Why Does My Dog Scratch the Carpet and How to Stop It?


Possible Reasons

  • They are bored
  • They are anxious
  • They have separation anxiety
  • They are sick
  • They mark their territory
  • They have overgrown nails
  • They are prone to digging

Why Does My Dog Scratch the Carpet: Boredom

If you’re wondering, “why does my dog scratch the carpet?”, there is not one correct answer. Is your pup struggling to stay entertained? If they are scratching away at the carpet, it could be a sign that boredom is getting the best of them.

Dogs are natural explorers and love to sniff around and explore their surroundings. When they’re bored, they may start to scratch the carpet as a way to relieve their boredom. Some dogs need more mental and physical stimulation than others, so they may display unwanted behavior, such as scratching the carpet, when bored.

If your pup is getting a little stir-crazy, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you can liven up their day and keep them from scratching at the carpets! Try taking your dog on more walks or runs, playing interactive games with them, and providing them with plenty of toys and chews. This will help keep their minds and bodies active, preventing them from getting bored and engaging in unwanted behavior.

Additionally, crate training may help if your dog is prone to scratching the carpet when left alone. Crates provide a safe space for dogs to stay while their owners are away, and can help prevent boredom-related behaviors like carpet scratching.


If your dog has started scratching the carpet, and you’re wondering “why does my dog scratch the carpet?”, it may be due to anxiety. Dogs can develop anxiety for a number of reasons, including changes in their environment or routine, separation from their owner, or exposure to loud noises or other stressful situations. 

If your dog is anxious, he may pace back and forth, bark excessively, or try to escape from his crate or yard. Scratching the carpet may be your dog’s way of coping with his anxiety.

Separation anxiety, or the fear of being separated from their owner, is one of the most common types of anxiety in dogs. If your dog only scratches the carpet when you leave him alone, it’s likely that he’s suffering from anxiety. Dogs with this condition may also scratch door frames or windows, dig at doors or floors, howl, whine, or bark excessively when left alone.

Your canine companion may be feeling a bit stressed out, but don’t worry – there are several ways to help him manage his anxiety. Trace the source of distress and remove any potential triggers from your pup’s environment in order to make sure that he can relax and enjoy life again!

If your dog is anxious when you leave him alone, for example, provide him with a safe place to stay, such as a crate or dog-proof room, where he feels comfortable and can’t escape. You may also want to consider leaving him with a toy or chew bone that will keep him occupied while you’re gone.

why does my dog scratch the carpet - anxiety

Our Reader’s Story

My dog, Max, has always been a bit of a troublemaker. Lately, he’s been scratching up the carpet in my house, leaving behind little tufts of fabric everywhere. I was so frustrated, I didn’t know what to do.
After doing some research, I learned that dogs often scratch carpets to mark their territory. They do this by releasing pheromones from their paws, which can help them feel more secure in their environment. 
To stop Max from scratching the carpet, I started giving him plenty of chew toys and interactive games to keep him entertained. I also took him on more walks and gave him lots of praise whenever he behaved well. Now, Max has stopped scratching the carpet and is much happier in his home.

Physical Discomfort

Is your pup digging up the carpet? He might be trying to tell you that he’s in some discomfort. If his nails are overgrown or if there is an itch he can’t seem to reach, a visit with the vet could help set him on the path back to health!

Parasitic Infestation

As a pet parent, you may have come home to find your dog has been scratching the carpet. While this may seem like harmless behavior, it could be a sign of a parasitic infestation.

There are a number of parasites that can infect dogs, including fleas, ticks, and mites. These parasites can cause your dog to itch and scratch, which can lead to skin irritation and hair loss. In severe cases, parasites can cause anemia or even death.

If you suspect your dog has a parasitic infestation, take them to the vet for a diagnosis. Your vet will likely recommend treatment with topical or oral medications. In some cases, special shampoos or dips may be needed to kill the parasites.

Marking Their Territory

Dogs have a natural instinct to mark their territory. There are other answers for your question “why does my dog scratch the carpet?”. When our furry companions scritch and scratch the carpet, they aren’t just leaving behind an unpleasant mess – in fact, their smell is a subtle way of sending messages to other canines. It’s like they’re saying: “Hey buddy! Know I was here!”

Dogs may engage in this behavior if they feel their territory is threatened, or if they simply want to assert their dominance. If your dog has started scratching the carpet or even urinating inside the house, it may be a sign that they feel their territory is being encroached upon.

In some cases, this behavior can be corrected with training, but it’s important to consult with a professional before taking any corrective measures.

There are a few things you can do to help discourage your dog from scratching the carpet. First, make sure they have a designated area where they can relieve themselves. If they are forced to go inside, they may see the carpet as an acceptable place to do their business. 

Second, provide them with plenty of toys and chew bones to keep their minds occupied. Lastly, have patience and understand that this is a natural behavior for dogs. With time and training, your dog will learn to curb their scratching habits.

marking their territory

Why Does My Dog Scratch the Carpet Before Laying Down?

If your question is “why does my dog scratch the carpet before laying down?”, the possible answer is also the most common. One possibility is that your dog is simply following their natural instincts. In the wild, dogs would scratch at the ground to create a soft, comfortable spot to sleep on. They would also use this behavior to mark their territory and let other animals know that this area is claimed.

While your dog may not be in the wild, they still have these instincts hardwired into them. So, when they see your carpet, they may just be trying to make themselves a cozy bed.

Dog Breeds

The answer to the question, “why does my dog scratch the carpet?”, may be dependent upon the specific breed of your dog. Some dog breeds are more prone to scratching the carpet than others. For example, herding and hunting dogs often have a natural instinct to herd or “work” their owners. This can lead to these dogs scratching at the carpet in an attempt to get their owners to move.


These dogs were originally bred to hunt vermin and rodents, so they have a natural instinct to dig and scratch. This can sometimes lead them to scratch at the carpet in an attempt to find hidden prey.


Dachshunds have a strong hunting heritage and can often display instinctual behaviors that may lead to some destruction. For instance, these eager canine hunters will sometimes use the carpet as their personal playground – scratching away in search of prey or digging tunnels for an exciting escape route!

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are famously affectionate and oh-so active. As lovely as they may be, their strong separation anxiety can lead to unwanted behaviors such as chewing furniture, digging in the yard or scratching carpets – especially when left alone for extended periods of time.


This breed is known for being curious and for having a strong hunting instinct. They may start scratching the carpet if they smell something interesting or if they are trying to find hidden prey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Dog Scratching the Floor All of a Sudden?

Our furry companions often exhibit behavior that can be difficult to understand. From boredom to anxiety, dogs may scratch the floor in order to communicate something important – it’s up to us as pet parents to observe our pups and figure out what they are trying so hard to tell us!

Do Dogs Scratch the Floor When Stressed?

When our canine companions are feeling overwhelmed, they may resort to scratching the floor as an outlet for their anxiety. Keep a close eye on your pup’s behavior in order to uncover what is causing them distress and find ways of addressing it.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Scratching the Carpet?

Proper exercise, mental stimulation and positive reinforcement are key to preventing your pup from wreaking havoc on carpets. If the scratching continues, a professional trainer or behaviorist should be consulted for more effective long-term solutions.

What Are the First Signs of Stress in a Dog?

If your pup is suddenly panting, pacing nervously, repetitively yawning or licking their lips, and avoiding eye contact – these could be the first signs of stress for your canine companion. It’s essential to recognize where this unease may stem from so you can help them cope with it in a healthy way!

What Relaxes a Hyper Dog?

Exercise, mental stimulation, and positive reinforcement are all important ways to relax a hyper dog. Providing your pup with plenty of walks, interactive toys, and obedience training can help them to release energy in productive ways. Additionally, providing quiet time to relax or cuddle can be very calming for a hyper dog.

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