Animals That Start With L


The ultimate list of all animals that begin with the letter L:

Mammals that start with the letter L

L’hoest’s Monkey
Lacustrine Vole
Ladak Pika
Ladew’s Oldfield Mouse
Lady Burton’s Rope Squirrel
Lagos Serotine
Lagranja Shrew
Lake Chad Gerbil
Lakeland Downs Mouse
Laminate Vlei Rat
Lamotte’s Roundleaf Bat
Lamotte’s Shrew
Lamulate Shrew
Lander’s Horseshoe Bat
Lang Bian White-bellied Rat
Lappet-eared Free-tailed Bat
Large Aden Gerbil
Large Asian Roundleaf Bat
Large Bamboo Rat
Large False Serotine
Large Flying Fox
Large Fruit-eating Bat
Large Hairy Armadillo
Large Indian Civet
Large Japanese Field Mouse
Large Long-clawed Mouse
Large Mindanao Roundleaf Bat
Large Mole
Large Myotis
Large Palau Flying Fox
Large Pencil-tailed Tree Mouse
Large Rufous Horseshoe Bat
Large Slit-faced Bat
Large Tree Mouse
Large Tree Shrew
Large Vesper Mouse
Large Vlei Rat
Large White-bellied Rat
Large-eared Free-tailed Bat
Large-eared Horseshoe Bat
Large-eared Pied Bat
Large-eared Pika
Large-eared Sheath-tailed Bat
Large-eared Slit-faced Bat
Large-eared Tenrec
Large-eared Vole
Large-footed Bat
Large-headed Shrew
Large-lipped Crimson-nosed Rat
Large-spotted Civet
Large-spotted Genet
Large-toothed Hairy-tailed Rat
Large-toothed Shrew
Large-toothed Siberian Shrew
Lataste’s Gerbil
Latona Shrew
Laxmann’s Shrew
Layard’s Palm Squirrel
Leach’s Single Leaf Bat
Leadbeater’s Possum
Least Chipmunk
Least Dwarf Shrew
Least Forest Mouse
Least Gerbil
Least Groove-toothed Swamp Rat
Least Horseshoe Bat
Least Long-fingered Bat
Least Pipistrelle
Least Pygmy Squirrel
Least Roundleaf Bat
Least Shrew
Least Shrew Tenrec
Least Soft-furred Mouse
Least Weasel
Least Woolly Bat
Least Yellow Bat
Lemara Shrew
Lemke’s Hutia
Lemming Vole
Lemurine Night Monkey
Lemuroid Ringtail Possum
Leopard Cat
Leopard Seal
Leschenault’s Rousette
Lesser Angolan Epauletted Fruit Bat
Lesser Antechinus
Lesser Asiatic Yellow Bat
Lesser Bamboo Bat
Lesser Bamboo Rat
Lesser Bandicoot Rat
Lesser Bilby
Lesser Brown Horseshoe Bat
Lesser Bulldog Bat
Lesser Cane Rat
Lesser Dawn Bat
Lesser Dog-like Bat
Lesser Dwarf Shrew
Lesser Egyptian Gerbil
Lesser Egyptian Jerboa
Lesser False Vampire Bat
Lesser Fat-tailed Jerboa
Lesser Forest Wallaby
Lesser Ghost Bat
Lesser Gray-brown Musk Shrew
Lesser Grison
Lesser Hairy-footed Dunnart
Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec
Lesser Horseshoe Bat
Lesser Kudu
Lesser Large-footed Bat
Lesser Long-eared Bat
Lesser Long-fingered Bat
Lesser Long-tailed Bat
Lesser Long-tailed Shrew Tenrec
Lesser Long-tongued Fruit Bat
Lesser Mole Rat
Lesser Mouse-deer
Lesser Mouse-eared Bat
Lesser Mouse-tailed Bat
Lesser Musky Fruit Bat
Lesser Naked-backed Fruit Bat
Lesser Noctule
Lesser Pygmy Flying Squirrel
Lesser Ranee Mouse
Lesser Red Musk Shrew
Lesser Rice-field Rat
Lesser Roundleaf Bat
Lesser Sac-winged Bat
Lesser Sheath-tailed Bat
Lesser Short-nosed Fruit Bat
Lesser Short-tailed Gerbil
Lesser Shrew
Lesser Spear-nosed Bat
Lesser Stick-nest Rat
Lesser Striped Shrew
Lesser Tree Mouse
Lesser Tube-nosed Fruit Bat
Lesser Tufted-tailed Rat
Lesser White-nosed Monkey
Lesser Wilfred’s Mouse
Lesser Woolly Bat
Lesser Woolly Horseshoe Bat
Lesser Yellow Bat
Lesser Yellow-shouldered Bat
Levantine Mole
Lewis’s Tuco-tuco
Liberian Mongoose
Libyan Jird
Lichtenstein’s Jerboa
Light-footed Rice Rat
Light-winged Lesser House Bat
Limestone Rat
Lindbergh’s Grass Mouse
Liontail Macaque
Little Big-eared Bat
Little Big-eyed Bat
Little Broad-nosed Bat
Little Brown Bat
Little Celebes Cuscus
Little Collared Fruit Bat
Little Desert Pocket Mouse
Little Free-tailed Bat
Little Goblin Bat
Little Golden-mantled Flying Fox
Little Ground Squirrel
Little Indian Field Mouse
Little Japanese Horseshoe Bat
Little Long-fingered Bat
Little Long-tailed Dunnart
Little Margareta Rat
Little Native Mouse
Little Nepalese Horseshoe Bat
Little Pied Bat
Little Pocket Mouse
Little Red Brocket
Little Red Flying Fox
Little Red Gerbil
Little Red Kaluta
Little Rufous Mouse Opossum
Little Soft-furred Rat
Little Spotted Cat
Little Tube-nosed Bat
Little White-shouldered Bat
Little Wood Mouse
Little Yellow Bat
Little Yellow-eared Bat
Little Yellow-shouldered Bat
Littledale’s Whistling Rat
Llano Pocket Gopher
Llanos Long-nosed Armadillo
Lodgepole Chipmunk
Lofty Shrew
Lombok Flying Fox
Long-beaked Echidna Or New Guinean Echidna
Long-clawed Ground Squirrel
Long-clawed Mole Mouse
Long-clawed Mole Vole
Long-clawed Shrew
Long-eared Chipmunk
Long-eared Hedgehog
Long-eared Jerboa
Long-eared Scaly-tailed Flying Squirrel
Long-fingered Bat
Long-fingered Triok
Long-finned Pilot Whale
Long-footed Potoroo
Long-footed Rat
Long-footed Shrew
Long-footed Tree Shrew
Long-footed Water Rat
Long-furred Woolly Mouse Opossum
Long-haired Grass Mouse
Long-haired Rat
Long-haired Rousette
Long-headed Hill Rat
Long-legged Bat
Long-legged Myotis
Long-nosed Antechinus
Long-nosed Bandicoot
Long-nosed Cusimanse
Long-nosed Echymipera
Long-nosed Hocicudo
Long-nosed Luzon Forest Mouse
Long-nosed Mole
Long-nosed Mongoose
Long-nosed Mosaic-tailed Rat
Long-nosed Potoroo
Long-nosed Rice Rat
Long-nosed Short-tailed Opossum
Long-snouted Bat
Long-tailed Birch Mouse
Long-tailed Brown-toothed Shrew
Long-tailed Climbing Mouse
Long-tailed Dunnart
Long-tailed Dwarf Hamster
Long-tailed Fat-tailed Opossum
Long-tailed Field Mouse
Long-tailed Forest Shrew
Long-tailed Fruit Bat
Long-tailed Giant Rat
Long-tailed Ground Squirrel
Long-tailed Hopping Mouse
Long-tailed House Bat
Long-tailed Macaque
Long-tailed Marmot
Long-tailed Mole
Long-tailed Mountain Rat
Long-tailed Mountain Shrew
Long-tailed Mouse
Long-tailed Musk Shrew
Long-tailed Pangolin
Long-tailed Planigale
Long-tailed Pocket Mouse
Long-tailed Porcupine
Long-tailed Pouched Rat
Long-tailed Pygmy Possum
Long-tailed Pygmy Rice Rat
Long-tailed Shrew
Long-tailed Shrew Rat
Long-tailed Spiny Rat
Long-tailed Tree Rat
Long-tailed Vole
Long-tailed Wattled Bat
Long-tailed Weasel
Long-winged Tomb Bat
Longman’s Beaked Whale
Lord Derby’s Scaly-tailed Squirrel
Lorentz’s Mosaic-tailed Rat
Loring’s Rat
Lorrain Dormouse
Louise’s Spiny Mouse
Lovat’s Climbing Mouse
Lovely-haired Rat
Low’s Squirrel
Lowe’s Gerbil
Lowe’s Shrew
Lowland Brush Mouse
Lowland Long-nosed Squirrel
Lowland Mosaic-tailed Rat
Lowland Tree Kangaroo
Loyalty Bent-winged Bat
Lucas’s Short-nosed Fruit Bat
Luis’s Yellow-shouldered Bat
Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo
Lunda Rope Squirrel
Lusitanian Pine Vole
Lutrine Opossum
Luzon Broad-toothed Rat
Luzon Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat
Luzon Cordillera Forest Mouse
Luzon Forest Rat
Luzon Fruit Bat
Luzon Hairy-tailed Rat
Luzon Montane Forest Mouse
Luzon Short-nosed Rat
Luzon Shrew
Luzon Striped Rat
Lyle’s Flying Fox

Amphibians that start with L

La Brea Poison Frog
La Planada Poison Frog
Lake Frog
Lake Junin (Giant) Frog
Lake Lerma Salamander
Lake Oku Clawed Frog
Lanceback Treefrog
Landdros Moss Frog
Lanza’s Alpine Salamander
Larch Mountain Salamander
Large Brown Tree Frog
Large Four-eyed Frog
Large-crested Toad
Largen’s Clawed Frog
Larut Hills Rice Frog
Las Vegas Leopard Frog
Latiff’s Torrent-dwelling Toad
Laughing Tree Frog
Lea’s Frog
Leaf Green River Tree Frog
Lehmann’s Poison Frog
Leora’s Stream Salamander
Lesser Antillean Whistling Frog
Lesser Banana Frog
Lesser Slender Salamander
Lesser Tree Frog
Lesueur’s Frog
Levantine Frog
Leyte Tree Frog
Lichuan Bell Toad
Lightfoot’s Moss Frog
Lime Reed Frog
Limestone Salamander
Little Grass Frog
Little Horned Toad
Little Mexican Toad
Littlejohn’s Toadlet
Long-footed Frog
Long-legged Wood Frog
Long-nosed Horned Frog
Long-nosed Reed Frog
Long-snout Torrent Frog
Long-snouted Frog
Long-toed Salamander
Long-toed Tree Frog
Longdong Stream Salamander
Louisiana Slimy Salamander
Lovely Poison Frog
Loveridge’s Frog
Luschan’s Salamander
Lutz’s Poison Frog
Luzon Fanged Frog
Luzon Narrow-mouthed Frog

Birds that start with L

La Perouse’s Megapode
La Sagra’s Flycatcher
La Selle Thrush
Labrador Duck
Laced Woodpecker
Lacrimose Mountain Tanager
Ladder-backed Woodpecker
Ladder-tailed Nightjar
Lady Amherst’s Pheasant
Lafresnaye’s Piculet
Lafresnaye’s Vanga
Lagden’s Bushshrike
Laggar Falcon
Lake Chad Prinia
Lake Duck
Lake Lufira Masked-weaver
Lamprotornis Purpuroptera
Lance-tailed Manakin
Lanceolated Jay
Lanceolated Monklet
Lanceolated Warbler
Lapland Bunting
Large Cactus Ground Finch
Large Coucal
Large Cuckoo Dove
Large Cuckooshrike
Large Elaenia
Large Fig-parrot
Large Flycatcher
Large Frogmouth
Large Grass Warbler
Large Green Pigeon
Large Grey Babbler
Large Ground Finch
Large Hawk Cuckoo
Large Insectivorous Tree Finch
Large Lifu White-eye
Large Mountain Sericornis
Large Niltava
Large Owlet-nightjar
Large Scimitar-babbler
Large Sri Lanka White-eye
Large Woodshrike
Large-billed Antwren
Large-billed Blue-flycatcher
Large-billed Crow
Large-billed Flyeater
Large-billed Lark
Large-billed Seed Finch
Large-billed Tern
Large-billed Willow Warbler
Large-footed Tapaculo
Large-headed Flatbill
Large-tailed Antshrike
Large-tailed Nightjar
Lark Sparrow
Lark-like Brushrunner
Lark-like Bunting
Latham’s Francolin
Latham’s Snipe
Lattice-tailed Trogon
Laughing Falcon
Laughing Gull
Laughing Kookaburra
Laughing Owl
Laura’s Woodland-warbler
Laurel Pigeon
Lava Gull
Lavender Waxbill
Lawes’s Parotia
Lawrence’s Goldfinch
Lawrence’s Quail Dove
Lawrence’s Thrush
Layard’s Parakeet
Layard’s Warbler
Layard’s White-eye
Laysan Albatross
Laysan Crake
Laysan Finch
Laysan Teal
Lazuli Bunting
Lazuli Kingfisher
Lazuline Sabrewing
Lazy Cisticola
Le Conte’s Sparrow
Leach’s Storm-petrel
Lead-colored Flycatcher
Leaden Antwren
Leaden Flycatcher
Leaden Honeyeater
Least Auklet
Least Bittern
Least Flycatcher
Least Grebe
Least Honeyguide
Least Nighthawk
Least Pauraque
Least Pygmy-owl
Least Sandpiper
Least Seed-snipe
Least Storm-petrel
Least Tern
Lemon Dove Or Cinnamon Dove
Lemon-bellied Crombec
Lemon-bellied Flycatcher
Lemon-breasted Seedeater
Lemon-browed Flycatcher
Lemon-chested Greenlet
Lemon-spectacled Tanager
Lemon-throated Barbet
Lemon-throated Leaf-warbler
Leonardina Woodi
Lesser Adjutant
Lesser Akialoa
Lesser Antillean Bullfinch
Lesser Antillean Flycatcher
Lesser Antillean Pewee
Lesser Antillean Saltator
Lesser Antillean Swift
Lesser Antillean Tanager
Lesser Bar-tailed Cuckoo Dove
Lesser Bird Of Paradise
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Lesser Blue-eared Glossy-starling
Lesser Brown Prinia
Lesser Canastero
Lesser Coucal
Lesser Crester Tern
Lesser Cuckooshrike
Lesser Elaenia
Lesser Fish-eagle
Lesser Flamingo
Lesser Florican
Lesser Forktail
Lesser Frigatebird
Lesser Goldfinch
Lesser Grass Finch
Lesser Green Broadbill
Lesser Green Leafbird
Lesser Greenlet
Lesser Grey Shrike
Lesser Ground Cuckoo
Lesser Ground-robin
Lesser Honeyguide
Lesser Hoopoe Lark
Lesser Hornero
Lesser Jacana
Lesser Kestrel
Lesser Kiskadee
Lesser Koa-finch
Lesser Long-billed Thrush
Lesser Masked-owl
Lesser Masked-weaver
Lesser Melampitta
Lesser Moorhen
Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush
Lesser Nighthawk
Lesser Noddy
Lesser Nothura
Lesser Prairie Chicken
Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo
Lesser Rhea
Lesser Roadrunner
Lesser Sand Plover
Lesser Scaup
Lesser Seed Finch
Lesser Seedcracker
Lesser Short-toed Lark
Lesser Shortwing
Lesser Shrike-tyrant
Lesser Spotted Eagle
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Lesser Striped Swallow
Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift
Lesser Swamp-warbler
Lesser Wagtail Tyrant
Lesser Whistling Duck
Lesser White-fronted Goose
Lesser Whitethroat
Lesser Woodcreeper
Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture
Lesser Yellow-naped Woodpecker
Lesser Yellowlegs
Lesson’s Seedeater
Letter-winged Kite
Lettered Aracari
Leucopternis Lacernulatus
Leucopternis Polionotus
Leucopternis Schistaceus
Levaillant’s Barbet
Levaillant’s Cisticola
Levaillant’s Cuckoo
Levaillant’s Woodpecker
Levant Sparrowhawk
Lewin’s Honeyeater
Lewis’s Woodpecker
Leyte Tit-babbler
Liberian Black-flycatcher
Liberian Greenbul
Lichmera Limbata
Lichtenstein’s Foliage-gleaner
Lichtenstein’s Kingbird
Light-crowned Spinetail
Light-mantled Sooty Albatross
Light-vented Bulbul
Lilac Kingfisher
Lilac-crowned Amazon
Lilac-tailed Parrotlet
Lilacbreasted Roller
Limnoctites Rectirostris
Linchi Swiftlet
Lincoln’s Sparrow
Line-cheeked Spinetail
Line-fronted Canastero
Lineated Barbet
Lineated Foliage-gleaner
Lineated Woodcreeper
Lineated Woodpecker
Lined Forest Falcon
Lined Quail-dove
Lined Seedeater
Liocichla Bugunorum
Little Auk
Little Bee Eater
Little Bittern
Little Black Cormorant
Little Blue Darter
Little Blue Heron
Little Bronze Cuckoo
Little Brown Bustard
Little Bunting
Little Bustard
Little Buttonquail
Little Chachalaca
Little Corella
Little Crake
Little Crow
Little Cuckoo-dove
Little Eagle
Little Egret
Little Forktail
Little Friarbird
Little Grassbird
Little Gray Woodpecker
Little Grebe
Little Green Pigeon
Little Green Sunbird
Little Green Woodpecker
Little Greenbul
Little Grey Flycatcher
Little Ground Tyrant
Little Gull
Little Hermit
Little Inca Finch
Little Kai White-eye
Little Kingfisher
Little Lorikeet
Little Nightjar
Little Owl
Little Paradise-kingfisher
Little Penguin
Little Pied Cormorant
Little Pied Flycatcher
Little Pratincole
Little Raven
Little Ringed Plover
Little Rock Thrush
Little Shrike-thrush
Little Slaty Flycatcher
Little Sparrowhawk
Little Spiderhunter
Little Spotted Kiwi
Little Sumba Hawk-owl
Little Sunangel
Little Swift
Little Tern
Little Thornbill
Little Thornbird
Little Tinamou
Little Wattlebird
Little Weaver
Little Whimbrel
Little White-tern
Little Wood Rail
Little Woodpecker
Little Woodstar
Little Woodswallow
Little Yellow Flycatcher
Livingstone’s Flycatcher
Livingstone’s Turaco
Lizard Buzzard
Loango Slender-billed Weaver
Loetoe Monarch
Loggerhead Kingbird
Lompobattang Flycatcher
Lonchura Nana
Long-bearded Honeyeater
Long-billed Bulbul
Long-billed Bush-warbler
Long-billed Calandra Lark
Long-billed Corella
Long-billed Crombec
Long-billed Cuckoo
Long-billed Dowitcher
Long-billed Gnatwren
Long-billed Green Sunbird
Long-billed Hermit
Long-billed Honeyeater
Long-billed Lark
Long-billed Murrelet
Long-billed Partridge
Long-billed Pipit
Long-billed Plover
Long-billed Rhabdornis
Long-billed Spiderhunter
Long-billed Starthroat
Long-billed Sunbird
Long-billed Thrasher
Long-billed Vulture
Long-billed White-eye
Long-billed Woodcreeper
Long-billed Wren
Long-billed Wren Babbler
Long-crested Eagle
Long-crested Myna
Long-crested Pygmy Tyrant
Long-eared Owl
Long-legged Buzzard
Long-legged Pipit
Long-legged Warbler
Long-tailed Antbird
Long-tailed Broadbill
Long-tailed Bush-warbler
Long-tailed Cinclodes
Long-tailed Cisticola
Long-tailed Cuckoo
Long-tailed Duck
Long-tailed Fantail
Long-tailed Finch
Long-tailed Fiscal
Long-tailed Glossy-starling
Long-tailed Ground Dove
Long-tailed Ground Roller
Long-tailed Hawk
Long-tailed Hermit
Long-tailed Honey Buzzard
Long-tailed Manakin
Long-tailed Meadowlark
Long-tailed Minivet
Long-tailed Mockingbird
Long-tailed Mountain Pigeon
Long-tailed Nightjar
Long-tailed Paradigalla
Long-tailed Paradise-whydah
Long-tailed Parakeet
Long-tailed Pipit
Long-tailed Potoo
Long-tailed Prinia
Long-tailed Reed Finch
Long-tailed Rosefinch
Long-tailed Sabrewing
Long-tailed Sibia
Long-tailed Silky Flycatcher
Long-tailed Skua
Long-tailed Starling
Long-tailed Sylph
Long-tailed Tapaculo
Long-tailed Thrush
Long-tailed Tit
Long-tailed Triller
Long-tailed Tyrannulet
Long-tailed Tyrant
Long-tailed Wagtail
Long-tailed Widowbird
Long-tailed Wood-partridge
Long-tailed Woodcreeper
Long-tailed Woodnymph
Long-tailed Wren-babbler
Long-toed Lapwing
Long-toed Pigeon
Long-toed Stint
Long-trained Nightjar
Long-tufted Screech-owl
Long-wattled Umbrellabird
Long-whiskered Owlet
Long-winged Antwren
Long-winged Harrier
Lophopsittacus Bensoni
Lophopsittacus Mauritianus
Lord Derby’s Parakeet
Lord Howe Gerygone
Lord Howe Island Swamphen
Lord Howe Woodhen
Lorentz’s Whistler
Loria’s Bird-of-paradise
Loriculus Sclateri
Louisiade Flowerpecker
Louisiade White-eye
Louisiana Heron
Louisiana Waterthrush
Lovely Cotinga
Lovely Fairy-wren
Loveridge’s Sunbird
Lowland Akalat
Lowland Peltops
Lucifer Hummingbird
Lucy’s Warbler
Ludlow’s Fulvetta
Ludwig’s Bustard
Luhder’s Bush Shrike
Lulu’s Tody-tyrant
Luzon Bleeding-heart
Luzon Buttonquail
Luzon Hornbill
Luzon Racquet-tail
Luzon Redstart
Luzon Scops Owl
Luzon Striped-babbler
Lyre-tailed Honeyguide
Lyre-tailed Nightjar

Fish that start with L

La Palma Silverside
La Plata Croaker
La Plata Skate
Labeo Alluaudi
Labeo Alticentralis
Labeo Annectens
Labeo Baldasseronii
Labeo Barbatus
Labeo Batesii
Labeo Boulengeri
Labeo Brunellii
Labeo Carnigliae
Labeo Curchius
Labeo Curriei
Labeo Degeni
Labeo Fulakariensis
Labeo Gedrosicus
Labeo Indramontri
Labeo Kirkii
Labeo Longipinnis
Labeo Lualabaensis
Labeo Macrostoma
Labeo Maleboensis
Labeo Meroensis
Labeo Mokotoensis
Labeo Moszkowskii
Labeo Nandina
Labeo Nasus
Labeo Nigripinnis
Labeo Nunensis
Labeo Pellegrini
Labeo Pierrei
Labeo Pietschmanni
Labeo Polli
Labeo Quadribarbis
Labeo Rajasthanicus
Labeo Rectipinnis
Labeo Reidi
Labeo Roseopunctatus
Labeo Rouaneti
Labeo Sanagaensis
Labeo Sorex
Labeo Stolizkae
Labeo Tongaensis
Labeo Udaipurensis
Labeo Werneri
Labeo Worthingtoni
Labeo Yunnanensis
Labeobarbus Acutirostris
Labeobarbus Brevicauda
Labeobarbus Brevicephalus
Labeobarbus Crassibarbis
Labeobarbus Dainellii
Labeobarbus Gorgorensis
Labeobarbus Gorguari
Labeobarbus Johnstonii
Labeobarbus Litamba
Labeobarbus Longissimus
Labeobarbus Macrophtalmus
Labeobarbus Megastoma
Labeobarbus Nthuwa
Labeobarbus Platydorsus
Labeobarbus Surkis
Labeobarbus Truttiformis
Labeobarbus Tsanensis
Labichthys Carinatus
Labichthys Yanoi
Labidochromis Chisumulae
Labidochromis Freibergi
Labidochromis Gigas
Labidochromis Heterodon
Labidochromis Ianthinus
Labidochromis Lividus
Labidochromis Maculicauda
Labidochromis Mathotho
Labidochromis Mbenjii
Labidochromis Mylodon
Labidochromis Pallidus
Labidochromis Shiranus
Labidochromis Strigatus
Labidochromis Zebroides
Labiobarbus Fasciatus
Labiobarbus Lamellifer
Labiobarbus Ocellatus
Labiobarbus Sabanus
Labiobarbus Siamensis
Laboute’s Wrasse
Labracinus Atrofasciatus
Labracoglossa Argenteiventris
Labrisomus Fernandezianus
Labrisomus Philippii
Labrisomus Pomaspilus
Labropsis Polynesica
Labyrinth Spinefoot
Lacandon Sea Catfish
Lace Goby
Lace Klipfish
Lace Sole
Laced Moray
Lachner’s Tonguesole
Lactoria Paschae
Lacustrine Fluvial Whitefish
Lacustrine Goby
Ladd’s Dragonet
Ladder Klipfish
Ladder Pipefish
Lady Musgrave Blenny
Laemolyta Fasciata
Laemolyta Fernandezi
Laemolyta Garmani
Laemolyta Macra
Laemolyta Nitens
Laemolyta Orinocensis
Laemolyta Petiti
Laemolyta Proxima
Laemolyta Taeniata
Laemolyta Varia
Laemonema Compressicauda
Laemonema Filodorsale
Laemonema Goodebeanorum
Laemonema Gracillipes
Laemonema Macronema
Laemonema Melanurum
Laemonema Modestum
Laemonema Nana
Laemonema Rhodochir
Laemonema Yarrellii
Laemonema Yuvto
Laeops Cypho
Laeops Macrophthalmus
Laeops Nigrescens
Laeops Tungkongensis
Laetacara Araguaiae
Laetacara Flavilabris
Laetacara Fulvipinnis
Laetacara Thayeri
Lagocephalus Gloveri
Lagocephalus Lagocephalus Oceanicus
Lagocephalus Suezensis
Lagocephalus Wheeleri
Lagoon Damsel
Lagoon Goby
Lagoon Shrimpgoby
Lagusia Micracanthus
Lahontan Redside
Laides Longibarbis
Lakamora Rainbowfish
Lake Blackhand Paradise Fish
Lake Candidus Dace
Lake Chala Tilapia
Lake Chubsucker
Lake Eacham Rainbowfish
Lake Eustis Minnow
Lake Eyre Hardyhead
Lake Geneva Whitefish
Lake Grunter
Lake Kuromai Rainbowfish
Lake Kutubu Hardyhead
Lake Kutubu Mogurnda
Lake Kutubu Rainbowfish
Lake Kutubu Tandan
Lake Magadi Tilapia
Lake Mweru Sprat
Lake Rudolf Haplo
Lake Rudolf Lampeye
Lake Rukwa Lampeye
Lake Rukwa Minnow
Lake Rukwa Sardine
Lake Rukwa Squeaker
Lake Rukwa Suckermouth
Lake Rukwa Tilapia
Lake Salmon
Lake Sardine
Lake Sturgeon
Lake Tanganyika Sardine
Lake Tanganyika Sprat
Lake Tebera Rainbowfish
Lake Trout
Lake Tumba Dwarf Sprat
Lake Turkana Barb
Lake Turkana Citharine
Lake Turkana Minnow
Lake Turkana Mouthbrooder
Lake Turkana Sardine
Lake Victoria Deepwater Catfish
Lake Victoria Squeaker
Lake Wanam Rainbowfish
Lalmohania Velutina
Lama G. Cuvier
Lambchop Rasbora
Lambert’s Lampeye
Lamnostoma Mindora
Lamnostoma Taylori
Lamontichthys Filamentosus
Lamontichthys Llanero
Lamontichthys Maracaibero
Lamontichthys Stibaros
Lamp Fish
Lampadena Dea
Lampadena Pontifex
Lampadena Urophaos Atlantica
Lampadena Yaquinae
Lampanyctus Hubbsi
Lampanyctus Iselinoides
Lampanyctus Macropterus
Lampanyctus Omostigma
Lampanyctus Simulator
Lampanyctus Tenuiformis
Lampanyctus Turneri
Lampanyctus Vadulus
Lampiella Gibbosa
Lamprey Eel
Lamprogrammus Brunswigi
Lamprogrammus Fragilis
Lamprogrammus Niger
Lamprogrammus Shcherbachevi
Lamprologus Callipterus
Lamprologus Congoensis
Lamprologus Finalimus
Lamprologus Kungweensis
Lamprologus Laparogramma
Lamprologus Lemairii
Lamprologus Lethops
Lamprologus Meleagris
Lamprologus Mocquardi
Lamprologus Ornatipinnis
Lamprologus Speciosus
Lamprologus Stappersi
Lamprologus Symoensi
Lamprologus Teugelsi
Lamprologus Tigripictilis
Lamprologus Tumbanus
Lamprologus Werneri
Lampung Hill-stream Goby
Lamta Garra
Lance Blenny
Lanceolate Shrimpgoby
Lancer Stargazer
Lancet Fish
Lancetail Wormfish
Landia Silverside
Landonia Latidens
Lane Snapper
Lantern Fish
Lantern Jaw
Lantern Minnow
Lantern Sharks
Lantern Toby
Laocypris Hispida
Laotian Shad
Lapitaichthys Frickei
Lappanella Fasciata
Lappanella Guineensis
Lappetlip Clingfish
Large Bottom Whitefish
Large Razorbelly Minnow
Large Scale Lantern Fish
Large Seahorse
Large Whip Goby
Large-eye Conger
Large-eye Croaker
Large-eye Dentex
Large-eye Grenadier
Large-eye Silverside
Large-eye Toadfish
Large-eyed Rabbitfish
Large-eyed Tadpole
Large-headed Midnight Fish
Large-headed Scorpionfish
Large-headed Sillago
Large-mouth Goby
Large-mouth Righteye Flounder
Large-mouthed Charr
Large-nose Weedfish
Large-scale Cigarfish
Large-scale Crested Righteye Flounder
Large-scale Croaker
Large-scale Flounder
Large-scale Righteye Flounder
Large-scaled Goby
Large-scaled Gurnard
Large-scaled Lantern Fish
Large-scaled Leatherjacket
Large-scaled Spinycheek Sleeper
Large-spined Flathead
Large-spotted Snake Moray
Large-tooth Sawfish
Large-toothed Conger
Large-toothed Lake Turkana Robber
Largebanded Blenny
Largecrested Flounder
Largeeye Lizardfish
Largehead Conger
Largelip Killifish
Largemouth Blenny
Largemouth Perch
Largemouth Squeaker
Largemouth Striped Threadfin
Largemouth Triplefin
Largemouth Yellowfish
Largenose Cat Shark
Largenose Grenadier
Largeplate Sculpin
Largescale Blackfish
Largescale Flounder
Largescale Flyingfish
Largescale Foureyes
Largescale Jawfish
Largescale Mullet
Largescale Pupfish
Largescale Stoneroller
Largescale Tonguefish
Largescale Tonguesole
Largescale Triggerfish
Largescale Wrasse
Largescale Yellowfish
Largescaled Mullet
Largescaled Rasbora
Largescaled Therapon
Largescaled Tonguesole
Largesnout Goby
Largespined Catfish
Largespot Livebearer
Largespot River Stingray
Largespot Squeaker
Largespot Tetra
Largespotted Dart
Largespotted Soapfish
Largespring Gambusia
Largetooth Cookie-cutter Shark
Largetooth Goby
Largetooth Limia
Largetooth Sawfish
Largetooth Silverside
Largetoothed Cardinalfish
Larsonella Pumila
Las Vagas Dace
Lasiancistrus Caquetae
Lasiancistrus Castelnaui
Lasiancistrus Caucanus
Lasiancistrus Guacharote
Lasiancistrus Guapore
Lasiancistrus Heteracanthus
Lasiancistrus Maracaiboensis
Lasiancistrus Mayoloi
Lasiancistrus Mystacinus
Lasiancistrus Nationi
Lasiancistrus Planiceps
Lasiancistrus Saetiger
Lasiancistrus Schomburgkii
Lasiancistrus Scolymus
Lasiancistrus Tentaculatus
Lasiancistrus Volcanensis
Lasiognathus Amphirhamphus
Lasiognathus Beebei
Lasiognathus Intermedius
Lasiognathus Saccostoma
Lasiognathus Waltoni
Latent Slingjaw Wrasse
Laterally-banded Grouper
Latimeria Menadoensis
Lattice Blaasop
Lattice Monocle Bream
Lattice Snapper
Lattice Soldierfish
Lattice Squirrelfish
Latticed Coralfish
Latticed Monocle-bream
Latticed Sandperch
Laubuca Fasciata
Laubuca Insularis
Laubuca Lankensis
Laubuca Ruhuna
Laubuca Varuna
Laulao Catfish
Laura’s Lantern Fish
Laurel Dace
Laval’s Eelpout
Lavender Lizardfish
Lavender Mbuna
Lavender Sculpin
Law Croaker
Lea’s Cardinalfish
Leaden Labeo
Leaden Worm Eel
Leadhued Skate
Leaf Goblinfish
Leaf Scorpionfish
Leaf Searsid
Leaf-nose Leg Skate
Leaftail Croaker
Leafy Klipfish
Leafy Seadragon
Leaping African Mullet
Leaping Barb
Leaping Blenny
Leaping Mullet
Least Brook Lamprey
Least Chub
Least Darter
Least Madtom
Least Mullet Goby
Least Pencilfish
Least Silverside
Leastfoot Blenny
Leather Bass
Leatherfin Lumpsucker
Leatherside Chub
Lebias Persicus
Lebias Splendens
Lebias Transgrediens
Lebiasina Chucuriensis
Lebiasina Floridablancaensis
Lebiasina Intermedia
Lebiasina Multimaculata
Lebiasina Narinensis
Lebiasina Provenzanoi
Lebiasina Uruyensis
Lebiasina Yuruaniensis
Lecanogaster Chrysea
Lee’s Tonguefish
Leeuwin Triplefin
Lefua Echigonia
Leggett’s Rainbowfish
Legless Cuskeel
Legless Searsid
Leh Triplophysa-loach
Leiarius Arekaima
Leiarius Longibarbis
Leiarius Pictus
Leiocassis Aculeatus
Leiocassis Collinus
Leiocassis Crassilabris
Leiocassis Doriae
Leiocassis Hosii
Leiocassis Longibarbus
Leiocassis Macropterus
Leiocassis Micropogon
Leiocassis Saravacensis
Leiocassis Tenebricus
Leiocassis Tenuifurcatus
Leiognathus Parviceps
Leiognathus Robustus
Leiognathus Striatus
Leiopotherapon Plumbeus
Leis’ Coralbrotula
Leister Sculpin
Leleup’s Carp
Lemon Cichlid
Lemon Fish
Lemon Goby
Lemon Sailfin
Lemon Sole
Lemon Sweetlip
Lemon Tetra
Lemon-finned Killi
Lemoneye Grunt
Lemonpeel Angelfish
Lena Tugun
Lentipes Adelphizonus
Lentipes Armatus
Lentipes Candy
Lentipes Crittersius
Lentipes Dimetrodon
Lentipes Kaaea
Lentipes Mindanaoensis
Lentipes Multiradiatus
Lentipes Rubrofasciatus
Lentipes Solomonensis
Lentipes Venustus
Lentipes Watsoni
Lentipes Whittenorum
Leon Springs Pupfish
Leopard Blenny
Leopard Catfish
Leopard Corydoras
Leopard Cusk Eel
Leopard Darter
Leopard Dwarfgoby
Leopard Eel
Leopard Goby
Leopard Grouper
Leopard Jawfish
Leopard Moray Eel
Leopard Pleco
Leopard Searobin
Leopard Shark
Leopard Sharpnose Puffer
Leopard Skate
Leopard Splitfin
Leopard Squeaker
Leopard Toadfish
Leopard Whipray
Lepadichthys Ctenion
Lepadichthys Erythraeus
Lepadichthys Frenatus
Lepadichthys Sandaracatus
Lepadichthys Springeri
Lepadicyathus Mendeleevi
Lepidammodytes Macrophthalmus
Lepidiolamprologus Attenuatus
Lepidiolamprologus Cunningtoni
Lepidiolamprologus Elongatus
Lepidiolamprologus Kendalli
Lepidiolamprologus Mimicus
Lepidiolamprologus Nkambae
Lepidiolamprologus Profundicola
Lepidion Capensis
Lepidion Natalensis
Lepidobero Sinensis
Lepidocephalichthys Arunachalensis
Lepidocephalichthys Birmanicus
Lepidocephalichthys Furcatus
Lepidocephalichthys Hasselti
Lepidocephalichthys Lorentzi
Lepidocephalichthys Micropogon
Lepidocephalichthys Sandakanensis
Lepidocephalichthys Tomaculum
Lepidocephalus Coromandelensis
Lepidocephalus Macrochir
Lepidocephalus Spectrum
Lepidoperca Brochata
Lepidoperca Coatsii
Lepidoperca Inornata
Lepidoperca Magna
Lepidoperca Tasmanica
Lepidotrigla Alcocki
Lepidotrigla Annamarae
Lepidotrigla Argyrosoma
Lepidotrigla Deasoni
Lepidotrigla Eydouxii
Lepidotrigla Hime
Lepidotrigla Jimjoebob
Lepidotrigla Kanagashira
Lepidotrigla Larsoni
Lepidotrigla Lepidojugulata
Lepidotrigla Longifaciata
Lepidotrigla Longimana
Lepidotrigla Longipinnis
Lepidotrigla Macrobrachia
Lepidotrigla Marisinensis
Lepidotrigla Musorstom
Lepidotrigla Nana
Lepidotrigla Oglina
Lepidotrigla Pectoralis
Lepidotrigla Punctipectoralis
Lepidotrigla Robinsi
Lepidotrigla Russelli
Lepidotrigla Sayademalha
Lepidotrigla Sereti
Lepidotrigla Spinosa
Lepidotrigla Umbrosa
Lepidotrigla Vaubani
Lepidotrigla Venusta
Lepophidium Kallion
Leporacanthicus Galaxias
Leporacanthicus Heterodon
Leporacanthicus Joselimai
Leporacanthicus Triactis
Leporellus Pictus
Leporellus Retropinnis
Leporellus Vittatus
Leporinus Acutidens
Leporinus Agassizii
Leporinus Aguapeiensis
Leporinus Alternus
Leporinus Amae
Leporinus Amazonicus
Leporinus Amblyrhynchus
Leporinus Aripuanaensis
Leporinus Bahiensis
Leporinus Bimaculatus
Leporinus Bistriatus
Leporinus Bleheri
Leporinus Boehlkei
Leporinus Brunneus
Leporinus Conirostris
Leporinus Copelandii
Leporinus Crassilabris
Leporinus Cylindriformis
Leporinus Desmotes
Leporinus Despaxi
Leporinus Ecuadorensis
Leporinus Elongatus
Leporinus Falcipinnis
Leporinus Garmani
Leporinus Geminis
Leporinus Gomesi
Leporinus Gossei
Leporinus Guttatus
Leporinus Holostictus
Leporinus Jamesi
Leporinus Jatuncochi
Leporinus Julii
Leporinus Klausewitzi
Leporinus Lacustris
Leporinus Latofasciatus
Leporinus Lebaili
Leporinus Leschenaulti
Leporinus Macrocephalus
Leporinus Megalepis
Leporinus Melanostictus
Leporinus Microphthalmus
Leporinus Moralesi
Leporinus Mormyrops
Leporinus Muyscorum
Leporinus Nattereri
Leporinus Niceforoi
Leporinus Nijsseni
Leporinus Octofasciatus
Leporinus Octomaculatus
Leporinus Ortomaculatus
Leporinus Pachycheilus
Leporinus Pachyurus
Leporinus Paralternus
Leporinus Paranensis
Leporinus Pearsoni
Leporinus Pellegrinii
Leporinus Piau
Leporinus Pitingai
Leporinus Platycephalus
Leporinus Punctatus
Leporinus Reinhardti
Leporinus Reticulatus
Leporinus Sexstriatus
Leporinus Silvestrii
Leporinus Steindachneri
Leporinus Steyermarki
Leporinus Subniger
Leporinus Taeniatus
Leporinus Taeniofasciatus
Leporinus Thayeri
Leporinus Tigrinus
Leporinus Trifasciatus
Leporinus Trimaculatus
Leporinus Uatumaensis
Leporinus Unitaeniatus
Leporinus Vanzoi
Leporinus Venerei
Leporinus Wolfei
Leporinus Yophorus
Leprous Platanna-klipfish
Leptagoniates Pi
Leptagoniates Steindachneri
Leptatherina Presbyteroides
Lepthoplosternum Altamazonicum
Lepthoplosternum Beni
Lepthoplosternum Pectorale
Lepthoplosternum Stellatum
Lepthoplosternum Tordilho
Lepthoplosternum Ucamara
Leptoancistrus Canensis
Leptoancistrus Cordobensis
Leptobarbus Hosii
Leptobarbus Melanopterus
Leptobarbus Melanotaenia
Leptobotia Flavolineata
Leptobotia Guilinensis
Leptobotia Hengyangensis
Leptobotia Microphthalma
Leptobotia Orientalis
Leptobotia Pellegrini
Leptobotia Posterodorsalis
Leptobotia Rubrilabris
Leptobotia Taeniops
Leptobotia Tchangi
Leptobotia Tientainensis
Leptobotia Zebra
Leptobrotula Breviventralis
Leptobrycon Jatuaranae
Leptocephalus Bellottii
Leptocephalus Congroides
Leptocephalus Ophichthoides
Leptocephalus Prawn-goby
Leptocharacidium Omospilus
Leptochilichthys Microlepis
Leptocypris Crossensis
Leptocypris Guineensis
Leptocypris Konkoureensis
Leptocypris Lujae
Leptocypris Modestus
Leptocypris Taiaensis
Leptocypris Weeksii
Leptocypris Weynsii
Leptoderma Affinis
Leptoderma Lubricum
Leptoderma Retropinna
Leptodoras Acipenserinus
Leptodoras Cataniai
Leptodoras Copei
Leptodoras Hasemani
Leptodoras Juruensis
Leptodoras Linnelli
Leptodoras Myersi
Leptodoras Nelsoni
Leptodoras Oyakawai
Leptodoras Praelongus
Leptodoras Rogersae
Leptoglanis Bouilloni
Leptoglanis Xenognathus
Leptolebias Aureoguttatus
Leptolebias Citrinipinnis
Leptolebias Itanhaensis
Leptolebias Leitaoi
Leptophilypnus Fluviatilis
Leptophilypnus Guatemalensis
Leptophilypnus Panamensis
Leptorhamdia Essequibensis
Leptorhamdia Marmorata
Leptorhamdia Schultzi
Leptostichaeus Pumilus
Leptostomias Analis
Leptostomias Bermudensis
Leptostomias Bilobatus
Leptostomias Gracilis
Leptostomias Haplocaulus
Leptostomias Leptobolus
Leptostomias Longibarba
Leptostomias Macropogon
Leptostomias Multifilis
Leptostomias Robustus
Lepturacanthus Roelandti
Lepturichthys Dolichopterus
Lepturichthys Fimbriata
Lerma Catfish
Lerma Chub
Lerma Livebearer
Lesser African Threadfin
Lesser Bream
Lesser Devil Ray
Lesser Electric Ray
Lesser Filamented Sculpin
Lesser Fork-beard
Lesser Forkbeard
Lesser Guinean Devil Ray
Lesser Guitarfish
Lesser Gurnard
Lesser Handfish
Lesser Prickleback
Lesser Salmon Catfish
Lesser Sand-eel
Lesser Spiny Eel
Lesser Thrush Eel
Lesser Tigertooth Croaker
Lesser Weever
Lesser-spotted Leatherjacket
Lestidiops Bathyopteryx
Lestidiops Cadenati
Lestidiops Distans
Lestidiops Extrema
Lestidiops Gracilis
Lestidiops Indopacifica
Lestidiops Neles
Lestidiops Pacificus
Lestidiops Similis
Lestidium Bigelowi
Lestidium Prolixum
Lestradea Perspicax
Lestradea Stappersii
Lesueur’s Goby
Lesueurigobius Heterofasciatus
Lesueurigobius Koumansi
Letharchus Aliculatus
Letholycus Magellanicus
Letholycus Microphthalmus
Lethotremus Awae
Lethrinops Albus
Lethrinops Altus
Lethrinops Argenteus
Lethrinops Christyi
Lethrinops Gossei
Lethrinops Lethrinus
Lethrinops Longimanus
Lethrinops Longipinnis
Lethrinops Lunaris
Lethrinops Macracanthus
Lethrinops Macrochir
Lethrinops Macrophthalmus
Lethrinops Micrentodon
Lethrinops Microdon
Lethrinops Mylodon Borealis
Lethrinops Mylodon Mylodon
Lethrinops Oculatus
Lethrinops Red Flush
Lethrinops Rounded Head
Lethrinops Turneri
Letter Opener
Leucalburnus Satunini
Leucicorus Atlanticus
Leucicorus Lusciosus
Leuciscus Anatolicus
Leuciscus Burdigalensis
Leuciscus Cephaloides
Leuciscus Chuanchicus
Leuciscus Dzungaricus
Leuciscus Gaderanus
Leuciscus Illyricus
Leuciscus Latus
Leuciscus Lindbergi
Leuciscus Microlepis
Leuciscus Montenigrinus
Leuciscus Polylepis
Leuciscus Spurius
Leuciscus Svallize
Leuciscus Turskyi
Leuciscus Ukliva
Leucobrotula Adipata
Leucopsarion Petersii
Leviprora Inops
Lewis’ Round Herring
Liachirus Whitleyi
Liberian Swamp Eel
Lichen Moray
Lichtenstein’s Seahorse
Licorice Gourami
Liechtenstein’s Goby
Lifalili Cichlid
Light’s Bitterling
Lighthead Dottyback
Lighthouse Lizardfish
Lightning Man Triplefin
Lightnose Skate
Lignobrycon Myersi
Limatulichthys Griseus
Limbaugh’s Damselfish
Limbochromis Robertsi
Limia Heterandria
Limia Tridens
Limnichthys Orientalis
Limnichthys Rendahli
Limnochromis Abeelei
Limnochromis Staneri
Limnocottus Bergianus
Limnocottus Godlewskii
Limnocottus Griseus
Limnocottus Pallidus
Limnotilapia Dardennii
Limp Eelpout
Limpid Cardinal
Lindeman Island Pipefish
Lindman’s Grenadier Anchovy
Line Barb
Line Butterflyfish
Line-spotted Barb
Linear Blenny
Linecheek Tank Goby
Lined Chromis
Lined Chub
Lined Clingfish
Lined Cutlassfish
Lined Dartfish
Lined Dottyback
Lined Grunter
Lined Lantern Shark
Lined Rockskipper
Lined Stingfish
Lined Sweetlips
Lined Topminnow
Lined Wrasse
Linespotted Ufipa Barb
Linichthys Laticeps
Liniparhomaloptera Disparis Disparis
Liniparhomaloptera Disparis Qiongzhongensis
Liniparhomaloptera Monoloba
Liniparhomaloptera Obtusirostris
Link’s Goby
Linkenchelys Multipora
Linophryne Algibarbata
Linophryne Andersoni
Linophryne Arcturi
Linophryne Argyresca
Linophryne Bicornis
Linophryne Bipennata
Linophryne Brevibarbata
Linophryne Coronata
Linophryne Densiramus
Linophryne Digitopogon
Linophryne Escaramosa
Linophryne Indica
Linophryne Lucifer
Linophryne Macrodon
Linophryne Maderensis
Linophryne Parini
Linophryne Pennibarbata
Linophryne Polypogon
Linophryne Quinqueramosa
Linophryne Racemifera
Linophryne Sexfilis
Linophryne Trewavasae
Liobagrus Aequilabris
Liobagrus Andersoni
Liobagrus Anguillicauda
Liobagrus Formosanus
Liobagrus Marginatoides
Liobagrus Marginatus
Liobagrus Mediadiposalis
Liobagrus Nantoensis
Liobagrus Nigricauda
Liobagrus Reinii
Liobagrus Styani
Lionhead Cichlid
Liopropoma Aragai
Liopropoma Collettei
Liopropoma Danae
Liopropoma Erythraeum
Liopropoma Flavidum
Liopropoma Incomptum
Liopropoma Lemniscatum
Liopropoma Maculatum
Lioscorpius Longiceps
Liosomadoras Morrowi
Liparis Adiastolus
Liparis Alboventer
Liparis Antarcticus
Liparis Bikunin
Liparis Brashnikovi
Liparis Burkei
Liparis Chefuensis
Liparis Curilensis
Liparis Dulkeiti
Liparis Eos
Liparis Fishelsoni
Liparis Frenatus
Liparis Grebnitzkii
Liparis Kusnetzovi
Liparis Kussakini
Liparis Mednius
Liparis Miostomus
Liparis Newmani
Liparis Owstoni
Liparis Petschiliensis
Liparis Pravdini
Liparis Punctatus
Liparis Punctulatus
Liparis Rhodosoma
Liparis Rotundirostris
Liparis Schmidti
Liparis Tartaricus
Liparis Tessellatus
Liparis Tunicatiformis
Liparis Zonatus
Lipless Messmate-fish
Lipophrys Adriaticus
Lipophrys Bauchotae
Lipophrys Caboverdensis
Lipophrys Dalmatinus
Lipopterichthys Carrioni
Lipspot Moray
Lipstick Darter
Lipstick Goby
Lipstick Leporinus
Liseta Mullet
Lissocampus Bannwarthi
Listrura Boticario
Listrura Camposi
Listrura Nematopteryx
Listrura Picinguabae
Listrura Tetraradiata
Lithogenes Valencia
Lithogenes Villosus
Lithoxus Boujardi
Lithoxus Bovallii
Lithoxus Jantjae
Lithoxus Lithoides
Lithoxus Pallidimaculatus
Lithoxus Planquettei
Lithoxus Stocki
Lithoxus Surinamensis
Little Baikal Oilfish
Little Barracuda
Little Bigscale
Little Clingfish
Little Colorado Spinedace
Little Conger Eel
Little Fairy Basslet
Little Hooded Triplefin
Little Moray
Little Pineapple Fish
Little Rockfish
Little Sand-dragonet
Little Scorpionfish
Little Sculpin
Little Seahorse
Little Sleeper Shark
Little Soldierfish
Little Tailband Cardinalfish
Little-eye Herring
Little-eyed Skate
Littlehead Porgy
Littlemouth Flounder
Littletooth Sandeater
Live Sharksucker
Live-bearing Tooth-carp
Liver-colored Moray Eel
Liza Mandapamensis
Lizard Catshark
Lizard Fish
Lizard Goby
Lizard Triplefin
Llanolebias Stellifer
Loach Goby
Loach Minnow
Lobe-jawed Rockfish
Lobe-lip Notothen
Lobed River Mullet
Lobed Stingaree
Lobejaw Ilisha
Lobel’s Lizardfish
Lobetoothed Piranha
Lobocheilos Bo
Lobocheilos Cornutus
Lobocheilos Cryptopogon
Lobocheilos Davisi
Lobocheilos Delacouri
Lobocheilos Erinaceus
Lobocheilos Falcifer
Lobocheilos Fowleri
Lobocheilos Gracilis
Lobocheilos Ixocheilos
Lobocheilos Kajanensis
Lobocheilos Lehat
Lobocheilos Melanotaenia
Lobocheilos Ovalis
Lobocheilos Quadrilineatus
Lobocheilos Rhabdoura
Lobocheilos Schwanenfeldii
Lobocheilos Tenura
Lobocheilos Terminalis
Lobocheilos Thavili
Lobocheilos Trangensis
Lobocheilos Unicornis
Lobochilotes Labiatus
Lobodeuterodon Euspilurus
Lofty Triplefin
Log Perch
Loki Whip-goby
Loktak Loach
Lollipop Cat Shark
Lollipop Darter
Lonchogenys Ilisha
Lonchopisthus Higmani
Lonchopisthus Lemur
Lonely Clingfish
Lonely Coralbrotula
Long Barbeled Grunter
Long Billed Half Beak
Long Green Wrasse
Long Lefteye Flounder
Long Pectoral Fin Flounder
Long Pectoral-fin Carp
Long Snout Flounder
Long Snouted Barb
Long Spiky-head Carp
Long Tongue Sole
Long Whiskers Catfish
Long-barbel Sheatfish
Long-fin Glass Catfish
Long-fingered Icefish
Long-finned Anthias
Long-finned Cambeva
Long-finned Charr
Long-finned Escolar
Long-finned Glass Tetra
Long-finned Goby
Long-finned Gurnard
Long-finned Pike
Long-finned Rock-cod
Long-headed Goby
Long-horned Anchovy
Long-jawed River Garfish
Long-limb Threadfin
Long-nose Grunter
Long-nose Sooty Grunter
Long-nosed Burton Skate
Long-nosed Gudgeon
Long-ray Searobin
Long-rayed Dwarf Monocle Bream
Long-rayed Sand-diver
Long-rayed Weed Whiting
Long-snout Gurnard Perch
Long-snout Sponge-goby
Long-snouted Blenny
Long-snouted Pipefish
Long-snouted Tongue Sole
Long-spine Porcupinefish
Long-spined Anglerfish
Long-spined Flathead
Long-spined Glass Perchlet
Long-spined Tripodfish
Long-tail Dragonet
Long-tail Tripodfish
Long-tailed Catfish
Long-tailed Groppo
Long-tailed River Stingray
Long-tailed Wrasse
Long-threaded Dragon Fish
Long-toothed False Moray
Long-whiskered Catfish
Longanalus Macrochirous
Longarm Brotula
Longarm Flounder
Longarm Grenadier
Longarmed Snake Eel
Longbeard Grenadier
Longear Eelpout
Longeye Conger
Longface Eel
Longfin African Conger
Longfin Baikal Sculpin
Longfin Boarfish
Longfin Bonefish
Longfin Burrower
Longfin Cat Shark
Longfin Cigarfish
Longfin Codling
Longfin Crevalle Jack
Longfin Dace
Longfin Darter
Longfin Dottyback
Longfin Dragonfish
Longfin Drum
Longfin Escolar
Longfin Fathead
Longfin Flounder
Longfin Grenadier
Longfin Gunnel
Longfin Gurnard
Longfin Hake
Longfin Irish Lord
Longfin Killie
Longfin Kingfish
Longfin Lampfish
Longfin Lanternfish
Longfin Largemouth
Longfin Lizardfish
Longfin Mako
Longfin Mojarra
Longfin Mullet
Longfin Pacific Anchovy
Longfin Pearleye
Longfin Perchlet
Longfin Pompano
Longfin Salema
Longfin Sanddab
Longfin Sculpin
Longfin Silverside
Longfin Smooth-head
Longfin Spotted Snake-eel
Longfin Tetra
Longfin Threadfin-bream
Longfin Tilapia
Longfin Trevally
Longfin Velvetfish
Longfin Worm Eel
Longfinger Anchovy
Longfingered Scorpionfish
Longfinned Albacore
Longfinned Bullseye
Longfinned Coralbrotula
Longfinned Flounder
Longfinned Goby
Longfinned Grubfish
Longfinned Mullet
Longfinned Triplefin
Longfinned Worm Eel
Longhead Cat Shark
Longhead Dab
Longhead Darter
Longhead Grenadier
Longhead Grunt
Longhorn Blenny
Longhorn Cowfish
Longiculter Siahi
Longischistura Bhimachari
Longischistura Striata
Longjaw Bigscale
Longjaw Blenny
Longjaw Goby
Longjaw Grenadier Anchovy
Longjaw Leatherjack
Longjaw Minnow
Longjaw Mudsucker
Longjaw Silverside
Longjaw Squirrelfish
Longjaw Stargazer
Longjaw Tetra
Longjawed Galaxias
Longlip Jumprock
Longnose Armoured Searobin
Longnose Batfish
Longnose Butterfly Fish
Longnose Cat Shark
Longnose Conger
Longnose Cusk-eel
Longnose Dace
Longnose Darter
Longnose Deepsea Skate
Longnose Greeneye
Longnose Hound Shark
Longnose Leg Skate
Longnose Poacher
Longnose Pygmy Shark
Longnose Sawtail Cat Shark
Longnose Seabat
Longnose Shiner
Longnose Skate
Longnose Snailfish
Longnose Stingray
Longnose Stonebasher
Longnose Sucker
Longnose Surgeonfish
Longnose Tapirfish
Longnose Trevally
Longnosed Pipefish
Longrakered Trevally
Longrayed Goatfish
Longrayed Whiptail
Longsnout Bellowfish
Longsnout Blacksmelt
Longsnout Boarfish
Longsnout Butterfly Ray
Longsnout Corydoras
Longsnout Distichodus
Longsnout Dogfish
Longsnout Flathead
Longsnout Pipefish
Longsnout Scorpionfish
Longsnout Soldier
Longsnout Spikefish
Longsnouted Flounder
Longspine African Angler
Longspine Bellowfish
Longspine Burrfish
Longspine Cardinalfish
Longspine Chimaera
Longspine Drum
Longspine Grouper
Longspine Grunt
Longspine Porgy
Longspine Scorpionfish
Longspine Seahorse
Longspine Spinefish
Longspine Stargazer
Longspined Bullhead
Longspined Greenling
Longstriped Blenny
Longtail Bass
Longtail Butterfly Ray
Longtail Croaker
Longtail Dragonet
Longtail Goby
Longtail Knifefish
Longtail Skate
Longtail Sole
Longtail Spiny Eel
Longtail Stingray
Longtail Suckermouth
Longtail Tonguefish
Longtailed Jawfish
Longtailed Sand-eel
Longtooth Cardinalfish
Longtooth Hairtail
Longtrunk Conger
Longwing Searobin
Longwing Spinyfin
Lonnberg’s Aphyosemion
Lonsdale’s Charr
Loosescale Grenadier
Loosescale Smooth-head
Looseskin Blenny
Looseskin Eelpout
Loosetooth Parrotfish
Lophiobagrus Aquilus
Lophiobagrus Asperispinis
Lophiobagrus Brevispinis
Lophiobrycon Weitzmani
Lophiocharon Hutchinsi
Lophiodes Abdituspinus
Lophiodes Beroe
Lophiodes Bruchius
Lophiodes Endoi
Lophiodes Fimbriatus
Lophiodes Infrabrunneus
Lophiodes Miacanthus
Lophiodes Monodi
Lophiogobius Ocellicauda
Lophiosilurus Alexandri
Lophodolos Indicus
Lophogobius Bleekeri
Lophogobius Cristulatus
Lopholiparis Flerxi
Lophonectes Mongonuiensis
Loppe’s Tadpole Fish
Lord Howe Black-head Triplefin
Lord Howe Island Butterflyfish
Lord Howe Island Flounder
Lord Howe Island Triplefin
Lord Plunket’s Shark
Lord’s Goby
Lorentz Catfish
Lorentz’s Rainbowfish
Loreto Tetra
Lori’s Anthias
Loricaria Cataphracta
Loricaria Clavipinna
Loricaria Holmbergi
Loricaria Lata
Loricaria Lentiginosa
Loricaria Lundbergi
Loricaria Nickeriensis
Loricaria Parnahybae
Loricaria Piracicabae
Loricaria Pumila
Loricaria Simillima
Loricaria Spinulifera
Loricaria Tucumanensis
Loricariichthys Acutus
Loricariichthys Brunneus
Loricariichthys Cashibo
Loricariichthys Castaneus
Loricariichthys Chanjoo
Loricariichthys Derbyi
Loricariichthys Edentatus
Loricariichthys Hauxwelli
Loricariichthys Melanocheilus
Loricariichthys Microdon
Loricariichthys Nudirostris
Loricariichthys Platymetopon
Loricariichthys Rostratus
Loricariichthys Stuebelii
Loricariichthys Ucayalensis
Losera Fangtooth Pellonuline
Lost Pipefish
Lost River Sucker
Lotella Fernandeziana
Lotella Fuliginosa
Lotella Tosaensis
Louisiana Pipefish
Lovely Hatchetfish
Lover’s Lake Killifish
Loweina Terminata
Lower Amur Grayling
Lowfin Gulper Shark
Lowfin Moray
Lowfin Scorpionfish
Lowfin Snailfish
Lowland Cichlid
Lowland Livebearer
Lowly Catfish
Lowveld Largemouth
Lowveld Suckermouth
Lozano’s Goby
Lrye Goby
Lualaba Lampeye
Luambwa Barb
Lubbock’s Chromis
Lubbock’s Combtooth-blenny
Lubbock’s Wrasse
Lubbockichthys Myersi
Lubbockichthys Tanakai
Lubricogobius Dinah
Lubricogobius Ornatus
Lucas Barracuda
Lucaya Cavebrotula
Lucifuga Inopinata
Lucifuga Simile
Lucifuga Teresinarum
Lucigadus Acrolophus
Lucigadus Lucifer
Lucigadus Microlepis
Lucigadus Nigromarginatus
Lucigadus Ori
Luciobarbus Kottelati
Luciobarbus Lydianus
Luciobarbus Mursa
Luciobrotula Corethromycter
Luciobrotula Lineata
Luciobrotula Nolfi
Luciocephalus Aura
Luciocyprinus Striolatus
Luciogobius Adapel
Luciogobius Albus
Luciogobius Ama
Luciogobius Brevipterus
Luciogobius Dormitoris
Luciogobius Elongatus
Luciogobius Grandis
Luciogobius Koma
Luciogobius Martellii
Luciogobius Pallidus
Luciogobius Parvulus
Luciogobius Platycephalus
Luciogobius Saikaiensis
Luciosoma Bleekeri
Luciosoma Pellegrinii
Lucretia’s Goby
Luika Barb
Lumiconger Arafura
Luminesent Cod
Luminous Cardinalfish
Luminous Hake
Lumpenopsis Pavlenkoi
Lumpenopsis Triocellata
Lumptail Searobin
Lunar-tailed Grouper
Lunartail Snapper
Lunartailed Rockcod
Lunate Goldie
Lusitanian Cownose Ray
Lusitanian Sole
Lusitanian Toadfish
Lutea Sleeper
Luther’s Spiny Loach
Luthulenchelys Heemstraorum
Lutke’s Halbeak
Luzon Righteye Flounder
Luzonichthys Williamsi
Lycenchelys Alba
Lycenchelys Albeola
Lycenchelys Albomaculata
Lycenchelys Alta
Lycenchelys Antarctica
Lycenchelys Aratrirostris
Lycenchelys Argentina
Lycenchelys Aurantiaca
Lycenchelys Bachmanni
Lycenchelys Bellingshauseni
Lycenchelys Bullisi
Lycenchelys Callista
Lycenchelys Camchatica
Lycenchelys Chauliodus
Lycenchelys Cicatrifer
Lycenchelys Fedorovi
Lycenchelys Folletti
Lycenchelys Hadrogeneia
Lycenchelys Hippopotamus
Lycenchelys Hureaui
Lycenchelys Imamurai
Lycenchelys Incisa
Lycenchelys Lonchoura
Lycenchelys Maculata
Lycenchelys Makushok
Lycenchelys Maoriensis
Lycenchelys Melanostomias
Lycenchelys Micropora
Lycenchelys Monstrosa
Lycenchelys Nanospinata
Lycenchelys Nigripalatum
Lycenchelys Novaezealandiae
Lycenchelys Pearcyi
Lycenchelys Pentactina
Lycenchelys Pequenoi
Lycenchelys Peruana
Lycenchelys Platyrhina
Lycenchelys Plicifera
Lycenchelys Polyodon
Lycenchelys Porifer
Lycenchelys Rassi
Lycenchelys Ratmanovi
Lycenchelys Rosea
Lycenchelys Ryukyuensis
Lycenchelys Scaurus
Lycenchelys Squamosa
Lycenchelys Tohokuensis
Lycenchelys Tristichodon
Lycenchelys Uschakovi
Lycenchelys Vitiazi
Lycenchelys Volki
Lycenchelys Wilkesi
Lycenchelys Xanthoptera
Lycodapus Australis
Lycodapus Derjugini
Lycodapus Dermatinus
Lycodapus Leptus
Lycodapus Microchir
Lycodapus Poecilus
Lycodes Akuugun
Lycodes Albolineatus
Lycodes Albonotatus
Lycodes Bathybius
Lycodes Brunneofasciatus
Lycodes Caudimaculatus
Lycodes Fulvus
Lycodes Heinemanni
Lycodes Hubbsi
Lycodes Japonicus
Lycodes Jenseni
Lycodes Macrochir
Lycodes Macrolepis
Lycodes Matsubarai
Lycodes Microlepidotus
Lycodes Microporus
Lycodes Nakamurae
Lycodes Nishimurai
Lycodes Obscurus
Lycodes Ocellatus
Lycodes Paucilepidotus
Lycodes Pectoralis
Lycodes Sadoensis
Lycodes Schmidti
Lycodes Semenovi
Lycodes Sigmatoides
Lycodes Soldatovi
Lycodes Tanakae
Lycodes Teraoi
Lycodes Toyamensis
Lycodes Uschakovi
Lycodes Yamatoi
Lycodes Ygreknotatus
Lycodichthys Antarcticus
Lycodonus Flagellicauda
Lycodonus Malvinensis
Lycodonus Vermiformis
Lycogrammoides Schmidti
Lyconodes Argenteus
Lyconus Brachycolus
Lyconus Pinnatus
Lycozoarces Regani
Lyre-tail Dart-goby
Lyrefin Pearlfish
Lyretail Dottyback
Lyretail Hogfish
Lyretail Panchax
Lythrypnus Alphigena
Lythrypnus Brasiliensis
Lythrypnus Cobalus
Lythrypnus Lavenbergi
Lythrypnus Mowbrayi
Lythrypnus Solanensis

Reptiles that start with L

Lacerta Mostoufii
Lacerta Pamphylica
Lake Cronin Snake
Lampropeltis Catalinensis
Lampropeltis Herrerae
Lampropeltis Webbi
Lancelin Ctenotus
Lane’s Leaf-toed Gecko
Lang’s Girdled Lizard
Large Ground Skink
Large Whip Snake
Large-blotched Tolucan Ground Snake
Largenose Earth Snake
Largenose Wood Turtle
Largescale Spiny Lizard
Latast’s Snake Skink
Lataste’s Lizard
Lataste’s Viper
Leaf-toed Gecko
Leatherback Turtle
Lebanon Fringe-fingered Lizard
Leiolopisma Mauritiana
Leith’s Softshell
Leonard’s Pipe Snake
Leopard Tree Iguana
Lepidoblepharis Montecanoensis
Leptodeira Frenata
Leptodeira Punctata
Leptotyphlops Dissectus
Leptotyphlops Myopicus
Lesser Chameleon
Leyte Cat Snake
Liebmann’s Earth Runner
Lined Snake
Lined Tolucan Ground Snake
Liner’s Tropical Night Lizard
Liolaemus Huacahuasicus
Lionhead Agama
Lipetz’s Tropical Night Lizard
Little Brown Snake
Loggerhead Turtle
Long-nosed Leopard Lizard
Longnose Snake
Longtail Alpine Garter Snake
Longtail Rattlesnake
Longtail Spiny Lizard
Lord Howe Island Skink
Lorenz’s Tree Iguana
Louisiana Pine Snake
Lower California Rattlesnake
Lowe’s Tropical Night Lizard
Lugo’s Alligator Lizard
Lundell’s Spiny Lizard
Luperosaurus Kubli
Lutz’s Tree Iguana
Luzon Dwarf Snake
Luzon False Gecko
Luzon Kukri Snake
Luzon Worm Snake
Lycodon Fausti
Lycodon Ferroni
Lycodon Muelleri

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