Why Does My Cat Lick my Feet? (Explained)


Reasons Why Your Cat is Licking your Feet

1. Your Cat Feels Safe Around You

Many cats lick owners’ feet to show them that they feel safe and comfortable around them. When a cat licks the owner’s feet, it shows trust and love. This acts as a communication gesture to show how comfortable and safe your cat feels around you.

2. To Bond with You

Cats tend to bond with the owner by licking various parts of their body. Sometimes they lick your hands and feet to show they’re comfortable and happy around you.

3. Looking for Attention

Many people say that their cat licks them as a sign of attention-seeking behavior. Cats can become lonely especially when they don’t spend time with their owner.

When you pay attention to them, your cat wants to show how much it appreciates you through acts like licking your feet and stroking you with its tail.

4. Your Cat may be Hungry

Some cats are hungry when they lick the owner’s feet. It might give your cat an appetite coz their stomach is empty. Additionally, some cats lick feet to eat hair or dead skin cells that have fallen on the floor.

5. Anxious about Something:

For some cats, licking your feet is an act of showing anxiety. The cat may be afraid of something or something might be disturbing to your fury friend. Sometimes when cats are anxious they tend to seek comfort from their owners.

6. Your Cat Likes You

Your cat may also lick your feet to show that he/she likes you coz they’ll feel happy when you actually do something for them. For example, your cat might lick your feet if you buy it food and treats every time it wants them or when you give it a little affection or pet its head/neck.

7. Being Playful

Cats sometimes lick their owner’s feet because they’re simply trying to play with the owner. Some cats want to catch or catch hold of their owners’ feet. When you try to kick them away, they think that they’re just playing a game with you.

8. Mark Territory

Cats can also lick their owner’s feet to mark their territory. Some cats mark the owner’s feet to show they belong to them. Using the tongue is very common with cats and usually use their tongue to mark its territory.

9. Interesting Scent

Some cats lick their owner’s feet to show their interest in sensing the new scent on the owner’s feet. Some cats like to lick their owner’s feet because it is interesting and sometimes amusing. maybe you spilled something on your feet and your furry friend finds the scent interesting.

Why does my cat lick and bite my feet?

If you have a kitten, you may notice that it begins to play with your feet and even bite them. This behavior is normal and is called Object Play. Kittens receive a lot of their sensory stimulation from their mouths and sometimes they use you as an object to explore.

They might turn your feet into a toy and play-bite them or lick them. This doesn’t mean that he’s bored with playing with his own toys, but it’s just part of the play behavior of kittens.

Should I let my cat lick me?

If your cat is curious to lick your feet, don’t worry about it. If the cat is licking you because it feels too safe or comfortable, then you can talk with your cat to show it that it’s not necessary for your cat to do so.

Also, if the cleaning of your feet is helping you relax while bathing, then there’s no need for you to be worried. Many people also think that cats are lickers that just want to be fed or petted.

Final Thoughts

Cats are lickers that just do it for their owner’s needs. If your cat really wants to lick your feet, then you don’t have to feel weird or embarrassed about it. Your cat will eventually stop licking you once it feels too safe and comfortable around you.




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