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Top 10 Cool Dog Names

Top 10 Cool Dog Names

Aren’t all dogs cool? Of course, they are! So it’s only fitting that you give them a cool dog name! Here are the top 10 picks from us!

  • Dragon Bone – Is your pup a warrior? This name is perfect for any courageous dog who loves to go on adventures.
  • Fangsy – Does your pet have a big smile and sharp teeth? Then this name is perfect for them!
  • Zoomer – We know all puppies get zoomies, but some just go harder, don’t they?
  • Gizmo – This is an excellent choice if you’ve got an energetic pup who loves to explore and get into things.
  • Sparkson – Perfect for the dog that’s always up for a good time!
  • Chillax – For the laid-back pup who loves to relax!
  • Comet – If your pup loves a good run, this is the perfect name for them.
  • Assassin – This one is for the pup that is always ready to take you out with his farts!
  • Shadow – The mysterious one, always staying in the shadows.
  • Wendigo – Most appropriate for hounds, but it will fit any beast-like puppy, too!

And if you’re looking for even more badass names, read our text on Badass Dog Names!

The Coolest Male Dog Names

The Coolest Male Dog Names

When it comes to cool dog names, male dogs deserve the best! Whether you’ve got a big and burly pup or a tiny little furball, there’s something special about giving your canine companion an awesome name. From traditional human-style monikers to unique and creative titles inspired by their personalities, these are some of the coolest male dog names out there!

  • Maverick – The perfect name for a brave and independent pup who loves to go his own way. It’s also inspired by the Tom Cruise movie of the same name.
  • Goliath – An intimidating yet endearing choice for dogs with a significant presence and larger size.
  • Bear – If your pup has a huge, fluffy coat that resembles that of a bear, this is the ideal title for them!
  • Thor – Inspired by the mythical Norse god, this name is perfect for strong, courageous pups who are always up for an adventure.
  • Diego – Meaning 'warrior’ in Spanish, this name perfectly symbolizes strength and courage in any canine companion.
  • Bandit – Perfectly encapsulating the mischievous nature of some male dogs, Bandit will be sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you call out its name.
  • Apollo – This regal title brings to mind ancient Greek gods and is perfect for noble pups who always seem to have their noses in the air!
  • Hunter – Perfect for athletic and agile pups who love nothing more than chasing after their prey (or squeaky toys!).
  • Tiger – An apt choice if you’ve got a fierce yet lovable pup of remarkable size or markings resembling those of a tiger’s stripes!
  • Maximus – Originally meaning “greatest” in Latin, this majestic title embodies strength and power with every bark or growl of your four-legged friend!
  • Chewbacca – Hilariously appropriate if your pup looks like he stepped right out of Star Wars with his long matted fur and big brown eyes!
  • Neo – Short but powerful. Neo pays homage to Keanu Reeves’ iconic role in The Matrix and perfectly encapsulates any daring doggos with unlimited potential hidden inside them waiting just beneath the surface waiting for its chance at greatness!
  • King – No further explanation needed. King says it all without having to say anything else at all about our beloved Royal Ruler sitting patiently on his throne awaiting his commands from us mere mortals below!
  • Kaiju – Japanese word meaning ‘strange creature’; Kaiju is a perfect fit if you’ve got yourself an unusual looking pet with unique features!
  • Hercules – Inspired by one of Greek mythology’s greatest heroes known worldwide as an almighty demigod capable of feats beyond compare. Hercules would make an excellent choice, fittingly describing our own modern day Mighty Mutts!

Editor’s Note

You know what also makes good names for dogs? Names of celebrities with a pun twist! Pawgelina Jolie? Hairy Styles? Or maybe you’re a fan of Snoop Dog? (I know, the last one was a low reach)

Click here for more celebrity dog names!

The Coolest Female Dog Names

The Coolest Female Dog Names

Female dog names can be anything from sassy to sweet, and all points in between. If you’re looking for something unique and special, check out our cool dog names for ladies!

  • Echo – A fitting name for a pup with an ever-present, unique bark that echoes in the night. Echo also has strong mythological ties, as it is the name of the nymph in Greek mythology who was cursed with never-ending repetition.
  • Roxy – Short but sweet, this title speaks volumes about your four-legged friend without having to say much else. Roxy is inspired by rock music and would be perfect for any musical pup who loves turning up the radio!
  • Athena – This awe-inspiring moniker will bring to mind powerful yet graceful goddesses from ancient Greek mythologies. Athena is a fitting title for female pups whose intelligence and wit are unparalleled by most mere mortals!
  • Midnight – Perfect for any pooch who loves staying up late and chasing the moon! Midnight embodies her mysterious nature while also referencing her dark fur coloring.
  • Willow – With its associations of strength and gracefulness, Willow is an ideal name for any lithe and elegant pooches out there. Plus, it brings to mind weeping willow trees which represent sadness, but also resilience in time of grief – perfect for pups who have been through tough times but kept their spirits up!
  • Sophia – With its Greek origins meaning “wisdom,” Sophia is a fitting title for any female pooch who always seems to have her head in the clouds!
  • Jazz – This fun-loving title brings forth images of feisty little dogs grooving along with some good jazz tunes playing in the background! Jazz would be perfect for any pup who loves dancing around and having a good time with their pet parents.
  • Aurora – Aurora has a few different meanings depending on where you look; however, they all revolve around light and brightness, which makes this title perfect if your pooch has eyes that sparkle just like stars!
  • Storm – Inspired by the forces of nature; Storm is an ideal name for any pup whose energy and enthusiasm know no bounds.
  • Ophelia – This gentle moniker pays homage to Shakespeare’s iconic tragic heroine whose story revolves around her love affair gone wrong – so why not pick this one if your own four-legged love affair has been going strong since they came into your life?
  • Ruby – Inspired by precious gems found deep within Earth’s crust, Ruby captures any female puppy’s inner beauty while highlighting their outer appearance too – making it a winning combination when deciding on what cool dog names suit them best!
  • Empress – A fitting title for any pup whose presence commands power and respect; Empress is a great choice if your pooch has an air of regality about them.
  • Frida – Inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, this name is perfect for any pup with a creative streak that loves to express herself in unique ways.
  • Glitter – Glitter is a perfect choice if you have a pup with fur that sparkles in the sun or eyes that twinkle like stars!
  • Pimms – If you’ve got a pup who’s always up for an adventure, then the perfect name for them is Pimms. This moniker speaks to the pup’s adventurous spirit and love of having fun!

Unique Dog Names – Tips and Name Ideas

If you want a unique and cool dog name, you can always come up with your own. And if you’re not sure how, we can help! Let’s start with the easiest method – making a cool name out of two words! Paw+Onion? That’s a Pawnion! Sniff+Dagger? Sniffger!

You can also take a royal title and add a silly adjective. Countess Farty, Duke Drooly, Lady Lickloving, and Mister Meek are all great to name your dog!

Cool Dog Names FAQs

Cool Dog Names FAQs

What Are Rare Pet Names?

Here are just a few of the more unique ones that you might want to consider if you’re looking for something special: Boris, Phoenix, Fester, and Starlight.

What Is the Craziest Dog Name?

There are a lot of crazy dog names out there, but some of the craziest ones include Bindi, Pixie, and Blue. There is no real rhyme or reason behind why some people choose these wacky names for their dogs, but they certainly stand out from the rest and tend to stick in people’s memories.

What Are Legendary Dog Names?

There are legendary dog names, and then there are just plain cool dog names. Here is a short list of some of the more popular legendary dog names along with their meanings: Achilles (strength and power), Lancelot (the perfect knight), and Sasquatch (a hairy giant from North American folklore).

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