How long are pigs pregnant?


Pig breeding is a profitable business, and a pregnant pig is central to it. Favorable maintenance, high-quality nutrition, proper care with the key to an easy and healthy pregnancy of the pig. The modern understanding, creating the most optimal conditions at a time when the pig is carrying piglets, guarantees healthy offspring. This period may differ.

Pregnancy in pigs

Pigs are typically pregnant for 110-120 days (4 months). But, it is almost impossible to determine exactly the period during which the pig bears offspring, as this depends on the animal’s body. This period can be reduced to 101 days or increased to 126. How many offspring a piglet carries depends on many factors. For example, stress can cause premature birth. So you should be ready by 110 days of pregnancy.

There are times when the pregnancy lasts less than the due period. The mortality rate for such births is very high. For a healthy piglet to be born, the female needs to be healthy. For breeding, choose a pig aged about 5 years, but not more, and weighing 100 kg. In pigs weighing more than 100 kg, the work is very difficult and the probability of death increases.

Under normal conditions, a pig can give birth after 5-6 months of age, but the offspring is unlikely to be viable as the pigs’ physical maturity is not yet complete. But by 9-10 months of age, the pig is completely physically ready.

For the future pig to give birth to offspring, you must bring her a good pig during her period, which lasts from 2 to 4 days. Fertilization is best in the first days of her period.

Pregnancy in pigs in days and gestation varies depending on different criteria:

  1. Season
  2. Age of the animal
  3. The number of births and the number of pups in each litter
  4. Living conditions

For example, pregnancy in pigs is faster if the female is young. Also, pregnancy depends on the number of piglets the pig carries. In summer, pregnant women usually walk a little longer than in winter. The time may also depend on the breed of livestock. For example, a Vietnamese Whisker can bear offspring for 114-118 days. But white large breeds, if you count the days, give birth on the 114th, and sometimes even on the 126th day. The average statistic shows that 90% of people give birth on the 118th day of pregnancy.

Six piglets with spots and varying colors of white, black, and brown

Signs of Pregnancy

How to determine the pregnancy of a pig at home for a novice farmer? It will not be difficult to do this. Already on the 5th day, there are signs of pregnancy. The main ones include:

  1. Indifference to the world around her
  2. Lack of appetite even in the first days of pregnancy
  3. Vaginal discharge of cottage cheese consistency
  4. The nipples are ready for feeding
  5. Rapid weight gain

In the first days after fertilization, a pregnant pig has a high risk of miscarriage. You need to be especially careful at this time. It is necessary to monitor the nutrition of pigs, as the wrong product can also lead to fetal loss. If a miscarriage occurs, the pig can try again during her next period.


Every pig farmer must know how to choose a pig, what criteria can be used to determine pregnancy, how long a pig’s pregnancy lasts, and how long it lasts. This knowledge will help you in time to detect deviations from the norm and take the necessary measures.

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