6 Best Guinea Pig Tents That Your Furry Friend Will Love


It can be hard to determine which is the best guinea pig tent, so I’ve compiled a list of the top tents for guinea pigs on Amazon that I already used.

There are products for guinea pigs of all ages and sizes on this list. All items on this list are made with durable, guinea pig-safe materials, so your pigs can rest or hide in a comfortable bed.

1. Portable Small Animals Playpen,

Amakunft Portable Small Animals Playpen

This product is more of a portable playpen than a guinea pig tent, but it is perfect for holding your pig and any guinea pig toys they love to play with.

This playpen opens easily with spring pressure and folds back up whenever your guinea pig isn’t using it.

Your pet will love the space it has to run and play with the best guinea pig toys you can find.

This product isn’t just for pigs, either. Rabbits, hedgehogs, small cats, ferrets, and guinea pigs can all enjoy a safe place to play with this product. It’s also perfect for traveling with your pets because it folds flat for easy packing.

I love how easy this playpen is to store and how much room guinea pigs have to play.

I like the Amakunft playpen on Amazon because it’s cheap, and look nice and seem to be a pretty good quality.

2. Exotic Nutrition Teepee Tent – Small Animal Bed

best guinea pig tent

This product is a true guinea pig teepee. The bright-colored design is the perfect accent piece for your home and a comfortable place for your pet to play and sleep.

The wigwam is available in two sizes, depending on what works best for your guinea pig. It is made of extra soft padding and sturdy wooden posts to keep your pig comfortable and safe.

I am impressed by how easy the teepee is to clean because you can wash it in the washing machine.

The guinea pig tent from Exotic Nutrition is easy to place inside your current guinea pig cage for a warm and soft nesting area. Your pets will love to hide and sleep in a comfortable tent with thick padding.

I think that this Exotic nutrition teepee Tent is the best one.

3. Hollypet Self-Warming 2 in 1 Foldable Comfortable Triangle Bed Tent House

JanYoo Chincilla Hedgehog Guinea Pig Bed

The Hollypet tent might be called a cat bed, but it is perfect for any animal under 12 pounds, including guinea pigs.

It is made of the highest quality materials to protect your guinea pig’s skin and fur. Your pig will love to hide and sleep in this tent because it is self-warming and very comfortable.

This tent is great for both indoor and outdoor use and lined with Arctic velvet material.

I recommend this product highly for its soft padding and warm interior. It is easily washable and made of durable materials to last over time.

You can choose from 15 different patterns for the cover of the guinea pig tent to find one that matches your style best.

I really like this guinea pig bed.  It’s not expensive but gets amazing reviews.

4. JanYoo Chincilla Hedgehog Guinea Pig Bed Accessories Cage

JanYoo Chincilla Hedgehog Guinea Pig Bed

I like the bearded dragon guinea pig bed from JanYoo because its design is like a stuffed animal and comes in three sizes to fit your pet.

Your guinea pig will love how soft and cozy the bed is and how they can hide down inside the tent.

The bed has a removable zipper cover so you can throw it in the washing machine whenever you need to.

The bed features a non-slip bottom, so it stays put on any surface as your guinea pig climbs in and out. I appreciate this product because it is made of durable materials and perfect for my guinea pigs to hide inside.

Small guinea pigs love to snuggle in the plush material, and you will love how quickly they can clean the guinea pig tent. It is lightweight and easy to travel with if you take your pig on the go!

5. Living World Tent for Pets

Living World Tent for Pets

This indoor/outdoor pop-up tent is perfect for guinea pigs who travel. The small tent is the right size for your pig and durable enough to last a while.

The tent easily pops up when you need it and folds back up when whenever you’re done.

Living World produced a tent made of strong metal to keep your guinea pig comfortable and safe while they enjoy the tent. There are also ties on the corner of the tent if you need to secure it to the ground.

Best of all, this product features a fleece bottom to keep your guinea pigs soft and warm. The fleece can be removed and washed to keep your tent clean.

You’ll be impressed by how much your pets love the tent and use it for sleeping and hiding.

There are lots of good ones and some are extremely expensive, but Living World sells this tent for small pets for a cheap price on Amazon.

6. Mkono Hamster Guinea Pig Bed

Mkono Hamster Guinea Pig Bed

Mkono offers a unique, rectangle-shaped guinea pig tent for your small pets. The tent is made of cotton fabric that is both soft and washable.

Your guinea pig will love to hide out in the dark and warm interior of the bed. There are three clips so you can attach the bed to your pig’s cage if you want.

I think the cube-shaped bed is perfect for your guinea pigs because it provides plenty of room for adult guinea pigs to lay down or curl up.

The material is durable so the bed can be used and washed many times.

Pet owners like you and me, who want the best for their animals, and guinea pigs need a safe and comfortable place to sleep and hide.


Hope this post was helpful to you and that you have a very nice tent in your cage! Check out the other sections of my blog for more tips.

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