Can Dogs Eat French Fries?


Key Takeaways

  • French fries are not an ideal option for our furry companions.
  • They have high levels of fat and salt, and thus are just unhealthy for dogs as they are for us.
  • If your dog ate fries, keep a close eye on them and watch out for any adverse reactions (diarrhea or vomiting).
  • A better alternative to fries for dogs would be plain baked sweet potato slices, prepared with just a small amount of olive oil.

Can Dogs Eat French Fries?

Much like humans, dogs love fatty food. Can dogs eat French fries? Only in small quantities, as these contain high levels of fat and salt that can be detrimental to your furry friend’s health.However, if your dog usually consumes good quality dog food, a few fries won’t cause any harm.

What Makes French Fries Bad for Dogs?

What Makes French Fries Bad for Dogs?

French fries might seem tempting to some dogs, but the frying process causes harmful compounds to form in the potatoes. The main toxin found in French fries is acrylamide, and it can cause cancer in animals. In large quantities, this chemical can also lead to other kidney damage and nerve damage. 

A significant issue with French fries is that they are typically loaded with salt. This can cause excessive thirst in dogs and even lead to salt poisoning. Consuming an excessive amount of salt can result in electrolyte imbalances, which can be fatal. Unfortunately, it is not advisable to give French fries to your dog. Even if they beg for it with their adorable eyes, it would not be a wise decision since these treats are extremely unhealthy. Therefore, the answer to the question „Can dogs eat French fries?” is a negative one. ❌

What If My Dog Ate Some Fries?

Many dogs don’t even like French fries. But if you wonder „Can dogs eat French fries and be okay?” for any reason, the answer is yes. You’ll have to watch them for a while and make sure they can go to the bathroom normally, though. Also, give your dog plenty of water if he ate fries. It can help make up for the dehydration caused by ingesting salt.

On a side note …

If you feed your dog fatty snacks every day, it can potentially increase their risk of developing pancreatitis.

Wait a Minute – Why Does Your Dog Eat French Fries?

Your dog eats French fries because they’re imitating your own behavior! Dogs are social animals, and they learn from you. Whenever you do something, be it eating a hamburger or going to the park, your dog learns that this particular action is worth doing. Moreover, they hear the munching sounds you make! We have a tip for you: drop those McDonald’s fries and switch to other treats yourself!

Healthy Alternatives to French Fries – Safe for Your Dog!

It’s impossible to defend feeding your dog French fries when there are so many healthy alternatives that dogs can eat. Here are a few ideas:

  • Try baking some sweet potato slices without any salt or spices. They’ll have more vitamins than traditional French fries, and much less fat (baking is always better than frying when it comes to dog snacks).
  • Give your pooch carrot and apple sticks instead. They contain nutrients they need to stay healthy while providing the same crunchy texture that makes French fries so desirable.
  • Fruit and berries have no salt and fat. 

Here’s a recipe for baked chew!

Our Recommendations

We recommend you avoid feeding your pet any type of fry! However, there are other healthy snacks like edamame beans (protein) or bananas (potassium). If this answered your question „Can dogs eat French fries?”, then get started with these options today! Your furry friend will thank you for it later.

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