Red-handed Tamarin


Tamarins are squirrel-like, colorful monkeys. The Red-handed tamarin is named because of its reddish or orange hair on its hands and feet. It has a long tail that can be wrapped around branches. It has claws rather than fingernails on all fingers and toes except the big toe.


Like most tamarins, the Red-handed tamarin eats fruit, flowers, insects, spiders, lizards, frogs, and nectar.


The Red-handed tamarin can be found in the Amazon.

Social Structure

Tamarins live in groups of four to 15 members. Only one female in the groups breeds during mating season. The others suppress reproduction. This may be due to submission to the dominant female.

Birth & Offspring

A mother tamarin usually gives birth to two offspring. She cares for the young until they are 10 weeks old, at which time they become independent. The father takes an active roll in caring for the newborns. In fact, all members of the goup help raise the young, donating food to them and their mother.

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