Do Hamsters Smell?


All pet owners know how amazing it is to own an animal and the love you feel is unconditional. However, owning a pet comes with multiple responsibilities that you have to fulfill. Hamsters are very low maintenance pets, and it is easy to clean them. However, you can sometimes feel like your hamster smells a little bit.

There are different aspects that you must focus on before adopting a hamster. Hamsters are pretty cheap, and they are easy to care of. However, some people think that they have a foul odor in the house, which is hard to eliminate.

Do Hamsters smell bad? 

Hamsters do not have any smell, but they tend to leave a soft scent to mark their territory. If you notice closely, you will observe that hamsters have a meticulous nature and clean themselves regularly.  

It is hamster’s nature to clean themselves thoroughly to eliminate any kind of scent. When hamsters live out in the open, they keep themselves clean so that no predator will find them. Do hamsters smell as bad as mice? Well, the answer is no because it is hamster’s nature to clean themselves more regularly.

Why does my hamster smell so bad? 

Several factors can lead to your hamster smelling: If you keep your hamster in a cage, then they must pee and poop inside the cage. The accumulation of waste, food residue, and water inside the cage can leave a foul smell. It is understood that if you let your hamster live in a smelly cage, they will smell too. If you see that your hamster is dirty, you must let them be because they will clean themselves in a few minutes. However if the problem is their cage, you must clean it and wipe it down every day. You can also keep the cage in the open air for ventilation. 

To clean the cage thoroughly, you must change its bedding once in two to three days. It is essential to wash the cage once a month and dry it thoroughly. Hamsters do not use a litter box to clean themselves; hence, they pee or poop in their cage. You must change the mineral sand from your hamster’s cage regularly. A hamster is very sensitive to smell, and it can feel sick if you keep his surroundings dirty. If your hamster feels sick even after regular cleaning, then you can visit a vet to get your pet checked out. 

How do I stop my hamster from smelling? 

One of the first instincts of people would be to give their hamsters a bath when they smell. Be very cautious before giving your hamster a bath as it can be harmful. The hamster’s fur is coated with natural oils that they need to survive. However, the natural oils strip away once you bathe the hamster. Your hamster can also have frostbite in certain seasons, due to which they can die. 

If your hamster is dirty and waste is stuck in its fur, the better option is to cut it. You can also take your hamster for regular trims at a pet grooming shop. If you ever feel like your hamster is too dirty, take it to a professional for a cleanup. If you attempt to bath hamsters at home, you must ensure you have the proper skills to do it. It is essential to ensure that your room is warm and the water temperature is also adequate. However, it is recommended to avoid bathing your hamster as they clean themselves quite well. 

Do hamsters smell when they are afraid? 

It is the nature of a hamster to keep themselves super clean and strip themselves of any scent. This is their defense mechanism to protect themselves from predators. However, a hamster hunches his back, and their hair stands straight when they are afraid. They also start to sniff out of fear and try to sense any danger near them. Most animals have this kind of behavior when they feel worried or in danger. 

Do hamsters smell when they die? 

Like any other animal, hamsters also smell when they die. If you do not dispose of a hamster immediately after their death, they will smell foul. When a hamster dies, it starts to rot within three days. Your house will smell bad; hence, you must bury or throw away a dead hamster immediately. 


Hamsters are a low-maintenance pet to own, and they are so lovable. People wonder, do hamsters smell before they purchase them. A hamster does not have any smell to them, but its surroundings can make them smell. Before you buy them, you must learn how to keep their cage clean and do proper research.  

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