How long do Chihuahua stay in heat?


Chihuahuas typically stay in heat for 21-28 days.

How to tell if a dog is in Heat

Some signs that your dog is in heat: 

  • It vulva gets swollen 
  • Blood discharge from the vagina
  • Heavy Urination
  • Becomes unusually friendly
  • Flagging of tail (when a dog wags their tail rapidly back and forth above their spine level – like a flag)
  • Switch in appetite
  • Other dogs will act differently when around your dog.

Chihuahuas can start their period six months after their birth and just like humans it ranges from one to another, it can occur as often as often as every six months to nine months.

Heat Cycle for Chihuahuas

Just like humans, there is a cycle relative to the heat period in dogs generally, it has three phases:

A brown and white long haired chihuahua on a pink background

Proestrus (First Phase)

This is the phase where the Chihuahua experiences a swell in its vulva, it also experiences a bloody discharge from its vaginal, and it tends to intimate more frequently. In this phase it tends to still act as normal as possible, trying to hide its ovulation, acting uninterested in breeding, by holding close its tail. It will try to amplify its grooming behaviors by cleaning.

It can sometimes be very difficult for the pet owner to recognize this phase. The easiest way to know when this phase is occurring is to watch out for behavioral changes in the Chihuahua. It normally starts running after male dogs and becomes more friendly than it used to be.

Estrus (Second phase)

This is the phase in which your Chihuahua will be ready to breed. The vagina discharge will change from the blood red it was in its first phase to either brownish or clear discharge. Flagging of the tail will also begin. It also shows a more visible nipple hardening. Ones you’ve noticed all of this changes from your dog, you can now start breeding your dog. But first, it is recommended to visit your veterinarian for guidelines and recommendations. The veterinarian will also carry out tests to verify if the timing is proper and also to ensure its safe and healthy for your dog to breed. 

This happens a week after the first phase has been completed. 

Diestrus (Third phase)

In this phase the dog will no longer be willing to breed. It will return to the way it behaves normally. Changes like bloody vaginal, swollen vulva will cease. In this phase, your dog still has the potential of getting pregnant.

Why it is necessary you visit a veterinarian before breeding your dog?

Pregnancy in any case, is potentially a dangerous condition, as it comes with a whole lot of risks and complications. Complications are very common with Chihuahuas – problems with carrying the pregnancies, and delivering due to the size of the baby Chihuahua. In order to have a smooth breeding/pregnancy period, it’s important to also be financially prepared for emergency situations. In cases of low preparations there is high risk of losing both of the mother and baby and in some cases both of them.

How to Manage the Heat period of a Chihuahua

Is your Chihuahua currently on its heat period? Here are some very important things to put into consideration:

  • It’s very important to isolate the Chihuahua away from every other dog around, when they are in their heat period. It’s very important to make sure that a male dog of any breed at all does not come close to the chihuahua. Isolating the Chihuahua away from other dogs will also ensure it doesn’t influence any of them with its hormones and scents, this way making them act improperly.
  • Doggie diapers should also be considered when your Chihuahua is in its heat period as this will help ensure it doesn’t mess around and create irritations to anybody around, as some people tend to take a bad reaction to blood stains. The diaper can also reduce the chances of the stains coming in contact with the floors and furniture of your home. If diapers isn’t a viable option, you can also use old blankets as additional layers for their beds and floors in order to avoid them from destroying your good ones with their fluids.
  • Adding chickens or baby food to your Chihuahua’s meals will help control its loss of appetite and help ensure that it is still well fed during this period.

How to Prevent Your Chihuahua from going into heat

You can decide to prevent your Chihuahua from breeding, but you can also prevent it from going into heat at all. How?

You can spay your Chihuahua to prevent it from going into heat. Spaying a dog means removing the dog’s uterus and ovaries. 

Chihuahuas will inevitably experience heat cycles, unless they have been spayed. And always look out for symptoms in your Chihuahua, as it can be quite difficult to tell when they are in their heat periods.

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