Badass Dog Names for Tough Dogs (Male and Female)

RottweilerTitan, Goliath, DraxAthena, Cleo, Freya
German ShepherdDuke, Odin, ApolloHera, Juno, Valkyrie
PitbullMaverick, Diesel, BladeLiberty, Roxy, Zara
DobermanCaesar, Gotti, DukeRogue, Xena, Vixen
BulldogAtlas, Zeus, LokiMagi, Athena, Venus
BoxerJagger, Cyrus, HankZelda, Koda, Raven
Great DaneMagnus, Thor, BedlamAndromeda, Harley, Pandora
Siberian HuskyMaverick, Neptune, StormAsha, Ember, Aurora
Labrador RetrieverChamp, Ramses, BaronKia, Medusa, Skye
WeimaranerAtlas, Bazooka, GatorXena, Minerva, Venus
DalmatianBlaze, Arrow, RamboMagi, Serena, Allegra
Cane CorsoLuther, Dante, HankBane, Cleopatra, Luna

Since a pup is going to stick by your side for a long time, it deserves a bold name that goes with its personality. You can settle for a common name like Rocky or pick a unique name like Gollum. Are you struggling to come up with badass dog names? We can help you out! Enjoy going through the best names that you can give your tough dog!

The Best Badass Dog Names 

It’s not only cool to call your dog a tough moniker, but it also strengthens the bond between the two of you. Give your pup a meaningful name, and you can always expect to find a reflection of it in their behavior! These badass names for dogs will go perfectly well with your sharp-toothed friend.


If you’re a fan of DC Comics, the first name that you’d want to consider for your strong dog would be Arrow. Is your pup brave, powerful, and a real fighter? Then Arrow would be the perfect name for them!


Aldo means 'old’ and 'wise’ – fitting for a mature dog. It will also suit a boy dog that is active, determined, and smart. We bet yours is!


Ace is the name for a strong and very intelligent canine. Now that we’re thinking about it, it sounds like a tough and badass name for an Australian Shepherd, Rottweiler, or a sled dog.


If you adore Greek Mythology, you can pick up tons of names from it! Ares was a hero in Greek myths. Known as the god of battle and warship, the name Ares already reflects a lot of strength. If you want a powerful name for your pet, Ares is a great choice.


Barett refers to mighty as a bear and is derived from the German language. This can be a unique and interesting name for your furry friend, which has started to show its excellent skills as a guard dog.


The name Fera refers to a beast in Portuguese and will be an extraordinary name for your powerful girl dog! If you want a name that is different and unique, Fera can be a good option to try!


The name itself is pretty fierce and vicious and will suit big dogs a lot. If you’re looking for something intriguing to call your canine friend by, Fireball would be excellent! 

the best badass dog names


Who hasn’t heard of the powerful gangster John Gotti? If you want a great gangster name for your guard dog, Gotti can be a great choice! 


Tiger is a common pet name for mostly hunting dogs, hounds, retrievers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Bulldogs, etc. But you can make this your mighty puppy’s name as well! The name itself holds a lot of power and can sound pretty cool! 


Looking for more badass dog names? Are you an ardent fan of movie villains? Loki is a timeless classic name and sounds good for almost any kind of dog! 

Editor’s Note

When choosing a name for your dog, make sure you pick something that is easy to say and remember. To make sure your pup doesn’t get confused, try to come up with something that isn’t too close to other family member’s names. We hope you have found these badass dog names helpful!


Another villain, Hannibal, has been haunting the lives of fans ever since its release! The name itself reflects everything vicious, powerful, and fearsome. It would be a cool name for a strong and fighter dog.


You can also name your dog after another mighty Greek god, Zeus! The sky and thunder god’s name has been popular for a long time because of the splendor it holds! Name your pet after Zeus and notice how amazing it sounds!


Inspired by Pablo Escobar, the famous and notorious Columbian mastermind, this name holds a lot of significance. You can name your dog after one of the most badass men in the history of crime!


Are you a fan of the Boys Next Door? Try the name Hank! It is super easy yet sounds quite interesting!


You could also try naming your dog after the popular FRIENDS character Chandler! It is quite a badass name after the famous character itself and would be an appealing name for your dog! Moreover, people would admire it when they hear your pet being called by this favorite TV character!


You can also try naming your dog after Julius Caesar, the mighty Roman leader. The name itself portrays a lot of zeal and power, which would be perfect for your canine best friend! Especially with a dog breed like Belgian Malinois, you can’t go wrong with a name like this.

Badass Names for Tough Male Dogs

Still can’t decide what name to give your fierce dog? If you’ve just become a new parent to a vigorous and energetic male puppy, you can try some of these badass dog names. They are unique, exceptional, and quite catchy!

  • Magnum – a perfect name for a brave and strong male dog;
  • Tyrion – for a pup that is not afraid of anyone;
  • Rufus – a short and sweet name for a powerful pup;
  • Bedlam – a great name for a strong and determined dog;
  • Tempus – a fitting name for a fast and fearless dog;
  • Diesel – a classic and powerful name for a brave dog;
  • Jordan – a name that can signify superior power;
  • Lebron – the name of the famous basketball player;
  • Axel – the perfect name for a strong and intimidating pup;
  • Leo – a strong and bold name for a courageous pup.

Don’t forget to check the best viking dog names for your fearless pooch!

badass names for tough male dogs

Tough Dog Names for Female

When your canine friend is a gorgeous and fearsome female, you can’t help but struggle to come up with a perfect name for her! Although most people try choosing names of Greek goddesses for their female pets, we have some other unique names as well.

Here are some badass female dog names that you can choose from:

  • Luna – a beautiful and mysterious name for a female pup;
  • Venus – a unique and enchanting name for a dog;
  • Serena – a popular name that means strong and serene;
  • Arya – a powerful yet quite delicate name for a female dog;
  • Harley – perfect for a loud and independent pup;
  • Roxy – fitting for a fierce and confident doggo;
  • Xena – a strong and powerful, yet feminine name;
  • Arma – unique and appealing; a suitable name for a brave pup;
  • Hilda – wonderful for a brave and fearless canine;
  • Elexis – a stunning name for a strong and mighty pooch.

We hope our list of badass dog names has proven useful! Let your dog’s strong personality shine through!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Powerful Dog Name?

There are few names as powerful as Ace, Ares, Bear, Diesel, Gotti, Thor, and Titan. For female dogs, we recommend Athena, Luna, Roxy, and Xena.

What Is an Alpha Dog Name?

Alpha dog names usually refer to strong and powerful leaders. They are bold, brave, and intimidating. Some great alpha dog names include Apollo, Caesar, Goliath, Maverick, and Rambo.

What Is the Coolest Name for a Dog?

Some of the coolest names for dogs include Ash, Blaze, Chance, Koda, Rue, and Viper. For female dogs, some cool names include Allegra, Athena, Juno, and Skye.

What Are Legendary Dog Names?

Some legendary dog names draw inspiration from famous characters in mythology, literature, and television. Examples include Cerberus, Maximus, Odin, Thor, and Zeus. For female dogs, legendary names can include Freya, Gaia, Hera, and Morgana.

What Dog Name Means Fearless?

Some great fearless dog names include Ace, Arrow, Ares, Blade, Charger, and Goliath. For female dogs, some fearless names can include Athena, Braveheart, Ember, Hero, Liberty, and Minerva.

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