Spectacled Bear


The Spectacled bear is considered one of the small bears, with males commonly weighing only 290 pounds. Females weigh much less at around 110 pounds. It has a black coat with a white pattern extending around the eyes like glasses or spectacles.


The Spectacled bear eats pond fronds, figs, and cactus. While mostly herbivorous, the Spectacled bear also eats insects and even livestock.


The Spectacled bear is native to the Andes in South America, where it prefers humid forests or grasslands. It also will live in scrub deserts if necessary.

Birth & Offspring

After a gestation period of about 250 days, the mother Spectacled bear gives birth to a litter of 1 to 3 (but usually only 2) small cubs. Each cub weighs only 11 ounces.

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