Husky Dog Name Ideas for Your New Puppy


Strong, playful, and extremely beautiful – Husky is one of the most beloved dog breeds worldwide. Huskies create a strong bond with their owners and are very affectionate. Even though they are close ancestors of the wolves, they’re rather gentle and don’t have aggression issues. 

Name TypeMaleFemale
RoyalAslanIce Queen

If you are a freshly-made owner of a Husky puppy, we’ve got something for you! To make finding a name easier, we’ve created this Husky dog names list. But before we head to the name ideas, let’s take a closer look at the breed’s history in a nutshell.

A Brief History of Husky Breed

At first glance, Husky doesn’t make an impression as a strong breed. That’s what the participants of the 1909 All Alaska Sweepstake race would assume after seeing William Goosak with his dog team. They couldn’t have been more wrong! Goosak’s Huskies have not only managed to pass all the 650 km distance but also reached the podium! Since then, the Huskies would gather more and more attention on the American continent as the working and race dogs. 

It’s worth noting, however, that for thousands of years, the breed was spread only throughout Siberia. The indigenous tribes (mainly Chuckchas) would live in close symbiosis with Huskies, hunting with their help. When the climate cooled, they started to use them as sled dogs.

Wintery Husky Dog Names

Due to their origins, Huskies are definitely not made to live in the hot climate. They can survive it, but they’ll be much happier when surrounded by snow. It’s worth celebrating it by giving them winter-inspired Husky names. They’ll fit perfectly to their partially white coat and icy blue eyes. Here are some Husky dog name ideas that may inspire you!

  • Snowball – for a pup that’s always full of energy and loves to play in the snow;
  • Snowflake – an elegant name for a beautiful Husky pup;
  • Blizzard – this one is perfect if you want to emphasize the Husky’s strength;
  • Snowman – a funny name for a goofy pup;
  • Frosty – if your Husky’s coat has more white than black;
  • Iceberg – a strong, fierce name for a powerful pup.
  • Icy – a cool name for a Husky pup who loves to play;
  • Winter – perfect for a pup with white and gray markings;
  • January – for a pup that was born in cold winter months;
  • Yeti – a mysterious name for a pup with an unknown past;
  • Crystal – if your pup seems delicate and fragile;
  • Avalanche – for a Husky pup that loves to play in snow with its siblings.
wintery husky dog names

Mountainous Husky Dog Names

Huskies are known for their physical strength and infinite energy, so why not name them with some mountain-inspired name? We’ve gathered icy peaks from around the world to save you some research. Some of those might be a great match, particularly if you’re a climbing passionate!


  • Everest (8848 above sea level);
  • Lhotse (8501 above sea level);
  • Makalu (8481 above sea level);
  • Annapurna (8091 above sea level);
  • Cho Oyu (8153 above sea level);
  • Manaslu (8156 above sea level).


  • Monch (4110 above sea level);
  • Gran Paradiso (4061 above sea level);
  • Adamello (3539 above sea level);
  • Mont Blanc (4809 above sea level);
  • Matterhorn (4478 above sea level).

Other Mountains

  • Denali/McKinley (6190 above sea level);
  • Shasta (4322 above sea level);
  • Bona (5005 above sea level);
  • Sanford (4949 above sea level);
  • Kilimanjaro (5895 above sea level).

Our Reader’s Story

When I adopted my Husky puppy, I knew I had to find the perfect name for him. After a lot of searching and brainstorming, I finally settled on the name „Frosty”. The name fit him perfectly, since his fur was white as snow and he was always so excited to go out and play in the snow. 

Siberian Husky Names

As we’ve already mentioned, Huskies originally come from Siberia, which explains their affection for the harsh climate. So, drawing inspiration from this vast region’s most iconic spots may not be such a bad idea!

  • Yakutsk (one of the biggest cities in Siberia);
  • Baikal (the oldest and the deepest lake in the world located in the Asian part of Russia);
  • Kamchatka (the Siberian peninsula dividing the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea);
  • Sopka (or rather Kluchevska Sopka, a volcano on Kamchatka peninsula with 4750 meters above the sea level, considered the largest and the most active volcano in Eurasia);
  • Altai (autochthonic Siberian republic bordering with Mongolia and Kazakhstan, known for its stunning mountainous countryside);
  • Ergaki (Siberian mountain range);
  • Elton (Highly saline lake near the border with Kazakhstan);
  • Belukha (the highest peak of Altai mountains).
siberian husky names

Russian Female Husky Names

Since we’ve already traveled so far, let’s take a closer look at Russian names in general. The Russian language is one of the most melodic ones in the world. When spoken, the Russian words blend with each other, creating a beautiful flow. 

No wonder that it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice when it comes to learning languages. And in addition, it’s a goldmine of inspiration when it comes to names! Just take a look at the examples below. Maybe one of those will fit your dog?

  • Ekaterina (pure);
  • Anastasia (resurrection);
  • Alyona (bright and shining light);
  • Mila (gracious, the dearest one);
  • Yana (God is gracious);
  • Luda (love of the people);
  • Yulia (youthful);
  • Natasha, a diminutive of Natalya (born on Christmas);
  • Sasha, a diminutive of Alexandra (defender);
  • Oksana (praise God);
  • Polina (little stone);
  • Mischa (the one that is like God);
  • Kira (strong woman);
  • Ulyana (youthful).

Russian Male Husky Names

The Russian male names can sound smooth but powerful at the same time. And look at their meanings! Perfect for a restless, brave Husky pup, aren’t they?

  • Igor (warrior);
  • Mikhail (the one that is like God);
  • Nikita (winner);
  • Ivan (God is gracious);
  • Anatoly (sunrise);
  • Lev (lion);
  • Yuri (light of God);
  • Artem (perfect health).

Alaskan and Canadian Husky Dog Names

The Husky breed originally comes from Siberia, but its history is inextricably linked with Alaska and Canada. Below we’ve gathered some great Husky dog name ideas inspired by the geography of these regions.

  • Alaska;
  • Anchorage;
  • Sitka;
  • Hubbard;
  • Fairbanks;
  • Kodiak;
  • Yukon;
  • Bona;
  • Palmer;
  • Homer;
  • Cordova;
  • Alberta;
  • Rocky;
  • Regina;
  • Winnipeg;
  • Ontario;
  • Calgary;
  • Saskatoon;
  • Manitoba;
  • Toronto.

Husky Names Inspired by the Iconic Wolves

Many breeds, including Shitzu and Shiba-Inu, are closely related to wolves, but only in the case of Huskies, this relationship is visible at first glance. There is no other breed that would look so wolfy. So, you could take advantage of it and name your puppy after one of the famous wolves. The examples below come from mythology, as well as pop culture.


One of the characters in Jungle Book. His name means “solitary” in Hindi. In the story, Akela adopts Mowgli and becomes his mentor.

White Fang

The main character of Jack London’s acclaimed novel which follows the life of a half-dog-half-wolf. 


She-wolf that raised Romulus and Remus, twin brothers that, according to mythology, have started Rome.


An important part of Inuit culture, a gigantic lone wolf that chases night hunters.

Have you found your match among these cute Husky names? Whichever ones are your favorites, make sure to choose a name that is easy to pronounce and repeat. That will make your everyday life easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Good Name for a Husky Dog?

Some good names for a Husky dog include Kodiak, Koda, Luna, Mishka, Shadow, and Snow.

What Are the Huskies Names From Snow Dogs?

The names of the huskies from Snow Dogs are Demon, Diesel, Nana, Yodel, and Talon.

What’s the Most Popular Name for a Husky?

The most popular name for a Husky is Luna.

What Should I Name My Husky With Blue Eyes?

Some good names for a Husky with blue eyes include Skye, Sapphire, Storm, and Blue.

What Is the Funniest Dog Name?

Some funny dog names include Fido Dido, Sir Barks-a-lot, and Waffles.

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