What do Bears eat in the Wild? (explained)


Bears are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. Bears will also hunt for food in the wild if there is nothing to eat.

They might search for other animals or insects that are easier to eat than their normal prey. As bears are omnivores, there is no limit on what they will eat in the wild.

Although some bears probably prefer specific foods like berries or nuts, any type of food can be eaten by a bear given the opportunity. However, there are less obvious foods that can be eaten by bears. For example, blubber is an oily substance found on the bear’s body.

The fats found in this substance are very high in calories. They can be eaten to help short-term energy needs. Bears have also been known to eat bird eggs, fish scales, or even bird feathers! Bears are actually opportunistic feeders.

Bears are Omnivores

In the wild, bears are opportunistic feeders. They eat whenever food is available. This means they will actually eat more than one type of food at a time.

In fact, most bears will eat berries, nuts, and grasses more often than they would normally eat meat.

To a bear, it is hunting for food that is not easy to kill or find that will give it the most energy. 70% of a Bears diet is plants and vegetables other than meat, but they do consume meat for a much-needed protein

Examples of Foods that Bears Eat


Fish are an excellent source of food for bears. This can be because fish are more abundant in some areas, or maybe it is because they are easier to hunt.

However, this type of food is more likely to be eaten during the summer months when fish are easier to catch. Salmon are a common type of fish that is eaten by bears. every year many fish migrate and go upstream and during the process, they are exposed to hungry bears.


Berries are commonly found in many areas throughout the world. Bears are expert at finding the best kind of berries. They will search for locations where there are many different types of berries in bloom at the same time to get the most amount of nutrition when they eat the berries.


Nuts are often called a „superfruit”. A wide variety of nuts can be eaten by bears, but for example for black bears in California, Chestnut nuts are very important in their diet. This is because nuts make up a portion of their diet. They love acorns and black walnuts the most.


Insects are probably the most abundant food source available to a bear. Although some specific species may be more nutritious, a bear will eat any insect that is easily accessible.

In some areas, insects can be very hard to find, but in other areas where there are many insects available they can make up 40 percent of a bear’s daily energy needs.


The grass is a very important part of a bear’s diet. In the bear’s native habitat, this type of food is even more important as they live on grasslands. In areas where there are many different types of grasses in bloom, the best one to eat will be the most nutritious


Deer are the main type of animal that bears hunt for food. This is mostly because deer live in open areas where bears can run after them without having to climb trees to get them.

They are also very easy to catch. With deer, bears can take them down slowly and then eat them over a few days.

Meat is an important part of a bear’s diet. A bear’s main source of meat is from other animals, such as deer and elk.

However, it has been seen that some bears will hunt and kill small animals like rodents and other insects for food that they need.


Bears love eating birds which are why they will go after any kind of bird they see flying. This is why „bird feeders” are so dangerous for small birds because it can attract hungry bears if they are in the area trying to look for food.

Do Bears eat other Animals?

A Bear’s diet can be divided into two categories: plants and animals. On one hand, there are the plants such as berries and nuts that a bear eats.

On the other hand, their diet consists mainly of other animals such as deer and elk. It has been known to eat small mammals when they hunt for food.

How Much Food does a Bear Eat?

While in the wild, bears can eat 80 to 90 pounds of food per day. It has been found that, in the summer months, bears will eat between 25 and 100 pounds of food per day.

In the wintertime, when there is less food available for bears to eat, they will still eat 20 to 30 pounds of food each day. The amount that a bear eats depends on how far it has to travel and whether or not there is enough food around to hunt for it.


Bears are the most intelligent of all animals. What do bears eat in the wild? Well, it has been seen that bears will eat almost anything they get their claws on.

They will eat berries, nuts, grasses, and even insects. The most commonly eaten food is deer.

This is because they are easy to kill and are the best source of meat. Bears are very different from other animals like wolves or tigers. That is because bears can eat almost anything they find in the wild. This means that the story of what do bears eat in the wild can go on forever!

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