What Do African Wild Dogs Eat? (With Examples)


African wild dogs are predators that live in the open plains of Africa. They spend most of their time foraging for food, which consists of a variety of animals that are found throughout the savannah. Wild dogs will also prey on larger animals like zebras and wildebeests, sometimes killing them with ease!

African Wild Dog Diet

The African wild dogs are carnivores, and their diet consists of a multitude of different animals that are found in the savannah. The dogs sometimes prey on the larger animals like zebras and wildebeests, but often hunt other animals for food as well.

Animals like hares, monkeys, and even small antelopes are all available options for wild dogs. They will also eat insects like termites, locusts, flies, grasshoppers, and beetles.

Wild dogs hunt in packs which allows them to use their numbers to their advantage. Animals that are too large are still killed and eaten by wild dogs, although they will use different techniques in order to bring down the larger animals.

The larger zebras and wildebeests are fatally injured by the dogs, but then they will wait until they die before they go to feed on their prey. This allows the dogs to conserve energy while hunting.

What do African wild dogs eat the most?

The African wild dogs have a predilection for eating antelopes, although they do eat other animals as well. Antelopes are a very common resource for dogs, and there are many different mammals that are found in Africa. Many of the wild dog pups grow up and become part of a pack and hunt for food.

Do African wild dogs eat humans?

Rarely, although it is rare for wild dogs to hunt humans. However, there are some cases where humans have been killed by African wild dogs. Usually, humans are killed by the dogs if they come between a dog and its prey.

African wild dogs don’t hunt for humans and usually shy away from people however when humans come too close to wild dogs. So avoid wild dogs and stay as far away from them as you can.

How Do African Wild Dogs Get Their Food?

African Wild Dogs are predators, and as such are carnivorous. They hunt in packs and use their great skill to hunt down animals that can be found in the savannah.

The dogs will often stay in packs and hunt as a group since they will be able to catch larger prey with their combined effort. A pack of wild dogs is terrifyingly effective, so even wild animals like zebras are easy prey for them. They prefer to hunt at dawn and dusk so that they can use the cover of darkness as an advantage.

What do African wild dogs hunt?

African wild dogs will hunt anything that inhabits the savannah including other carnivores as well as herbivores. It is common for one pack of African wild dogs to attack a herd of antelopes. The pack will surprise the herd, riding it down and killing the animals with their claws and teeth.

Are African Wild Dogs Aggressive?

African wild dogs are predatory animals, and as predators they are aggressive. However, as long as people do not touch or interact with a wild dog, they will avoid humans and do not pose much danger to people. They will attack if provoked, but otherwise, they usually stay clear of human interaction as long a large distance is cleared.

What Animals eat African wild dogs?

Larger predacious animals such as Lions and Hyenas are predators of the dogs. There are many dangers in the African Savanna for the wild dogs, and there are many animals that will hunt them. They sometimes fall prey to larger predators, but in general, they are at relatively low risk compared to other species of animals.


African wild dogs are carnivorous predators that inhabit the open plains of Africa. They hunt in packs and take down large prey in a coordinated attack. Aside from their prey, the dogs will also eat insects, termites, grasshoppers, beetles, and other animals. In addition to utilizing their pack hunting skills, wild dogs also use other methods of hunting for food such as hunting when it gets dark and using a stealthy attack.

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