Are Zebras Herbivores?


We are all too familiar with the lion’s share of Africa’s wildlife, but zebras are less well known in North America. However, these African beauties have much in common with their more famous relatives.

One thing that makes them so different from other animals is their unique stripes. Zebras are related to horses and donkeys, but they are not horses.

Even though they are so different, they have many of the same physical and behavioral characteristics. In this article we are going to look at whether Zebras are Herbivores, lets jump in!

What is a Herbivore?

Herbivores are animals that eat plants. The plants they eat, are usually green and sometimes have flowers. They do not eat meat. Herbivores have teeth that are not so great for chewing, but instead have serrated edges, to better tear the plants apart. A herbivores mouth also is much smaller than a carnivore’s. These animals also use their digestive systems differently.

Are Zebras Herbivores?

Yes, Zebras are Herbivores. Zoologists have found that Zebras’ teeth are very different than their relatives the Horse, the Donkey, and the Poney, because of their teeth and their digestive system.

They have very different mouths that better suit them for eating plants, not animals. Zebras enjoy grazing on plants, like grass.

Zebras digestive system is different from other animals because it does not eat meat. Zebras do not eat meat, but instead, eat leaves and grass. There are three parts to the Zebras digestive system, the mouth, the stomach, and the intestines.

What Do Zebras Eat?


Grass is what we think of when we think of Zebras. They eat very much grass, and have learned that they can eat, excessive amounts of grass. The more grass they consume, the stronger their stomach acids and digestive enzymes will become.


Zebras also eat leaves, these leaves are usually green and sometimes have flowers on the branches. Sometimes zebras will eat the flowers, flowers do contain a lot of food but we will get to that later.


Zebras have also been known to eat flowers, but if they eat any more than just the petals and stalks, then it is not good for them. The flowers are usually purple, red, and yellow, higher in energy from the plant than from eating it.


Zebras sometimes eat bark, but not as much as other animals. Zebras don’t need to eat as much bark or leaves to live healthy lives because they tend to gorge themselves by eating so much grass.

Roots and Shurbs

Zebras also eat roots, shrubs, and bark. By eating bark, shrubs and roots they get a lot of minerals and nutrients into their diet that they wouldn’t get eating grass.

Zebras also eat different herbs and plants, they eat those to change their intestinal flora, they will also eat them when they feel like eating something different than grass.

What do Zebras Not Eat?

Zebras are herbivores, which means that zebras do not eat meat, this especially comes into play when talking about zebras, their mouths, and teeth are different from other animals but they are still herbivores. Zebras do not have the teeth needed to chew on meat so they have learned to eat completely different things from omnivores.

Where do zebras find their food?

Zebras are herbivorous mammals and still find their food the same way as other animals, some of which are also herbivores.

The food sources for zebras may vary depending on where they live but there is usually a common source for them.

Herbs can be found in fields, or in forests, but those who live in plains tend to mainly graze on grasses. Grass is found all over the world, however wherever there is grass there may also be water.


Zebras are herbivores because they eat plants, not meat. Zebras are herbivores because they have different mouths than other animals, they have different teeth and digestive systems than other animals.

Zebras also have less specialized teeth, but instead serrated ones that can tear into their food easily, without the need to chew. Zebras also have a simple digestive system.

They mainly have three parts to their digestive system, the mouth, the stomach, and the intestines. Zebras eat plants like grass but do not eat meat because that is not what they are good at.

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