What Flowers Can Guinea Pigs Eat?


Flowers are such a beautiful thing to enjoy when lying outside with your guinea pig. Their colors are vibrant, the smells are sweet like honey.

Not only does this alert insect, but also the wandering eyes of your cavy. Guinea pig’s diets as we all know are pretty easy to understand.

These little critters love their plants: lettuce, fresh vegetables, grass, but can they also be free to eat flowers?

Is it safe for a guinea pig to eat flowers?

The answer is yes. Many of the flowers naturally growing in your yard, like clover or dandelions, are safe for your piggies to eat.

They can eat a variety of flowers but not all of them. It is important to know which flowers are toxic to your cavy, in order to keep them safe and sound.

The majority of flowers considered harmful to a guinea pig will give them a stomach ache and can upset their gastrointestinal system.

Certain flowers, however, can be fatal. If you are not 100% sure of what the flower is, the number one rule would be just to avoid it.

What are the benefits of flowers for guinea pigs?

Even humans have found benefits and take pleasure in eating flowers. Edible flowers make a lovely addition to a plate, and certain flowers and their leaves can be medicinal and contain vitamins and nutrients.

Can they eat Dandelions?

Yes, Dandelions are the most common flower that guinea pigs are known to eat. Dandelions when ingested, make a great laxative as well as assists them by acting as a diuretic.

This means it will help improve their urination and other bathroom habits. Nothing like a good cleanse from nature, check out my premium guide it has lots of information and easy to read and understand!

Dandelions for guinea pigs

Dandelions also provide as a source of Vitamin C. As some owners may know, these little guys aren’t able to make it themselves very well and in turn, need to be supplemented by pellets.

Vitamin C helps them from getting a nasty case of scurvy, which makes their joints swell and have loose stools.

Can cavies eat Marigolds?

Yes, Marigolds are another safe flower for cavies. In this case, it is the flower that is the edible part for them. Guinea pigs go crazy over the taste of marigold. Not only does this yellow flower taste amazing to the guinea pig, but its petals are also rich in fiber and help with good digestion.

Can guinea pigs eat Marigolds

If you’re concerned about your cavy picking up parasites or worms when going outside, the marigold will assist in removing any unwanted creatures that might be living inside your cavy.

Can they eat Roses?

Yes, Guinea Pigs can eat roses, but only in limited quantities.

„That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” are popular Shakespeare words, and by all means apply to the guinea pig too!

Roses are a beautiful garden flower that has an enticing scent and colors that send even an unknowing guinea pig running. This is yet another common plant that is indeed safe for the cavy to eat but in small quantities.

can guinea pigs eat roses

Roses are as sweet as they smell, which is a small cautionary for when the cavy starts to nibble. The Rosehip is a fruit that grows on the rose plant.

Rosehip for guinea pigs

They are in all different shades, from purple to bright red to orange and black. Like fruit, the Rosehip contains a fairly large amount of sugar but its benefits include iron, Vitamin C, have low-fat content, and assist in disease prevention. These should be given in small quantities like you would with a treat.

It should be noted that if sprayed, roses should not be fed whatsoever to your Guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs eat Daisies?

No. This flower, unfortunately, does more harm than good to your guinea pig.

Certain chemicals are present in their petals that will make them feel nauseated, experience vomiting, and have stomach pains.

Can guinea pigs eat Daisies

Can cavies eat Daffodils?

No, Daffodils are a plant that cavies have been found to react badly to. All parts of the daffodil contain a poisonous chemical called Lycorine.

There are many cases of both human and animal alike who have experienced nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.

Can cavies eat Daffodils

Animals have been reported to have seen liver damage after eating daffodils. Depending on the quantity, in a body as little as a cavy, this flower could be fatal.

Can they eat Rosemary?

Rosemary is an herb many cooks enjoy for its pleasant aroma and prominent flavor. Yes, your cavy can eat it too! This aromatic herb not only perks the senses to us but also gets a cavy going crazy. There are benefits from nutrients such as Vitamins C, A, and B3.

Can they eat Rosemary

However, there is a cautionary note to how much they can eat exactly. Rosemary, for all its benefits, is higher in calcium which isn’t good for them.

What plants are poisonous?

Toxic flowers to Guinea Pigs may include:

1. Chickweed


2. Goldenrod


3. Daffodils


4. Mallow


5. Yarrow


6. Sunflowers


7. Sweet peas

Sweet peas

8. Asters


9. Nasturtiums


Not all of the flowers and plants we enjoy are safe to feed our guinea pigs. Sometimes nature is best off to satisfy us with a sniff.

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