Do Bearded Dragons Drink Water?


Yes, bearded dragons do drink water. They may not appear to do this daily because they want to stay clear of predators. But they do drink when no one is watching – at least twice per week.

Also known as Pogona, bearded dragons are a type of lizard native to the deserts of Central Australia. They’re named bearded dragons because of the underside of their throats, which sometimes turn black and puff out like a dragon about to shoot out fire.

Although they are bigger than regular lizards, they’re quite smaller than movie depictions of dragons. Males can grow as big as 24 inches, while females usually grow to 20 cm. Their typically docile nature makes them an excellent choice for a pet. 

Pet owners typically have questions on whether bearded dragons can drink water.  This is because it is uncommon to see them hydrate in the presence of any animal.

Years of studies show that beardies can get their daily water supplements from natural sources such as feeding on insects, smaller lizards and vegetation. However, they also take in water with their tongues by lapping up the water body or with their vents when they swim. However, you will likely never see them do so. They typically associate bigger animals, including humans, with danger and like to stay guarded when they’re around us. So, your beardie is likely to wait for you to leave before satisfying its thirst.

How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Water?

Because their natural habitat is the desert, bearded dragons have developed the ability to go for a long time without drinking water. Most beardies cans go up to two weeks without drinking water through their vent or tongue.

If you have a bearded dragon as a pet, though, you should try to avoid any situation that keeps them thirsty for too long. While they are adept at managing thirst, it puts their body under a lot of pressure.

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How Do Bearded Dragon Drink water?

One way beardies drink water is by using their tongue to slurp or lick up water while flicking the tongue back and forth. However, their method of drinking water could be dangerous and the most vulnerable for a beardie because it leaves the dragon with an open spot to get cornered by predators.

Another way a bearded dragon can take water is through eating food. Every food taken has an atom of water inside it. So, whether the food is small or large portioned, a bearded dragon can drink water by eating the food. Notwithstanding, when used as pets, it is necessary to give the bearded dragon water by mouth as they cannot live with only water gotten from eating food.

How Much Water Does A Bearded Dragon Need?

Technically, the actual amount of water a bearded dragon should take is unknown. Since they typically get their water in private, it is difficult to ascertain just how much water they need.  The only thing we can say for certain is that these animals do not need a large amount of water to survive.

However, in some cases, the quantity of water will vary depending on the environment it occupies at that time and the bearded dragon’s state of health. What this suggests is that a dehydrated bearded dragon may need to drink more water, have more baths and eat more water-filled food to rehydrate.

Can Bearded Dragons Drink Through Their Skin?

A common question that comes up with pet owners is if bearded dragons can drink water through their skin. Part of the reason people think this is because they like to immerse their entire bodies in the water.

So, do bearded dragons drink through their skin? Although that would have been much fun, beardies cannot drink water through their skin. They have tough, armor-like skin with scales that make it impossible for any water to get absorbed through their skin.

Another reason people think bearded dragons drink water through their skin is because of the movement of their scales when in water. When in the water, beardies puff up their scales and make a swishing movement. Untrained observers are likely to think that the dragon is hydrating itself in that process. That observation is far from correct. Bearded dragons can only take in water through their mouth and vent, which is at the rear end. They also use their vent for pooping and peeing.

Two Bearded dragons sitting in water

The only thing water does for the skin of a beardie is to keep it in mint condition. Also, during its shedding, water helps the process to be much bearable. An intake of water can also make for an easier, faster and less painful shedding process.

Do Bearded Dragons Swim?

Yes, beardies do swim. However, they can only soak for a short time. Despite living in an arid, dry and humid environment, these animals enjoy soaking in water. Most pet owners will observe that staying in the water keeps their bearded dragon’s skin fresher for longer. Swimming also serves as a way for them to cool off because of the tropical climate conditions they find themselves in.

Some bearded dragons prefer dipping or soaking up in shallow waters to keep away from the hot temperature. Meanwhile, others take swimming as a pastime from their usual routine. When they swim, they mimic a crocodile and fill their body with air to enable swift movement.

The Bottom Line

Bearded dragons are great pets to have, especially if you are looking for a pet reptile. They are docile and bond well with people over time. Like every other pet, they need a lot of care, attention, food, and of course, water.

Remember that while they can go for many days without water, there’s no reason to keep your beardie dehydrated. Giving bearded dragons constant water is an essential part of taking care of them. Apart from giving them water to drink, you should also try misting – spraying them with fine droplets of water. It’s great for their skin, and they enjoy taking water that way.Your perfectly optimized content goes here!

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