The Complete Guide To Guinea Pig Dental Care


Guinea pigs are herbivores, they don’t eat meat and they are very social animal also. Ears of your guinea pigs are small and petal-shaped and eyes are set on the sides of their heads.

They have small, triangular mouths, having 20-22 teeth. Today, I am discussing here guinea pig’s teeth facts along with their dental problems, treatments and prevention procedures.

The facts to know about your guinea pigs’ teeth

Your cavies have their adjustment to explicit dietary sources and nourishing propensities over numerous ages. They love to eat the foods having low in caloric thickness and high in fibers.

It doesn’t require any investment around these guinea pigs to see that their prime movement during waking hours is eating.

Teeth Facts:

  • Your guinea pig has somewhere in the range of 16 and 22 teeth more profound inside the mouth.
  • All guinea pig teeth consist of 3 uppers and 3 lower molars on each side.
  • Surprise Fact! Each tooth of the top and bottom incisors maybe 1 cm – 1.5 cm long.
  • Your lovely pet also has a pair of incisors and a pair of premolars teeth in the upper and lower section.
  • Surprisingly they have no canines. Instead of canines, there is a gap i.e diastema.

Are guinea pigs born with teeth?

Cavies don’t have infant teeth that drop out to give a path for grown-up teeth. Rather, your guinea pig has a lot of teeth in the front and a set along his cheeks that are continually developing.

While in case their teeth drop out, on the off chance that they do, they’ll develop back.

Your guinea pig is brought into the world with the teeth’s and he will have for as long as he can remember.

The nature of your guinea pig’s teeth – The typical teeth of guinea pig

Guinea Pigs have an open rooted tooth. The majority of piggies teeth will keep on developing all throughout their life.

Does a guinea pig have the same feelings in their teeth like humans?

These teeth must adjust appropriately to enable the muscles of the jaws to work adequately and to bite the substance appropriately.

On the off chance that they are not appropriately adjusted, the muscles may end up agonizing or they may debilitate.

Furthermore, maligned teeth can grow sharp focuses along the tongue or cheeks that can cause pain during biting.

Your guinea pig teeth can likewise end up turned into a boil, broken, or even create masses. If these issues are appropriately distinguished and revised, dietary issues will create.

How long your guinea pig’s teeth should be

Since they’re always developing, the guinea pig must wear them to an appropriate length by biting. Snacking on the grass and other issue wears his teeth out so the front teeth meet up with the top somewhat covering the base.

Solid teeth won’t wear out to stubs. The teeth ought to be straight, near one another and simply the correct length for your guinea pig to close his mouth and eat easily.

Take care of your cavies’ teeth – The smart care is essential!

Your guinea pig needs your special care always and in my blog, I wrote about all what you need to know about guinea pigs care.

Because without your proper care and awareness your pet’s teeth can develop cuts, sores, abscesses or overlong teeth.

Check guinea pig teeth properly

Taking a look at the teeth inside such a little mouth of the guinea pig that bites (and holds) continuously is tough.

  • That is fine for only a standard screening at a yearly well-being test, yet in the event that there is a sign of worry, at that point a superior assessment is required for your guinea pig teeth.
  • Sedation guarantees that the mouth can be opened further and decreases movement that makes treatment troublesome. It can likewise enable the utilization of tools to spread the cheeks and tongue to show signs of improvement and take a look along the edges of the teeth without gambling damage to your pet.
  • Sedation likewise permits imaging for what can’t be seen by simply looking. 80-90% of your guinea pig teeth live underneath the gums since they have extremely long toots.
  • You can take a look at the edges of the teeth. And estimating with respect to different structures in the head, plans can be planned to trim excess. This helps to reduce the alignment of the cheek teeth and to address the hidden issue.
  • If you move your pet’s mouth a little bit, you locate the whole incisors. But the Molar is even harder to see yourself. To check the molar, please visit the Vet early.
  • Always keep avoiding your cavies chew something hard, like a cage, for example. Because this can break your guinea pig’s teeth!

Clean your guinea pig’s teeth to keep them healthy!

Guinea pig’s teeth are not normal for people and don’t require brushing and toothpaste. Their teeth are developing constantly for a mind-blowing duration!

Despite the fact that you don’t have to clean them, cautious observing is required and you have to give your pet a lot of grass feed which is grating and wears the teeth out.

Common dental issues of your guinea pig – treatment and prevention

It isn’t typical for a guinea pig to lose teeth; do check your cavy by the vet on the off chance that he has any absent or free teeth.

If your Guinea Pig having some issues with teeth, you can trace them by the following symptoms.

  • They Refuse to eat
  • Difficulties with chewing food
  • Chewing food on one side of the mouth
  • The cavies constantly open keep opening the mouth.
  • Your lovely rodent picking food in the mouth but not eating.
  • Sometimes not able to picking food i.e. dropping food when trying to eat.
  • Weight loss is also a notable symptom, indicates unable to eat or feeling pain.
  • Wet hair around your guinea pig’s mouth and also under the chin
  • Continuous or notable discharge from nose or eyes of your piggies.

The common dental problems of your guinea pig

  • Tooth Loss and Broken Teeth: Your Guinea pigs can break teeth much like a human. But their teeth are not as strong as a human. So, it happens when the diet isn’t good and healthy and is lacking vitamin C and calcium. Sometimes they broke teeth from injury too. If your Guinea Pig receives proper nutrition then it shouldn’t be a problem. The teeth will grow again within a proper time period. Keeping the broken teeth uncured is dangerous too as it can harm inner mouth too.
  • Elongated Roots: 3 The rooted teeth of your guinea pig grow bigger by the day. Suddenly some situation comes, unfortunately, then they can suffer from the elongated root. The elongated root can make the tooth grow into the jaw. In the bottom teeth of your cavy touch the jawline of your pet and you should feel bumps. It’s definitely a major teeth issue. This issue will not fix directly – consult a Vet in early-stage to avoid major problem.
  • Malocclusion: Malocclusion is a very common dental problem of cavies. It appears when the teeth of your guinea Pig are not worn properly and are overgrown. This condition affects both the front and back teeth. This malocclusion can produce serious issues to your lovely friend pet. So, a do a quick treatment and visit a Vet. This can affect your guinea pig’s growth in teeth. The X-Ray can easily detect this type of teeth. The Vet will fill the maloccluded teeth and cure your cavy.

What happens if your guinea pig’s teeth fell out and how long does it take for guinea pig’s teeth to grow back?

Biting on materials that are excessively hard, pulling on enclosure wires or taking a hard fall can make your pig’s teeth break. On the off chance that a tooth can break beneath the gum line, but another one will develop in it soon.

Meanwhile, it’s our responsibility to keep the gap clean up to that point. Flush the gap with water each day to expel matter. Additionally, watch out for the recently developing teeth and ensure they don’t develop so long they jab the uncovered gums.

Most guinea pig teeth will develop back without difficulties, however, counsel your vet whenever you have a well-being concern and especially. If your pig seems to experience any difficulty eating.


As a conclusion, it’s dependent upon us to guarantee that they’re cheerful and sound in all ways, and that includes their dental needs too.

Fortunately, a guinea pig’s affection for biting and your sharp eyes can help get and anticipate numerous issues before they become difficult issues.

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