Italian Dog Names. Find Out the Best Italian-Inspired Pet Names (50+)


FoodRibollita (Tuscan soup) Pepe (pepper)
Colors Bruna (brunette )Bianco ( )
GreatnessMadonna (Our Lady)Massimo ( )

You get the best male and female dog names in Italian. My buddies came so close to naming our Cane Corso Elio, which means „the sun” in Italian until they realized he’s actually a Cannoli, a sweet Italian dessert!

If you want to name your dog in Italian, you want to pick a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. We’ve listed more than 50 name ideas for Italian dog breeds. Any of these can be a popular Italian name for your new pup. Let’s see what they are!

The Best Italian Dog Names and Their Meanings

The Best Italian Dog Names and Their Meanings

If you only know two Italian words, Pizza and Ravioli, choosing the perfect name for your Italian dog can be daunting. Cane corso, Saint Bernard, Neapolitan Mastiff, and Volpino are traditional Italian breeds that deserve an Italian name. We’ve put forward at least 50 Italian names for dogs in this article so you can the best time naming your pup!

  • Amico (Friend): Your puppy is going to be your life-long friend. Choose the name Amico for your most reliable amigo!
  • Adrian/ Adriana (Dark): Do you have a Bergamasco Shepherd Dog? Then it’s thick, matted coat must drive you crazy. You can call him Adrian for his dark hairdo, and overzealous temperament!
  • Antonio/ Antonia (Priceless): Antonia, or Antonia is a good name for your dog. It means priceless in English. You can’t put a price on the friendship between you and your puppy, can you?
  • Bianca (White): Among Italian female dog names, Bianca is quite common. It goes with popular Italian dog breeds with white fur such as Bolognese dog and Volpino.
  • Dante (Enduring): If you want to give your dog a unique Italian name, Dante is as good as Davide, Zitto, and Taddeo with a masculine feel and Italian background,
  • Demetrio (Loves the earth): Any dog who enjoys his time in the sun, running all over your backyard is a Demetrio. It sounds sophisticated and has an interesting meaning as well!
  • Dolce (Sweet): Dolce makes a great name for an Italian girl dog, especially a Mastiff for its sweet and calm temperament.
  • Elmo (Worthy of love): Every puppy is an Elmo now that you know what Elmo means! Naming your new dog Elmo will be perfect becase it’s short, easy to say, and possesses a super-sweet meaning!
  • Enzo (Rules the house): This is a fitting name for an Italian Greyhound, and basically any dog who’s a bit too protective of your family!
  • Frita (Beloved): Can’t find the perfect name for your new dog? You can always go with something fun and breezy like Frita. It means beloved, and is the right emotion you want to capture in your dog’s name!
  • Geronimo (Sacred): So, you want a cute name that’s easy on the tongue and sounds endearing at the same time. In that case, you can give your pup cute Italian dog names like Geronimo, Guiliana, Ghita, and Bruno. Keep reading to know what they mean!
  • Guiliana (Youthful): Guiliana is the sweetest one among Italian girl dog names. It means youthful- the perfect praise for your Italian Greyhound.
  • Octavia: (Born on the eighth month): What do you call an Italian puppy that’s born in October? That’s right; Octavia!
  • Orlando (Heroic): Italians love the name Orlando for a male dog. It means heroic, and is often replaced by Hercules in the Italian heritage.
  • Piccolo (Small): Piccolo, or Paolo is a unique name for a dog, especially when it’s a petite Volpino italiano. Did you know that this cool Italian puppy is related to the German Spitz, and the Pomeranian?
  • Primo (Firstborn): Primo is a cool dog name for a firstborn pooch. It demands the most care, and is easily the center of attention in your family.
  • Raphael (An Italian painter): We love the masculine feel to the name Raphael. If you’re looking for Italian dog names inspired by famous figures, you can choose this name as well! Speaking of masculine names, you can go for Vittorio (Victorious), Ugo (Spirit), or Luigi (warrior).
  • Taddeo (Beloved): Taddeo means beloved. And that’s all you need to know for giving this beautiful Italian name to your dog.
  • Zitto (Quiet): Zitto is not on the list of Italian dog names that you find everywhere. It’s a suitable name for a quiet puppy that likes to doze off anywhere and hang out by itself.

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Food

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Food

These are popular Italian dog names inspired by Italian cuisine. So, if you searched for Italian food names for dogs, you’ll find plenty of cool options below, Our personal favorites are Pepe and Vino!

Budino: Italian pudding;

Cannoli: Italian pastry;

Caprese: tomato salad;

Gelato: ice cream;

Gnocchi: dumplings;

Olivia: olive;

Arancini: rice balls;

Pesto: Italian paste;

Pepe: pepper;

Polpetto: meatball;

Ribollita: a traditional Tuscan Stew;

Vino: wine;

Risotto: mixed rice;

Gnocchi: wheat and potato balls.

If you’re not into food so much, what about Italian brands? Check on their pronunciation:

Editor’s Note

My cousin’s dog, Cinque, is a beautiful golden retriever with a unique name. When my cousin first adopted him, she chose an Italian name because she wanted something special for him. I thought it was a great idea until I realized that Cinque was having a hard time understanding his name.

I soon realized that I had to be careful when pronouncing his name. In Italian, the letter “C” is pronounced differently than it is in English. So, when I called his name, he would look around confused, not understanding why I was calling him. Before giving your pup an Italian name, make sure you know how to pronounce it!

Male Italian Dog Names

Male Italian Dog Names

You can choose the best names for your Italian dog from here. But if you want some badass Italian dog names like Giovanni, Massimo, and Nicolo, you’ll just have to keep reading. We’ve saved the coolest ones for the last!

  • Alto: Wolf
  • Alfredo: Good counselor
  • Alessandro: The defender of mankind
  • Davide: Beloved
  • Giovanni: Gift from God
  • Leo: Lion
  • Luigi: Famous Warrior
  • Marco: Warning
  • Massimo: Great
  • Nicolo: Victorious
  • Roberto: Fame
  • Salvatore: Savior
  • Sergio: Attendant

Do you like these Italian names for your male dog? We have more Italian puppy names coming right up!

Wondering what are some famous Italian names for a female puppy? You’re in luck! With over 10 exciting options, we’ve made choosing an Italian name for your poodle much easier.

  • Alicia: Noble one
  • Bruna: Dark-haired
  • Donatella: Given by God
  • Fortuna: Fortune
  • Francesca: Free one
  • Ghita: Pearl
  • Ilaria: Cheerful
  • Madonna: My Lady
  • Miriam: Princess or lady
  • Olympia: From Olympus
  • Regina: Queen
  • Sophia: Wisdom
  • Viviana: Alive

Aren’t these names absolutely refreshing? That’s what we love the Italian language for! It’s sweet, endearing, and full of love!

Bottom Line

That’s all about Italian dog names with meanings from us! Choose a name that’s loved by your whole family, because your new Cane is going to be with you every step of the way. It’s not important to choose a unique Italian name. Rather you should pick a name that is easy to pronounce and easier to follow. If you’re interested in Italian dogs dive into Three Ancient Italian Dog Breeds and get inspired!

So, did you decide what name you’re going to give your new dog? Let us know! If not sure yet, check our pros and cons of giving your pooch an Italian name and make up your mind!

An Italian name can be unique and distinctive for your dog.An Italian name can be difficult to pronounce or spell.
An Italian name can be fun and creative.An Italian name can be hard to remember.
An Italian name can make your dog stand out from other dogs.An Italian name can be confusing for other people when calling your dog.
An Italian name can be a great conversation starter.An Italian name can be difficult to understand for non-Italian speakers.
An Italian name can be a great way to honor your Italian heritage.An Italian name can be hard to remember for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Italians Call Their Dog?

Many Italians give their dogs traditional Italian names such as Bella, Lupo, and Gino. Some also give their dogs more unique names such as Amore, Stella, and Romeo.

What Is a Unique Dog Name?

Some unique dog names that Italians use are Pelandrone (lazy bum), Mozzafiato (breathtaking) or Pisolino (afternoon nap).

What Is a Very Italian Name?

Some very Italian names include: Marco, Emiliano, Luigi, Matteo, Andrea or Vittoria.

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