Famous Dog Names & Popular Dog Names for Your Lovely Pup


Famous Dog Names: Our Top Choices

Celebrity Dog’s NameBoWinnie
Famous Dog NameCosmoLaika
Popular NameCharlieBella
Series NameMandoCiri
Movie NameMarleyLassie

Are you planning to get a new dog? Or perhaps you already have a puppy and you still can’t find a name? Either way, the easiest solution is to choose one from the list of the most famous dog names. They usually fit all dog breeds and are easy to pronounce. Check out our dog name ideas to find the best one for your cute dog!

How to Name Your Dog?

Struggling to settle on the perfect moniker for your beloved pup? We’ve got you covered! Give your furry friend a two-syllable name that’s easy to pronounce. You can also consider their personality, looks or even some of your own interests when coming up with ideas. Still stuck? Check out our list of famous dog names – sure there’ll be something they’re paw-fectly suited to!

Top 20 Popular and Famous Dog Names

Why not pick a name that is already proven? Check out these 20 of the most popular dog names and choose something that suits your dog:

  • Max – for a loyal and obedient pup;
  • Luna – for a loyal, gentle, and affectionate pup;
  • Charlie – for an independent and friendly pup;
  • Bella – for a beautiful and charismatic pup;
  • Cooper – for an active and playful pup;
  • Daisy – for a sweet and happy pup;
  • Milo – for an intelligent and alert pup;
  • Lucy – for a loving and loyal pup;
  • Buddy – for an independent and friendly pup;
  • Lily – for a graceful and gentle pup;
  • Rocky – for an energetic and brave pup;
  • Zoe – for an energetic and playful pup;
  • Bear – for a courageous and loyal pup;
  • Lola – for an affectionate and gentle pup;
  • Teddy – for an intelligent and loyal pup;
  • Sadie – for a trusting and loving pup;
  • Duke – for a courageous and strong pup;
  • Bailey – for an active and friendly pup;
  • Leo – for an energetic and lively pup;
  • Stella – for a loving and playful pup.

You might be surprised not to see names like Fido there. Trends are changing, although you can still go for a classic dog name for your canine companion!

top 20 popular and famous dog names

Unique Dog Names: The Most Outstanding Dogs in History

Perhaps you want the name to be original? All dogs are unique, but as with people, some are more famous than the others. If you are looking for a great name for your new friend, be sure to check out this list of famous dog names:

  • Laika – the first animal to orbit the Earth;
  • Just Nuisance – a Great Dane, the only dog officially enlisted in the Royal Navy;
  • Snuppy – the first dog clone;
  • Barry – famous rescue dog in Switzerland and Italy (sounds like a good one for a therapy dog);
  • Chum – a Labrador Retriever starring in “Spanglish”;
  • Lex – the first military dog granted early retirement, awarded the Purple Heart;
  • Sergeant Stubby – the most decorated war dog during World War I;
  • Hachiko – the most loyal dog, waited for his owner at the train station for nine years after his death;
  • Cosmo – a Jack Russell Terrier and a skilled dog actor.

Dog Names From Movies and TV Series

If you love watching movies and TV shows, you will definitely find your favorite pet name from among movie/TV dog names. Here is a list of the best names for male and female dogs.

  • Astro from “The Jetsons”;
  • Barkley from “Sesame Street”;
  • Beethoven from “Beethoven”;
  • Blue from “Blue’s Clues”;
  • Brian from “Family Guy”;
  • Buddy from “Air Bud”;
  • Cheddar from “Brooklyn 99”;
  • Clifford from “Clifford the Big Red Dog”;
  • Daisy from “John Wick”;
  • Everest from “PAW Patrol”;
  • Fang from “Harry Potter”;
  • Foo-Foo from “The Muppet Show”;
  • Lassie from “Lassie Come Home”;
  • Marley from “Marley & Me”;
  • Odie from “Garfield”;
  • Otis from “The Adventures of Milo and Otis”;
  • Patch from “101 Dalmatians”;
  • Rufus from “Legally Blonde”;
  • Scooby-Doo from “Scooby-Doo”;
  • Snoopy from “Peanuts”;
  • Stella from “Modern Family”;
  • Toto from “The Wizard of Oz”.

Editor’s Note

My favorite name from this list is Snoopy! Snoopy is one of the most iconic and beloved characters in literature, so why not give your dog this classic name? If your dog is playful and curious, this is the perfect name for him! Whatever name you choose, it should be something special. After all, your pup will live with this name for his entire life – make sure it is a good one!
dog names from movies and tv series

Famous Dog Names Inspired by Celebrities

Do you love celebrities? The easiest way is to name your new pet after your favorite celebrity. Here are some ideas for puppy names.

  • Adele – for a pup with a beautiful voice;
  • Ariana (Grande) – for a pup with a strong and independent spirit;
  • Audrey (Hepburn) – for a pup with endless elegance;
  • Beau (Bridges) – for a pup with a strong spirit;
  • Beyoncé – for a diva;
  • Britney (Spears) – for a pup with ambition and determination;
  • Demi (Lovato) – for a pup with courage and strength;
  • Dolly (Parton) – for a pup with charm and wit;
  • Freddy (Mercury) – for a pup with a heart of gold;
  • Harry (Styles) – for a pup with an adventurous spirit;
  • J. Lo (Lopez) – for a pup with confidence and sass;
  • Keira (Knightly) – for a pup with grace and intelligence;
  • Leo (DiCaprio) – for a pup with charisma and passion;
  • Marilyn (Monroe) – for a pup with a radiant personality;
  • Marlon (Brando) – for a pup with a strong personality;
  • Mickey (Rooney) – for a pup with a mischievous spirit;
  • Oprah (Winfrey) – for a pup with ambition and heart;
  • Redford (Robert Redford) – for a pup with a courageous spirit;
  • Shakira – for a pup with lots of energy;
  • Shia (LaBeouf) – for a pup with courage;
  • Taylor (Swift) – for a pup with resilience and strength;
  • Uma (Thurman) – for a pup with grace and style.

Celebrity Dog Names

If you’re looking to get creative with naming your pup, why not take inspiration from someone else’s beloved canine? After all, famous people love their dogs too! Give a shout-out to celebrity canines and call your furry friend by the same name.

  • Anton (Heidi Klum);
  • Billie (Ryan Reynolds);
  • Bo (Barack Obama);
  • Brutus (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson);
  • Darla (Vanessa Hudgens);
  • Finn (Amanda Seyfried);
  • Douglas (Drew Barrymore);
  • Capper (Heidi Klum);
  • George (Jim Carrey);
  • Momo (Hilary Duff);
  • Meatball (Adam Sandler);
  • Sidi (Orlando Bloom);
  • Dali (Hugh Jackman);
  • Mugsy (Paris Hilton);
  • Elvis (Pink);
  • Norman (Jennifer Aniston);
  • Jinxy (Eva Longoria);
  • Hendrix (Bella Hadid);
  • Pearl (Lea Michele);
  • Sadie (Oprah Winfrey);
  • Sammy (Justin Bieber);
  • Sid (Jessica Alba);
  • Tucker (Charlize Theron);
  • Pilaf (Demi Moore);
  • Winnie (Selena Gomez);
  • Zhaki (Will Smith).

Other Cool Dog Names From Pop Culture

Still not satisfied? Obviously, you want the best name for your bundle of fur. Whether you have a girl dog or a boy dog, there are even more cool ideas.

Girl Dog Monikers From Modern TV Series

  • Ciri (“The Witcher”);
  • Triss (“The Witcher”);
  • Lady (“Game of Thrones”);
  • Orla (“Derry Girls”);
  • Raquel (“Money Heist”);
  • Inej (“Shadow and Bone”);
  • Sabrina (“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”).

Boy Dog Names From Modern TV Series

  • Geralt (“The Witcher”);
  • Eskel (“The Witcher”);
  • Ghost (“Game of Thrones”);
  • Mando (“The Mandalorian”);
  • Diego (“The Umbrella Academy”);
  • Simon (“Bridgerton”);
  • Jesper (“Shadow and Bone”);
  • Jamie (“Outlander”);
  • Salva (“Money Heist”).

For more ideas for modern dog names, you can choose ones from video games or your favorite fantasy books.

Choose a Name for Your Dog

Choosing the name for your great dog is a big and time-consuming step. But with just a little help you will be able to pick the perfect name. In addition to our list of famous dog names, you can also check out the best celebrity dog names and Disney dog names. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the #1 Dog Name?

The most popular dog name is Max. Other popular names include Luna, Charlie, Bella and Cooper.

What Is a Badass Name for a Dog?

Badass dog names can be inspired by strong characters from movies or books. Examples include Butch, Rocky, Duke and Vader.

What Is the Coolest Dog Name?

If you’re looking to give your pup a cool name, there are several sources of inspiration – from modern TV characters like Mando, Geralt and Jamie through to their own personality or physical traits. Cool dog names might include Flash for lighting-quick pups; Stormy if they always keep you guessing; and Zorro when stealth is their game!

What Are the Rarest Dog Names?

For those who like their pup to stand out from the crowd, here are some of the rarest dog names around: Zephyr, Quill, Talon, Jet, Vespers, Taos, Osprey, Lyric, Fenrir, and Blaze.

What Is a Creative Name for a Dog?

Creative dog names can be inspired by your favorite books, movies, or TV series. Examples include Gandalf, Spock, Bilbo and Leia. You can also pick a creative name based on your pup’s personality or appearance. Examples include Firefly, Cinnamon, Snowy and Shadow.

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