Can Guinea Pigs and Cats Live Together?


Unfortunately, not all animals can live and play together. Cats should not be allowed access to your guinea pigs. While you may have multiple pets at home, there are some species that need to be kept in separate cages and not allowed to play together.

There is no reason to be sad about this though! I remind myself that even though all of my animals cannot spend time together, it is for their safety. By keeping them separated, you are potentially saving their lives from an unfortunate accident.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when it comes to cats and guinea pigs:

  • Guinea pigs and cats are two animals that might benefit from being kept apart.
  • Every animal is different, and while some may get along, others can have serious issues together.
  • Whether or not your cat and guinea pigs can play and live together is completely up to them.
  • The safest answer is no, you should not keep cats and guinea pigs together.
  • Some pet owners have had luck letting their cavies and kitties spend time with each other.
  • The introduction process can be long.

Will my cat attack my guinea pig?

The relationship between your cat and your piggy will depend on your cat’s behavior. They are the largest of the two animals and the one most capable of inflicting injury.

I want to remind you that it is possible for your cat to attack your guinea pig at any time. Keep that information in mind if you want to introduce the two species in your house.

Animals can be unpredictable even if you feel like they are well-trained. By letting them play together, you run the risk of your cat hurting or even killing, your cavy.

Some cats are able to be friends with guinea pigs, but they are still considered a predator while your cavy is their prey. You should have a complete understanding of your cat’s behavior before you introduce them to your other animals.

Your piggy may scare your cat if they are out of their cage, and it can take a considerable amount of time for them to get used to each other.

Are guinea pigs scared of cats?

I found it surprising that cats are usually more scared of guinea pigs than guinea pigs are of cats. It might seem strange given that cats are so much larger than cavies, but they are also predators who evaluate their surroundings closely.

Cats are much smarter animals, so they are on constant alert when a new creature is present. If your piggy is out of its cage, it could make your cat very skittish.

Guinea pigs are a little bit simpler. My cavies tend not to overthink things and act mostly out of instinct. They probably won’t enjoy being swatted at by your cat, but otherwise, they are usually the calmer of the two pets.

However, if your piggy is inside its cage, your cat might feel brave enough to try to hit it. You could find them pawing at the crate or trying to jump on top of it.

Do pigs and cats get along?

There is not an easy answer to that question. It is possible for cats and cavies to get along, but I would caution pet owners when it comes to mixing the two animals.

I’ve found some important steps to follow when introducing your pets. These tips are not guaranteed to work, but they can help make the process smoother. If your guinea pig and cat decide that they like each other, they may get along for years to come.

  • Introduce the animals when they are young.
    • This helps them get used to each other and grow up together.
    • I’ve found the earlier you can introduce them, the more likely they are to get along and even become friends.
    • The ideal time for cats is before they are ten weeks old.
  • There may be problems during the process.
    • Be prepared to break up stare-down sessions and intervene if the animals start making loud, scared noises.
    • You should never force the process or push your cavy or cat too far. This will only stress your pets out, and they will be less likely to calm down in each other’s presence.
  • Start by holding the pets.
    • Do not just let them run around together when you are first introducing them.
    • Have another person on hand to hold one pet while you hold the other.
    • Just spend some time having the animals in closer proximity when starting out.
  • Always be present when they are together.
    • It is never a good idea to leave the animals together and unsupervised.
    • Your cat could easily hurt or kill your cavy.

How do I protect my guinea pigs from my cat?

Cats have a natural instinct to hunt, and they may view your guinea pigs as prey. Here are my tips for protecting your piggy from your cat.

  • Ensure your cavy has a solid cage.
    • I’ve found that it is best to purchase a solid guinea pig cage with sturdy metal bars, a good roof, and a durable bottom tray.
    • This type of cage will keep your cat’s claws and teeth out of the cage.
  • I recommend putting the cage in a secure spot. You do not want your cat to accidentally knock it off of a table or shelf.
  • It is a good idea to have separate spaces for each animal.
    • I have had success by zoning off different areas where my pets are allowed to be by keeping my guinea pig in a separate room that my cat is not allowed to enter.
    • I do not store any of my cat’s things in this room, and I keep all of my cavy’s toys and bedding safely in the room.

Can guinea pigs make cats sick?

Guinea pigs and cats can pass certain illnesses back and forth. I was surprised to learn that Bordetella can be passed from cats and dogs to guinea pigs, and vice versa.

It is important to wash your hands after handling your animals to keep from spreading germs. Also, if one of your pets is sick, I recommend separating them from your other pets until they are well again.

Can cats be allergic to guinea pigs?

Some humans may be allergic to cats or guinea pigs, but I have not found that to be the case among the animals. If your guinea pig seems to irritate your cat’s allergies, there may be a different underlying problem.

Check the bedding you are using for your piggy as well as their food. I also recommend making sure their fur is clean because dirt can cause problems with allergies.


It is always safer to keep different species apart. Guinea pigs and cats are not likely to be friends in the wild, which makes it difficult for them to get along in your home.

However, it all depends on your pets. Some pet owners have had luck allowing their cat and guinea pigs to live together. If you choose to do so, always keep an eye on them. They may be friends today, but that could easily change tomorrow!

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