Lowe’s Guenon


Lowe’s guenon is a rare subspecies of Campbell’s guenon. Its coat is brown with red highlights and a lighter underside. Its tail, like other guenons, is long and straight and measures longer than their body. The name „guenon” means „fright” in French. This name can be explained by the flashing of teeth and grimacing that is displayed when the animal is scared or irritated.


This guenon has a diet similar to other guenons, eating primarily fruit and insects.


Lowe’s Guenon lives along the west coast of Africa from Gambia to Ghana.

Social Structure

Lowe’s guenons live in groups of around nine individuals.

Birth & Offspring

After around 6 months of gestation, a single child is born. It has a darker coat and a pink face that will darken as the child grows up.

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