Mexican Dog Names – Popular and Unique Ideas

EnergyChiquita (little one, young)Lobo (wolf)
CoolnessLilacina (Echeveria ghost)Huipil (traditional garment)
PlaceAmeca (Mexican town)Cozumel (holiday island)

It is already pretty challenging to come up with English names for your dog. So, finding Mexican names can get quite hard as well. However, you don’t have to worry! You can choose from some of the most amazing and unique Mexican names for dogs that we came up with. For your convenience, we’ve categorized authentic Mexican dog names that will suit your Mexican breed dog perfectly well.

Mexican Dog Name Ideas 

mexican dog name ideas

Interested in naming your adorable canine friend after popular Mexican locations, food, and beverage? Look no more. We’ve got some excellent and funny Mexican dog names that you can pick from.


Derived from the English name Alexandro, this is a pretty popular name for Mexican dog breeds. You can shorten this name and call your dog Aleja or Alej lovingly. Not only is this an affectionate name, but it also catches the attention of anyone nearby. If you want an impressive name for your little pet, Alejandro will be perfect!


Amor refers to love in Mexican and can be an excellent name for your puppy. If you’re a fan of Mexican meaningful and straightforward words, Amor would be more than perfect for your dog. 


Your dog is not just your pet; it is your friend, and what better than naming it after the Mexican word Amigo? It is easy, sweet, and sounds lovely to hear as well! 


Inspired by the famous Mexican food, Burrito is an excellent name for your goofball. If your new puppy is one of the fluffy and cute ones, Burrito can be a unique and entertaining Mexican dog name! 


Is your little pup a joy of delight and a fierce fighter at the same time? Pick the name Lobo for it! It means wolf and would be a catchy name for your little canine friend. 


Another excellent name, this one refers to a bear in Mexican. Most pet parents love opting for the name ‘bear’ in different languages. If you’re one of them, try going for Oso! 


If your pet is a tiny chihuahua, Chico would be an excellent name for it! This name means small boy or child in Mexican. Your chihuahua is also practically your baby; hence this name can be both affectionate and stylish at the same time! 


Another compelling name inspired by the delicious dessert snack, Churros. This can be a cool name for your dog. If you happen to own a cute Mexican hairless dog or any other Mexican breed slightly brown in color, Churros would be an exquisite name.


This is a perfect name for your playful and fun-loving Mexican dog. It is a Spanish word that means happy and can be a good name for your pretty active dog – always jolly and loves to play around a lot. 


Inspired by a famous city in Mexico, this name can be a good option for your canine friend. If you’re looking for artistic and splendid names related to Mexican culture for your little pup, Leon can be a perfect one. It not only represents Mexican heritage, but can also sound delightful.


Celino means heaven in Mexican and can be a cool Mexican name for your new dog. Your dog will be your partner in different adventures and journeys and will be your constant companion for a long time. That is why it deserves a significant name. A meaningful name like Celino can be ideal for your puppy. Looking for more Mexican dog names? Keep reading!


Known as Xavier in English, the Mexican name Javier can be great for those who want something unique and sturdy for their dog. If you’re looking for something remarkable for your one-of-a-kind dog, Javier can be a good option. 


Carlos is a popular and great Mexican name that can signify a lot of things. It can mean a warrior, an independent person, and a free spirit as well. If you want something expressive and meaningful for your little dog, Carlos can be a solid option. 


A famous Mexican name, Chiquita, means small or young. If you have a beautiful girl dog with a friendly personality, Chiquita can be a cute name for it! It reflects warmth, and affection and feels very loving as well. 


If your dog is a gorgeous female dog, Bonita can be an excellent name for it! It means pretty or beautiful in Mexican. An attractive and pleasant dog like yours deserves a graceful name like Bonita. 


Inspired by a hot pepper sauce, this can be a cool name for your cheeky and active small dog! Especially if your little friend has a charming personality, Tabasco can be a funny Mexican name for it. 

Hispanic Names for Your Male Pup 

mexican dog names - spanish names for your male pup

Mexican breed male dogs are super adorable and rugged! If you want to keep their roots intact through their names, we have just the perfect names for you! Here are some Hispanic names for your male dog that are unique, funny, and pretty cool as well;

  • Fabio;
  • Fernando;
  • Pablo;
  • Poncho;
  • Lorenzo;
  • Santiago;
  • Mateo;
  • Luis;
  • Ricardo;
  • Paco.

What about offering a name to your pup that could revitalize endangered indigenous languages in Mexico? Get inspired folks!

Hispanic Dog Name for Your Female Dog 

mexican dog names - spanish dog name for your female dog

Are you looking for some unique and beautiful Mexican names for your female puppy? Choosing Spanish ones for your gorgeous female dog can be difficult if you want something distinctive. Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Have a look at some pretty Spanish names we’ve picked for your little beauty:

  • Estelle;
  • Camila;
  • Daniela;
  • Lola;
  • Luisa;
  • Nina;
  • Maya;
  • Clarrisa;
  • Aurora;
  • Catalina.

More common Mexican dog names?

Joke of the Day

What’s the name of the Mexican who lost his car?


What did the Mexican fire chief name his two sons?

Jose and Hose-B.

Final Words 

To conclude the article, it can be said that Mexican dog names can be pretty tough to discover, especially if you’re not a native. A name can be a mirror to one’s personality, and the same goes for your canine friends. We hope our list of authentic Mexican names can be of help to you! So what are you going to name your next Mexican Xolo?

Frequently Asked Questions: Mexican Dog Names

Frequently Asked Questions Mexican Dog Names

What Is the Most Common Mexican Dog Name?

Some popular Mexican dog name choices might include Churros, Leon, Celino, Javier, Carlos, Chiquita, Bonita, Tabasco, or any of the other options listed in this article.

What Did Aztecs Name Their Dogs?

The Aztecs might have named their dogs after various plants and flowers in their native language. They might also have named them after deities or characters of importance in Aztec cultures, like Tezcatlipoca or Quetzalcoatl. The Aztec word for dog is itzcuintli.

What Is the Mayan Word for a Dog?

The Mayan word for dog is Pek. It’s a great Mexican dog name idea – doesn’t it sound loyal and courageous?

What Is Mexico’s National Dog?

The Mexican hairless dog is Mexico’s national breed. These dogs are known for their bald skin and even temperament.

What Is the Name of a Small Mexican Dog?

Chihuahua is a small Mexican dog breed that has become famous across the globe for its tiny size and distinctive appearance.

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