Black Cat Names: 100+ Popular Names for Black and Witchy Felines


#1 Black Cat Name for Your Cat by Its Breed

Cat BreedFemale ‍⬛Male ‍⬛
Bombay CatMistySalem
Maine CoonLunaZorro
Cornish RexGrizeldaAzrael
British ShorthairCleopatraDraco
Oriental CatInkyNox

You have decided to adopt an adorable black kitten and already picked out toys, a litter box, and a cat bed for them but still haven’t selected the name for your new family member? Or maybe you have several good options to consider and don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry! We have prepared an extensive list of black cat names for your beautiful dark cat. With our proposals, you will surely be able to find what you are looking for.

Popular Black Cat Names

When it comes to naming cats, many owners of black cats pick monikers inspired by dark colors. These are usually associated with nature, different types of stones, atmospheric phenomenons, plants, or raw materials. Some of the most common color-inspired black cat names include:

  • Ash – for a grayish black cat;
  • Carbon – for a cat that likes to cuddle;
  • Charcoal – for a kitty that is always getting into mischief;
  • Chocolate – for a sweet, chocolatey-colored cat;
  • Cinder – for a sooty black and white kitty;
  • Ebony – for a sleek and shiny cat;
  • Eclipse – for a mysterious and captivating cat;
  • Graphite – for a carbon-colored cat;
  • Inky – for a black cat that loves to explore;
  • Midnight – for a cat that loves to stay up late;
  • Moon – for a cat that loves the night sky;
  • Night – for an adventurous black cat;
  • Onyx – for a strong and fearless feline;
  • Opal – for a precious and elegant cat;
  • Pepper – for a black cat with white markings;
  • Shade – for a kitty that loves playing with shadows;
  • Shadow – for an elusive and magical cat;
  • Smoky – for a mysterious and mischievous cat;
  • Thunder – for a brave and powerful black cat.

Top Black Cat Names Inspired by Food

The name of your cat can also be inspired by food. The choice of dark food-related nouns is almost limitless. We have prepared a list of names that derive from popular and less popular drinks, fruits, vegetables, cakes, and other kinds of alimentary products:

  • Kahlua – for a sweet and creamy cat;
  • Licorice – for a black cat with white markings;
  • Molasses – for an energetic and playful kitty;
  • Oreo – for a black and white tuxedo cat;
  • Peppermint – for a cat that is cool and refreshing;
  • Praline – for a nutty and cuddly black cat;
  • Raisin – for a furry and delightful black kitty;
  • Truffle – for a very special and precious cat;
  • Espresso – for a petite and energetic cat;
  • Caviar – for a sophisticated and graceful feline;
  • Blackberry – for a kitty that loves to explore;
  • Cocoa – for a cuddly and affectionate feline;
  • Cola – for a bubbly and playful cat;
  • Chia – for a healthy and mystical black cat.

No matter what your black cat’s personality is like, there are plenty of names out there to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something mysterious, playful, or unique, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your kitty.

Our Reader’s Story

My little black cat, Midnight, is the most precious addition to my family. When I was trying to think of a name for him, I wanted something special that would fit his unique personality. After searching through a list of black cat names, I decided on Midnight because it was the perfect combination of mysterious and playful.
Midnight loves to explore and is always up for an adventure. He loves to run around the house, chasing after his favorite toy mouse. I’m so glad I chose a name that captures his adventurous spirit.

Female Black Cat Names

If your new cat is a female, you can go for one of typically girlish black cat names. These include names of animals with dark fur, precious stones, as well as common human names:

  • Bastet – for a goddess-like black cat;
  • Mulan – for an independent and brave cat;
  • Dahlia – for a black flower-inspired kitty;
  • Elvira – for a mysterious and captivating cat;
  • Panther – for an elegant and graceful feline;
  • Raven – for a black cat that loves watching birds;
  • Ingrid – for an intelligent and loyal pet;
  • Katniss – for an independent and strong kitty;
  • Saphira – for a dragon-like black cat;
  • Puma – for a wild and powerful black cat;
  • Sheba – for a queenly and majestic feline;
  • Zara – for a cat that loves exploring new places;
  • Nightingale – for a beautiful singing kitty;
  • Velvet – for a fluffy and soft black cat.
female black cat names

Male Black Cat Names

Children stories about villains, astronomy, and nature can be a varied source of names for male cats. If your coal-black puppy still hasn’t his name, and you want it to be special, select one of the following:

  • Dracula – for a black cat with fangs;
  • Hades – for a mysterious and powerful kitty;
  • Gotham – for a cat who loves justice and freedom;
  • Batman – for a kitty with an attitude;
  • Draco – for a dragon-like black cat;
  • Penguin – for a kitty that loves ice and snow;
  • Venom – for a powerful and fearless cat;
  • Inky – for a black cat who loves adventure;
  • Phantom – for an elusive and mysterious cat;
  • Zorro – for a brave and independent kitty;
  • Orion – for a cat who loves starry nights;
  • Banshee – for a cat that loves to meow;
  • Mephistopheles – for an intelligent and powerful feline;
  • Hobbes – for a black cat with a mischievous personality.

Black Cat Names From Movies

Cats with black fur often show up in movies, cartoons, and TV series. Some of them have become legendary, and their names are well-known all over the world. If you are a fan of cinema, naming your cat after some big-screen icons is a wonderful idea. Here are some names from popular productions that you can select for your kitten:

  • Binx – from Hocus Pocus;
  • Cat – from Breakfast at Tiffany’s;
  • Felix – from a series of cartoons about him;
  • Figaro – from Pinocchio;
  • Isis – from Star Trek;
  • Jiji – from Kiki’s Delivery Service;
  • Luna – from Sailor Moon;
  • Salem – from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch;
  • Snowball – from The Simpsons;
  • Sylvester – from Looney Tunes.

Witchy and Magic-Inspired Names for Black Cats

In many cultures across the globe, black cats are known to be symbols of bad luck. Some people even claim that they have supernatural powers that allow them to make our lives harder. In the Western cultures, it was believed that witches are able to turn into black cats. Naming your cat after one of the popular witches is, therefore, a great option for all horror lovers.

Here is a list of names of fictional witches:

  • Alexis – from The Vampire Diaries;
  • Atelia – from Tweeny Witches;
  • Belor – from Into the Labirynth;
  • Beryl – from Sailor Moon;
  • Circe – from DC Comics;
  • Cora – from Once Upon a Time;
  • Della – from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch;
  • Eris – from Slayers;
  • Evie – from Descendents;
  • Glinda – from The Wizard of Oz;
  • Hilda – from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch;
  • Icy – from Winx Club;
  • Karnilla – from Marvel Comics;
  • Nyc – from Image Comics;
  • Qoo – from Tweeny Witches;
  • Violet – from Dogwitch;
  • Zelda – from Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.

If you like these ideas, you should also check our other article with the ultimate list of witchy dog names!

witchy and magic-inspired names for black cats

Halloween-Inspired Names for Cats

As we have already mentioned, dark cats are often associated with witchcraft, magic, and superstitions. They are also an iconic symbol of the Halloween season. If you bring your little buddy home in October, it may be a great idea to give them a Halloween-inspired black cat name.

We have gathered some of the most popular names for your little black feline that correspond to Halloween:

  • Anubis – for a regal and mysterious cat;
  • Banshee – for a kitty that loves to meow;
  • Omen – for an ominous and powerful cat;
  • Broomhilda – for a kitty who loves to fly around;
  • Casper – for a friendly and cuddly kitty;
  • Twilight – for a magical and enchanting cat;
  • Frost –for a cool and refreshing feline;
  • Goblin – for a mischievous and playful kitty;
  • Loki – for an adventurous and daring black cat;
  • Pumpkin – for a sweet and cuddly feline;
  • Vlad – for a mysterious and dark cat;
  • Cauldron – for a mysterious and powerful cat;
  • Creeper – for a stealthy and mysterious pet;
  • Ghost – for an elusive and magical pet;
  • Hecate – for a goddess-like black cat;
  • Jack-o’-Lantern – for a mischievous and playful feline;
  • Mummy – for a kitty that loves to be wrapped up;
  • Necromancer – for an intelligent and mystical cat;
  • Ouija – for a kitty that loves playing games;
  • Phantom – for a mysterious and elusive cat;
  • Possum – for a sneaky and mischievous pet;
  • Seymour – for an independent and brave cat;
  • Witchy-Poo – for a naughty and mischievous feline.

How to Find the Best Name for Your New Black Pet

It would be ideal if you had the name of your pet chosen even before you bring them home. In practice, it is much easier to select the name when you have your pet close to you. If you haven’t brought your new furry friend home and haven’t selected their name yet, don’t worry – you will have plenty of time to do it once you get to know them!

Sometimes some small details in the appearance of your cat can be the sparkle that will trigger your imagination and allow you to come up with the best idea. Once your pet is home, look for their distinguishing characteristics. If your cat has odd-colored eyes, call them Sphinx. If they have a little dapple somewhere on their fur, you can choose Patch as the name for your cat. Look closely at your new friend and let them be your inspiration.

We hope that our list of black cat names will help you make a choice. Whatever your choice is, your pet will surely love their new moniker!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Name My Black Kitten?

When naming your black kitten, you should pick something that reflects their personality and appearance. Popular black cat names include Luna, Shadow, Onyx, Midnight, Raven, Salem, Chaos and Nox.

What Is the Name of the Famous Black Cat?

The most famous black cat is probably Salem from the sitcom Sabrina: The Teenage Witch. Another well-known black cat is Felix, who has been featured in multiple cartoons and comic strips since 1919.

What’s a Good Name for a Male Black Cat?

Popular male black cat names include Zorro, Draco, Shadow, Onyx, Salem and Chaos. For something more unique, why not try Hobbes or Mephistopheles?

Are Black Cats Rare?

No, black cats are not rare. In fact, they are one of the most common colors for domestic cats. However, because of the superstitions and folklore surrounding them, many people may believe that black cats are rare.

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