is picking up the pet to avoid injury, as guineas are small.

Guinea pigs live long lives

Unlike hamsters and gerbils, who have short lifespans, guinea pigs can actually live well into their teenage years. Their expected lifespan is five to seven years, but they often live longer lives when cared for properly. Since they are prone to diseases, such as dental issues or other health concerns, routine check-ups are crucial to the wellbeing of your guinea pig.

The lengthy lifespans are always something that should be considered before buying a pet.

Owners and little children can become attached to their pets rather easily. So knowing that your pet guinea is going to survive a whole decade with you is definitely a plus!

They form healthy bonds with their owners

Guinea pigs are known to be one of the most loving pets. They will form a healthy and loving bond with you quickly when you take care of them.

They even get excited and jump up and down in their cage when they see their beloved parents enter the room! Many owners are fond of the cute sounds that guineas make when their humans are around.

They make these sounds to celebrate your welcome in the room and to show you that they love you. Eventually, your guinea pig might also become accustomed to your schedule and await your return from school or work with patience and excitement, so make sure you show up!

They have unique personalities

You might think that all guinea pigs are the same and that they are bound to have similar personalities.

But this is not the case. All guinea pigs have different personalities to one another, and you can see their personality through their behavior.

So, if you are buying your guinea at the store, make sure that you observe them closely.

By observing them, you’ll be able to know whether your guinea is on the shy side or whether they love to be held and cuddled. What makes them stand out, even more, is that they purr like a cat!

So if you have asked, “Are guinea pigs good pets? I hope that this post was able to answer your question. The bottom line is that guinea pigs are amazing pets.

They can form a very strong bond with their owners when treated and loved properly, they are less demanding than other common pets like dogs and cats, they can live long and healthy lives and they have charming personalities. So much to love in such a tiny creature!

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