Why Does My Dog Sit On Me? 6 Possible Reasons


Possible Reasons

  • They want to cuddle
  • They’re seeking safety
  • They’re inviting you to play
  • They have separation anxiety
  • They’re leaving their scent on you
  • They want to show dominance

Do you ever wonder: „why does my dog sit on me”? Whatever the reason, it’s clear that dogs love being close to us. And we love having them by our side! Let’s explore what might be going on in your pup’s pretty head.

Which Breeds Are the Biggest Lap Dogs?

There are certain breeds that are more likely to want to sit on your lap. These include:

Which Breeds Are the Biggest Lap Dogs?

But even if your dog isn’t one of these breeds, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy cuddling up on your lap from time to time. Any dog can develop a preference for sitting on their human’s lap, regardless of breed.

Why does my dog sit on me? Let’s talk about the most common reasons.

Why Does My Dog Sit on Me? It’s Cuddle Time!

Why does my dog sit on me? They’re craving your affection! This is especially true if you have a small dog, as they may not be able to reach you otherwise. But even big dogs will often sit on their humans to get attention and snuggles!

You Make Them Feel Safe

Dogs are instinctively pack animals, and sitting on their humans makes them feel safe and protected. This is especially true for anxious dogs with negative experiences. Being close to you helps ease their fear and makes them feel like they’re part of the pack.

Our Reader’s Story ✏️

Woofer was the perfect pooch; gentle and lovable, but always ready to jump up onto my lap when a stranger entered our home. At first it was cute how he wanted closeness with me at all times, until I suspected there may be something else behind his need for protection.

After contacting Woofer’s rescue organization, they explained that before coming into my life, he had been subjected to abuse – heartbreaking! With a bit of training, we put those fears aside forever by helping him feel safe around new people again.

They Want to Tell You It’s Playtime

Dogs may sit on you to ask you to play – they know it’s hard to ignore! This is especially true for puppies who are full of energy and want to burn off some steam.

Why does my dog sit on me? There are more possible reasons, read on!

Separation Anxiety: A Sad Reason Your Dog Sits on Your Lap

The most serious reason is separation anxiety. Think about whether they have these symptoms besides sitting on you:

  • excessive barking or whining;
  • pacing;
  • following you around;
  • chewing or destroying furniture;
  • eliminating in the house;
  • escaping from the house or yard.
Separation Anxiety: A Sad Reason Your Dog Sits on Your Lap

If your dog is displaying any of these symptoms, it’s important to take them to the vet to rule out any other health conditions. If the vet confirms that your dog has separation anxiety, they can help you come up with a treatment plan.

They’re Spreading Their Scent

Does your dog like to sit on you after they’ve been out for a walk? They might be trying to spread their scent on you. By sitting on you, your dog is claiming you as their own and marking you with their scent. This behavior is instinctual and is often seen in dogs that are dominant.

They’re Showing Dominance

Dogs are natural pack animals, and they will often try to establish themselves as the alpha in the pack. One way they do this is by sitting on top of other members of the pack, including their human family. This behavior is usually seen in dogs that are dominant or aggressive.

They're Showing Dominance

If your pup is displaying this behavior, it’s important to nip it in the bud right away. Dogs that are allowed to sit on their humans often become difficult to handle and may even become aggressive.

Can You Teach Your Pet How to Sit on Your Lap?

Yes, you can. Dogs are very intelligent creatures and can learn a variety of tricks and commands. If you haven’t yet, teach them the „sit” command first.

To teach your dog to sit on your lap, start by having them stand next to you. Then, put a treat on your lap and say „come here” or „sit here.” If your dog climbs on your lap to get the treat, give them lots of praise. Repeat until they recognize your chosen command.

Why Does My Dog Sit on Me? Final Thoughts

If your dog is sitting on you more often than usual, it could be a sign that they’re anxious or need more exercise. If they’re displaying signs of separation anxiety, consult with a dog behaviorist. And if your pup is trying to show dominance, it’s important to nip that behavior in the bud right away.

Why does my dog sit on me? As you can see, there are a number of reasons why your dog might sit on you. But let’s hope it’s because they love you more than sleeping on a sofa and want to be close to you!

Related Questions and Answers

Why Does My Dog Sit on Me and Not My Husband?

Does your husband wear cologne that your dog could find too overpowering? Or perhaps your bond with your dog is just deeper than his. Another possibility is that your husband intimidates the dog a little bit; he might speak louder or move more quickly than you do. Or maybe you chat to your dog more when they’re sitting on you, and they like that!

Why Does My Dog Lay in My Spot When I Get Up?

Could they be trying to show you that they want you to stay around? Or maybe they just really love the spot you were sitting in! It could also be an instinctive behavior, since dogs will lay in a warm spot, and your seat was likely still warm when you got up. They may also like your scent, as it makes them feel safe.

Does a Dog Trust You If They Sleep on You?

Yes. The dog is demonstrating that they feel secure and at ease with you. It also shows how well you two get along.

Why Do Dogs Step on You When You Lie Down?

They might be making themselves look taller and bigger! Dogs sometimes do this when they feel nervous or threatened, but it can also just be a sign of affection. Additionally, they might find comfort in the warmth of your body.

Why Do Dogs Have to Touch You When You Sleep?

Dogs like to be close to their owners. When they lie close to you or on top of you, some dogs might find it soothing to hear your heartbeat. Additionally, your dog can just be acting out for attention, so it’s crucial to establish boundaries and tell them when enough is enough.

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