Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me – Kitty Headbutts Explained


Key Takeaways

  • Kitty head butts are a common sign of affection ✨
  • Feral cats use this to introduce themselves to other cats, or to mark their territory ✨
  • If your cat keeps pestering you with constant headbutting, she may be suffering

The Meaning of Cat Headbutting (or Head Bunting)

The Meaning of Cat Headbutting (or Head Bunting)

There are a few answers to the question „Why does my cat headbutt me?”. One reason is that they’re marking you as theirs! When cats headbutt, they release pheromones from glands in their forehead. These pheromones create an invisible „territory” for the cat, and tell other animals to stay away. So, if your cat headbutts you, they’re basically saying „you’re mine.”

Head bunting isn’t limited to the cats’ owners. Cats will also headbutt other cats, dogs, and even inanimate objects. It’s a sign of affection, and also a way of spreading their scent around.

Other animals also display scent-marking behavior, but cats are unique in that they use their heads to do it. This is why you’ll often see cats rubbing their heads on things like doorways, furniture, and even you.

Fun Fact

On the contrary, head bunting in ungulates – such as deer – is a sign of aggression and doesn’t involve scent.

Headbutting Between Cats in the Wild

In the wild, this behavior is most often seen between members of the same colony. For example, a mother cat will headbutt her kittens as a way of comforting them and strengthening their bond. It can also be used as a greeting between cats who know each other, or as a territorial display.

Feral cats will also use head bunts as a way of introducing themselves to another cat in the colony. This behavior is called „allorubbing,” and it’s how cats become familiar with each other’s scent. Headbutting objects like trees and stones can also help create boundaries between territories and prevent fighting between colonies. In fact, it can produce a distinct colony scent that other cats will stay away from.

Where Does This Cat Behavior Come From?

When kittens nurse, they purr and knead their mother’s belly with their paws. This motion releases pheromones from the mother’s skin, which makes the kittens feel safe and comforted. It’s thought that headbutting or head rubbing is a similar behavior.

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me? 

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me

Now that we’ve discussed the scientific answer to the question „Why does my cat headbutt me?” let’s talk about why your cat may be doing it to you. Below, we’ll discuss 5 situations where cats may give their owners a headbutt.

Your Cat Is Saying „Hello!”

One of the most common reasons why cats headbutt their owners is to say „hello!” This behavior is often seen in kittens and young cats, but can also be done by adult cats. When your cat headbutts you, they’re usually trying to get your attention. 

Your Cat Doesn’t Like Your Scent

Have you ever been headbutted by your cat and then realized that you smell like something they don’t like? For example, if you’ve sprayed perfume or cologne on yourself, your cat may be trying to get rid of the scent by rubbing themselves on you. They’re essentially re-marking you with their own scent!

Your Cat Wants You to Pet Them

Cats enjoy being petted, and some will headbutt their owners as a way of asking for pets. If you notice that your cat headbutts you when they’re in the mood for some attention, give them a good scratch behind the ears!

Your Cat Is Stressed

Sometimes, cats will headbutt their owners as a way of dealing with stress. This behavior is often seen in rescue cats or cats who have recently moved to a new home. 

Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You Something

Sometimes, cats will headbutt their owners as a way of trying to communicate something. A good example is a situation when your cat headbutts you and then walks away – they may be trying to tell you that they want you to follow them.

Learning to interpret your cat’s body language can be a great way to bond with them and make sure their needs are met. So, if you wonder „Why does my cat headbutt me?” take a moment to think about what they might be trying to say! You might be surprised by what you find.

The Difference Between Headbutting and Head Pressing

The Difference Between Headbutting and Head Pressing

It’s important to note that there’s a difference between head bunting and head pressing. Head pressing is when a cat presses their head against an object for no apparent reason, sometimes for hours on end. This might be a wall, a piece of furniture, or even you. Head pressing is usually a sign of a medical condition, so if you notice your cat doing it, please take them to the vet right away.

Headbutting, on the other hand, is a normal behavior that cats do for a variety of reasons. If you’re ever concerned about your cat’s headbutts, or if they seem to be doing it excessively, you can always talk to your vet. They’ll be able to help you determine if there’s any cause for concern.

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Me So Hard?

So, what about hard head butts? Are they also affectionate?

  • A hard head butt could be a sign that your cat is overstimulated. When cats get too excited, they can sometimes become slightly aggressive. 
  • Another reason for consistent and strong headbutting is pain. Your cat might be suffering, and they want you to know that right away. 
  • Finally, your cat may simply not know they’re doing it too hard! Cats are notorious for being clumsy, and they may not realize that they’re using more force than you find comfortable. There’s not much you can do about it except ignoring it or trying to redirect their attention to something else.

Kitty Head Butts FAQs

Kitty Head Butts FAQs

Do Cats Headbutt to Show Affection?

Usually, yes. It’s their way to show they like you.

Should I Headbutt My Cat Back? 

If you want to! However, do it gently and with your forehead.

Why Does My Cat Headbutt Things When I Pet Her?

Because she feels good. She’s just releasing the happiness.

Why Do Cats Put Their Butt in Your Face?

It’s a sign of trust. Butts are cat’s vulnerable spot, so if they present their own to you, they know you won’t hurt them. They also do that to get your attention. 

Conclusion: Your Cat Headbutts You Because They Like You

So, why does my cat headbutt me? Because they love you! Whether they’re trying to say „hello,” asking for pets, or simply showing their affection, headbutts are a sure sign that your cat cares about you. So why not return the favor and give them a good scratch behind the ears? 

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