Can You Keep a Wild Rabbit as a Pet?


A wild rabbit is a type of hare with large ears and a long, slender body. They are herbivores and can be found in most temperate regions of both the northern and southern hemispheres

Rabbits have bulgy eyes set wide apart, rounded ears, and short tails that are often held up in the air or tucked behind their backs. Wild rabbits live in burrows underground as well as in fields or woodlands. In this article, we are going to look at if you can keep a wild rabbit as a pet.

Can you Keep a Wild Rabbit as a Pet?

In short, No, it is not recommended to keep a wild Rabbit in captivity. They are not domesticated and don’t have the capacity to be petted. You cannot train or domesticate a wild rabbit.

A wild rabbit can’t be held for too long of a time as it can cause severe stress, which could result in death or psychological damage to the Rabbit.

It’s entirely possible that these creatures may bite or scratch you, particularly if they were raised by people and then suddenly being let go back into the wild.

That is the same reason why in some states it is illegal to keep and breed wild rabbits as pets. The only two possible reasons to keep a wild rabbit would be that you are willing to take the responsibility of caring for such an animal and you don’t mind the idea of being bitten or scratched.

The good thing about Wild rabbits is that they have their own kind of personality and it’s up to you to bond with them after a few days or weeks, However, it is not advisable you do that since they are very different from regular rabbits that can be domesticated.

Are Wild Rabbits Dangerous?

Wild rabbits are often seen as cute, cuddly pets. However, this is not the case because they can cause a lot of harm in their surroundings.

The problem with wild rabbits is that they could bite or scratch you, it’s the same reason why it’s not advisable to run your hand through hair too quickly. Wild rabbits can also contain diseases that can be transmitted to humans, such as rabies.

If you don’t want to get rabies, then it’s best to stay away from a wild rabbit as soon as possible. Before you decide to capture one or not, it’s important that you do your research first.

A Wild rabbit vs Domestic rabbit

If you don’t want to keep a wild rabbit as a pet then how about domestic rabbits? Are they the same as wild rabbits? The answer is no. Domestic rabbits are easier to care for and will be able to interact with other people and humans.

Domestic rabbits or pet bunnies can also be taken for walks and played with. They will not run away when you reach out your hand for them to sniff, and most of them will enjoy being held. They have a very cute and cuddly body.

However, there are still some small things about domestic animals that make them different from wild ones. Wild rabbits are more aggressive than domesticated rabbits and they can bite or scratch you with their sharp teeth. The only way to tame a wild rabbit is to let them stay in captivity with you, so they can become accustomed to it.

Final Thoughts

It is not recommended to keep a wild rabbit as a pet because it will cause stress to them and can cause harm, thus it’s in your best interest you leave them in the wild.

A domestic animal with which you can interact is recommendable and will make it easier for you to bond with the animal, but it cannot be compared to their natural environment.

If you encounter a wild rabbit is best to leave it alone or call for an expert for help if you feel they could be in danger and you want to help.

To sum it up, wild rabbits are not domesticated, therefore cannot be kept in captivity. They are very different from their domestic counterparts and will not be able to interact with humans. You should keep a domestic rabbit as a pet or keep it in the wild if you encounter one.

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