The kookaburra feeds primarily on snakes, lizards, worms, snails, insects, fresh water crayfish, frogs, small birds and rodents. It kills them by bashing them against something.


Kookaburras live in medium to dense woodland areas in Australia.

Social Structure

Kookaburras are territorial and live in groups of 3 or 4 consisting of a breeding pair and helpers. The helpers, which are generally male, aid in nesting duties and in territorial defense. Kookaburras are generally peaceful. Sparring occurs when two kookaburras lock beaks and try to twist each other off the perch. This test is used to establish dominance.

Birth & Offspring

Kookaburras usually nest 30 feet in the air, often in holes in Mountain Gum trees. When the young hatch they are naked and blind but about the same size as the adults. However, they are darker with a shorter beak and tail. Young generally stay around until the following year when they become the helpers for the breeding pair.

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