How Do Guinea Pigs Get Mites? Causes & Natural Remedies


Mites are little insects that can cause genuine skin issues for your guinea pig. The two regular guinea pig Mites or lice are Trixacarus Caviae (sarcoptic mange bug) and Chirodiscoides Caviae.

Your cavy may get these mites from other infected cavies that she interacts with or from recently contaminated bedding. Mites or lice can influence a guinea pig of all ages or sex.

Difference between mites and lice

Mites are an 8-legged creature like creepy crawlies and ticks, and lice are like ants. There are additionally two sorts of lice: sucking lice and biting lice.

The sucking lice are more troubling than the biting lice in light of the probability of blood-borne infection and over the top, it can cause blood loss in your guinea pig on the off chance if they have an extreme infection.

The two mites and lice are a threat to your guinea pig’s life and can even be very painful to them. However, you’ll need to make sure that your pets get rid of them, as quickly as possible.

How do guinea pigs get lice and mites?

You probably won’t see a mild lice invasion of your pet, however in the event that he’s extremely affected, that is something different.

Your guinea pig will start itching always and might go hairless in some spots. The skin around his head, ears and neck become aroused.

Early signs when your guinea pig get Mites and lice

  • Affected skin of your guinea pig will get thick and, in some cases, yellowish and hard.
  • There might be balding in the influenced area.
  • Chances of optional bacterial skin diseases increases.
  • In time, weight reduction is normal, and your cavy may end up becoming lethargic and depressed.

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What kinds of problems can mites cause in my guinea pig?

Right after the contamination, your guinea pig may not show any indications. Your cavy may or may not start itching. Everything relies upon the kind of problem and in the event that she is easily affected by merits or lice, this is a great book to read before getting guinea pigs.

Chirodiscoides Caviae mites may make gentle no clinical signs at all and are normally not too dangerous for your guinea pigs’ life.

Trixacarus Caviae mites can cause extraordinary clinical signs since they cause extreme irritation which can be seen in the form of itchiness. These merits cause such irritation that your guinea pig may even go into seizures and pass on.

How will you identify if your guinea pig has lice or mites?

  • You should take your guinea pig to the veterinarian routinely (at least once a year) to examine mites as soon as possible and provide adequate treatment.
  • To begin with, your veterinarian will look at you guinea pig fur and skin to identify mites and lice.
  • In the event, if your veterinarian sees any skin issues, fungus and cultures for bacteria that might be taken also.
  • Your veterinarian additionally may do some tests to ensure that the itching’s and scratchings are not because of any other diseases.

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How to Treat Mites and Lice in guinea pigs

  • Get a cleanser or shower for static mites. If your guinea pig has static mites – which makes it resemble your pig has dust in their fur – you’ll require an exceptional cleanser. You should take your cavies to the vet to discover without a doubt what sort of mites or lice it has
  • Direct oral or injectable medications for lice. Lice are exceptionally infectious, so you need to ensure your guinea pigs escape. Your vet will probably give oral or injectable medications.
  • Change your pig’s bedding like clockwork. In the event that your cavy has been determined with mites or lice, you should evacuate the majority of your cavies bedding in their certain limits.
  • Utilize clear tape on your pig. When you see that your guinea pig is scratching a lot, you can utilize clear tape to check whether there are lice on your cavies. Press a segment of tape onto your pig’s back and after that force it off and take a look at it under an amplifying glass. You will be able to see some lice or eggs on the tape.

Prevent your guinea pig from lice and merits Mites

  • Wash your pet routinely. You should shower your lovely pets once every one to two months. Utilize a guinea pig cleanser, which you can discover in most pet stores. And if you have numerous pigs, you should wash them all the more frequently
  • Utilize against mange cleanser. The counter mange cleanser will keep your pig from getting sarcoptic bugs. The treatment for sarcoptic mange, brought about by sarcoptic bugs, is quite exceptional, with various medicines and bunches of potential torment for your pig, so avoidance is a great idea.
  • If your cavy is meeting with other guinea pigs, make sure you are cleansing him properly before acquainting with its mates, just on the off chance that it is conveying any merits.
  • Clean your guinea pig’s enclosure consistently. You should do that each week. When you are cleaning the bedding, ensure you wipe down your pig’s enclosure, as well. Keeping your guinea pig’s home clean will help to prevent from merits and lice.
  • Give the guinea pig a lot of Vitamin C. Nutrient C can help support your guinea pig’s framework and prevent them from lice and merits. You can add a Vitamin C supplement to your guinea pig’s water or feed nourishments like citrus and greens.

Should I be concerned about mites affecting my family?

Guinea pig vermin don’t care for living on individuals, so people living in your home with a contaminated guinea pig don’t create disease.

However, Trixacarus Caviae mites are infectious to individuals, so on it may happen that somebody in your family is delicate to merits, the person may build up gentle and likely skin contamination from your infected guinea pig.

People living in a family with a vermin contaminated guinea pig who create skin issues should look for the advice of their doctors.

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