Animals That Start With C


The ultimate list of all animals that begin with the letter C:

Mammals that start with the letter C

Cabrera’s Hutia
Cabrera’s Vole
Cactus Mouse
Cairo Spiny Mouse
Calabar Angwantibo
Calamian Deer
California Chipmunk
California Ground Squirrel
California Kangaroo Rat
California Leaf-nosed Bat
California Mouse
California Myotis
California Pocket Mouse
California Sea Lion
California Vole
Callewaert’s Mouse
Camas Pocket Gopher
Cambodian Striped Squirrel
Cameroon Climbing Mouse
Cameroon Scaly-tail
Cameroon Soft-furred Mouse
Campbell’s Hamster
Campbell’s Monkey
Canada Lynx
Canary Big-eared Bat
Canary Shrew
Candango Mouse
Cansdale’s Swamp Rat
Cantor’s Roundleaf Bat
Canut’s Horseshoe Bat
Canyon Mouse
Cape Dune Mole Rat
Cape Elephant Shrew
Cape Fox
Cape Gerbil
Cape Golden Mole
Cape Gray Mongoose
Cape Grysbok
Cape Hairy Bat
Cape Hare
Cape Horseshoe Bat
Cape Porcupine
Cape Short-eared Gerbil
Cape Spiny Mouse
Cape York Mosaic-tailed Rat
Cape York Rat
Capped Leaf Monkey
Capricorn Leaf-eared Mouse
Caribou Or Reindeer
Carmen Mountain Shrew
Caroline Flying Fox
Carpentarian Dunnart
Carpentarian Rock Rat
Carruther’s Mountain Squirrel
Cascade Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel
Catamarca Tuco-tuco
Cauca Climbing Mouse
Caucasian Birch Mouse
Caucasian Mole
Caucasian Mountain Ground Squirrel
Caucasian Pygmy Shrew
Caucasian Shrew
Caucasian Snow Vole
Caucasian Squirrel
Caucasus Field Mouse
Cave Myotis
Cayenne Spiny Rat
Celebes Crested Macaque
Celebes Dwarf Squirrel
Celebes Rat
Celebes Shrew
Celebes Shrew Rat
Celebes Wild Boar
Central American Agouti
Central American Dwarf Squirrel
Central American Spider Monkey
Central American Squirrel Monkey
Central American Woolly Opossum
Central Hare-wallaby
Central Kashmir Vole
Central Pebble-mound Mouse
Central Rock Rat
Ceram Bandicoot Or Ceram Island Long-nosed Bandicoot
Ceram Flying Fox
Ceram Rat
Cerrado Mouse
Ceylon Spiny Mouse
Chaco Crimson-nosed Rat
Chaco Grass Mouse
Chaco Marsh Rat
Chacoan Fairy Armadillo
Chacoan Mara
Chacoan Naked-tailed Armadillo
Chacoan Peccary
Chacoan Pygmy Rice Rat
Chacoan Tuco-tuco
Chamek Spider Monkey
Champion’s Tree Mouse
Chaotung Vole
Chapa Pygmy Dormouse
Chapin’s Free-tailed Bat
Chapman’s Rice Rat
Charming Climbing Mouse
Charming Thicket Rat
Checkered Elephant Shrew
Cheesman’s Gerbil
Cheng’s Jird
Cherrie’s Pocket Gopher
Chestnut Climbing Mouse
Chestnut Dunnart
Chestnut Long-tongued Bat
Chestnut Sac-winged Bat
Chestnut Short-tailed Bat
Chestnut Tree Mouse
Chestnut White-bellied Rat
Chestnut-bellied Shrew
Chestnut-bellied Spiny Rat
Chestnut-striped Short-tailed Opossum
Chevrier’s Field Mouse
Chiapan Climbing Rat
Chiapan Deer Mouse
Chibchan Water Mouse
Chihuahuan Mouse
Chilean Climbing Mouse
Chilean Guemal
Chilean Myotis
Chilean Rock Rat
Chilean Shrew Opossum
Chinanteco Deer Mouse
Chinese Bamboo Rat
Chinese Birch Mouse
Chinese Desert Cat
Chinese Dormouse
Chinese Ferret-badger
Chinese Forest Musk Deer
Chinese Giant Flying Squirrel
Chinese Goral
Chinese Hare
Chinese Jumping Mouse
Chinese Pangolin
Chinese Pygmy Dormouse
Chinese Red Pika
Chinese Scrub Vole
Chinese Shrew
Chinese Shrew Mole
Chinese Water Deer
Chinese White-bellied Rat
Chinese Zokor
Chiriqui Brown Mouse
Chiriqui Harvest Mouse
Chiriqui Olingo
Chiriqui Pocket Gopher
Chisel-toothed Kangaroo Rat
Choco Broad-nosed Bat
Chocolate Wattled Bat
Christy’s Dormouse
Cinderella Shrew
Cinereus Shrew Or Masked Shrew
Cinnamon Antechinus
Cinnamon Myotis
Ciscaucasian Hamster
Clara’s Echymipera
Clarke’s Vole
Clear-winged Woolly Bat
Cleber’s Arboreal Rice Rat
Cliff Chipmunk
Climbing Shrew
Cloud Forest Grass Mouse
Cloud Forest Rice Rat
Clouded Leopard
Clymene Dolphin
Coarse-haired Water Rat
Coarse-haired Wombat
Coast Mole
Coastal Tomb Bat
Cochabamba Grass Mouse
Coiban Agouti
Colburn’s Tuco-tuco
Collared Mongoose
Collared Peccary
Collared Pika
Collared Tuco-tuco
Collie’s Squirrel
Colombian Forest Mouse
Colombian Grass Mouse
Colombian Rice Rat
Colombian Spiny Rat
Colombian Weasel
Colorado Chipmunk
Columbian Ground Squirrel
Columbian Mouse
Comb-toed Jerboa
Commerson’s Dolphin
Commissaris’s Long-tongued Bat
Common Pipistrelle
Common Rhebok
Common Thick-thumbed Bat
Common Tree Shrew
Common Tube-nosed Fruit Bat
Common Vole
Common Warthog Or Warthog
Common Yellow-toothed Cavy
Comoro Black Flying Fox
Comoro Rousette
Complex-toothed Flying Squirrel
Congo Clawless Otter
Congo Forest Mouse
Congo Gerbil
Congo Rope Squirrel
Congo Shrew
Congo Shrews Or Poll’s Shrews
Conover’s Tuco-tuco
Cook’s Mouse
Cooper’s Mountain Squirrel
Copper Woolly Bat
Coppery Ringtail Possum
Coppery Titi
Corsac Fox
Cotton Mouse
Cotton-top Tamarin
Coues’s Climbing Mouse
Coues’s Rice Rat
Cougar, Mountain Lion, Or Puma
Cowan’s Shrew Tenrec
Cox’s Roundleaf Bat
Coxing’s White-bellied Rat
Cozumel Harvest Mouse
Cozumel Raccoon
Crab-eating Fox
Crab-eating Mongoose
Crab-eating Raccoon
Crab-eating Rat
Crabeater Seal
Crafty Vesper Mouse
Creagh’s Horseshoe Bat
Creek Groove-toothed Swamp Rat
Creeping Vole
Crescent Nail-tailed Wallaby
Crescent Shrew
Crested Agouti
Crested Rat
Crested Roundleaf Bat
Crested-tailed Deer Mouse
Crete Spiny Mouse
Croslet Horseshoe Bat
Crosse’s Shrew
Crowned Guenon
Crowned Lemur
Crowned Shrew
Crump’s Mouse
Cuban Fig-eating Bat
Cuban Flower Bat
Cuban Fruit-eating Bat
Cuban Solenodon
Culion Tree Squirrel
Curacao Myotis
Cursor Grass Mouse
Cushioned Gerbil
Cutch Rat
Cuvier’s Beaked Whale
Cuvier’s Gazelle
Cuvier’s Spiny Rat
Cyclops Roundleaf Bat
Cyprus Spiny Mouse

Amphibians that start with C

Caatinga Horned Frog
Cabalian Frog
Caddo Mountain Salamander
Cainarachi Poison Frog
Cajun Chorus Frog
Calabresi’s Bullfrog
Calf Frog
California Chorus Frog
California Newt
California Red-legged Frog
California Slender Salamander
California Tiger Salamander
Cameroon Clawed Frog
Camiguin Narrow-mouthed Frog
Canadian Toad
Cane Toad
Cannatella’s Plump Toad
Canyon Treefrog
Cape Caco
Cape Clawed Toad
Cape Melville Treefrog
Cape Mountain Toad
Cape Rain Frog
Cape River Frog
Cape York Frog
Caprpathian Newt
Carabaya Toad
Caribbean White-lipped Frog
Carolina Dusky Salamander
Carpenter Frog
Carvalho’s Surinam Toad
Casacdes Frog
Cascade Cavern Salamander
Cascade Tree Frog
Cascades Torrent Salamander
Catahoula Salamander
Cauca Poison Frog
Caucasian Parsley Frog
Caucasian Salamander
Caucasian Toad
Cave Salamander
Cave Squeaker
Cave-dwelling Frog
Central Asian Salamander
Central Asiatic Frog
Central Grassland Frog
Centralian Tree Frog
Chabanaud’s River Frog
Chacoan Horned Frog
Challhuaco Frog
Chamberlain’s Dwarf Salamander
Channel Islands Slender Salamander
Chapa Bug-eyed Frog
Chapa Frog
Chapa Spadefoot Toad
Cheat Mountain Salamander
Cheoah Bald Salamander
Chile Darwin’s Frog
Chimanimani Stream Frog
Chinese Edible Frog
Chinese Giant Salamander
Chinese Warty Newt
Chinhai Spiny Newt
Chiricahua Leopard Frog
Chirinda Toad
Chisholm Trail Salamander
Chuxiong Fire-bellied Newt
Cliff Chirping Frog
Climbing Mantella
Clouded Salamander
Coast River Frog
Coastal Ecuador Smoky Jungle Frog
Coeur D’alene Salamander
Collared Frog
Colombian Four-eyed Frog
Colorado River Toad
Colostethus Baeobatrachus
Colostethus Beebei
Colostethus Degranvillei
Colostethus Palmatus
Colostethus Praderioi
Colostethus Tepuyensis
Columbia Spotted Frog
Columbia Torrent Salamander
Comal Blind Salamander
Common Coqui
Common Fire Salamander
Common Green Frog
Common Midwife Toad
Common Mist Frog
Common Puddle Frog
Common Rain Frog
Common Reed Frog
Common Sand Frog
Common Spadefoot
Common Spadefoot Toad
Common Squeaker
Common Toad
Common Tree Frog
Concave-crowned Horned Toad
Confusing Poison Frog
Congo Banana Frog
Congo Dwarf Clawed Frog
Convex-tailed Horned Toad
Convex-vented Horned Toad
Cooloola Sedgefrog
Cope’s Assam Frog
Cope’s Giant Salamander
Cope’s Gray Frog
Copland’s Rock Frog
Corroboree Frog
Corsican Brook Salamander
Corsican Fire Salamander
Corsican Painted Frog
Couch’s Spadefoot
Cowan’s Mantella
Crawfish Frog
Crested Toad
Cretan Frog
Cricket Coqui
Cricket Frog
Crocodile Newt
Cross Toad
Crowned Bullfrog
Crucifix Frog
Cuban High-crested Toad
Cuban Long-nosed Toad
Cuban Pine Toad
Cuban Small-eared Toad
Cuban Spotted Toad
Cuban Treefrog
Cuetzalan Salamander
Cumberland Dusky Salamander
Cumberland Plateau Salamander
Cururu Toad

Birds that start with C

Caatinga Cacholote
Caatinga Parakeet
Caatinga Woodpecker
Cab-nary Island Chaffinch
Cabalus Modestus
Cabanis’s Bunting
Cabanis’s Greenbul
Cabanis’s Spinetail
Cabot’s Tragopan Pheasant
Cackling Goose
Cactus Canastero
Cactus Wren
Calandra Lark
Calayan Rail
California Bluebird
California Condor
California Creeper
California Gull
California Pygmy Owl
California Quail
California Thrasher
California Towhee
Calliope Hummingbird
Caloenas Maculata
Calorhamphus Fuliginosus
Camaroptera Simplex
Cameroon Mountain Greenbul
Cameroon Scrub-warbler
Cameroon Sunbird
Cameroun Mountain Francolin
Cameroun Olive Greenbul
Cameroun Olive Pigeon
Campbell Island Shag
Campbell Island Teal
Campbell’s Hill Partridge
Campo Flicker
Campo Miner
Campo Oriole
Canada Goose
Canada Nuthatch
Canada Warbler
Canarian Pipit
Canary Flyrobin
Canary-winged Finch
Canebrake Groundcreeper
Canivet’s Emerald
Canyon Canastero
Canyon Wren
Cape Batis
Cape Bulbul
Cape Bunting
Cape Canary
Cape Cormorant
Cape Eagle-owl
Cape Francolin
Cape Gannet
Cape Grassbird
Cape Longclaw
Cape May Warbler
Cape Parrot
Cape Petrel
Cape Robin-chat
Cape Rock Thrush
Cape Rockjumper
Cape Shoveler
Cape Siskin
Cape Sugarbird
Cape Teal
Cape Verde Shearwater
Cape Verde Swift
Cape Verde Warbler
Cape Vulture
Cape Wagtail
Cape Weaver
Cape White-eye
Capped Conebill
Capped Heron
Capped Seedeater
Capped Wheatear
Caprimulgus Ekmani
Capuchin Babbler
Caracas Tapaculo
Carbonated Sierra Finch
Cardinal Lory
Cardinal Myzomela
Cardinal Quelea
Cardinal Woodpecker
Carib Grackle
Caribbean Coot
Caribbean Dove
Caribbean Elaenia
Caribbean Martin
Carmelite Sunbird
Carmine Bee Eater
Carmiol’s Tanager
Carola’s Parotia
Carolina Parakeet
Carolina Wren
Caroline Islands Reed-warbler
Caroline Islands White-eye
Carpentarian Grasswren
Carrier Pigeon
Carrizal Seedeater
Carruthers’ Cisticola
Carunculated Caracara
Carunculated Fruit Dove
Caspian Gull
Caspian Plover
Caspian Snowcock
Caspian Tern
Casqued Oropendola
Cassin’s Auklet
Cassin’s Finch
Cassin’s Flycatcher
Cassin’s Hawk-eagle
Cassin’s Honeybird
Cassin’s Sparrow
Cassin’s Spinetail
Cassin’s Vireo
Castelnau’s Antshrike
Cataponera Thrush
Cattle Egret
Cattle Tyrant
Cauca Guan
Caucasian Black Grouse
Caucasian Snowcock
Cave Swallow
Cayenne Jay
Cayenne Nightjar
Cebu Flowerpecker
Celestial Blue Monarch
Central American Pygmy-owl
Cereopsis Goose
Certhia Hodgsoni
Certhia Manipurensis
Certhia Tianquanensis
Certhilauda Barlowi
Certhilauda Benguelensis
Certhilauda Brevirostris
Certhilauda Semitorquata
Certhilauda Subcoronata
Cerulean Cuckooshrike
Cerulean Warbler
Cerulean-capped Manakin
Cetti’s Warbler
Cettia Haddeni
Ceylon Blue Magpie
Ceylon Coucal
Ceylon Frogmouth
Ceylon Jungle-fowl
Ceylon Myna
Ceylon Spurfowl
Ceyx Rufidorsa
Chabert’s Vanga
Chaco Chachalaca
Chaco Nothura
Chaco Owl
Chaco Pipit
Chaco Suiriri
Chaetocercus Mulsant
Chalk-browed Mockingbird
Changeable Hawk-eagle
Channel-billed Cuckoo
Channel-billed Toucan
Chapada Flycatcher
Chapin’s Apalis
Chapin’s Flycatcher
Chapin’s Flycatcher Babbler
Chapin’s Puff-back Flycatcher
Chaplin’s Barbet
Chapman’s Bristle-tyrant
Chapman’s Swift
Charadrius Australis
Charles Insectivorous Tree Finch
Chat Flycatcher
Chatham Albatross
Chatham Gerygone
Chatham Island Fernbird
Chatham Island Petrel
Chatham Island Taiko
Chatham Islands Cormorant
Chatham Islands Shag
Chatham Islands Snipe
Chatham Oystercatcher
Chatham Robin
Chattering Cisticola
Chattering Kingfisher
Chattering Lory
Checker-throated Woodpecker
Cheramoeca Leucosterna
Cherrie’s Antwren
Cherrie’s Tanager
Cherry-throated Tanager
Chestnut Antpitta
Chestnut Bulbul
Chestnut Bunting
Chestnut Forest-rail
Chestnut Jacamar
Chestnut Munia
Chestnut Piculet
Chestnut Seedeater
Chestnut Sparrow
Chestnut Teal
Chestnut Wattle-eye
Chestnut Weaver
Chestnut Wood Quail
Chestnut Woodpecker
Chestnut-backed Antbird
Chestnut-backed Antshrike
Chestnut-backed Bush Warbler
Chestnut-backed Buttonquail
Chestnut-backed Forktail
Chestnut-backed Jewel-babbler
Chestnut-backed Laughing Thrush
Chestnut-backed Owlet
Chestnut-backed Scimitar Babbler
Chestnut-backed Sparrow-lark
Chestnut-backed Tanager
Chestnut-backed Thornbird
Chestnut-backed Thrush
Chestnut-banded Plover
Chestnut-bellied Cotinga
Chestnut-bellied Euphonia
Chestnut-bellied Fantail
Chestnut-bellied Flower-piercer
Chestnut-bellied Guan
Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird
Chestnut-bellied Imperial-pigeon
Chestnut-bellied Kingfisher
Chestnut-bellied Malkoha
Chestnut-bellied Monarch
Chestnut-bellied Mountain Tanager
Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch
Chestnut-bellied Partridge
Chestnut-bellied Rail
Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush
Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse
Chestnut-bellied Seedeater
Chestnut-bellied Sparrow Hawk
Chestnut-bellied Starling
Chestnut-bellied Thrush
Chestnut-belted Gnateater
Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia
Chestnut-breasted Coronet
Chestnut-breasted Cuckoo
Chestnut-breasted Malkoha
Chestnut-breasted Mountain Finch
Chestnut-breasted Munia
Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch
Chestnut-breasted Quail Thrush
Chestnut-breasted Whiteface
Chestnut-breasted Wren
Chestnut-capped Babbler
Chestnut-capped Blackbird
Chestnut-capped Flycatcher
Chestnut-capped Piha
Chestnut-capped Puffbird
Chestnut-capped Thrush
Chestnut-cheeked Starling
Chestnut-collared Longspur
Chestnut-collared Swift
Chestnut-colored Woodpecker
Chestnut-crested Antbird
Chestnut-crested Cotinga
Chestnut-crested Yuhina
Chestnut-crowned Antpitta
Chestnut-crowned Babbler
Chestnut-crowned Becard
Chestnut-crowned Bush-warbler
Chestnut-crowned Foliage-gleaner
Chestnut-crowned Gnateater
Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush
Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-weaver
Chestnut-crowned Warbler
Chestnut-eared Aracari
Chestnut-faced Babbler
Chestnut-flanked White-eye
Chestnut-fronted Helmetshrike
Chestnut-fronted Macaw
Chestnut-fronted Shrike-babbler
Chestnut-headed Bee Eater
Chestnut-headed Crake
Chestnut-headed Flufftail
Chestnut-headed Nunlet
Chestnut-headed Oropendola
Chestnut-headed Tanager
Chestnut-headed Tesia
Chestnut-headed Tree Partridge
Chestnut-mandibled Toucan
Chestnut-mantled Sparrow Weaver
Chestnut-naped Antpitta
Chestnut-naped Francolin
Chestnut-necklaced Partridge
Chestnut-quilled Rock Pigeon
Chestnut-rumped Babbler
Chestnut-rumped Woodcreeper
Chestnut-shouldered Antwren
Chestnut-shouldered Goshawk
Chestnut-shouldered Petronia
Chestnut-sided Shrike Vireo
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Chestnut-tailed Antbird
Chestnut-tailed Minla
Chestnut-tailed Starling
Chestnut-tailed Thornbill
Chestnut-throated Apalis
Chestnut-throated Seedeater
Chestnut-throated Spinetail
Chestnut-tipped Toucanet
Chestnut-vented Conebill
Chestnut-vented Nuthatch
Chestnut-winged Babbler
Chestnut-winged Chachalaca
Chestnut-winged Cuckoo
Chestnut-winged Foliage-gleaner
Chestnut-winged Hookbill
Chestnut-winged Starling
Chicli Spinetail
Chiguanco Thrush
Chilean Flamingo
Chilean Flicker
Chilean Mockingbird
Chilean Pigeon
Chilean Seaside Cinclodes
Chilean Skua
Chilean Swallow
Chilean Teal
Chilean Tern
Chilean Tinamou
Chilean Woodstar
Chiloe Wigeon
Chimango Caracara
Chiming Wedgebill
Chimney Swift
Chinese Babax
Chinese Bamboo Partridge
Chinese Bush Warbler
Chinese Crested Tern
Chinese Egret
Chinese Francolin
Chinese Fulvetta
Chinese Gray Shrike
Chinese Merganser
Chinese Monal
Chinese Nuthatch
Chinese Penduline-tit
Chinese Pheasant
Chinese Pond-heron
Chinese White-eye
Chinese Yellow Tit
Chinspot Batis
Chinstrap Penguin
Chionis Albus
Chipping Sparrow
Chir Pheasant
Chiribiquete Emerald
Chirinda Apalis
Chiriqui Quail-dove
Chirping Cisticola
Chirruping Wedgebill
Chlorestes Notata
Chloropsis Kinabaluensis
Choco Tinamou
Choco Toucan
Choco Woodpecker
Chocolate-backed Kingfisher
Chocolate-vented Tyrant
Choiseul Crested Pigeon
Cholo Alethe
Chondrohierax Wilsonii
Chopi Blackbird
Chorister Robin-chat
Chotoy Spinetail
Christmas Frigatebird
Christmas Island Hawk-owl
Christmas Island Imperial-pigeon
Christmas Island White-eye
Christmas Shearwater
Chubb’s Cisticola
Chubut Steamerduck
Chucao Tapaculo
Chukar Partridge
Churring Cisticola
Chusquea Tapaculo
Cinderella Waxbill
Cinereous Antshrike
Cinereous Becard
Cinereous Bunting
Cinereous Conebill
Cinereous Finch
Cinereous Ground Tyrant
Cinereous Harrier
Cinereous Mourner
Cinereous Tinamou
Cinereous Tyrant
Cinereous Warbling-finch
Cinereous-breasted Spinetail
Cinnabar Hawk-owl
Cinnamon Attila
Cinnamon Becard
Cinnamon Bittern
Cinnamon Bracken Warbler
Cinnamon Flycatcher
Cinnamon Ground-dove
Cinnamon Hummingbird
Cinnamon Quail Thrush
Cinnamon Screech-owl
Cinnamon Tanager
Cinnamon Teal
Cinnamon Tyrant-manakin
Cinnamon Warbling Finch
Cinnamon Weaver
Cinnamon White-eye
Cinnamon Woodpecker
Cinnamon-backed Fantail
Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher
Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer
Cinnamon-bellied Ground Tyrant
Cinnamon-breasted Bunting
Cinnamon-breasted Tody Tyrant
Cinnamon-browed Melidectes
Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater
Cinnamon-chested Flycatcher
Cinnamon-crested Spadebill
Cinnamon-faced Tyrannulet
Cinnamon-headed Green Pigeon
Cinnamon-rumped Foliage-gleaner
Cinnamon-rumped Seedeater
Cinnamon-rumped Trogon
Cinnamon-tailed Fantail
Cinnamon-tailed Sparrow
Cinnamon-throated Hermit
Cinnamon-throated Woodcreeper
Cinnamon-vented Piha
Cinnycerthia Fulva
Cipo Canastero
Cirl Bunting
Citine Wagtail
Citreoline Trogon
Citril Finch
Citrine Canary-flycatcher
Citrine Warbler
Citron-bellied Attila
Citron-headed Yellow Finch
Clamorous Reed-warbler
Clapper Lark
Clapper Rail
Clapperton’s Francolin
Claret-breasted Fruit-dove
Clarion Wren
Clark’s Grebe
Clark’s Nutcracker
Clarke’s Weaver
Clay-coloured Sparrow
Cliff Flycatcher
Cloud Cisticola
Cloud-forest Pygmy-owl
Cloud-forest Screech-owl
Cloven-feathered Dove
Club-winged Manakin
Coal-crested Finch
Coastal Miner
Cobalt-winged Parakeet
Coccycua Minuta
Coccyzus Longirostris
Coccyzus Merlini
Coccyzus Pluvialis
Coccyzus Rufigularis
Coccyzus Vieilloti
Cocha Antshrike
Cochabamba Mountain Finch
Cock-tailed Tyrant
Cockerell’s Fantail
Cocoa Thrush
Cocoa Woodcreeper
Cocoi Heron
Cocos Finch
Cocos Flycatcher
Cocos Island Cuckoo
Colaptes Auricularis
Colaptes Rivolii
Colima Pygmy-owl
Colima Warbler
Collared Antshrike
Collared Aracari
Collared Bush Robin
Collared Crescentchest
Collared Crow
Collared Falconet
Collared Finchbill
Collared Flycatcher
Collared Forest Falcon
Collared Gnatwren
Collared Grosbeak
Collared Imperial-pigeon
Collared Inca
Collared Lark
Collared Laughingthrush
Collared Lory
Collared Myna
Collared Nightjar
Collared Owlet
Collared Palm Thrush
Collared Petrel
Collared Plover
Collared Pratincole
Collared Puffbird
Collared Redstart
Collared Sparrowhawk
Collared Sunbird
Collared Towhee
Collared Trogon
Collared Warbling Finch
Collocalia Brevirostris
Collocalia Elaphra
Collocalia Hirundinacea
Collocalia Inquieta
Collocalia Leucophaea
Collocalia Papuensis
Collocalia Sawtelli
Collocalia Spodiopygia
Collocalia Vanikorensis
Collocalia Whiteheadi
Colluricincla Sanghirensis
Colombian Crake
Colombian Grebe
Colombian Screech-owl
Colourful Puffleg
Comb Duck
Comb-crested Jacana
Comechingones Cinclodes
Commerson’s Scops Owl
Common Barn-owl
Common Black-hawk
Common Black-headed Gull
Common Blackbird
Common Bronzewing
Common Bush Tanager
Common Buzzard
Common Cactus-finch
Common Chiffchaff
Common Cicadabird
Common Cormorant
Common Crane
Common Diuca Finch
Common Diving Petrel
Common Eider
Common Flameback
Common Goldeneye
Common Gonolek
Common Grackle
Common Ground Dove
Common Guillemot
Common Hawk Cuckoo
Common Hill Partridge
Common Iora
Common Jery
Common Kingfisher
Common Miner
Common Moorhen
Common Newtonia
Common Nighthawk
Common Nightingale
Common Paradise-kingfisher
Common Pintail
Common Poorwill
Common Quail
Common Redpoll
Common Reed-bunting
Common Rosefinch
Common Sandpiper
Common Scimitar-bill
Common Shelduck
Common Starling
Common Tailorbird
Common Tern
Common Tody-flycatcher
Common Waxbill
Common Whitethroated
Common Wood-pigeon
Common Woodshrike
Common Yellowthroat
Comoro Blue-pigeon
Comoro Bulbul
Comoro Drongo
Comoro Olive Pigeon
Comoro Thrush
Cone-billed Tanager
Congo Black-bellied Sunbird
Congo Martin
Congo Moor-chat
Congo Peacock
Congo Serpent Eagle
Connecticut Warbler
Conopias Parvus
Cook Islands Warbler
Cook’s Petrel
Cooper’s Hawk
Copper Pheasant
Copper Sunbird
Copper-rumped Hummingbird
Copper-tailed Glossy-starling
Coppersmith Barbet
Coppery Emerald
Coppery Metaltail
Coppery Thorntail
Coppery-bellied Puffleg
Coppery-chested Jacamar
Coppery-headed Emerald
Coppery-tailed Coucal
Coppery-tailed Trogon
Coquerel’s Coua
Coqui’s Francolin
Coracias Naevia
Coral-billed Ground Cuckoo
Coral-billed Scimitar Babbler
Coraya Wren
Cordilleran Canastero
Corn Bunting
Coroneted Fruit-dove
Correndera Pipit
Corsican Nuthatch
Cory’s Shearwater
Coscoroba Swan
Cossyphicula Roberti
Costa Rican Pygmy-owl
Costa Rican Quail Dove
Costa Rican Swift
Costa’s Hummingbird
Cotton Pygmy-goose
Coues’ Flycatcher
Cozumel Emerald
Cozumel Thrasher
Cozumel Vireo
Crab Plover
Crag Chilia
Crag Martin
Crane Hawk
Craveri’s Murrelet
Cream-backed Woodpecker
Cream-bellied Fruit-dove
Cream-bellied Gnatcatcher
Cream-coloured Courser
Cream-coloured Woodpecker
Cream-striped Bulbul
Cream-throated White-eye
Creamy-bellied Antwren
Creamy-bellied Thrush
Creamy-breasted Canastero
Creamy-crested Spinetail
Creamy-rumped Miner
Crescent Honeyeater
Crescent-chested Babbler
Crescent-chested Puffbird
Crescent-chested Warbler
Crescent-faced Antpitta
Crested Ant-tanager
Crested Argus
Crested Auklet
Crested Becard
Crested Bellbird
Crested Berrypecker
Crested Black Tyrant
Crested Bobwhite
Crested Bunting
Crested Caracara
Crested Coot
Crested Coua
Crested Cuckoo-dove
Crested Doradito
Crested Drongo
Crested Duck
Crested Eagle
Crested Finchbill
Crested Fireback
Crested Francolin
Crested Gallito
Crested Goshawk
Crested Guan
Crested Guineafowl
Crested Honey Buzzard
Crested Honeycreeper
Crested Hornero
Crested Ibis
Crested Jay
Crested Kingfisher
Crested Lark
Crested Malimbe
Crested Murrelet
Crested Myna
Crested Oropendola
Crested Owl
Crested Partridge
Crested Pigeon
Crested Pitohui
Crested Quail-dove
Crested Quetzal
Crested Serpent Eagle
Crested Shelduck
Crested Shrike-tit
Crested Spinetail
Crested Tern
Crested Tit-warbler
Crested Treeswift
Crestless Curassow
Crestless Fireback
Cretzschmar’s Bunting
Cricket Longtail
Crimson Chat
Crimson Finch
Crimson Finch-tanager
Crimson Fruitcrow
Crimson Rosella
Crimson Seedcracker
Crimson Shining-parrot
Crimson Sunbird
Crimson Topaz
Crimson-backed Sunbird
Crimson-backed Tanager
Crimson-bellied Parakeet
Crimson-bellied Woodpecker
Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker
Crimson-breasted Gonolek
Crimson-breasted Woodpecker
Crimson-browed Finch
Crimson-collared Grosbeak
Crimson-collared Tanager
Crimson-crested Woodpecker
Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker
Crimson-fronted Barbet
Crimson-fronted Cardinal
Crimson-fronted Parakeet
Crimson-headed Wood Partridge
Crimson-hooded Honeyeater
Crimson-hooded Manakin
Crimson-rumped Toucanet
Crimson-rumped Waxbill
Crimson-winged Finch
Crimson-winged Woodpecker
Croaking Cisticola
Croaking Ground-dove
Crossley’s Babbler
Crossley’s Ground Roller
Crossley’s Ground Thrush
Crow Honeyeater
Crow-billed Drongo
Crowned Chat-tyrant
Crowned Cormorant
Crowned Eagle
Crowned Hornbill
Crowned Lapwing
Crowned Sandgrouse
Crowned Slaty Flycatcher
Cryptic Flycatcher
Cryptic Forest-falcon
Cryptic Warbler
Cuban Black-hawk
Cuban Blackbird
Cuban Bullfinch
Cuban Conure
Cuban Crow
Cuban Emerald
Cuban Gnatcatcher
Cuban Grassquit
Cuban Green Woodpecker
Cuban Martin
Cuban Palm Swift
Cuban Pewee
Cuban Pygmy Owl
Cuban Solitaire
Cuban Tody
Cuban Trogon
Cuban Vireo
Cuckoo Roller
Cuculus Lepidus
Cundinamarca Antpitta
Curl-crested Aracari
Curl-crested Jay
Curl-crested Manucode
Curlew Sandpiper
Curve-billed Reedhaunter
Curve-billed Scythebill
Curve-billed Thrasher
Curve-billed Tinamou
Cuzco Brush Finch
Cyanolyca Viridicyanus
Cyanopica Cyanus
Cyanoramphus Saisetti
Cyornis Rufigastra
Cyphorhinus Arada
Cyprus Warbler
Cyprus Wheatear

Fish that start with C

C-o Sole
Cabillus Atripelvicus
Cabillus Caudimacula
Cabillus Lacertops
Cabillus Macrophthalmus
Cabinza Grunt
Cable’s Goby
Cabot De Cascade
Cachema Weakfish
Cachorrito Boxeador
Cachorrito Cabezon
Cachorrito Cangrejero
Cachorrito De Charco Azul
Cachorrito De Charco Palmal
Cachorrito De Dorsal Larga
Cachorrito De La Presa
Cachorrito De La Trinidad
Cachorrito De Mezquital
Cachorrito Gigante
Cachorrito Lodero
Caddo Madtom
Cadenat’s Chromis
Cadenat’s Rockfish
Cadenat’s Sole
Caecocypris Basimi
Caecogobius Cryptophthalmus
Caelatoglanis Zonatus
Caenotropus Labyrinthicus
Caenotropus Maculosus
Caenotropus Mestomorgmatos
Caenotropus Schizodon
Caerulean Damsel
Caesar Grunt
Caesioscorpis Theagenes
Caesiura Goby
Caffrogobius Dubius
Cahaba Shiner
Cahita Sucker
Caiapobrycon Tucurui
Cairns Rainbowfish
Caitipa Mojarra
Calabar Lyretail
Calamiana Illota
Calamiana Kabilia
Calamiana Mindora
Calamiana Polylepis
Calamiana Variegata
Calamopteryx Jeb
Calico Bass
Calico Frogfish
Calico Grouper
Calico Rockfish
Calico Salmon
Calico Surfperch
Calicos Bass
California Butterfly Ray
California Clingfish
California Flashlightfish
California Flounder
California Flyingfish
California Golden Trout
California Grenadier
California Grunion
California Halfbeak
California Killifish
California Kingcroaker
California Moray
California Ray
California Roach
California Scorpionfish
California Sheephead
California Slickhead
California Smoothtongue
California Worm Blenny
Californian Anchovy
Californian Conger
Californian Needlefish
Callanthias Parini
Callanthias Platei
Callanthias Splendens
Callechelys Bitaeniata
Callechelys Galapagensis
Callechelys Leucoptera
Callechelys Papulosa
Callechelys Randalli
Callichthys Fabricioi
Callichthys Oibaensis
Callichthys Serralabium
Calliclinus Geniguttatus
Calliclinus Nudiventris
Callionymus Aagilis
Callionymus Acutirostris
Callionymus Afilum
Callionymus Africanus
Callionymus Altipinnis
Callionymus Amboina
Callionymus Belcheri
Callionymus Bentuviai
Callionymus Bifilum
Callionymus Bleekeri
Callionymus Caeruleonotatus
Callionymus Colini
Callionymus Comptus
Callionymus Csiro
Callionymus Decoratus
Callionymus Doryssus
Callionymus Draconis
Callionymus Fasciatus
Callionymus Flavus
Callionymus Formosanus
Callionymus Futuna
Callionymus Guentheri
Callionymus Hainanensis
Callionymus Hildae
Callionymus Io
Callionymus Kailolae
Callionymus Kanakorum
Callionymus Keeleyi
Callionymus Kotthausi
Callionymus Leucopoecilus
Callionymus Luridus
Callionymus Macclesfieldensis
Callionymus Marquesensis
Callionymus Martinae
Callionymus Megastomus
Callionymus Melanotopterus
Callionymus Meridionalis
Callionymus Mortenseni
Callionymus Obscurus
Callionymus Ochiaii
Callionymus Octostigmatus
Callionymus Ogilbyi
Callionymus Oxycephalus
Callionymus Planus
Callionymus Platycephalus
Callionymus Pleurostictus
Callionymus Pusillus
Callionymus Regani
Callionymus Rivatoni
Callionymus Russelli
Callionymus Scabriceps
Callionymus Semeiophor
Callionymus Sereti
Callionymus Sphinx
Callionymus Spiniceps
Callionymus Stigmatopareius
Callionymus Sublaevis
Callionymus Tenuis
Callionymus Tethys
Callionymus Umbrithorax
Callionymus Valenciennei
Callionymus Variegatus
Callionymus Whiteheadi
Callionymus Zythros
Calliurichthys Izuensis
Calliurichthys Scaber
Callochromis Macrops
Callochromis Melanostigma
Callochromis Pleurospilus
Callogobius Amikami
Callogobius Centrolepis
Callogobius Crassus
Callogobius Dori
Callogobius Hastatus
Callogobius Liolepis
Callogobius Nigromarginatus
Callogobius Seshaiyai
Callogobius Sheni
Callogobius Snelliusi
Callogobius Stellatus
Callogobius Tanegasimae
Callopanchax Huwaldi
Callopanchax Monroviae
Calloplesiops Argus
Calnwilliam Sandfish
Calumia Profunda
Calypso Tetra
Cameroon Croaker
Cameroon Goby
Cameroon Killi
Cameroon Lampeye
Camiguana Anchovy
Camouflage Grouper
Campbel’s Goby
Campbell Whiptail
Campeche Catshark
Campeche Porgy
Campellolebias Chrysolineatus
Campellolebias Dorsimaculatus
Campellolebias Intermedius
Campichthys Nanus
Campichthys Tricarinatus
Campostoma Pullum
Campylomormyrus Alces
Campylomormyrus Bredoi
Campylomormyrus Cassaicus
Campylomormyrus Christyi
Campylomormyrus Curvirostris
Campylomormyrus Luapulaensis
Campylomormyrus Numenius
Campylomormyrus Orycteropus
Campylomormyrus Phantasticus
Campylomormyrus Tshokwe
Canadian Eelpout
Canara Barb
Canara Pearlspot
Canary Damsel
Canary Demoiselle
Canary Drum
Canary Kurper
Canary Rockfish
Canary Tonguesole
Canary Wrasse
Cancelloxus Longior
Candelamoa Parrotfish
Candidia Pingtungensis
Candle Hap
Candy Bass
Candy Darter
Candy Scale Pygmy Goby
Candycane Pygmy Goby
Candystick Goby
Canestrini’s Goby
Caneva’s Blenny
Caninus Cichlid
Canterbury Mudfish
Cantherhines Longicaudus
Cantherhines Melanoides
Cantherhines Multilineatus
Cantherhines Rapanui
Cantherhines Tiki
Cantherhines Verecundus
Cantheschenia Longipinnis
Canthigaster Cyanetron
Canthigaster Flavoreticulata
Canthigaster Inframacula
Canthigaster Investigatoris
Canthigaster Margaritata
Canthigaster Marquesensis
Canthigaster Punctata
Canthigaster Rapaensis
Canton Danio
Canton Island Moray
Canyon Sculpin
Cape Armourhead
Cape Blue-eye
Cape Damsel
Cape Dory
Cape Dragonet
Cape Elephantfish
Cape Fear Shiner
Cape Galaxias
Cape Gurnard
Cape Hagfish
Cape Halfbeak
Cape Horse Mackerel
Cape Kilpfish
Cape Knifejaw
Cape Kurper
Cape Moreton Sea Bream
Cape Needlefish
Cape Numbfish
Cape Razorfish
Cape Sandlance
Cape Scaldfish
Cape Scorpionfish
Cape Seahorse
Cape Silverside
Cape Sole
Cape Straptail
Cape Stumpnose
Cape Triplefin
Cape Verde Mullet
Cape Verde Skate
Cape Verde Weever
Cape White Seabream
Cape Wrasse
Capoeta Aculeata
Capoeta Angorae
Capoeta Antalyensis
Capoeta Baliki
Capoeta Barroisi
Capoeta Bergamae
Capoeta Buhsei
Capoeta Damascina
Capoeta Ekmekciae
Capoeta Erhani
Capoeta Fusca
Capoeta Kosswigi
Capoeta Trutta
Capoeta Turani
Capoeta Umbla
Capricorn Fusilier
Capricorn Gurnard Perch
Capricorn Lizardfish
Capricorn Silverside
Capro Dory
Caprodon Krasyukovae
Captain Fine
Captain Parrotfish
Caquetaia Myersi
Caquetaia Spectabilis
Caracanthus Typicus
Caragobius Burmanicus
Caragobius Rubristriatus
Carapine Grenadier
Carapus Sluiteri
Carasobarbus Apoensis
Carasobarbus Canis
Carasobarbus Chantrei
Carasobarbus Exulatus
Carasobarbus Luteus
Carassioides Acuminatus
Carassioides Argentea
Carassioides Macropterus
Carassius Auratus Argenteaphthalmus
Carassius Auratus Buergeri
Carassius Auratus Grandoculis
Carassius Auratus Langsdorfii
Carcharhinus Macrops
Cardamon Garra
Cardinal Fish
Cardinal Goby
Cardinal Nothobranchius
Cardinal Shiner
Cardinal Snapper
Cardinal Soldierfish
Cardiopharynx Schoutedeni
Careproctus Abbreviatus
Careproctus Acanthodes
Careproctus Aciculipunctatus
Careproctus Acifer
Careproctus Albescens
Careproctus Ampliceps
Careproctus Armatus
Careproctus Atacamensis
Careproctus Attenuatus
Careproctus Bathycoetus
Careproctus Batialis
Careproctus Bowersianus
Careproctus Cactiformis
Careproctus Canus
Careproctus Catherinae
Careproctus Continentalis
Careproctus Credispinulosus
Careproctus Crozetensis
Careproctus Curilanus
Careproctus Cyclocephalus
Careproctus Cypseluroides
Careproctus Cypselurus
Careproctus Discoveryae
Careproctus Dubius
Careproctus Ectenes
Careproctus Eltaninae
Careproctus Falklandicus
Careproctus Fedorovi
Careproctus Filamentosus
Careproctus Georgianus
Careproctus Guillemi
Careproctus Herwigi
Careproctus Homopterus
Careproctus Hyaleius
Careproctus Improvisus
Careproctus Inflexidens
Careproctus Lacmi
Careproctus Leptorhinus
Careproctus Longifilis
Careproctus Longipectoralis
Careproctus Macranchus
Careproctus Macrodiscus
Careproctus Maculosus
Careproctus Magellanicus
Careproctus Marginatus
Careproctus Mederi
Careproctus Melanuroides
Careproctus Micropus
Careproctus Microstomus
Careproctus Minimus
Careproctus Mollis
Careproctus Nigricans
Careproctus Novaezelandiae
Careproctus Opisthotremus
Careproctus Pallidus
Careproctus Parini
Careproctus Parvidiscus
Careproctus Parviporatus
Careproctus Patagonicus
Careproctus Paxtoni
Careproctus Polarsterni
Careproctus Profundicola
Careproctus Pseudoprofundicola
Careproctus Rastrinoides
Careproctus Rhodomelas
Careproctus Rimiventris
Careproctus Roseofuscus
Careproctus Rotundifrons
Careproctus Sandwichensis
Careproctus Scaphopterus
Careproctus Segaliensis
Careproctus Seraphimae
Careproctus Simus
Careproctus Sinensis
Careproctus Smirnovi
Careproctus Solidus
Careproctus Steini
Careproctus Stigmatogenus
Careproctus Telescopus
Careproctus Trachysoma
Careproctus Tricapitidens
Careproctus Vladibeckeri
Careproctus Zachirus
Careproctus Zispi
Caribbean Blenny
Caribbean Flounder
Caribbean Gambusia
Caribbean Hagfish
Caribbean Longfin Herring
Caribbean Moonfish
Caribbean Pipefish
Caribbean Pomfret
Caribbean Red Snapper
Caribbean Reef Shark
Caribbean Roughshark
Caribbean Sharpnose Shark
Caribbean Tonguefish
Caribbean Trumpetfish
Carinotetraodon Borneensis
Carinotetraodon Imitator
Carinotetraodon Irrubesco
Carinotetraodon Salivator
Caristius Groenlandicus
Caristius Japonicus
Carlana Tetra
Carlsson’s Damsel
Carmine Grenadier
Carmine Shiner
Carmine Triplefin
Carnatic Carp
Carol’s Gurnard
Carolina Darter
Carolina Hake
Carolina Madtom
Carolina Pygmy Skate
Carolina Pygmy Sunfish
Caroline Anchovy
Caroline Islands Ghost Goby
Carolines Parrotfish
Caroun Croaker
Carp Bream
Carp Headstander
Carpathian Lamprey
Carpenter Seabream
Carpenter’s Chimaera
Carpet Eel-blenny
Carpet Shark
Carpet Sole
Carpione Del Garda
Carribbean Red Snapper
Carribean Anchovy
Carriker’s Anchovy
Carrot Tonguesole
Carruco Sargo
Caspian Anadromous Shad
Caspian Barbel
Caspian Goby
Caspian Lamprey
Caspian Marine Shad
Caspian Round Goby
Caspian Sand Goby
Caspian Shad
Caspian Shemaya
Caspian Spined Loach
Caspian Tadpole Goby
Caspiosoma Caspium
Cassava Croaker
Castelnau’s Herring
Castin Leatherjacket
Castor Oil Fish
Cat Shark
Cataetyx Alleni
Cataetyx Bruuni
Cataetyx Chthamalorhynchus
Cataetyx Hawaiiensis
Cataetyx Lepidogenys
Cataetyx Platyrhynchus
Cataetyx Simus
Catalina Goby
Catarina Allotoca
Catarina Pupfish
Catathyridium Garmani
Catathyridium Grandirivi
Catathyridium Jenynsii
Catathyridium Lorentzii
Catemaco Characin
Catemaco Livebearer
Catemaco Molly
Catemaco Platyfish
Catesbya Pseudomuraena
Catfish-like Loach
Cathorops Agassizii
Cathorops Arenatus
Cathorops Laticeps
Cathorops Manglarensis
Cathorops Mapale
Cathorops Nuchalis
Cathorops Puncticulatus
Cathorops Variolosus
Caucasian Spiny Loach
Caudal-stripe Killi
Caulophryne Pelagica
Caulophryne Pietschi
Caulophryne Polynema
Cauvery Garra
Cauvery Rasbora
Cavalley Pilot
Cave Catfish
Cave Dragon
Cave Gudgeon
Cave Sheatfish
Cavernous Assfish
Cavite Cardinalfish
Cayenne Anchovy
Cayenne Pompano
Cayman Gambusia
Celebes Flathead
Celebes Goby
Celebes Halfbeak
Celebes Medaka
Celebes Monkfish
Celebes Rainbow
Celebes Sweetlips
Celebes Threadfin Bream
Celebes Wrasse
Celia’s Aphysemion
Cenderawasih Wrasse
Cental East African Lampeye
Central American Halfbeak
Central Chub
Central Goby
Central Mudminnow
Central Stoneroller
Central Tetra
Central Zaire Pellonuline
Centroberyx Druzhinini
Centroberyx Rubricaudus
Centrobranchus Brevirostris
Centrochir Crocodili
Centrodoras Brachiatus
Centrodoras Hasemani
Centrodraco Abstractum
Centrodraco Gegonipus
Centrodraco Nakaboi
Centrodraco Oregonus Lineatus
Centrodraco Oregonus Oregonus
Centrodraco Otohime Nakabo
Centrodraco Pseudoxenicus
Centrodraco Rubellus
Centrodraco Striatus
Centrolabrus Caeruleus
Centromochlus Altae
Centromochlus Concolor
Centromochlus Existimatus
Centromochlus Heckelii
Centromochlus Macracanthus
Centromochlus Megalops
Centromochlus Punctatus
Centromochlus Reticulatus
Centromochlus Romani
Centromochlus Schultzi
Centrophorus Robustus
Centrophorus Seychellorum
Centropristis Rufus
Centropyge Abei
Cephalocassis Borneensis
Cephalocassis Manillensis
Cephalocassis Melanochir
Cephalopholis Polyspila
Cephalopsetta Ventrocellatus
Cephaloscyllium Parvum
Cephalosilurus Albomarginatus
Cephalosilurus Apurensis
Cephalosilurus Fowleri
Cephalosilurus Nigricaudus
Cepola Pauciradiata
Ceram Cardinalfish
Ceratias Tentaculatus
Ceratobranchia Binghami
Ceratobranchia Delotaenia
Ceratobranchia Elatior
Ceratobranchia Joanae
Ceratobranchia Obtusirostris
Ceratoglanis Scleronema
Cerdale Fasciata
Cerdale Paludicola
Cerdale Prolata
Cerise Dottyback
Cetichthys Indagator
Cetichthys Parini
Cetomimoides Parri
Cetomimus Compunctus
Cetomimus Craneae
Cetomimus Gillii
Cetomimus Kerdops
Cetomimus Picklei
Cetomimus Teevani
Cetonurichthys Subinflatus
Cetopsidium Ferreirai
Cetopsidium Minutum
Cetopsidium Morenoi
Cetopsidium Orientale
Cetopsidium Pemon
Cetopsidium Roae
Cetopsis Amphiloxa
Cetopsis Arcana
Cetopsis Baudoensis
Cetopsis Caiapo
Cetopsis Candiru
Cetopsis Coecutiens
Cetopsis Fimbriata
Cetopsis Gobioides
Cetopsis Jurubidae
Cetopsis Montana
Cetopsis Motatanensis
Cetopsis Oliveirai
Cetopsis Orinoco
Cetopsis Othonops
Cetopsis Parma
Cetopsis Pearsoni
Cetopsis Plumbea
Cetopsis Sandrae
Cetopsis Sarcodes
Cetopsis Starnesi
Cetopsis Umbrosa
Cetopsorhamdia Boquillae
Cetopsorhamdia Filamentosa
Cetopsorhamdia Iheringi
Cetopsorhamdia Insidiosa
Cetopsorhamdia Molinae
Cetopsorhamdia Nasus
Cetopsorhamdia Orinoco
Cetopsorhamdia Phantasia
Cetopsorhamdia Picklei
Ceylonese Combtail
Chabanaud’s Tonguefish
Chaca Burmensis
Chacambero Splitfin
Chaenogobius Cylindricus
Chaenogobius Heptacanthus
Chaenogobius Macrognathos
Chaenogobius Raninus
Chaenogobius Scrobiculatus
Chaenogobius Transversefasciatus
Chaenophryne Quasiramifera
Chaenophryne Ramifera
Chaenopsis Alepidota Californiensis
Chaenopsis Megalops
Chaenopsis Resh
Chaenopsis Stephensi
Chaetobranchopsis Australis
Chaetobranchopsis Orbicularis
Chaetobranchus Semifasciatus
Chaetodontoplus Niger
Chaetodontoplus Vanderloosi
Chaetostoma Aburrensis
Chaetostoma Aequinoctiale
Chaetostoma Alternifasciatum
Chaetostoma Anale
Chaetostoma Anomalum
Chaetostoma Branickii
Chaetostoma Breve
Chaetostoma Brevilabiatum
Chaetostoma Changae
Chaetostoma Daidalmatos
Chaetostoma Dermorhynchum
Chaetostoma Dorsale
Chaetostoma Dupouii
Chaetostoma Greeni
Chaetostoma Guairense
Chaetostoma Jegui
Chaetostoma Lepturum
Chaetostoma Leucomelas
Chaetostoma Lineopunctatum
Chaetostoma Loborhynchos
Chaetostoma Machiquense
Chaetostoma Marcapatae
Chaetostoma Marginatum
Chaetostoma Marmorescens
Chaetostoma Microps
Chaetostoma Milesi
Chaetostoma Mollinasum
Chaetostoma Niveum
Chaetostoma Nudirostre
Chaetostoma Palmeri
Chaetostoma Patiae
Chaetostoma Paucispinis
Chaetostoma Pearsei
Chaetostoma Sericeum
Chaetostoma Sovichthys
Chaetostoma Stannii
Chaetostoma Stroumpoulos
Chaetostoma Tachiraense
Chaetostoma Taczanowskii
Chaetostoma Vagum
Chaetostoma Vasquezi
Chaetostoma Venezuelae
Chaetostoma Yurubiense
Chagos Anemonefish
Chagos Dottyback
Chagunius Baileyi
Chagunius Nicholsi
Chain Cat Shark
Chain Lampeye
Chain Pearlfish
Chainback Darter
Chained Moray
Chainmail Dottyback
Chalceus Epakros
Chalceus Guaporensis
Chalceus Latus
Chalceus Spilogyros
Chalceus Taeniatus
Chalinochromis Brichardi
Chalinochromis Popelini
Chalk Bass
Challenger Skate
Chame Point Anchovy
Chameleon Cichlid
Chameleon Clinid
Chameleon Parrotfish
Chameleon Rockfish
Chameleon Sand Tilefish
Chameleon Wrasse
Champoton Gambusia
Champsochromis Caeruleus
Champsochromis Spilorhynchus
Champsodon Atridorsalis
Champsodon Fimbriatus
Champsodon Longipinnis
Champsodon Machaeratus
Champsodon Nudivittis
Champsodon Omanensis
Champsodon Pantolepis
Champsodon Sagittus
Champsodon Sechellensis
Champsodon Vorax
Channa Aurantimaculata
Channa Bankanensis
Channa Baramensis
Channa Barb
Channa Bleheri
Channa Cyanospilos
Channa Diplogramma
Channa Gachua
Channa Lucius
Channa Marulioides
Channa Melanoptera
Channa Nox
Channa Ornatipinnis
Channa Panaw
Channa Pleurophthalma
Channa Pulchra
Channallabes Alvarezi
Channallabes Longicaudatus
Channallabes Ogooensis
Channallabes Sanghaensis
Channallabes Teugelsi
Channel Darter
Channel Islands Clingfish
Channel Rockcod
Channel Shiner
Channeled Rockfish
Channichthys Aelitae
Channichthys Bospori
Channichthys Irinae
Channichthys Mithridatis
Channichthys Normani
Channichthys Panticapaei
Channichthys Rugosus
Channomuraena Bauchotae
Chanodichthys Abramoides
Chanodichthys Flavipinnis
Chanodichthys Oxycephalus
Chapala Catfish
Chapala Chub
Chaptis Bahaba
Characidium Alipioi
Characidium Bahiense
Characidium Bimaculatum
Characidium Boavistae
Characidium Boehlkei
Characidium Bolivianum
Characidium Borellii
Characidium Brevirostre
Characidium Caucanum
Characidium Chupa
Characidium Crandellii
Characidium Declivirostre
Characidium Etheostoma
Characidium Etzeli
Characidium Gomesi
Characidium Grajahuensis
Characidium Hasemani
Characidium Heinianum
Characidium Heirmostigmata
Characidium Interruptum
Characidium Japuhybense
Characidium Lagosantense
Characidium Lanei
Characidium Lauroi
Characidium Longum
Characidium Macrolepidotum
Characidium Marshi
Characidium Nupelia
Characidium Occidentale
Characidium Oiticicai
Characidium Orientale
Characidium Pellucidum
Characidium Phoxocephalum
Characidium Pteroides
Characidium Pterostictum
Characidium Purpuratum
Characidium Rachovii
Characidium Roesseli
Characidium Sanctjohanni
Characidium Schindleri
Characidium Schubarti
Characidium Serrano
Characidium Steindachneri
Characidium Stigmosum
Characidium Tenue
Characidium Timbuiense
Characidium Vestigipinne
Characidium Vidali
Characidium Xanthopterum
Characidium Xavante
Characidium Zebra
Charal De Alchichica
Charal De La Preciosa
Charal De Quechulac
Charax Apurensis
Charax Caudimaculatus
Charax Condei
Charax Hemigrammus
Charax Leticiae
Charax Macrolepis
Charax Metae
Charax Michaeli
Charax Niger
Charax Notulatus
Charax Pauciradiatus
Charax Rupununi
Charax Tectifer
Charax Unimaculatus
Charcoal Damsel
Charcoal Mora
Chascanopsetta Elski
Chascanopsetta Kenyaensis
Chascanopsetta Megagnatha
Chascanopsetta Micrognatha
Chascanopsetta Prognatha
Chascanopsetta Prorigera
Chasmichthys Dolichognathus
Chasmichthys Gulosus
Chasmocranus Brachynema
Chasmocranus Brevior
Chasmocranus Chimantanus
Chasmocranus Longior
Chasmocranus Lopezi
Chasmocranus Peruanus
Chasmocranus Quadrizonatus
Chasmocranus Rosae
Chasmocranus Surinamensis
Chasmocranus Truncatorostris
Chathams Galaxias
Chauche’s Aphysemion
Chaudhuria Fusipinnis
Chauliodus Barbatus
Chauliodus Dentatus
Chauliodus Minimus
Chauliodus Pammelas
Chauliodus Schmidti
Chauliodus Vasnetzovi
Chaunacops Coloratus
Chaunacops Melanostomus
Chaunacops Roseus
Chaunax Abei
Chaunax Breviradius
Chaunax Flammeus
Chaunax Latipunctatus
Chaunax Penicillatus
Chaunax Suttkusi
Chaunax Tosaensis
Chaunax Umbrinus
Cheat Minnow
Checked Goby
Checked Swallowtail
Checkerboard Cichlid
Checkerboard Wrasse
Checkered Barb
Checkered Blenny
Checkered Goby
Checkered Madtom
Checkered Pupfish
Checkered Rainbowfish
Checkered Wolf Eel
Cheek-eye Shrimp-goby
Cheek-streaked Goby
Cheekbar Wrasse
Cheeklined Wrasse
Cheekscale Dwarfgoby
Cheekscaled Frill-goby
Cheekspot Blenny
Cheekspot Goby
Cheekspot Scorpionfish
Cheekspot Wrasse
Chefoo Thryssa
Cheilodactylus Rubrolabiatus
Cheilodipterus Alleni
Cheilodipterus Parazonatus
Cheilodipterus Pygmaios
Cheilopogon Abei
Cheilopogon Doederleinii
Cheilopogon Intermedius
Cheilopogon Katoptron
Cheilopogon Pinnatibarbatus Japonicus
Cheilopogon Pinnatibarbatus Melanocercus
Cheilopogon Pitcairnensis
Cheilopogon Ventralis
Cheirocerus Abuelo
Cheirocerus Eques
Cheirocerus Goeldii
Cheirodon Australe
Cheirodon Galusdai
Cheirodon Ibicuhiensis
Cheirodon Kiliani
Cheirodon Luelingi
Cheirodon Ortegai
Cheirodon Parahybae
Cheirodon Pisciculus
Cheirodontops Geayi
Chekanovskii’s Minnow
Chelaethiops Congicus
Chelaethiops Elongatus
Chelaethiops Minutus
Chelidonichthys Ischyrus
Chelidoperca Investigatoris
Chelidoperca Lecromi
Chelidoperca Margaritifera
Chelidoperca Pleurospilus
Chendol Keelini
Chendol Lubricus
Chengdu Chub
Chequered Dwarf Cichlid
Chere-chere Grunt
Cherokee Dace
Cheroscorpaena Tridactyla
Cherry Darter
Cherry Salmon
Cherry Snailfish
Cherryfin Shiner
Cherskii’s Char
Cherskii’s Sculpin
Cherskii’s Thicklip Gudgeon
Cherub Pygmy Angelfish
Chessboard Blenny
Chessboard Cichlid
Chestnut Eyelash-blenny
Chestnut Goby
Chestnut Grouper
Chestnut Lamprey
Chestnut Moray
Chetia Brevicauda
Chetia Mola
Chevalier’s Epiplatys
Chevron Butterflyfish
Chevron Scutepout
Chevroned Blenny
Chi Wriggler
Chiangmai Stream Goby
Chiapa De Corzo Cichlid
Chiapas Catfish
Chiapas Cichlid
Chiapas Killifish
Chiapas Swordtail
Chiasmodon Bolangeri
Chiasmodon Lavenbergi
Chiasmodon Subniger
Chickasaw Darter
Chicken Grunt
Chignahuapan Silverside
Chihuahua Chub
Chihuahua Darter
Chihuahua Shiner
Chilatherina Alleni
Chilatherina Pricei
Chilean Devil Ray
Chilean Eagle Ray
Chilean Grenadier
Chilean Lamprey
Chilean Round Ray
Chilean Round Stingray
Chilhuil Sea Catfish
Chili Sea Catfish
Chilobrycon Deuterodon
Chilochromis Duponti
Chiloconger Philippinensis
Chilodus Fritillus
Chilodus Gracilis
Chilodus Zunevei
Chiloglanis Angolensis
Chiloglanis Batesii
Chiloglanis Benuensis
Chiloglanis Cameronensis
Chiloglanis Carnosus
Chiloglanis Congicus
Chiloglanis Disneyi
Chiloglanis Elisabethianus
Chiloglanis Harbinger
Chiloglanis Lamottei
Chiloglanis Lufirae
Chiloglanis Lukugae
Chiloglanis Macropterus
Chiloglanis Marlieri
Chiloglanis Microps
Chiloglanis Modjensis
Chiloglanis Niger
Chiloglanis Niloticus
Chiloglanis Normani
Chiloglanis Occidentalis
Chiloglanis Pojeri
Chiloglanis Polyodon
Chiloglanis Polypogon
Chiloglanis Productus
Chiloglanis Reticulatus
Chiloglanis Sanagaensis
Chiloglanis Sardinhai
Chiloglanis Voltae
Chilomycterus Geometricus
Chilwa Tilapia
Chimaera Jordani
Chimaera Owstoni
Chimaera Panthera
Chimalapa Silverside
Chin-band Goby
China Anchovy
China Fish
China Rockfish
Chinaman Rockcod
Chines Paradisefish
Chinese Bahaba
Chinese Barb
Chinese Barbelled Bream
Chinese Bleak
Chinese Brill
Chinese Demoiselle
Chinese Emperor
Chinese False Gudgeon
Chinese Fighting Fish
Chinese Ghoul
Chinese Gizzard Shad
Chinese Klipfish
Chinese Lake Gudgeon
Chinese Longsnout Catfish
Chinese Minnow
Chinese Noodlefish
Chinese Pangasid-catfish
Chinese Perch
Chinese Pomfret
Chinese Rasbora
Chinese Seerfish
Chinese Short-tailed Hairtail
Chinese Silver Pomfret
Chinese Sleeper
Chinese Stingray
Chinese Sturgeon
Chinese Sucker
Chinese Swordfish
Chinese Trumpetfish
Chinese Zebra Goby
Chinese-ink Carp
Chinese-tassel Fish
Chinook Salmon Or King Salmon
Chionobathyscus Dewitti
Chionodraco Hamatus
Chirolophis Japonicus
Chirolophis Saitone
Chirolophis Wui
Chironemus Bicornis
Chironemus Delfini
Chironemus Microlepis
Chirophryne Xenolophus
Chirostoma Compressum
Chirostoma Copandaro
Chirostoma Reseratum
Chirostoma Zirahuen
Chirruh Snowtrout
Chisel-tooth Cichlid
Chiseltooth Goby
Chiseltooth Wrasse
Chisumulu Pearl
Chitala Hypselonotus
Chitande Aulonocara
Chlidichthys Pembae
Chlidichthys Randalli
Chlidichthys Rubiceps
Chlidichthys Smithae
Chlopsis Bidentatus
Chlopsis Kazuko
Chlopsis Longidens
Chlopsis Olokun
Chlopsis Slusserorum
Chlorophthalmus Albatrossis
Chlorophthalmus Borealis
Chlorophthalmus Brasiliensis
Chlorophthalmus Corniger
Chlorophthalmus Ichthyandri
Chlorophthalmus Mento
Chlorophthalmus Nigromarginatus
Chlorophthalmus Pectoralis
Chlorophthalmus Proridens
Chlorophthalmus Zvezdae
Chlorurus Rhakoura
Choat’s Wrasse
Chobe Sand Catlet
Choco Goby
Chocolate Catfish
Chocolate Cichlid
Chocolate Dip
Chocolate Gourami
Chocolate Hind
Chocolate Pipefish
Chocolate Surgeonfish
Chocolate Toadfish
Chocolate Tonguefish
Chocolate-colored Catfish
Choctawhatchee Darter
Choelo Halfbeak
Choerodon Balerensis
Choerodon Frenatus
Choerodon Gomoni
Choerodon Margaritiferus
Choerodon Melanostigma
Choerodon Paynei
Choeroichthys Latispinosus
Choi’s Spiny Loach
Choicy Ruff
Chomba Sea Catfish
Chondrostoma Angorense
Chondrostoma Arrigonis
Chondrostoma Beysehirense
Chondrostoma Duriense
Chondrostoma Holmwoodii
Chondrostoma Kinzelbachi
Chondrostoma Meandrense
Chondrostoma Olisiponensis
Chondrostoma Oretanum
Chondrostoma Orientale
Chondrostoma Prespense
Chondrostoma Scodrense
Chondrostoma Turiense
Chondrostoma Vardarense
Chonerhinos Silus
Chonophorus Macrorhynchus
Choridactylus Striatus
Chosa Herring
Chriolepis Atrimelum
Chriolepis Dialepta
Chriolepis Lepidota
Chrionema Chlorotaenia
Chrionema Chryseres
Chrionema Furunoi
Chrionema Pallidum
Chrionema Squamentum
Chrionema Squamiceps
Christmas Darter
Christmas Flounder
Christmas Island Pike Smelt
Christmas Wrasse
Christy’s Lyretail
Chromaphyosemion Ecucuense
Chromaphyosemion Erythron
Chromaphyosemion Koungueense
Chromaphyosemion Melanogaster
Chromaphyosemion Melinoeides
Chromaphyosemion Omega
Chromaphyosemion Punctulatum
Chromidotilapia Cavalliensis
Chromidotilapia Elongata
Chromidotilapia Guentheri Loennbergi
Chromidotilapia Kingsleyae
Chromidotilapia Linkei
Chromidotilapia Mamonekenei
Chromidotilapia Melaniae
Chromidotilapia Mrac
Chromidotilapia Nana
Chromidotilapia Schoutedeni
Chromis Abrupta
Chromis Athena
Chromis Bami
Chromis Fatuhivae
Chromis Flavapicis
Chromis Jubauna
Chromis Monochroma
Chromis Onumai
Chromis Planesi
Chromis Pura
Chromis Xouthos
Chromogobius Britoi
Chronixis Surgeonfish
Chrysichthys Acsiorum
Chrysichthys Aluuensis
Chrysichthys Ansorgii
Chrysichthys Auratus
Chrysichthys Bocagii
Chrysichthys Brevibarbis
Chrysichthys Cranchii
Chrysichthys Dageti
Chrysichthys Dendrophorus
Chrysichthys Depressus
Chrysichthys Duttoni
Chrysichthys Habereri
Chrysichthys Helicophagus
Chrysichthys Levequei
Chrysichthys Longibarbis
Chrysichthys Longidorsalis
Chrysichthys Maurus
Chrysichthys Nyongensis
Chrysichthys Ogooensis
Chrysichthys Okae
Chrysichthys Polli
Chrysichthys Praecox
Chrysichthys Rueppelli
Chrysichthys Teugelsi
Chrysichthys Thysi
Chrysichthys Turkana
Chrysichthys Uniformis
Chrysichthys Wagenaari
Chrysiptera Albata
Chrysiptera Chrysocephala
Chrysiptera Cymatilis
Chrysiptera Giti
Chrysiptera Pricei
Chrysobrycon Hesperus
Chrysobrycon Myersi
Chu Sharpray
Chu’s Croaker
Chub Shiner
Chubby Basketfish
Chubby Clingfish
Chubby Flashlightfish
Chubby Livebearer
Chubby Pearleye
Chubsucker Minnow
Chucky Madtom
Chukot Char
Chukot Fringed Sculpin
Chupare Stingray
Cichla Intermedia
Cichla Jariina
Cichla Kelberi
Cichla Melaniae
Cichla Mirianae
Cichla Nigromaculata
Cichla Orinocensis
Cichla Pinima
Cichla Piquiti
Cichla Pleiozona
Cichla Thyrorus
Cichla Vazzoleri
Cichlasoma Aguadae
Cichlasoma Alborum
Cichlasoma Amarum
Cichlasoma Amazonarum
Cichlasoma Araguaiense
Cichlasoma Atromaculatum
Cichlasoma Boliviense
Cichlasoma Cienagae
Cichlasoma Conchitae
Cichlasoma Dimerus
Cichlasoma Geddesi
Cichlasoma Gephyrum
Cichlasoma Mayorum
Cichlasoma Microlepis
Cichlasoma Orientale
Cichlasoma Orinocense
Cichlasoma Ornatum
Cichlasoma Paranaense
Cichlasoma Pusillum
Cichlasoma Sanctifranciscense
Cichlasoma Stenozonum
Cichlasoma Troschelii
Cichlasoma Zebra
Cigar Shark
Cigarette Paper
Ciliata Tchangi
Ciliate Spinecheek
Cinnabar Goatfish
Cinnamon Killi
Cinnamon Skate
Circle-blotch Pygmy Swell Shark
Circle-cheek Wrasse
Circled Dragonet
Circular Seabat
Circular Stingaree
Circumspect Goby
Cirrhilabrus Bathyphilus
Cirrhilabrus Claire
Cirrhilabrus Katoi
Cirrhilabrus Melanomarginatus
Cirrhilabrus Morrisoni
Cirrhilabrus Naokoae
Cirrhilabrus Randalli
Cirrhilabrus Roseafascia
Cirrhilabrus Rubrisquamis
Cirrhilabrus Sanguineus
Cirrhilabrus Walindi
Cirrhilabrus Walshi
Cirrhimuraena Calamus
Cirrhimuraena Cheilopogon
Cirrhimuraena Chinensis
Cirrhimuraena Oliveri
Cirrhimuraena Orientalis
Cirrhimuraena Paucidens
Cirrhimuraena Tapeinoptera
Cirrhimuraena Yuanding
Cirrhinus Caudimaculatus
Cirrhinus Inornatus
Cirrhinus Rubirostris
Cirrhitichthys Bleekeri
Cirrhitichthys Guichenoti
Cirrhitichthys Randalli
Cirrhitops Hubbardi
Cirrhitus Albopunctatus
Cirricaecula Macdowelli
Cirrimaxilla Formosa
Cirripectes Alboapicalis
Cirripectes Gilberti
Cirripectes Hutchinsi
Cirripectes Jenningsi
Cirripectes Kuwamurai
Cirripectes Randalli
Cirripectes Viriosus
Cirrisalarias Bunares
Citharichthys Amblybregmatus
Citharichthys Gnathus
Citharichthys Minutus
Citharichthys Surinamensis
Citharichthys Valdezi
Citharidium Ansorgii
Citharinops Distichodoides Thomasi
Citharinus Congicus
Citharinus Eburneensis
Citharinus Gibbosus
Citharoides Axillaris
Citharoides Orbitalis
Clam Cracker
Clanwilliam Catfish
Clanwilliam Redfin
Clanwilliam Yellowfish
Clarence Galaxias
Clarence River Cod
Clariallabes Attemsi
Clariallabes Brevibarbis
Clariallabes Centralis
Clariallabes Heterocephalus
Clariallabes Laticeps
Clariallabes Longicauda
Clariallabes Manyangae
Clariallabes Melas
Clariallabes Mutsindoziensis
Clariallabes Pietschmanni
Clariallabes Simeonsi
Clariallabes Teugelsi
Clariallabes Uelensis
Clarias Abbreviatus
Clarias Albopunctatus
Clarias Anfractus
Clarias Batu
Clarias Buettikoferi
Clarias Buthupogon
Clarias Camerunensis
Clarias Cataractus
Clarias Dhonti
Clarias Ebriensis
Clarias Engelseni
Clarias Gabonensis
Clarias Hilli
Clarias Insolitus
Clarias Intermedius
Clarias Kapuasensis
Clarias Laeviceps Dialonensis
Clarias Lamottei
Clarias Longior
Clarias Maclareni
Clarias Microstomus
Clarias Nebulosus
Clarias Nieuhofii
Clarias Nigricans
Clarias Nigromarmoratus
Clarias Olivaceus
Clarias Pachynema
Clarias Planiceps
Clarias Pseudoleiacanthus
Clarias Pseudonieuhofii
Clarias Submarginatus
Clarias Sulcatus
Clariger Chionomaculatus
Clariger Cosmurus
Clariger Exilis
Clariger Papillosus
Clarion Angelfish
Clarion Clingfish
Clarion Major
Clarion Snake Eel
Clarke’s Triplefin
Clarotes Bidorsalis
Claudine’s Barb
Clea’s Triplefin
Cleaner Goby
Clear Chub
Clear Creek Gambusia
Clear Fin-base Flounder
Clear Lake Splittail
Clear-nosed Brier Skate
Clearfin Livebearer
Clearfin Squirrelfish
Clearhead Icefish
Clearsnout Grenadier
Clearspot Flounder
Cleaver Wrasse
Cleft-lipped Goby
Cleftbelly Trevally
Clepticus Africanus
Clepticus Brasiliensis
Cling Goby
Clinging Goby
Clipperton Angelfish
Cloudy Cat Shark
Cloudy Damsel
Cloudy Goby
Cloudy Grouper
Cloudy Squeaker
Clown Barb
Clown Featherback
Clown Goby
Clown Knifefish
Clown Panaque
Clown Squeaker
Clown Toado
Clown Triggerfish
Clown Wrasse
Club-barbel Sheatfish
Clubfoot Sillago
Clubhead Blenny
Clupeacharax Anchoveoides
Clupeocharax Schoutedeni
Clupeonella Abrau Muhlisi
Clupisoma Longianalis
Clupisoma Nujiangense
Clupisoma Roosae
Clupisoma Sinense
Clypeobarbus Bomokandi
Clypeobarbus Hypsolepis
Clypeobarbus Pleuropholis
Clypeobarbus Pseudognathodon
Clypeobarbus Schoutedeni
Cnesterodon Brevirostratus
Cnesterodon Carnegiei
Cnesterodon Holopteros
Cnesterodon Hypselurus
Cnesterodon Iguape
Cnesterodon Omorgmatos
Cnesterodon Raddai
Cnesterodon Septentrionalis
Coachwhip Cardinal
Coachwhip Trevally
Coal Darter
Coal Grunter
Coarsescale Sucker
Coastal Cubehead
Coastal Darter
Coastal Shiner
Coastal Stingaree
Coastal Trevally
Coates’ Catfish
Coates’ Goby
Cobalt Chromis
Cobbler Carpet Shark
Cobitis Arachthosensis
Cobitis Bilseli
Cobitis Dolichorhynchus
Cobitis Elazigensis
Cobitis Elongatoides
Cobitis Evreni
Cobitis Fahirae
Cobitis Hangkugensis
Cobitis Hellenica
Cobitis Illyrica
Cobitis Jadovaensis
Cobitis Kellei
Cobitis Laoensis
Cobitis Laterimaculata
Cobitis Lebedevi
Cobitis Levantina
Cobitis Linea
Cobitis Macrostigma
Cobitis Maroccana
Cobitis Matsubarai
Cobitis Megaspila
Cobitis Melanoleuca Gladkovi
Cobitis Melanoleuca Melanoleuca
Cobitis Meridionalis
Cobitis Misgurnoides
Cobitis Pacifica
Cobitis Pontica
Cobitis Puncticulata
Cobitis Punctilineata
Cobitis Rhodopensis
Cobitis Rossomeridionalis
Cobitis Satunini
Cobitis Shikokuensis
Cobitis Simplicispina
Cobitis Splendens
Cobitis Stephanidisi
Cobitis Striata
Cobitis Strumicae
Cobitis Takatsuensis
Cobitis Tanaitica
Cobitis Taurica
Cobitis Tetralineata
Cobitis Trichonica
Cobitis Turcica
Cobitis Vardarensis Kurui
Cobitis Vardarensis Vardarensis
Cobitis Vettonica
Cobitis Zanandreai
Cobitis Zhejiangensis
Cocco’s Lantern Fish
Coccorella Atrata
Cochlefelis Burmanica
Cochlefelis Insidiator
Cochleoceps Bassensis
Cochleoceps Spatula
Cochu’s Blue Tetra
Cociella Heemstrai
Cociella Hutchinsi
Cociella Somaliensis
Cock Grunter
Cockatoo Cichlid
Cockatoo Dottyback
Cockatoo Righteye Flounder
Cockatoo Waspfish
Cockerel Wrasse
Coco Coralbrotula
Coco Sea Catfish
Cocoa Snapper
Cocos Frill-goby
Cocos Island Flounder
Cocos Stargazer
Cocos Triplefin
Cocos Wrasse
Cocos-keeling Angelfish
Cocosoda Catfish
Cocotropus Altipinnis
Cocotropus Dermacanthus
Cocotropus Echinatus
Cocotropus Keramaensis
Cocotropus Masudai
Cocotropus Possi
Cocotropus Richeri
Cocotropus Roseomaculatus
Cocotropus Roseus
Cocotropus Steinitzi
Cod Icefish
Code Goby
Codheaded Rattail
Coelophrys Arca
Coelophrys Bradburyae
Coelophrys Brevicaudata
Coelophrys Brevipes
Coelophrys Mollis
Coelophrys Oblonga
Coelorinchus Acantholepis
Coelorinchus Acutirostris
Coelorinchus Amirantensis
Coelorinchus Amydrozosterus
Coelorinchus Anisacanthus
Coelorinchus Aratrum
Coelorinchus Asteroides
Coelorinchus Brevirostris
Coelorinchus Campbellicus
Coelorinchus Carinifer
Coelorinchus Caudani
Coelorinchus Charius
Coelorinchus Cingulatus
Coelorinchus Commutabilis
Coelorinchus Cylindricus
Coelorinchus Divergens
Coelorinchus Dorsalis
Coelorinchus Doryssus
Coelorinchus Flabellispinnis
Coelorinchus Gaesorhynchus
Coelorinchus Geronimo
Coelorinchus Gilberti
Coelorinchus Gladius
Coelorinchus Goobala
Coelorinchus Gormani
Coelorinchus Hige
Coelorinchus Hoangi
Coelorinchus Hubbsi
Coelorinchus Immaculatus
Coelorinchus Jordani
Coelorinchus Lasti
Coelorinchus Leptorhinus
Coelorinchus Longissimus
Coelorinchus Macrolepis
Coelorinchus Macrorhynchus
Coelorinchus Maculatus
Coelorinchus Matsubarai
Coelorinchus Mayiae
Coelorinchus Mediterraneus
Coelorinchus Melanobranchus
Coelorinchus Melanosagmatus
Coelorinchus Multifasciatus
Coelorinchus Nazcaensis
Coelorinchus Notatus
Coelorinchus Obscuratus
Coelorinchus Osipullus
Coelorinchus Pardus
Coelorinchus Platorhynchus
Coelorinchus Polli
Coelorinchus Quadricristatus
Coelorinchus Quincunciatus
Coelorinchus Radcliffei
Coelorinchus Semaphoreus
Coelorinchus Sereti
Coelorinchus Sexradiatus
Coelorinchus Shcherbachevi
Coelorinchus Sheni
Coelorinchus Simorhynchus
Coelorinchus Smithi
Coelorinchus Sparsilepis
Coelorinchus Spilonotus
Coelorinchus Spinifer
Coelorinchus Thompsoni
Coelorinchus Thurla
Coelorinchus Tokiensis
Coelorinchus Trachycarus
Coelorinchus Triocellatus
Coelorinchus Trunovi
Coelorinchus Velifer
Coelorinchus Vityazae
Coelorinchus Weberi
Coelorinchus Yurii
Coffee-bean Tetra
Cohen’s Mudbrotula
Coho Salmon
Coitor Croaker
Colchic Khramulya
Colchic Nase
Colcibolca Tetra
Coldwater Darter
Cole’s Charr
Colin’s Damsel
Collared Carpet Shark
Collared Eel
Collared Large Eye Bream
Collared Sea Bream
Collared Seahorse
Collete’s Blenny
Colletti Tetra
Coloconger Cadenati
Coloconger Canina
Coloconger Eximia
Coloconger Japonicus
Coloconger Meadi
Cologrammus Flavescens
Colombian Blenny
Colombian Bocachico
Colombian Goby
Colombo Damsel
Colon Goby
Colonial Cusk-eel
Colorado Grouper
Colorado Pikeminnow
Colorado River Cutthroat Trout
Colorado Snapper
Colorless Shiner
Coloured Righteye Flounder
Columbia Small Scaled Sucker
Columbia Sturgeon
Colurodontis Paxmani
Comb Flounder
Comb Grouper
Comb Rockling
Comb Sculpin
Comb Shark
Comb Wrasse
Comb-gilled Catfish
Comb-spined Catfish
Combed Snailfish
Combtooth Lanternshark
Comely Shiner
Comet Pygmy Goby
Comic Snailfish
Cominate Sea Catfish
Commafin Goby
Commander Skate
Commerson’s Anchovy
Commerson’s Glassy
Commerson’s Sole
Common Barb
Common Bullseye
Common Bully
Common Carp
Common Cling-fish
Common Conger
Common Dab
Common Dolphinfish
Common Eagle Ray
Common Eel-tail Catfish
Common Emerald Shiner
Common False Moray
Common Fangtooth
Common Filefish
Common Freshwater Stickleback
Common Galaxias
Common Goatfish
Common Goby
Common Hammerhead Shark
Common Icefish
Common Krib
Common Labeo
Common Marinka
Common Mudskipper
Common Mullet
Common Parrotfish
Common Pike Conger
Common Ponyfish
Common Remora
Common River Galaxias
Common Roughy
Common Sawbelly
Common Sawfish
Common Seadragon
Common Searobin
Common Shiner
Common Shore-eel
Common Silver Belly
Common Silver-biddy
Common Silverbelly
Common Skate
Common Spiny Loach
Common Stargazer
Common Stinkfish
Common Toado
Common Triplefin
Common Warehou
Common Whitefish
Common Wolf Eel
Comoro Cat Shark
Comoro Mullet
Compressed Cichlid
Compressed Toby
Compsaraia Compsa
Compsaraia Samueli
Compsura Gorgonae
Compsura Heterura
Conasauga Logperch
Concave Goby
Concealed Dorsal-fin Catfish
Conchos Darter
Conchos Shiner
Conde’s Wrasse
Conejo De Lo Alto
Congaturi Halfbeak
Conger Eel
Conger Erebennus
Conger Macrocephalus
Conger Oligoporus
Conger Philippinus
Congiopodus Kieneri
Congo Barb
Congo Barbaso
Congo Ctenopoma
Congo Dentex
Congo Killi
Congo Sea Catfish
Congo Squeaker
Congo Tetra
Congocharax Gossei
Congocharax Olbrechtsi
Congocharax Spilotaenia
Congochromis Dimidiatus
Congochromis Pugnatus
Congochromis Sabinae
Congochromis Squamiceps
Congrhynchus Talabonoides
Congriscus Maldivensis
Congriscus Marquesaensis
Congriscus Megastomus
Congrogadus Amplimaculatus
Congrogadus Hierichthys
Congrogadus Malayanus
Conidens Laticephalus
Conidens Samoensis
Conklin’s Cardinalfish
Connemarra Clingfish
Conocara Bertelseni
Conocara Kreffti
Conocara Nigrum
Conorhynchos Conirostris
Conspicuous Angelfish
Conta Catfish
Conta Pectinata
Continuous-finned Liparid
Convict Blenny
Convict Fish
Convict Goby
Convict Groper
Convict Julie
Convict Snake Eel
Convict Surgeonfish
Convict Zebra Sole
Cook Islands Flashlightfish
Cook’s Cardinalfish
Cooks Bramble Shark
Cook’s Swellshark
Coolie Loach
Coomasaharn Charr
Cooper Creek Catfish
Coosa Darter
Coosa Shiner
Copadichromis Atripinnis
Copadichromis Chizumuluensis
Copadichromis Cyanocephalus
Copadichromis Diplostigma
Copadichromis Geertsi
Copadichromis Insularis
Copadichromis Melas
Copadichromis Parvus
Copadichromis Trewavasae
Copeina Osgoodi
Copeland’s Tetra
Copella Carsevennensis
Copella Compta
Copella Eigenmanni
Copella Meinkeni
Copella Metae
Copionodon Lianae
Copionodon Orthiocarinatus
Copionodon Pecten
Copper Joe
Copper Pilot
Copper Redhorse
Copper Rockfish
Copper Tetra
Copperband Butterflyfish
Coppercheek Darter
Coppernose Barb
Copperstripe Barb
Copperstripe Rasbora
Copperstriped Cardinalfish
Coppery Siphonfish
Coptobrycon Bilineatus
Coptostomabarbus Bellcrossi
Coquito Sergeant
Coral Blenny
Coral Butterfly
Coral Demoiselle
Coral Dragonet
Coral Hawkfish
Coral Scorpionfish
Coral Sea Gregory
Coral Sea Jawfish
Coral Sea Stingaree
Coral Toadfish
Coralline Goby
Coralline Sculpin
Coralliozetus Springeri
Coranthus Polyacanthus
Corcyrogobius Lubbocki
Cordylancistrus Daguae
Cordylancistrus Nephelion
Cordylancistrus Perijae
Cordylancistrus Platycephalus
Cordylancistrus Platyrhynchus
Cordylancistrus Torbesensis
Coregonus Albellus
Coregonus Alpinus
Coregonus Anaulorum
Coregonus Arenicolus
Coregonus Atterensis
Coregonus Bavaricus
Coregonus Bezola
Coregonus Candidus
Coregonus Confusus
Coregonus Danneri
Coregonus Fatioi
Coregonus Fontanae
Coregonus Gutturosus
Coregonus Heglingus
Coregonus Hoferi
Coregonus Lucidus
Coregonus Lucinensis
Coregonus Lutokka
Coregonus Maxillaris
Coregonus Nilssoni
Coregonus Nobilis
Coregonus Palaea
Coregonus Pallasii
Coregonus Pravdinellus
Coregonus Renke
Coregonus Restrictus
Coregonus Subautumnalis
Coregonus Suidteri
Coregonus Trybomi
Coregonus Zuerichensis
Coregonus Zugensis
Coreius Guichenoti
Coreius Heterodon
Coreoleuciscus Splendidus
Coreoperca Herzi
Coreoperca Loona
Coreoperca Whiteheadi
Corfu Toothcarp
Coris Atlantica
Coris Centralis
Coris Hewetti
Coris Marquesensis
Coris Roseoviridis
Cornflower Sargeantmajor
Cornish Jack
Cornish Sucker
Corocoro Cubano
Corocoro Grunt
Coromandal Ribbonfish
Coromandel Flyingfish
Coron Meagre
Corona Rainbowfish
Corrugated Darter
Cortez Angelfish
Cortez Clingfish
Cortez Damselfish
Cortez Flounder
Cortez Hagfish
Cortez Hake
Cortez Pikeblenny
Cortez Pipefish
Cortez Rainbow Wrasse
Cortez Rockfish
Cortez Round Stingray
Cortez Sea Chub
Cortez Searobin
Cortez Triplefin
Cortez’ Ray
Corumba Cichlid
Corumbataia Britskii
Corumbataia Cuestae
Corumbataia Tocantinensis
Corumbataia Veadeiros
Corydoras Albolineatus
Corydoras Amandajanea
Corydoras Amphibelus
Corydoras Approuaguensis
Corydoras Araguaiaensis
Corydoras Areio
Corydoras Armatus
Corydoras Atropersonatus
Corydoras Aurofrenatus
Corydoras Bicolor
Corydoras Bilineatus
Corydoras Boehlkei
Corydoras Boesemani
Corydoras Breei
Corydoras Brevirostris
Corydoras Burgessi
Corydoras Carlae
Corydoras Cervinus
Corydoras Concolor
Corydoras Condiscipulus
Corydoras Copei
Corydoras Coppenamensis
Corydoras Coriatae
Corydoras Crimmeni
Corydoras Cruziensis
Corydoras Crypticus
Corydoras Davidsandsi
Corydoras Difluviatilis
Corydoras Diphyes
Corydoras Duplicareus
Corydoras Ehrhardti
Corydoras Ellisae
Corydoras Eques
Corydoras Esperanzae
Corydoras Evelynae
Corydoras Filamentosus
Corydoras Flaveolus
Corydoras Fowleri
Corydoras Garbei
Corydoras Geoffroy
Corydoras Geryi
Corydoras Gomezi
Corydoras Gracilis
Corydoras Imitator
Corydoras Incolicana
Corydoras Isbrueckeri
Corydoras Kanei
Corydoras Lacerdai
Corydoras Lamberti
Corydoras Latus
Corydoras Longipinnis
Corydoras Loretoensis
Corydoras Loxozonus
Corydoras Mamore
Corydoras Micracanthus
Corydoras Multimaculatus
Corydoras Nanus
Corydoras Napoensis
Corydoras Narcissus
Corydoras Negro
Corydoras Nijsseni
Corydoras Noelkempffi
Corydoras Ornatus
Corydoras Orphnopterus
Corydoras Ortegai
Corydoras Osteocarus
Corydoras Ourastigma
Corydoras Oxyrhynchus
Corydoras Pantanalensis
Corydoras Paragua
Corydoras Parallelus
Corydoras Paucerna
Corydoras Pinheiroi
Corydoras Polystictus
Corydoras Potaroensis
Corydoras Reynoldsi
Corydoras Robustus
Corydoras Sanchesi
Corydoras Saramaccensis
Corydoras Sarareensis
Corydoras Semiaquilus
Corydoras Septentrionalis
Corydoras Serratus
Corydoras Seussi
Corydoras Similis
Corydoras Simulatus
Corydoras Sipaliwini
Corydoras Solox
Corydoras Spectabilis
Corydoras Stenocephalus
Corydoras Sterbai
Corydoras Surinamensis
Corydoras Tukano
Corydoras Virginiae
Corydoras Vittatus
Corymbophanes Andersoni
Corymbophanes Kaiei
Coryogalops Bretti
Coryogalops Ochetica
Coryogalops Tessellatus
Coryphaenoides Affinis
Coryphaenoides Alateralis
Coryphaenoides Altipinnis
Coryphaenoides Asper
Coryphaenoides Asprellus
Coryphaenoides Camurus
Coryphaenoides Castaneus
Coryphaenoides Dossenus
Coryphaenoides Dubius
Coryphaenoides Fernandezianus
Coryphaenoides Ferrieri
Coryphaenoides Filamentosus
Coryphaenoides Grahami
Coryphaenoides Gypsochilus
Coryphaenoides Hextii
Coryphaenoides Hoskynii
Coryphaenoides Lecointei
Coryphaenoides Longicirrhus
Coryphaenoides Macrolophus
Coryphaenoides Marshalli
Coryphaenoides Mcmillani
Coryphaenoides Microps
Coryphaenoides Microstomus
Coryphaenoides Oreinos
Coryphaenoides Orthogrammus
Coryphaenoides Paramarshalli
Coryphaenoides Semiscaber
Coryphaenoides Sibogae
Coryphaenoides Spinulosus
Coryphaenoides Striaturus
Coryphaenoides Tydemani
Coryphopterus Gracilis
Coryphopterus Humeralis
Coryphopterus Kuna
Coryphopterus Venezuelae
Corythoichthys Benedetto
Corythoichthys Insularis
Corythoichthys Paxtoni
Cosmocampus Arctus Coccineus
Cosmocampus Howensis
Cosmocampus Investigatoris
Cosmocampus Retropinnis
Cosmochilus Falcifer
Cosmochilus Harmandi
Cosmochilus Nanlaensis
Cosmopolitan Leatherjacket
Cosmopolitan Whipnose
Costello Tetra
Cottapistus Scorpio
Cottiusculus Gonez
Cottiusculus Schmidti
Cottocomephorus Alexandrae
Cottonball Marsh Pupfish
Cottonwick Grunt
Cottoperca Gobio
Cottunculus Gyrinoides
Cottunculus Konstantinovi
Cottunculus Sadko
Cottunculus Spinosus
Cottunculus Tubulosus
Cottus Aturi
Cottus Chattahoochee
Cottus Duranii
Cottus Dzungaricus
Cottus Hangiongensis
Cottus Hispaniolensis
Cottus Kanawhae
Cottus Koreanus
Cottus Koshewnikowi
Cottus Metae
Cottus Nozawae
Cottus Perifretum
Cottus Petiti
Cottus Reinii
Cottus Rhenanus
Cottus Rondeleti
Cottus Sabaudicus
Cottus Scaturigo
Cottus Szanaga
Cottus Tallapoosae
Cottus Transsilvaniae
Cottus Volki
Cotuero Toadfish
Cotylopus Rubripinnis
Couch’s Goby
Couch’s Whiting
Couma Sea Catfish
Cow Rockfish
Cow Stingray
Cowtail Stingray
Cox’s Gudgeon
Cozumel Toadfish
Cran’s Bully
Cranoglanis Henrici
Cranoglanis Multiradiatus
Craterocephalus Fistularis
Craterocephalus Laisapi
Craterocephalus Stercusmuscarum Fulvus
Crazy Fish
Creagrutus Affinis
Creagrutus Amoenus
Creagrutus Anary
Creagrutus Atratus
Creagrutus Atrisignum
Creagrutus Barrigai
Creagrutus Bolivari
Creagrutus Brevipinnis
Creagrutus Britskii
Creagrutus Calai
Creagrutus Caucanus
Creagrutus Changae
Creagrutus Cochui
Creagrutus Cracentis
Creagrutus Crenatus
Creagrutus Ephippiatus
Creagrutus Figueiredoi
Creagrutus Flavescens
Creagrutus Gephyrus
Creagrutus Gracilis
Creagrutus Guanes
Creagrutus Gyrospilus
Creagrutus Hildebrandi
Creagrutus Holmi
Creagrutus Hysginus
Creagrutus Ignotus
Creagrutus Kunturus
Creagrutus Lassoi
Creagrutus Lepidus
Creagrutus Machadoi
Creagrutus Magdalenae
Creagrutus Magoi
Creagrutus Manu
Creagrutus Maracaiboensis
Creagrutus Maxillaris
Creagrutus Melanzonus
Creagrutus Melasma
Creagrutus Menezesi
Creagrutus Meridionalis
Creagrutus Molinus
Creagrutus Mucipu
Creagrutus Muelleri
Creagrutus Nigrostigmatus
Creagrutus Occidaneus
Creagrutus Ortegai
Creagrutus Ouranonastes
Creagrutus Paraguayensis
Creagrutus Paralacus
Creagrutus Pearsoni
Creagrutus Peruanus
Creagrutus Petilus
Creagrutus Phasma
Creagrutus Pila
Creagrutus Planquettei
Creagrutus Provenzanoi
Creagrutus Runa
Creagrutus Saxatilis
Creagrutus Seductus
Creagrutus Taphorni
Creagrutus Tuyuka
Creagrutus Ungulus
Creagrutus Varii
Creagrutus Veruina
Creagrutus Vexillapinnus
Creagrutus Xiphos
Creagrutus Zephyrus
Cream Loach
Creamback Skate
Creamspotted Cardinalfish
Creedia Alleni
Creedia Bilineatus
Creek Chubsucker
Creek Loach
Creek Perch
Creek Tetra
Creek Whaler
Crenicara Latruncularium
Crenicichla Acutirostris
Crenicichla Adspersa
Crenicichla Albopunctata
Crenicichla Anthurus
Crenicichla Brasiliensis
Crenicichla Britskii
Crenicichla Cametana
Crenicichla Cincta
Crenicichla Compressiceps
Crenicichla Coppenamensis
Crenicichla Cyanonotus
Crenicichla Cyclostoma
Crenicichla Empheres
Crenicichla Frenata
Crenicichla Gaucho
Crenicichla Hadrostigma
Crenicichla Haroldoi
Crenicichla Heckeli
Crenicichla Hemera
Crenicichla Hummelincki
Crenicichla Igara
Crenicichla Iguapina
Crenicichla Iguassuensis
Crenicichla Inpa
Crenicichla Isbrueckeri
Crenicichla Jaguarensis
Crenicichla Jegui
Crenicichla Johanna
Crenicichla Jupiaensis
Crenicichla Jurubi
Crenicichla Labrina
Crenicichla Lenticulata
Crenicichla Lucius
Crenicichla Lugubris
Crenicichla Macrophthalma
Crenicichla Maculata
Crenicichla Mandelburgeri
Crenicichla Marmorata
Crenicichla Menezesi
Crenicichla Minuano
Crenicichla Missioneira
Crenicichla Mucuryna
Crenicichla Multispinosa
Crenicichla Nickeriensis
Crenicichla Niederleinii
Crenicichla Pellegrini
Crenicichla Percna
Crenicichla Phaiospilus
Crenicichla Prenda
Crenicichla Proteus
Crenicichla Pydanielae
Crenicichla Regani
Crenicichla Reticulata
Crenicichla Rosemariae
Crenicichla Santosi
Crenicichla Sedentaria
Crenicichla Semicincta
Crenicichla Semifasciata
Crenicichla Sipaliwini
Crenicichla Stocki
Crenicichla Strigata
Crenicichla Sveni
Crenicichla Tendybaguassu
Crenicichla Ternetzi
Crenicichla Tesay
Crenicichla Tigrina
Crenicichla Tingui
Crenicichla Urosema
Crenicichla Vaillanti
Crenicichla Virgatula
Crenicichla Wallacii
Crenicichla Yaha
Crenicichla Zebrina
Crenulate-lipped Rockskipper
Crenulated Silverside
Creole Damsel
Creole Darter
Creole Perch
Creole Topminnow
Creole Wrasse
Crescent Betta
Crescent Goby
Crescent Long-tailed Ilisha
Crescent Shiner
Crescent Sole
Crescent Sweetlips
Crescent-tail Wrasse
Crested Bellowfish
Crested Blenny
Crested Cusk-eel
Crested Flounder
Crested Goby
Crested Hairtail
Crested Horn Shark
Crested Morwong
Crested Oarfish
Crested Pipefish
Crested Scabbardfish
Crested Scorpionfish
Crested Sculpin
Crested Shark
Crested Spiny Plunderfish
Crested Triplefin
Crested Weedfish
Crimean Barbel
Crimson Carplet
Crimson Cleaner Fish
Crimson Seabream
Crimson Snapper
Crinkly Dick
Crinoid Clingfish
Crisscross Prickleback
Cristal Goby
Cristatogobius Albius
Cristatogobius Aurimaculatus
Cristatogobius Gobioides
Cristatogobius Lophius
Cristatogobius Nonatoae
Cristatogobius Rubripectoralis
Croaking Catfish
Croaking Tetra
Croceine Croaker
Crochet Butterflyfish
Crocodile Catfish
Crocodile Fish
Crocodile Shark
Crocodile-tooth Pipefish
Cromeria Occidentalis
Cross’ Damsel
Cross-stripe Butterfly
Crossback Stingaree
Crossband Rockfish
Crossed-fork Back Golden-line Fish
Crosseyed Cardinalfish
Crosseyed Flounder
Crosshatch Bass
Crossocheilus Atrilimes
Crossocheilus Burmanicus
Crossocheilus Cobitis
Crossocheilus Gnathopogon
Crossocheilus Kalliurus
Crossocheilus Langei
Crossocheilus Multirastellus
Crossocheilus Namlenensis
Crossocheilus Nigriloba
Crossocheilus Obscurus
Crossocheilus Periyarensis
Crossocheilus Reticulatus
Crossoloricaria Bahuaja
Crossoloricaria Cephalaspis
Crossoloricaria Rhami
Crossoloricaria Variegata
Crossoloricaria Venezuelae
Crossorhombus Kanekonis
Crossostoma Chenyiyui
Crossostoma Davidi
Crossostoma Fascicauda
Crossostoma Fasciolatus
Crossostoma Lacustre
Crossostoma Paucisquama
Crossostoma Stigmata
Crossostoma Tinkhami
Crossostomus Chilensis
Crossostomus Fasciatus
Crossostomus Sobrali
Crossroads Goby
Crossthroat Sawpalate
Crown Darter
Crown Spotty Blenny
Crown Squirrelfish
Crown-of-thorns Cardinalfish
Crowned Puffer
Crozet Scad
Crucifex Catfish
Cruciglanis Pacifici
Cryodraco Pappenheimi
Cryothenia Amphitreta
Cryptacanthodes Bergi
Cryptarius Daugueti
Cryptarius Truncatus
Cryptic Anglerfish
Cryptic Triplefin
Cryptic Wrasse
Cryptocentrus Bulbiceps
Cryptocentrus Callopterus
Cryptocentrus Cebuanus
Cryptocentrus Cephalotaenius
Cryptocentrus Diproctotaenia
Cryptocentrus Insignitus
Cryptocentrus Leonis
Cryptocentrus Malindiensis
Cryptocentrus Melanopus
Cryptocentrus Niveatus
Cryptocentrus Pretiosus
Cryptocentrus Russus
Cryptocentrus Wehrlei
Cryptocentrus Yatsui
Cryptoheros Altoflavus
Cryptoheros Chetumalensis
Cryptoheros Nanoluteus
Cryptoheros Panamensis
Cryptoheros Septemfasciatus
Crystal Cardinal
Crystal Darter
Crystallaria Cincotta
Crystallias Matsushimae
Crystallichthys Cameliae
Crystallichthys Mirabilis
Crystallodytes Pauciradiatus
Cteniloricaria Fowleri
Cteniloricaria Maculata
Cteniloricaria Platystoma
Ctenobrycon Alleni
Ctenobrycon Multiradiatus
Ctenochaetus Flavicauda
Ctenochirichthys Longimanus
Ctenochromis Benthicola
Ctenochromis Luluae
Ctenochromis Oligacanthus
Ctenochromis Polli
Ctenogobiops Formosa
Ctenogobiops Maculosus
Ctenogobiops Mitodes
Ctenogobiops Phaeostictus
Ctenogobiops Tongaensis
Ctenogobius Aestivaregia
Ctenogobius Cervicosquamus
Ctenogobius Chengtuensis
Ctenogobius Clarki
Ctenogobius Filamentosus
Ctenogobius Fukushimai
Ctenogobius Lepturus
Ctenogobius Parvus
Ctenogobius Puncticeps
Ctenogobius Shennongensis
Ctenogobius Szechuanensis
Ctenogobius Yaoshanensis
Ctenopharynx Nitidus
Ctenopharynx Pictus
Ctenopoma Ashbysmithi
Ctenopoma Breviventrale
Ctenopoma Garuanum
Ctenopoma Houyi
Ctenopoma Nebulosum
Ctenopoma Pellegrini
Ctenopoma Riggenbachi
Ctenopoma Togoensis
Ctenotrypauchen Chinensis
Cuatro Cienegas Pupfish
Cuatro Cienegas Shiner
Cuatrocienegas Gambusia
Cuatrocienegas Killifish
Cuban Anchovy
Cuban Cusk-eel
Cuban Dogfish
Cuban Gambusia
Cuban Gar
Cuban Gulf Killifish
Cuban Killifish
Cuban Leg Skate
Cuban Legskate
Cuban Longfin Herring
Cuban Mojarra
Cuban Pygmy Skate
Cuban Ribbontail Catshark
Cuban Snapper
Cuban Topminnow
Cubango Kneria
Cubera Snapper
Cubiceps Kotlyari
Cuckoo Catfish
Cuckoo Ray
Cuckoo Wrasse
Cucumber Fish
Cucumber Herring
Cuja Bola
Culebra Rosario
Culion Silverside
Culter Oxycephaloides
Cultrichthys Compressocorpus
Cumberland Darter
Cunene Barb
Cunene Dwarf Happy
Cunene Happy
Cunene Horse Mackerel
Cunene Kneria
Cunene Labeo
Cunma Osteobrama
Cunning Silverside
Cunningham’s Triplefin
Cunningtonia Longiventralis
Cuphead Skate
Cupid Wrasse
Curema Mullet
Curimata Acutirostris
Curimata Aspera
Curimata Cerasina
Curimata Cisandina
Curimata Cyprinoides
Curimata Incompta
Curimata Inornata
Curimata Knerii
Curimata Macrops
Curimata Mivartii
Curimata Ocellata
Curimata Roseni
Curimata Vittata
Curimatella Alburna
Curimatella Dorsalis
Curimatella Immaculata
Curimatella Lepidura
Curimatella Meyeri
Curimatopsis Crypticus
Curimatopsis Microlepis
Curimatopsis Myersi
Curious Wormfish
Curled Picarel
Curlfin Turbot
Curmuca Barb
Current Darter
Curve-bar Cichlid
Curved Sweeper
Cusk Eel
Cutfin Poacher
Cutlass Fish
Cutlips Minnow
Cutter’s Cichlid
Cutthroat Trout
Cuyo Coralbrotula
Cyan Hap
Cyanocharax Alegretensis
Cyanocharax Dicropotamicus
Cyanocharax Itaimbe
Cyanocharax Lepiclastus
Cyanocharax Tipiaia
Cyathochromis Obliquidens
Cyclocheilichthys Enoplus
Cyclocheilichthys Furcatus
Cyclocheilichthys Heteronema
Cyclocheilichthys Janthochir
Cyclocheilichthys Lagleri
Cyclocheilichthys Repasson
Cyclocheilichthys Schoppeae
Cyclocheilichthys Sinensis
Cyclope Flounder
Cyclope Sole
Cyclopharynx Fwae
Cyclopharynx Schwetzi
Cyclopsetta Decussata
Cyclopsis Tentacularis
Cyclopteropsis Bergi
Cyclopteropsis Brashnikowi
Cyclopteropsis Lindbergi
Cyclopteropsis Popovi
Cyclothone Kobayashii
Cyclothone Obscura
Cyclothone Parapallida
Cyclothone Pygmaea
Cylindrical Lantern Shark
Cylindrical Sandperch
Cynodon Gibbus
Cynodon Meionactis
Cynodon Septenarius
Cynoglossus Gracilis
Cynoglossus Itinus
Cynoglossus Kapuasensis
Cynoglossus Lighti
Cynoglossus Lineolatus
Cynoglossus Maculipinnis
Cynoglossus Melampetalus
Cynoglossus Monopus
Cynoglossus Nigropinnatus
Cynoglossus Ochiaii
Cynoglossus Ogilbyi
Cynoglossus Pottii
Cynoglossus Purpureomaculatus
Cynoglossus Roulei
Cynoglossus Sealarki
Cynoglossus Sibogae
Cynoglossus Sinusarabici
Cynoglossus Suyeni
Cynoglossus Waandersii
Cynolebias Albipunctatus
Cynolebias Altus
Cynolebias Attenuatus
Cynolebias Gibbus
Cynolebias Gilbertoi
Cynolebias Griseus
Cynolebias Itapicuruensis
Cynolebias Leptocephalus
Cynolebias Microphthalmus
Cynolebias Paraguassuensis
Cynolebias Perforatus
Cynolebias Porosus
Cynolebias Vazabarrisensis
Cynopoecilus Fulgens
Cynopoecilus Intimus
Cynopoecilus Multipapillatus
Cynopoecilus Nigrovittatus
Cynopotamus Amazonum
Cynopotamus Argenteus
Cynopotamus Atratoensis
Cynopotamus Bipunctatus
Cynopotamus Essequibensis
Cynopotamus Gouldingi
Cynopotamus Juruenae
Cynopotamus Kincaidi
Cynopotamus Magdalenae
Cynopotamus Tocantinensis
Cynopotamus Venezuelae
Cynopotamus Xinguano
Cynotilapia Axelrodi
Cynotilapia Pulpican
Cyphocharax Abramoides
Cyphocharax Derhami
Cyphocharax Festivus
Cyphocharax Gangamon
Cyphocharax Gilbert
Cyphocharax Gillii
Cyphocharax Gouldingi
Cyphocharax Helleri
Cyphocharax Laticlavius
Cyphocharax Leucostictus
Cyphocharax Meniscaprorus
Cyphocharax Mestomyllon
Cyphocharax Microcephalus
Cyphocharax Modestus
Cyphocharax Multilineatus
Cyphocharax Nagelii
Cyphocharax Nigripinnis
Cyphocharax Notatus
Cyphocharax Oenas
Cyphocharax Pantostictos
Cyphocharax Plumbeus
Cyphocharax Punctatus
Cyphocharax Santacatarinae
Cyphocharax Signatus
Cyphocharax Spiluropsis
Cyphocharax Spilurus
Cyphocharax Stilbolepis
Cyphocharax Vanderi
Cyphocharax Vexillapinnus
Cyphocottus Eurystomus
Cypress Darter
Cypress Minnow
Cyprichromis Coloratus
Cyprichromis Leptosoma
Cyprichromis Microlepidotus
Cyprichromis Pavo
Cyprichromis Zonatus
Cyprinion Acinaces Acinaces
Cyprinion Acinaces Hijazi
Cyprinion Kais
Cyprinion Macrostomum
Cyprinion Mhalensis
Cyprinion Microphthalmum Microphthalmum
Cyprinion Microphthalmum Muscatensis
Cyprinion Milesi
Cyprinion Tenuiradius
Cyprinion Watsoni
Cyprinodon Dearborni
Cyprinodon Higuey
Cyprinodon Nichollsi
Cyprinodon Riverendi
Cyprinodon Suavium
Cyprinodon Variegatus Baconi
Cyprinodon Variegatus Ovinus
Cyprinus Acutidorsalis
Cyprinus Barbatus
Cyprinus Carpio Viridiviolaceus
Cyprinus Centralus
Cyprinus Chilia
Cyprinus Dai
Cyprinus Daliensis
Cyprinus Exophthalmus
Cyprinus Fuxianensis
Cyprinus Hyperdorsalis
Cyprinus Intha
Cyprinus Longzhouensis
Cyprinus Mahuensis
Cyprinus Multitaeniata
Cyprinus Qionghaiensis
Cyprinus Rubrofuscus
Cypselurus Hexazona
Cypselurus Hiraii
Cypselurus Starksi
Cyrano Spurdog
Cyttomimus Affinis
Cyttomimus Stelgis
Cyttopsis Cypho

Reptiles that start with C

Cagle’s Map Turtle
Calamaria Joloensis
Calamaria Pfefferi
Calamodontophis Ronaldoi
California Mountain Kingsnake
Canary Wall Gecko
Canaryan Cylindrical Skink
Cantor’s Giant Softshell
Canyon Lizard
Cape Arboreal Spiny Lizard
Cape Rock Gecko
Carpetane Rock Lizard
Cat Island Turtle
Catalinaisland Leaf-toed Gecko
Caucasian Lizard
Caucasian Rock Lizard
Caucasus Viper
Caucusus Emerald Lizard
Cave Tropical Night Lizard
Cayman Islands Ground Iguana
Cebu Island Worm Snake
Celestus Legnotus
Central American River Turtle
Central Antilles Slider’
Central Asian Cobra
Central Peninsular Alligator Lizard
Cerralvo Island Sator
Cerrobaul Alligator Lizard
Cerrophidion Petlalcalensis
Chaco Sideneck Turtle
Chaitzam’s Ameiva
Chalcides Lanzai
Chalcides Manueli
Chalcides Minutus
Chalcides Parallelus
Chalcides Pseudostriatus
Chalcides Sexlineatus
Chalcides Simonyi
Chalcides Striatus
Chaney’s Spiny Lizard
Checkerboard Worm Lizard
Chelydra Rossignoni
Chevron Skink
Chiapas Earth Snake
Chiapas Giant Musk Turtle
Chihuahuan Alligator Lizard
Chihuahuan Blackhead Snake
Chihuahuan Fringe-toed Lizard
Chilean Green Racer
Chilean Tortoise
Chinese Alligator
Chinese Blackbreasted Leaf Turtle
Chinese Broad-headed Pond Turtle
Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle
Chinese Stripeneck Turtle
Chinesethree-striped Box Turtle
Chiszar’s Arboreal Alligator Lizard
Christian Scaly-toed Gecko
Christmas Island Blind Snake
Christmas Scaly-toed Gecko
Clarion Island Tree Lizard
Clarion Island Whip Snake
Clark’s Lizard
Clark’s Spiny Lizard
Cloud Forest Coral Snake
Cloud Forest Parrot Snake
Coachella Valley Fringe-toed Lizard
Coahullan Box Turtle
Coal Skink
Coast Horned Lizard
Cochin Forest Cane Turtle
Coffee Worm Snake
Coleonyx Gypsicolus
Collared Dwarf Racer
Collared Lizard
Collared Scalyfoot
Collared Worm Snake
Colombian Mud Turtle
Colorado Desert Fringe-toed Lizard
Colosi’s Cylindrical Skink
Coluber Andreanus
Common Box Turtle
Common Caiman
Common False Coral Snake
Common Garter Snake
Common Green Turtle
Common Lesser Earless Lizard
Common Lizard
Common River Terrapin
Common Short-legged Skink
Common Viper
Common Wall Gecko
Common Wall Lizard
Common Wolf Snake
Concho Water Snake
Coniophanes Alvarezi
Coniophanes Melanocephalus
Coniophanes Sarae
Conophis Morai
Constanze’s Tree Iguana
Cope’s Black-striped Snake
Cope’s Kukri Snake
Cope’s Largescale Spiny Lizard
Cope’s Leopard Lizard
Cope’s Mountain Meadow Snake
Coral Earth Snake
Cordylus Lawrenci
Cozumel Spiny Lizard
Creaser’s Mud Turtle
Crevice Spiny Lizard
Crevice Swift
Crimean Wall Lizard
Crocker’s Sea Snake
Cross-banded Mountain Rattlesnake
Crotalus Angelensis
Crotalus Caliginis
Crotalus Estebanensis
Crotalus Lorenzoensis
Crotalus Muertensis
Crotalus Ravus
Crotalus Tancitarensis
Crotaphytus Antiquus
Crotaphytus Dickersonae
Crotaphytus Grismeri
Crowned Graceful Brown Snake
Crowned River Turtle
Ctenosaura Alfredschmidti
Ctenosaura Flavidorsalis
Ctenosaura Melanosterna
Ctenosaura Quinquecariniata
Cuatro Cienegas Softshell Turtle
Cuban Boa
Cuban Crocodile
Culebra Giant Anole
Cyclades Blunt-nosed Viper
Cylindraspis Indica
Cylindraspis Peltastes
Cylindraspis Triserrata
Cylindraspis Vosmaeri
Cylindrical Skink
Cyrtopodion Gastrophole
Cyrtopodion Kirmanense
Cyrtopodion Sagittiferum
Cyrtopodion Spinicaudum

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