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Is There a Perfect Name for a Siamese Cat?

Each cat is unique, and each deserves a beautiful, well-fitted name. However, some cases require much more research than others. With the Siamese cats, things get a little complicated. PussSmokey, or other popular names won’t necessarily go well with their grace and elegance. 

To underline their uniqueness, it’s worth choosing a name that corresponds to their origins. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of ancient mythologies and cultures in order to find the best name ideas for your Siamese kitty. We’ll also draw inspiration from pop culture for some balance. 

But before we get into the Siamese cat name ideas, let’s take a closer look at this fascinating breed.

Our Reader’s Story

I recently adopted a Siamese cat and I wanted to give him a special name. After much deliberation, I settled on the name 'Siam’. I thought it was a fitting name for a Siamese cat, and it seemed to fit him perfectly.
I searched online for more Siamese cat names and found some fascinating ones. Some of my favorites were 'Kismet’, 'Kai’, 'Koko’, 'Miko’, and 'Thot’. I love how each of these names has a unique meaning and reflects the personality of a Siamese cat.

Siamese Cats: A Brief History

Siamese cats are sometimes associated with Egypt, but actually, they come from the Far East. The breed’s origin is Thailand, known as Siam back in the day. In traditional Thai beliefs, the Siamese cats would be considered the incarnations of the souls of the deceased family members. Even their name, wichien-maat (meaning moon diamond in Thai), indicates their special status. 

The Siamese cats are known outside of Thailand for a relatively short time. In the nineteenth century, they conquered the Western world, becoming one of the most desired breeds. Appreciated for their beauty, they’ve become a symbol of elegance and grace.

Siamese Cats – What Do They Stand Out With?

The Siamese breed has a unique ombre coat. The dark stains cover the Siamese cats’ heads, ears, paws, and tails, fading into white on the belly. Siamese cats are also known for their beautiful blue eyes with a slight almond shape.

These features, combined with a slim posture, make the Siamese breed really popular worldwide. But it’s not all about the looks – the Siamese tend to have wonderful personalities as well. They’re generally very friendly, developing strong bonds with their owners. Sometimes, you may find them a little jealous – but they’ll make it up to you with their affection and love! Now let’s talk about Siamese cat names.

Famous Siamese Cat Names

Disney has an ambivalent attitude towards the Siamese breed. In 1965 That Darn Cat, produced by this iconic film studio, the Siamese protagonist DC is adventurous and sassy. Actually, DC could serve well as the unpretentious, tricky name for your elegant Siamese kitty!

However, in another Disney hit, The Lady and the Tramp, the Siamese are villains. Twin cats – Si and Am – love to cause confusion and take advantage of their charm to manipulate their owner. But well, if you suspect that your kitten will be a troublemaker, one of these names would fit perfectly. And if you adopt Siamese siblings, it’s even a better fit!

Siamese Cat: Thai and Buddhist Names 

If you want to name your Siamese kitten according to the breed’s roots – we’ve got you covered. Here are some Siamese male cat names inspired by the Thai and Theravada Buddhist traditions. A Thai name can underline the charm of your Siamese kitten.

  • Nirvana (the final liberation from the cycle of births and deaths);
  • Karma (the law of the reason and result);
  • Samsara (the circle of life);
  • Lotus (a common Buddhist symbol);
  • Chimon (wisdom);
  • Sati (Mindfulness);
  • Balam(power);
  • Sinn (treasure);
  • Sunti (peace);
  • Kannika (flower);
  • N̂ảtā (tear);
  • Fị (fire);
  • Daw (star);
  • N̂ả (water);
  • Mh̄ās̄muthr (ocean);
  • Phlang (power);
  • Thī̀rạk (loving);
  • H̄ạwcı (heart).
siamese cat - thai and buddhist names

Siamese Female Cat Names Based on Egyptian Mythology

Even though the Siamese cats come from Thailand, the mysterious names taken from Egyptian mythology seem tailor-made for them! Here are some Siamese cat names you may find inspiring:

  • Hathor: A goddess of love, happiness, dance and music, and a patroness of women. Her other names are Goddess of Heaven and Golden Goddess. She is identified as the Egyptian incarnation of Aphrodite. 
  • Isis: A goddess of fertility, and a patroness of families, maternity, and marriage.
  • Bastet: The name of this goddess seems like the perfect fit for the cat name. Bastet – the goddess of love, joy, music, and fertility – would be pictured by the ancient Egyptians as a cat.

The best Egyptian cat names – here you will find more ideas and inspirations!

Siamese Male Cat Names Based on Egyptian Mythology

Your furry Siamese boy also can inherit a name after one of the mythological gods.

  • Osiris: Often pictured as a mummy, Osiris owns the underworld.
  • Horus: The oldest national god of Egypt, usually pictured as a falcon. 
  • Thot: The patron of writers, medics and scientists, an inventor of writing. 
  • Ra: The god of the sun.

Siamese Cat Names Based on Egyptian Cities

As we’re delving into Egyptian mythology, we cannot help but mention the Egyptian cities since they have such beautiful names. You could name your Siamese after one of them:

  • Cairo;
  • Luxor;
  • Memphis;
  • Thebes;
  • Abydos;
  • Alexandria.
names of pharaohs perfect for siamese cats

Names of Pharaohs – Perfect for Siamese Cats

Your furry friend has truly royal manners? If she’s a girl, you could go for a universal CleopatraCleo for short. But there are many other Siamese cat names that will make your kitty special.

  •  Khufu: You may not have heard the name of this pharaoh before, but for sure, you know his greatest legacy – the Great Pyramid of Giza. For 4,000 years, this famous building, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was also the tallest man-made structure ever. 
  • Hatshepsut: This woman has taken over the pharaoh’s role, becoming one of the most peaceful and clever rulers in Ancient Egypt’s history.
  • Amenhotep: Amenhotep was remembered as the pharaoh that has led Egypt to a new prosperous path. 

Summing Up

When searching for names for Siamese cats, remember to take the aspect of usability into account. The uniqueness matters, but focus on names that will be easy to use in everyday life. They can be longer, but you should be able to make them shorter when necessary (like Cleopatra-Cleo). Remember comfort should always be in the first place when choosing a cat name!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Good Siamese Cat Names?

Some good Siamese cat names based on the color of your cat’s fur can be Sienna, Cinnamon, Champagne, or Burmese. Consider names based on famous Siamese cats, like Mookie or Nefertiti. Finally, you might consider traditional Thai names like Sukanya or Phuphakorn.

What’s Another Name for a Siamese Cat?

Some people also refer to Siamese cats as Meezers or Meses. These are informal names that are often used among cat lovers.

What Are Siamese Cats With Blue Eyes Called?

Siamese cats with blue eyes are often referred to as odd-eyed Siamese cats. This name is a reference to the unique eye color, which is due to incomplete dominance of the dilution gene. These cats are considered to be more rare and valuable than other types of Siamese cats.

Do Siamese Cats Purr?

Yes, Siamese cats purr. They are known for their unique vocalizations that sound like chirps, trills, and meows mixed together. Many people find these sounds to be endearing and appealing. Some owners even train their Siamese cats to say words or phrases when they get excited!

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