Different Cage Accessories To Keep Your Guinea Pig Happy


Since Guinea Pigs spend all of their time in their cage, it’s important to create a world in that cage that will make them happy and comfortable.

They love to hide, explore and even do a little exercise like run. There are many types of accessories you can add to their cage that will satisfy these basic needs.

Your guinea pig is a social and playful animal, and you want to develop this adorable quality. So jazz up their home with a variety of different things.

This article about guinea pig cage accessories will give you the rundown of all of the things you can do to make their lives interesting and cozy.

Food, Water, and Bedding

Be sure to put at least one (preferably two) water bowls or hanging water dispensers in the corners of the cage (and make sure the water is always fresh!) A food bowl with dry pellets should be right next to it.

Try to get a bowl made of heavy ceramic and not flimsy plastic. This way, their food has no danger of toppling over, sending their food flying everywhere on the floor.

Another food bowl for fresh veggies and fruit should also be added. Also, keep a tiny litter box nearby for a cleaner cage. Add a hayloft or hay feeder for them to chew on.

For bedding, buy pelleted or shredded substrates for them to lie on. It’s best to NOT use wood shavings, since your pig may chew on this and can lead to serious health problems.

Shavings also have sharp particles that may be damaging to their little feet or get into their eyes.

Something that is very easy and affordable to put in their cage is a couple of wooden blocks or small cardboard boxes. A guinea pig’s teeth never stop growing, and so they always like to gnaw on objects such as these. This is a great guide that I wrote, to read before getting guinea pigs.

Basic Toys

By gnawing on things, it keeps their teeth at a comfortable length. Wooden blocks can be found in most pet stores. You can even buy several and make steps out of them for your pig to climb up and down.

Just be sure you get wooden blocks with no paint, varnish or other finishings on it – make sure it does not have any sort of coating that would be harmful to them when ingested.

Make Homemade Guinea Pig Cage Accessories

For the ultimate Do-It-Yourself toy, take some things you already have around the house and make their playtime for fun. Items such as empty cardboard toilet rolls, paper bags, etc. Anything that is made of paper or cardboard will work.

Make sure to only add larger toys to their cage. Small toys can be a choking hazard. Above all, having toys they can safely climb over, push around or chew are ideal.

The Almighty Hammock/Swinger

Many guinea pig cages include this fun accessory, but if you’re not sure if it’s right for your little one, put one in. Then observe your guinea pig to see if they take to it, and to be sure it’s safe for them. Guinea pig hammocks can take several forms – many of them not in the design of a traditional hammock.

Your pet store likely offers several models. It can look like a little swinging hut or cup secured by chains from the top of your cage. If your pig discovers one they like, it can be their favorite accessory in the cage.

Other Toys

You as a guinea pig owner can also be overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of accessories out in the marketplace.

You may want to try them all! But you also don’t want to waste your money on buying a ton of accessories, and having your pig not want to play with them.

Take it slow and only buy one or two at a time. Introduce them slowly to your pig and see which ones they like. Or continue to make interesting toys at home.


One of the most important things you can do for your guinea pig is to give them their privacy. Shelters can provide that for them and can take many forms.

You can place a cardboard tube big enough so that your guinea pig can climb in and hide from the world, or you can also use a hut.

Again, you can find these in most any pet store, or make your own. If you are making one at home, a Quaker Oats container will work just fine. Just be sure to remove the plastic and metal parts from it before putting it in the cage.

Another idea is to use a shoebox, to make a little house. Use a plain (no colors or dye) box, cut a hole to make a front door, or even windows! Plain boxes are even safe for chewing.

Important Things to Remember

You want to create a space for your guinea pig that challenges them physically and mentally. They are curious rodents and so mental stimulation keeps them happy.

Make their world interesting by installing ramps, swings, play balls other mentally stimulating toys. Providing the appropriate toys located in strategic spaces will give them that. Having said that…

It may be tempting to fill your cavies cage with all of the accessories you can find. You love your guinea pig and want only the best for them. But be careful not to overfill their cage with goodies.

They need room to be able to walk around and run. Keep the accessories to a minimum.

Experiment with different toys and accessories, and keep a close watch on your guinea pig to see what they like and don’t like.

If they absolutely do not pay attention to a certain accessory after a week or two, get rid of it and replace it with something new. This way you can build the ultimate cage for them that they will love living in!

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