Greek Dog Names Inspired by Mythology, Culture, and Philosophy


Greece is undoubtedly a cradle of Western civilization – through the centuries, its mythology, symbols, language, philosophical thoughts, and political organization have been influencing other European cultures. Many of these ideas – like democracy – have survived the test of time, serving us until this day. 

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If you’re searching for a beautiful dog name, Greek culture is a great spot to start your research from. Not only do Greek names sound beautiful when pronounced – they also have beautiful meanings. Maybe can you borrow one from a famous philosopher? Or do you prefer to pick something more mythological? Let’s take a look at the examples of Greek dog names to see if you find something suitable for your pet.

Greek Philosophers Cat Names

We’ll start in full swing – with the Greek philosophers! You most likely got in touch with the thoughts of the guys listed below at your history or math classes. For a brilliant, bright doggy, they will be a perfect fit!

  • Plato;
  • Sophokles;
  • Socrates;
  • Aristotle;
  • Pythagoras;
  • Democritus;
  • Empedokles.

Greek Primal Deities 

Greek mythology describes the beginnings of the world born out of chaos – and with it, the deities that would mainly impersonate the natural forces. Among them, you will find some great Greek dog names ideas:

  • Gaia (earth);
  • Nyx (night);
  • Erebos (darkness);
  • Eros (love);
  • Chronos (time);
  • Apate (betrayment);
  • Filotes (friendship);
  • Hysmine (battle);
  • Lethe (oblivion);
  • Makhai (fight);
  • Logos (word, knowledge);
  • Eter (air);
  • Hemera (day);
  • Ourea (mountains);
  • Uranos (sky);
  • Pontos (sea).

Our Reader’s Story

When I got my first dog, I wanted to give him a special name that reflected his heritage. I decided to look into Greek dog names and found the perfect one for him: Apollo. It was meaningful to me because it was the name of the Greek god of the sun, and my pup was always so full of energy and life.

Greek Mythology-Inspired Dog Names

For the ancient Greeks, mythology was a way to explain the world and sneak universal truths about human nature that would pass to the next generations in the spoken form. Many myths have inspired the texts of culture – from literature to visual arts. The myths of Orpheus and Eurydice, Prometheus, Sisyphus or Dedal and Icar keep inspiring modern artists, who reinterpret them in their own way.

Even if you don’t have artistic aspirations, you can draw inspiration from mythology – for example, to name your furry friend! We’ve gathered the names of gods, goddesses, and other mythological figures that could serve you as ideas.

Greek Gods Dog Names

The pantheon of Olympic Greek gods is quite impressive. Most of the names below fit perfectly for a dog name, since they’re short and catchy. And you can match them with your doggy’s personality!

Let’s take Hypnos – it will be perfect for a sleepyhead. Poseidon is a perfect match for the amateur of baths and Apollo – for a handsome furry boy! Check the characteristics of each god to find the right Greek dog name for your dog among those listed below:

  • Helios (god of the sun);
  • Zeus (the ruler of Olympus);
  • Poseidon (god of the sea);
  • Ares (the god of war);
  • Apollo (the god of beauty);
  • Hermes (god’s messenger);
  • Dionysus (the god of harvest and wild nature);
  • Hades (the ruler of the underground world).

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greek dogs dog names

Greek Goddesses Dog Names

Naming your female dog after a goddess? That sounds like a perfect idea if you want to underline her uniqueness! Choose the name that fits her nature. Nike or Nemesis will be a perfect match for the little warriors with a big temper. And for the beauty queen, there is no other choice than Aphrodite! 

  • Aphrodite (the goddess of beauty and love);
  • Artemis (the goddess of hunting);
  • Hera (the goddess of marriage, family, and childbirth);
  • Athena (the goddess of wisdom);
  • Demeter (the goddess of harvest);
  • Nike (the goddess of victory);
  • Nemesis (the goddess of revenge);
  • Hecate (the goddess of darkness).
greek goddesses dog names

Greek Nymphs Dog Names

In Greek mythology, nymphs were female deities of nature. They would often be bound to particular places, like mountains, forests, or swamps. Nymphs would keep their distance from humans, for whom such encounters would be quite dangerous.

There are numerous nymphs in mythology – we’ve gathered the most recognized ones. We won’t explain all their backgrounds below – pick your favorite and check whether its characteristics go in line with your dog’s personality!

  • Aurae;
  • Electra;
  • Harmonia;
  • Ismene;
  • Acaste;
  • Arcaea;
  • Aegle;
  • Althaea;
  • Asia;
  • Atlantides;
  • Calliste;
  • Calypso;
  • Chione;
  • Clymene;
  • Cyrene;
  • Daphne;
  • Danais;
  • Dione;
  • Dirce;
  • Echo;
  • Erato;
  • Eunike;
  • Galathea;
  • Helia;
  • Hippo;
  • Ida;
  • Iasis;
  • Lotis;
  • Maera;
  • Maia;
  • Melia;
  • Neda;
  • Nephele;
  • Philyra;
  • Phoebe;
  • Sinope;
  • Thisbe.
greek nymphs dog names

Famous Heroes’ Male Greek Dog Names

If you’re searching for a Greek dog name for your male dog, you could get inspired by the Greek heroes and warriors. Below, you’ll find brief characteristics of the most famous ones.

  • Heracles – son of Zeus and Alcmena, famous for his great strength, bravery, and war skills;
  • Theseus – son of Poseidon and Aitra, the killer of Minotaur;
  • Achilles – son of Peleus and Tetida, the hero of the Trojan war, a powerful fighter with godlike strengths, killed by a shot of an arrow on the heel (the Achilles heel);
  • Oedipus – son of Laios and Yocasta, the king of Thebes whose father tried to kill him because of the prophecy (Freudian Oedipus syndrome originates on this myth);
  • Perseus – son of Tantalus and Dione, the killer of Medusa and savior of Andromeda;
  • Homer – son of Meles and Creteis, the Greek myths describe him as a half-god, but he’s actually a historical figure – a traveling storyteller, a father of epic poetry, author of Iliade and Odyssey;
  • Ulysses – the son of syn Laertes and Anticlea, the main character of Homer’s Odyssey and author of the Trojan horse deception that has led the Greeks to victory in the Trojan War. 

Famous Heroines’ Female Greek Dog Names

Greek mythology is full of heroes, but it doesn’t lack heroines, either! The most memorable ones include:

  • Helena – the most beautiful woman in the world that became a reason behind the Trojan War, the daughter of Zeus and Leda;
  • Ariadna – a Cretan princess that has helped Theseus kill the Minotaur;
  • Orytea – Athenian princess kidnapped by Boreas that has turned into a goddess of wind;
  • Euridice – a nymph and wife of Orpheus, almost saved by her husband from death (the story is described in the famous myth of Orpheus and Euridice).

Dog Names Inspired by Places in Greece

Greece has many unique places, some of which have been included in Greek mythology and even called home by gods. Here are a few examples:

  • Delphi – located on the slopes of Mount Parnassus; 
  • Olympus – home of the gods;
  • Athens – birthplace of democracy; 
  • Mycenae – a Bronze Age city located in Argolis, Greece;
  • Santorini – a group of volcanic islands in the Cyclades;
  • Corinth – one of the most important cities of Ancient Greece;
  • Acropolis – an ancient citadel located in Athens.
dog names inspired by places in Greece

Summing Up

As you can see, Greek mythology is a goldmine when it comes to inspiring characters! We hope you found something for your dog among the ideas listed above. When choosing a name, it’s worth making sure that it’s short (two–syllable would be perfect) and has as many vowels as possible. This way, it will be easier to catch the dog’s attention and use the name during the training. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Toughest Dog Name?

The toughest dog names usually involve strong, masculine words such as „Ace,” „Bruiser,” or „Killer.” These names are often associated with strength, power, and dominance.

Who Is the Greek God of Dogs?

The Greek god of dogs is known as Hecate. She was the goddess of the crossroads, magic, and the underworld. She was often depicted with a pack of black dogs.

What Is a God Name for a Dog?

A God name for a dog could be Apollo, the god of the sun, or Hermes, the messenger god. Other god names include Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and Ares.

What Are Rare Puppy Names?

Rare puppy names include unique words such as „Indigo,” „Nova,” or „Cosmo.” Other rare names include „Luna,” „Piper,” and „Jasper.”

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