Do komodo Dragons Lay Eggs? (Explained)


Komodo Dragons are the largest lizards on earth. They live in Indonesia and can reach up to 10 feet in length with adults weighing as much as 300 pounds. In other words, they’re really big and come from Asia which explains the dragon-shaped body with a long pointed snout that ended in a flat tail.

Do komodo dragons lay eggs?

In short, yes. Komodo Dragons do lay eggs. The females of this species go through a pregnancy period where they are capable of laying clutches of over 30 eggs per year.

This process is quite difficult however since they need a certain amount of moisture and heat to facilitate the process and keep the eggs viable. These reptiles don’t give live birth to their young, instead, they give birth to eggs and carefully protect and guard them for months before they hatch

How Many Eggs do Komodo Dragons Lay?

The female Komodo dragon is capable of laying up to 30 eggs. The number of eggs on average depends on the size and age of the female Komodo Dragon. In most cases, the female will lay about 15-30 eggs which are quite large in size and are laid in a bowl shape that can hold a great deal of water and moisture.

How long do Komodo dragon’s eggs take to hatch?

Komodo dragon’s eggs take around 8 months to hatch. In other words, from the time that they are laid until the time they’re ready to hatch, it will take around 8 months for them to fully develop inside of their eggshell.

The eggs are buried in the warm sand and then guarded by the determined mother Komodo dragon who keeps a close eye on her clutch at all times. Once the babies begin to emerge, it takes about another month for them to grow larger and develop into baby lizards.

Do Komodo dragons eat their babies?

When the eggs of Komodo dragons hatch, they’re protected by their mother Komodo dragon who dutifully sees to everything they need while they’re inside of her clutch or her egg bowl. The hatchlings are very small at first and will remain in the egg for a few months before going through a sudden metamorphosis at the age of 8-10 months.

From there on, Komodo dragons are of a different breed altogether as babies. They molt several times throughout their lives and this is when they develop from babies into mature adults. Their small incidents where Komodo dragons can eat their young, however, this is a highly unusual and rare event. Most of the time they are very protective of their clutch and will not let any other aggressive animals such as snakes touch their eggs.

Can a male Komodo dragon lay eggs?

No, males do not lay eggs of any kind. In fact, the system used by Komodo dragons is based on sexual reproduction. The female Komodo dragon is the one who lays eggs, which are then fertilized by male Komodo dragons. They will go through a mating ritual each year where hundreds of adult males will mate with the females of the species during what’s called a „Basking.


So, do Komodo dragons lay eggs? Yes. The females will lay eggs over the course of a year, but they’re not laying eggs every day.

When they’ve laid her clutch of eggs, she will guard them carefully before they hatch and until they grow into baby lizards that are capable of defending themselves.

Depending on the size and age of the female Komodo dragon, she can lay anywhere from 15-30 eggs at a time which is quite an impressive number. Komodo dragons remain in tropical areas and have a very high tolerance for heat.

This is why it’s very common for them to inhabit the islands of Indonesia as well as some other smaller islands in the area. There are several other questions that can be answered with this information: Although the above post may be sufficient to answer your question, you may also want to read other relevant articles on our site.

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