Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery? Is Celery Bad For Guinea Pigs?


Is It Safe for Guinea Pigs to Eat Celery?

Yes, guinea pigs can safely eat celery.

Serving Sizes and Frequency

Celery is safe for guinea pigs to eat, however, it should only be consumed in moderation. Eating too much celery can increase the chances for certain health problems, most notably kidney problems and urinary tract infections. This is because celery contains a high level of oxalate compounds; these compounds can lead to kidney problems when eaten too often.

Celery also has a notably higher level of sodium, which can cause health problems when consumed in larger quantities.

The recommended celery serving size for guinea pigs is half a cup of celery two times a week or three times at most. Do not feed them any more celery than this amount.

Celery Nutrition for Guinea Pigs

Celery contains many nutritional benefits for guinea pigs. Some of the most notable nutritional benefits include boosting the cardiovascular system, thanks to the presence of heart-healthy vitamins inside celery; digestion aid, as celery is one of the few vegetables that can help guinea pigs improve their digestion and bowel movements; reducing inflammation due to the presence of apigenin; as well as vitamins and nutrients which help reduce muscle spasms and promote good cell development.

Celery is also low in calorie, despite being nutrient-dense, which means it has an excellent calorie to nutrient ratio for guinea pigs.

Notes on Feeding Guinea Pigs Celery

The following are some important notes you should follow when feeding your guinea pig celery.

Inspect the celery before feeding it to them

You should never give your guinea pig celery straight from a grocery bag or garden. Always inspect the celery thoroughly for any signs of bugs, rotten pieces, or other issues. A good rule of thumb is to only feed your guinea pigs a piece of celery you would eat yourself; don’t feed them rotten celery or celery with wilted, yellow colors.

Always wash the celery before giving it to your guinea pigs

Celery, like any vegetable, should be thoroughly washed before you feed it to your guinea pig. There could be dirt, pesticides, and other material on the celery, so it’s important to give it a good washing beforehand. 

Mix celery with other foods to avoid overfeeding

Eating a large quantity of celery–and only celery–at one time can be difficult on your guinea pig’s digestive tract. Instead of feeding them straight celery, mixed a small amount of chopped celery with other vegetables and fruits to ease digestion.

Remember to keep the above information in mind when feeding your guinea pig celery.

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