Do Eagles Eat Snakes?


The image of a Bald Eagle pouncing on a snake while perched in a tree has become an iconic symbol of America and the country’s unstoppable drive for freedom.

The Eagles might be one of the most reliable species out there, but what about snakes? If you have been wondering whether or not they eat them, this article will make sense to you. It will discuss whether or not they do by looking at their diet and comparing it to other predatory birds.

In short, Eagles are really great hunters that can kill snakes. The type of Eagle that feeds predominately on snakes is called Brown Snake-Eagle found in the west, east, and south of Africa.

Do Eagles eat Snakes?

Yes, most Eagles will prey on a snake when they see one but the most common Eagle species that primarily feeds on snakes are called a Snake-Eagle which is native to Africa

The bird is about four feet long and has a wingspan of about seven feet. It depends on open habitats as they are known to inhabit grasslands as well as wild or developed areas including roadsides.

The snake Eagles are considered the top predators in their area and a powerful wingspan gives them an advantage over most other species. their diet is dominated by snakes and birds, including storks, larks, swallows, pigeons, and lizards.

It has been recorded that some snake Eagles will even attack and kill both small and large snakes. Some of the snake Eagles are successful parents because they will bring down prey that is much larger than them especially if they are near water or if their prey is a bird.

Can an Eagle kill a snake?

Yes, Eagle species have the potential to kill a snake. But it is not the only thing that will be killed because they are known to also eat different species of bird.

As the name suggests snake Eagles are great hunters and have the ability to kill a snake. The only thing that they need to watch out for is the snake’s size.

If it is too big then they will turn and fly away. The snake will depend on who wins out between the two, but if it is an Eagle then there will be a lot of injuries on the snake’s body, and the Eagle would happily pick him up and beat him. Even though an Eagle can kill a snake, sometimes it depends on what their first choice of food is.

Most Eagles are known to hunt snakes, but the Snake-Eagle species will often prefer snakes over other birds. It is not a secret that most Eagles will prefer eating snakes, but this doesn’t mean that Eagles always chase them and successfully take down the snake.

In fact, snake hunting is not a common thing in the Eagle world. Snake-eating birds feed mostly on mice and lizards, and they can do it without having to take down a living snake.

What kind of Eagles Eat Snakes?

The Brown snake Eagle, which is native to Africa and the Nile Valley, has been recorded as being a snake eater. This species has often been studied due to its unique hunting methods that are different from other Eagles.

Snake Eagles hunt almost all kinds of snakes, except the really large snakes like pythons, Although Brown Snake Eagles are really powerful larger snakes can be a challenge so they prefer smaller snakes and medium-sized snakes.

Snake Eagles attack their prey only if they are found in an active feeding position, and they can even grab snakes that are hiding under rocks.

The bird itself stands on a rock or other elevated surface and it is as long as the snake, so it can easily swallow some of it. The snake hunter will swoop in and grab the prey with its claws. The Snake Eagle is really fast when catching a snake because of its powerful talons.

Can Eagles eat Poisonous Snakes?

Brown Snake-Eagles are immune to the poison that most other snakes have. The poison is harmless to them but also very deadly for other animals, including humans. They can easily kill poisonous snakes, or even eat them after they have killed them.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Eagles are predatory birds that are equipped to hunt any type of reptile if necessary. They can be found in all different types of environments and even in urban areas. The Snake Eagle is a very unique species that are native to a small part of the world.

They are known to eat different types of snakes but the Brown Snake-Eagle is the only one that also eats birds.

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