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Just like people, cats are unique creatures. Maybe your kitty has the cutest pink nose, a black flower pattern on its fur, an unusually grumpy expression never seen before on the internet or multicolor pads on its paws. There are looks, and then there’s personality, too. Let’s wrap our human heads around unique feline behaviors. After that, we can embark on a search for your furry friend’s unique name.

5 Unique Cat Behaviors to Inspire You

Cat’s unique and strange behavior often perplexes cat parents. Want to pick a name for this mysterious creature? Why not get some inspiration from their unique behaviors like:

  • Making biscuits – also known as kneading, this behavior of a cat pressing on a soft surface with their paws is associated with nursing. It’s considered to be a sign of pleasure, trust and relaxation.
  • Headbutting – it’s a welcoming sign and a way of marking territory. When a cat rubs their muzzle or whiskers against you, they’re leaving their scent on you.
  • Spending time in boxes – this behavior is connected with cat evolution. They evolved to hide in tight spaces as a way of protecting themselves against predators. It’s also warm in there.
  • Hanging out in high spaces – cats feel that they have control over their surroundings up on a bookshelf. It can also be their way of getting away from it all.
  • Scratching – this one has numerous functions: claw maintenance, stretching, relaxation, scent marking. Pet parents can kill two birds with one stone when they install multiple scratching posts in their homes – they make their cats happy and keep furniture from getting destroyed.
5 Unique Cat Behaviors to Inspire You

Unique cat names inspired by these behaviors include: Scratchers, Boxy, Biscuit, Bumper, Tops. These are only a few ideas – the possibilities are endless!

Editor’s Note

Cats also love interactive toys or games. Bringing out their inner hunter is just one way cats can entertain themselves – and you. So why not name them Pounce, Catcher, or Laser? There’s something for every kitty!

5 Unique Cat Breeds

All felines are unique, but there are some breeds that deserve an honorable mention. They produce cats that you rarely see in the street. They’re beautiful and have wonderful personalities:

  • Sphynx – energetic, loyal and playful; these almost hairless cats have a piercing look. A good name would be Skinny, Alien, or Elder.
  • Minuet – short-legged kitties that are fluffy, playful and sociable. They deserve a cute name like Munchkin, Tiddler, or Fubsy.
  • Ocicat – beautiful tabby cats that resemble their wild counterparts; they are playful and loving. Why not give them a wild name like Ocelot, Stripes, or Spear?
  • American Curl – their distinctive ears are round and curled backwards; they are affectionate and curious. Frizzy, Crinkle or Ringlet all make good names for them.
  • LaPerm – curly-coated cats that are clever and extroverted; they make good family pets. Why not name one of these kitties after Cher or Barbra Streisand, known for their perms?

If you have one of them, we recommend you don’t use their breed itself as their name. But if you have a common kitty, these make amazing cat names!

Truly Unique Cat Names

The key to picking a memorable name for your new cat is to choose something extraordinary that you don’t frequently hear, or something that sounds special to you. Our picks for unique cat names include:

  • Acura;
  • Ajax;
  • Aki;
  • Ambrosia;
  • Atlas;
  • Bahia;
  • Biana;
  • Briggs;
  • Catbert;
  • Chakra;
  • Cheyenne;
  • Chicklet;
  • Countess;
  • Cutsie;
  • Einstein;
  • Excalibur;
  • Gaia;
  • Montana;
  • Quintana Roo;
  • Sonora;
  • Wanda.

Editor’s Advice

You can also look up the rarest baby names – ones that were used a few times in a given year at most. For example, about 5 girls were named Hester or Romilly in 2022. For boys, one of the rarest names is Zebedee.

Unique Female Cat Names

Need something more specific? Have a look at some great, unique cat names for your feline girl:

  • Aiko;
  • Amaya;
  • Astra;
  • Autumn;
  • Barbie;
  • Bliss;
  • Bonita;
  • Butterscotch;
  • Cha Cha;
  • Cheri;
  • Cuddles;
  • Destiny;
  • Dior;
  • Dot;
  • Ellie;
  • Elvira;
  • Enya;
  • Evita;
  • Felicity;
  • Fifi;
  • Friskie;
  • Gardenia;
  • Gemma;
  • Godiva;
  • Harmony;
  • Heidi;
  • Hissy;
  • Jada;
  • Jana;
  • Jipsee;
  • June;
  • Kia;
  • Kiki;
  • Kokomo;
  • Littlebit;
  • Lovebug;
  • Mimsy;
  • Nikia;
  • Paisley;
  • Periwinkle;
  • Ribbon;
  • Rizzo;
  • Roxy;
  • Sahara;
  • Sapphire;
  • Savannah;
  • Selby;
  • Selena;
  • Taffy;
  • Tasha;
  • Tawny;
  • Tula;
  • Uma;
  • Vera;
  • Xany;
  • Yoko;
  • Zola;
  • Zula.
Unique Female Cat Names

Unique Male Cat Names

To balance it out, we offer you some unique cat names for males:

  • Amadeus;
  • Apache;
  • Arlo;
  • Augustus;
  • Aztec;
  • Bugsy;
  • Buster;
  • Casanova;
  • Chevy;
  • Chomps;
  • Clyde;
  • Colonel;
  • Dalton;
  • Dante;
  • Darrow;
  • DaVinci;
  • Dilbert;
  • Double O’Seven;
  • Earl;
  • Eastwood;
  • Elway;
  • Fabio;
  • Fenton;
  • Finn;
  • Gideon;
  • Gil;
  • Graham;
  • Harrison;
  • Hickory;
  • Jenner;
  • Keegan;
  • Linux;
  • Luxor;
  • Maestro;
  • Nubby;
  • O’Malley;
  • Odie;
  • Pacey;
  • Quentin;
  • Quimby;
  • Rasta;
  • Razo;
  • Ruddykins;
  • Sergeant;
  • Scorpio;
  • Sergio;
  • Shaq;
  • Theo;
  • Tiberius;
  • Tripper;
  • Whitman;
  • Wycliff;
  • Zepplin;
  • Zigfried.
Unique Male Cat Names

Baby-Inspired Kitten Names

A new pet is not only a feline friend, but also a new family member. Don’t hesitate to glance at some adorable baby names. After all, a kitten is just another type of baby:

  • Silas – means “of the forest”; a good name for nature loving and outdoor kitties.
  • Kylen – means „narrow”; this one is for slender and active felines.
  • Gatlin – means „companion”; a good name for sociable lap cats.
  • Ace – means „one, unique”; if you have a solid color kitty, it might be a good choice.
  • Jair – means „he shines”; white cats could be happy with this name.
  • Apollo – means „destroyer”; for particularly handsome alpha male cats.
  • Valencia – means „bravery”; a perfect name for adventurous kitty girls.
  • Riya – means „singer”; this one is for vocal kitties.
  • Selene – means „moon”; this one could be a good name for cats who are particularly active at night.

Unique White Cat Names

Is your furry little friend white? You can draw a lot of inspiration from other white creatures or things. Here are some unique cat name ideas for white kitties:

  • Alaska;
  • Blanche;
  • Candytuft;
  • Daffodil;
  • Dandelion;
  • Daphne;
  • Dolly;
  • Egret;
  • Fondant;
  • Glacier;
  • Laurel;
  • Magnolia;
  • Marble;
  • Moonflower;
  • Olaf;
  • Tulip;
  • Yang.
Unique White Cat Names

Unique Orange Cat Names

So, your cat looks like Garfield, huh? Well, if you’re looking for something more original, we’ve got you covered! Here are some unique ideas to name your cat!

  • Cadmium;
  • Crocoite;
  • Johnny Rotten;
  • Kathy Griffin;
  • Kim Possible;
  • Magenta;
  • Massicot;
  • Minium;
  • Nevada;
  • Orpiment;
  • Pepper Potts;
  • Poison Ivy;
  • Prince Harry;
  • Princess Fiona;
  • Realgar;
  • Reba;
  • Saffron;
  • Sahara;
  • Tori Amos;
  • Tornado;
  • Turmeric.

Unusual and Funny Names for Cats

At last, we’ve prepared a list of names that will not only be memorable, but also, sometimes, funny. Maybe you’ll find the perfect name here:

  • Beetle;
  • Beulah;
  • Charcoal;
  • Comet;
  • Crow;
  • Darcy;
  • Diamond;
  • Ellery;
  • Esme;
  • Flame;
  • Flamingo;
  • Greta;
  • Hamilton;
  • Harlow;
  • Hullie;
  • Inky;
  • Jet;
  • Katniss;
  • Klaus;
  • Leela;
  • Lolly;
  • Lynx;
  • Mabel.


Take the first three letters of your first name. Then, add a color or another descriptor that matches your cat’s looks or personality. My name is Elizabeth, so I could name a gray cat Eligray! It’s a fun way to make yourself a part of your cat’s identity.

Pros and Cons of Giving Your Cat a Unique Name

Your cat will stand out from other cats.A unique name can be difficult for other people to remember.
It can be a great conversation starter.It can be difficult for your cat to understand.
It can be fun to say and remember.People may misspell or mispronounce it.
You’ll express your creativity.It can be embarrassing if it’s too silly or strange.

Unique Cat Names – Q&A

To finish it all, we have prepared some unique questions and answers. Seeing what other people search for might be an inspiration on its own!

What Is the Rarest Name for a Girl Cat?

Technically, the rarest name could be the one that you come up with on your own. To make it truly one-of-a-kind, you can combine parts of words of your favorite things. For example, if you love croissants and pizza, you could name your cat „Croizza.”

What Is the Coolest Cat Name?

The coolest cat name is highly subjective and depends on the preferences of each individual. Some names that are considered cool are Shadow, Halloween, Thunder, and Sparkledust.

What Are Badass Names for Cats?

Badass names for cats include Claw, Fang, Spike, Flamechain, and Rogue. You can also give your cat a name that pays homage to some badass characters. For example, names like Ironman, Blackbeard, or Deadpool are all great options.

What Is the Cutest Cat Name?

The cutest cat name is Starlight. In general, cute cat names are often inspired by nature and characters from movies, television shows, books, and cartoons. Popular cute names for cats include Butterscotch, Snowball, Cotton, Gizmo, and Milo.

What Is the #1 Cat Name?

According to online sources, the number one cat name is Luna. Other top names include Milo, Oliver, Charlie, and Simba.

And that’s all the unique names for cats we could think of! We hope we’ve inspired you, and your furry friend will end up with a truly amazing name. Thanks for reading! 

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