Erckel’s Francolin


Francolins are partridges with spurs. In Erckel’s francolin, females may develop small spurs, but males often develop two, with the top pair being the longest. The two sexes are similar in appearance, but the male is larger in size.


Erckel’s francolins are native to northern Ethiopia and Sudan, although they have been introduced in other parts of the world as well.


The raptors are the main predators of the Erckel’s francolin, and the eggs and young are preyed upon by baboons.

Social Structure

Monogamous pairs for the basic social structure for Erckel’s francolin. Normally, they are very tame, but a mother is very protective of her young and males can use their spurs if threatened.

Birth & Offspring

A mother lays 7-12 spotted eggs. They hatch after an incubation period of 21 to 23 days.

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