Black and White Dog Names Not Only for Dalmatians!


Even though Dalmatian is the first breed that comes to our mind when speaking about black and white coat, there are many other dog breeds all over the world that share this feature. Portuguese Water Dog, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Japanese Chin – these are just some examples. Now let’s see some black and white dog names!

Black and White Dog NamesInspired by
Oreo, SushiFood
Chaplin, HitchcockCinema
Zebra, PandaNature
Piano, KeyboardMusic
Chess, DominoGames
Clock, CheckersObjects
Samurai, GeishaCulture
Bianco, BlancheColors
Yin Yang, SwirlSymbols
Cruella, PatchDisney

101 Dalmatians Dog Names

Dalmatian is one of the most recognized black and white breeds. Disney’s animated film based on a book with the same name has made it even more famous. After it premiered at the cinemas in 1961, all the kids started dreaming about having Dalmatian as a pet. And the film has become one of the most successful productions in the studio’s history!

Aside from making the Dalmatian breed famous, it has also popularized one of the most memorable villains – Cruella De Ville. If your doggy has a temper, you could name it after her – after all, her trademark is the black and white hairstyle.

Here are some black and white dog name ideas based on the famous film:

  • Pongo – the father of 101 Dalmatians;
  • Perdita – the mother of 101 Dalmatians;
  • Patch – the loudest and the most playful of the pups;
  • Lucky – cute female puppy with spotted ears;
  • Penny – female pup with small spots all over her body;
  • Rolly – slightly overweight male puppy known for his excessive appetite and lovely personality;
  • Pepper – brave female pup with three big spots on her right ear;
  • Freckles – a male puppy with a spot between his eyes.

Classic Black and White Dog Names

The inspirations for naming your black and white puppy are everywhere! From animated films, through food, to games or minerals – there’s so much to choose from. We’ve gathered the most interesting examples to make it easier for you to pick a name!

  • Panda – for a black and white pup with a bit of Asian flair;
  • Pixel – perfect for a pup that looks like it jumped out of an 8-bit game;
  • Dotty – for a pup with round spots all over his body;
  • Chess – great name for a pup that looks like a chess piece;
  • Checkers – perfect for a pup with small round spots all over his body;
  • Domino – for a pup that loves to play games;
  • Cruella – for a pup that has a temper;
  • Betty Boop – for a pup with an old-school style;
  • Marble – perfect for a pup with marble-like white and black coat;
  • Onyx – great name for a pup with both light and dark features;
  • Jaspise – perfect for a pup with an elegant and sophisticated look;
  • Coal – for a pup with deep black spots;
  • Tux (Tuxedo) – for a pup that looks like wearing a formal outfit;
  • Sprinkle – for a pup with small white spots;
  • Zebra – for a pup with strong black and white contrasts;
  • Zorro – perfect for a pup with black marks on the face.
classic black and white dog names

Food-Inspired White and Black Dog Names

There are not many examples of black and white food, but those listed below are super delicious! Our ideas vary from sweets to Japanese food. Pick the tastiest one for your pup. But beware – every time you call your pet, it may work up an appetite!

  • Salt and Pepper – perfect names for two pups;
  • Oreo – for a pup that loves to snack;
  • Straciatella – for a pup that looks like the ice-cream flavor;
  • Cookie – for an active pup that loves to play;
  • Half-moon – for a pup with a black-and-white crescent shape on his back;
  • Sushi – perfect for a pup that loves to roll around;
  • Nori – for a pup that likes to explore his surroundings;
  • Mochi – for a pup that loves to cuddle;
  • Maki – for a pup that loves to run;
  • Gunkan – for a pup that has an independent nature;
  • Tofu – for a pup that loves to try new things;
  • Rice – perfect for a pup with a gentle personality;
  • Milky Way – for a pup that loves to look up at the stars.

Hollywood Golden Era and Silent Cinema-Inspired Dog Names

When researching black and white dog names, we could not avoid delving into the world of the Hollywood Golden Era. The black and white films are magical, and many of their stars are considered icons until this day. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of this cinematography, you may find the ideas below inspiring. We have something both for the furry boys and girls!

Girl Dog Names Inspired by Actresses

  • Greta or Garbo (Greta Garbo, the most famous Hollywood’s Golden Era actress with Swedish origins).
  • Rita or Hayworth (Rita Hayworth, one of the biggest stars of Hollywood’s Golden Era, an actress and skilled dancer with Irish-Spanish origins).
  • Jean or Harlow (Jean Harlow, one of the most remembered actresses of Hollywood Golden Era, a sex symbol of the 30s).
  • Pearl (Pearl White, the muse of surrealists and USSR cinematographers, the first American actress that has gained international fame).
  • Carole (Carole Lombard, one of the most famous actresses of the silent cinema era, particularly appreciated for her roles in screwball comedies).

Boy Dog Names Inspired by Actors

  • Charlie or Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin, one of the most famous actors and directors in history, and author of an unforgettable tramp character).
  • Rudolph or Valentino (Rudolph Valentino, Italian star of a silent film era, remembered for his memorable villain roles).
  • Douglas (Douglas Fairbanks, a legendary Broadway actor of Jewish origins).
  • Max or Linder (Max Linder, an iconic French comedian that has been the biggest inspiration for Charlie Chaplin).

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hollywood golden era and silent cinema isnpired dog names

White Dog Names in Different Languages

If your dog is a Dalmatian, Harlequin Great Dane, Japanese Chin, or another breed known for a white coat with some black details, you may name it with one of the variations for white. Search for inspirations in different languages!

  • Blanca/Blanco (Castellano);
  • Blanc (Catalan);
  • Zuria (Basque);
  • Branca/Branco (Portuguese);
  • Abyad (Arabic);
  • Beyaz (Turkish);
  • Bianca/Bianco (Italian);
  • Blanche (French);
  • Biały/Biała (Polish);
  • Bela (Russian);
  • Weiß (German);
  • Hayan (Korean);
  • Shiroi (Japanese);
  • Putih (Javanese);
  • Lefko (Greek);
  • Hvitur (Icelandish).

In our other article you will find more white dog name ideas!

Our Reader’s Story

When I adopted my new puppy, I wanted to find the perfect name. I wanted something unique and special, so I decided to look for black and white dog names. After doing some research, I found the perfect one: Oreo. 
It seemed like a great fit for my pup, since he was a mix of black and white fur. Plus, it was a fun and playful name that I knew he’d love. I also liked that it was short and easy to say, so I could call him from anywhere. 

Best Black and White Dog Name Ideas

Researching different dictionaries is fun, but the English language doesn’t lack cute names either. Those below will be a perfect match for any dog with a predominantly white coat with black marks. Many of these ideas bring associations with winter, so they’ll be a perfect fit for Siberian Huskies and other black and white breeds that love colder temperatures. And others are just mouth-watering!

Female Black and White Dog Names

  • Mist;
  • Misty;
  • Cloud;
  • Milk;
  • Milky;
  • Coconut;
  • Coco;
  • Snow;
  • Snowflake;
  • Icy;
  • Marshmallow;
  • Pearl;
  • Powder;
  • Dove;
  • Quartz;
  • Crystal;
  • Ivory;
  • Swan;
  • Feather;
  • Sugar;
  • Meringue;
  • Cashmere;
  • Celeste.

Male Black and White Dog Names

  • Icecube;
  • Bolt;
  • Puff;
  • Fluff;
  • Snoopy;
  • Yeti;
  • Snowball;
  • Bubbles;
  • Yin-Yang;
  • White Paw.

Summing Up

As you can see, most of the black and white dog names we’ve gathered above are two-syllable, short, and easy to pronounce. That’s because they’re easy to use in everyday life. We are not trying to stop you from letting your imagination run wild. However, even the coolest, most creative names will make you tired with time if they’re too long and complicated.

You need something easy – particularly if your dog is lively and loves running around. Also, if the puppy has some traumatic past that could cause behavioral issues, choosing a short, usable name is essential. It will make the eventual training much easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Name a Multicolored Dog?

Names for multicolored dogs can be based on the colors of their fur, such as Rainbow, Skittles, or Paintbrush. Other creative options could include Patchwork, Picasso, or Sherbet.

What Do You Name a Black and White Pitbull?

Names for a black and white Pitbull can be based on the colors of their fur, such as Oreo, Domino, or Shadow. Other creative options could include Blizzard, Polka Dot, or Midnight.

What Is the Funniest Dog Name?

The funniest dog name depends on personal preference. Some funny dog names could include Fido Dido, Peanut Butter, or Sir Barks-a-Lot.

What Is a Small Black and White Dog?

Japanese Chin and Papillons are two small black and white breeds of dogs.

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