Can Dogs Eat Turkey? Is It Good for Dogs?


Key Takeaways

  • Dogs can eat turkey, and it has many health benefits. Turkey is a good source of protein and can help dogs build muscle mass.
  • Remove all bones from the turkey before giving it to your dog, as they could splinter and cause injuries in the stomach or intestines. 
  • Do not give your dog skinned or processed turkey as it could contain high levels of sodium, fat, and preservatives which can be unhealthy for your pup.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Already planning your menu for Thanksgiving? You’ve probably thought about your furry friend, too. These soft, big eyes, begging for just one tiny little bite. But, can dogs eat turkey? 

Yes! Turkey meat is good for dogs, so you can safely include it in your dog’s holiday specials. It is relatively low in fat, so turning to turkey for canines is a healthy alternative to other meats. It can also be an alternative protein source for dogs who can’t eat chicken or beef.

Benefits of Feeding Turkey to Dogs

Feeding turkey to dogs can have many health benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Turkey is a form of protein they can digest easily.
  • It’s also said to be good for their skin and coat thanks to phosphorus and riboflavin.
  • It will help your pup grow strong bones and support his kidneys.
  • Turkey also contains a lot of vitamin B2, or riboflavin, which is a powerhouse! It helps your dog convert fats and carbs into energy, so he has the fuel to be his adorable little self. Plus, it promotes the production of red blood cells.

This meat is lean and helps dogs build muscles and stay healthy. It is truly an amazing type of meat for dog food!

What Is Better for Dogs, Turkey or Chicken?

what is better for dogs - turkey or chicken

Can dogs eat turkey and chicken? Of course! But which of these poultry options is healthier for your canine treasure? Well, opinions are divided:

  • Contrary to what some people claim, chicken may not always be the way to go. While some swear by chicken for a dog’s diet, they forget how dry it can get – so if their dog’s stomach is sensitive, chicken will make things worse!
  • Turkey is richer in protein than chicken.
  • In general, nobody thinks chicken is bad. It is just not as nutritious and beneficial as turkey.
  • On top of that, if you’re trying to put on canine muscle mass, you’d better go with turkey. That is real dog food!
  • Turkey is great because it has selenium, zinc, and vitamin B-12. All of these are essential nutrients for hounds.
  • Finally, turkey gives less cholesterol and sodium issues. Additionally, its iron levels are higher than in your standard chicken.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Neck, Turkey Bones and Turkey Giblets?

Which parts of the turkey are fine for your pup’s Thanksgiving feast? Can dogs eat turkey bits and pieces?

  • It’s best to hand your dog a turkey neck, because it has the most meat. It’s also very tender, so you don’t have to worry about your pooch choking on a bone. Believe it or not, your dog will love you for giving him this treat! 
  • Turkey bones can be dangerous for dogs. They can splinter and cause injuries in the stomach or intestines. If you’re going to give your dog a turkey bone, make sure it’s a small one that can’t be swallowed whole.
  • Most of the time, turkey giblets (poultry necks, livers, hearts, gizzards) are safe for dogs to eat. However, there is still a small risk of choking. So, if your pup isn’t used to eating these parts, start off by giving him very small amounts.

How Should Turkey be Prepared and Served to Dogs?

when is turkey not good for dogs

Many people are concerned about feeding their dogs turkey because of the bones that can be found in the meat. However, as long as you’re careful to remove them all, there’s no reason why your dog can’t enjoy this Thanksgiving staple. Have a quick look at some turkey dogs treats:

  • Do not give the skin – it’s high in fat and can cause pancreatitis.
  • Ground turkey is good for your pooch too. Just add half a cup with his dinner. Leave it unseasoned as a plain turkey topping.
  • You can also boil some turkey breast with a few veggies to alleviate Rocky’s digestive tract. One thing to watch out for is giving your dog too much processed and deli turkey. We don’t want any gastrointestinal problems.
  • There’s a lot of debate going on right now about raw turkey. Can dogs eat turkey that is uncooked? Some people say it could be good for your dog, but other people disagree. A bit of fresh boneless meat without turkey skin will do no harm. Just keep it to the minimum, as raw meat might contain nasty, toxic bacteria.

Homemade Turkey for Dogs

Turkey stir-fry could be a fun and quick homemade dog food. All you need to do is fry ground turkey, cooked rice, and a bit of rosemary together in a wok (all of these ingredients are safe for dog).

When Is Turkey Not Good for Dogs?

Turkey meat is generally safe for dogs to eat, with only a few exceptions. If the meat contains bones or skin, it poses a choke hazard, and should not be given to your dog. Additionally, processed turkey products such as deli meats and sausages can contain high levels of sodium, fat, and preservatives. They won’t harm your dog if he steals a piece, but giving it on a regular basis can make him sick. Most importantly, seasonings like garlic, onion, and even sage are very toxic for dogs!

Pros and Cons of Turkey in a Dog’s Diet

✔️ lean, nutritional meat❌ can contain bones or skin which can be dangerous if ingested
✔️ contains amino acids, phosphorus, and selenium❌ processed turkey products may contain ingredients that are unhealthy for your pup
✔️ high in protein❌ certain turkey seasonings are toxic to dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If a Dog Eats Turkey?

As long as it’s just the cooked turkey meat, nothing bad should happen to your dog. Of course, he might be allergic, but it doesn’t happen often.

Is Thanksgiving Turkey Bad for Dogs?

No, Thanksgiving turkey is not necessarily bad for dogs. As long as you remove all the bones and skin, you can share a few bits with your pup. Just make sure to check for stuffing, and seasonings like garlic or onion.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Breast?

Yes, you can feed your dog turkey breast. It is lean and packed with protein and other essential nutrients such as selenium, zinc, and vitamin B-12. Just make sure to remove all the bones from the meat before giving it to your pup.

Is Turkey or Chicken Better for Dogs?

Both turkey and chicken are good sources of protein for dogs. Some people believe that chicken is better because it is a little dryer and easier to digest, while others think turkey is the way to go because it contains more essential nutrients.

Does Turkey Make Dogs Sleepy?

Most likely, eating turkey will not make your dog sleepy, as it does not contain enough tryptophan to have this effect. So if your pup seems tired after eating a turkey feast, it’s probably just the feeling of contentment that comes after enjoying a delicious meal!

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