Do Birds like Being Pets? (Explained!)


Many people keep birds as a pet. However, there are many different ways that birds can be kept as pets. Some people buy them specifically for this purpose and others find their way into the home through circumstances such as being adopted or they have escaped. In this article we are going into detail about whether do birds enjoy being pets, let’s jump to it.

Do pet birds feel affection?

Some birds like being petted and some don’t. Birds who are raised in captivity sometimes enjoy being pets, but many birds who have never been captive can sometimes be tamed through the process of re-domestication.

There are exceptions to this rule regarding both tame and untamed birds though; some tame birds simply do not like being touched, and some untame birds will enjoy it. Taming a wild or semi-wild bird can take many years. Overall birds can be pretty affectionate.

Which birds make good pets?

  1. Cockatiel:
  2. African Grey Parrot:
  3. Budgerigar:
  4. Cockatoo:
  5. Amazon Parrot:
  6. Blue And Gold Macaw:
  7. Umbrella Cockatoo:
  8. Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot:

Factors that determines if a Bird would be a pet.

Type of bird:

There are many different types of birds that tend to be kept as pets and this makes it difficult to say whether or not they like being pets. Some birds are easier to tame and handle than others.

However, there are some birds that can be tamed quickly and are usually the ones people like to keep as a pet. Some of these types of birds include parrots and cockatiels.

Each of these birds has very different personalities and it is important to match the bird with a person in order to see if they will get along or not. It is also important to take into consideration the bird’s size because not all people are comfortable handling larger birds.

Whether the bird is domesticated:

In order to classify a bird as a pet bird, it must have been raised in captivity and domesticated by humans from its natural habitat. That is why in most cases it depends on the type of bird, some love being petted and some do not.

However, there are some birds that are more tolerant of being around people and do not seem to mind at all. In fact, many people keep birds as pets because the bird is the one who loves being around people and is not afraid to be petted or touch another being.


A bird could be kept as a pet even if it is not domesticated. This means that the bird may still need some training before it can be left alone or handled by humans. However, there are some birds that can be left without any training at all and they will still come when called.

The bird may enjoy the petting and stroking and will respond to any commands the owner gives. Some birds are more stubborn and when training these birds it is important to use different techniques in order to get them to respond.

Type of Owner

The type of bird that is kept as a pet can also affect whether or not the owner attributes their pet to liking being stroked.

It is important because some birds are very timid and will not enjoy being touched by another person. In that case, it is important for the owner to take into consideration how their bird will respond to the new introduction.

However, there are some bird owners who do not like to touch their pet and if this is the case it is important for the owner to understand that they are not doing any harm to their pet.

Some people who keep a bird as a pet will make sure they have a room or area in which they can be touched and handled by anyone

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of birds that can be kept as pets, but in order to determine if they like being pets, one must consider the bird itself and its personality. In certain cases, it is important to consider the owner of the bird and what they anticipate from the interaction between them and their pet. Overall, it is important to remember that although a bird may not enjoy being petted or stroked directly by a human, it may still like spending time with its owner.

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