Toco Toucan


The Toco toucan is the most famous of the 38 species of toucan. It is the largest of the toucans, but its popularity comes from its brightly colored bill, which can measure 7 inches in length. While it looks quite heavy, it is actually very light due to its many air pockets.

The eyes of the Toco toucan are surrounded by a circle of blue and then by a patch of orange skin. The feathers of this toucan are black, except for the white feathers on the front of its neck and top of its tail.

Its claws have two toes pointing forward and two pointing backward, allowing it to grasp tree branches. Another distinctive characteristic of the Toco toucan is its feather-like tongue, which is long and narrow.


The Toco toucan eats mainly fruit. Its large bill is an efficient tool for picking fruit. It also feeds on seeds, spiders, insects, eggs and an occasional lizard or bird. Feeding takes place during the day.


The home of the Toco toucan is in the canopy of the tropical rainforests of eastern South America.

Social Structure

Small communities of several Toco toucan families live together in the rainforest. They are very noisy birds; its monotonous call can be heard half of a mile away. The birds are playful and enjoy games like beak wresting. A berry-tossing game initiates courtship between a male and female Toco toucan.


The baby Toco toucans are naked and blind. They open their eyes at 3 weeks, but their bill is not fully developed until several months later. The young are cared for byb both parents ntil they leave the nest at 6 weeks of age.

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