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Here, we’ll help you choose a French dog name that suits your pooch. We’ll go through male, female, and unisex names with meanings. Also, there’s a section on names based on foods for those who are interested. Let’s dive in!

Male French Dog Names

There seems to be no dearth of options for dog owners when choosing a French male dog name. If we listed all of them here, it would take you an hour to go through them. That’s why, to save you time and effort, we’ve picked only the very best French dog names with beautiful meanings. So, let’s get on with the list!

  • Ami – „friend”
  • Arnaud – „eagle”
  • Adrien – „rich”
  • André – „warrior”
  • Aslan – „lion”
  • Antoine – „praise-worthy”
  • Asterix – „star”; a well-known comic book character in France.
  • Aubin – „white”
  • Boursin – a kind of French cheese spread
  • Beau – „handsome”
  • Beldoin – „brave friend”
  • Bonaparte – „good solution”; the surname of the famous French emperor Napoleon I.
  • Chanceux – „fortunate”
  • Camembert – a kind of French cheese
  • Descartes – after the popular philosopher René Descartes
  • Danton – „worthy of praise”
  • Devereaux – „riverbank”
  • Dagobert – „bright day”; a king in French songs for kids
  • Enzo – „home ruler”
  • Emile – „eager”
  • Etienne – „garland”
  • Felix – „happy”
  • Figaro – El Figaro is a newspaper published in France
  • Filou – „loved one”; a shorter version of Philipe
  • Francois – „free man”
  • Frank – a common name for a French person
  • Garçon – used to indicate a boy
  • Gaillard – „vigorous”
  • Gin – a popular alcoholic drink in France
  • Gérard – „bold spear”
  • Heureux – „successful”
  • Hugo – „intellect”
  • Hipo – from the old name Hippolyte, meaning „stampeding horses”
  • Julien – „downy-bearded”
  • Jouer – „play”
  • Louis – „famous warrior”; multiple French kings had this name
  • Leroy – „the king”
  • Leon – „lion”
  • Magou – derived from the word magouille, which means „maneuver”
  • Marceau – „little warrior”
  • Marvel – „astonishing”
  • Marcel – „belonging to Mars”
  • Matisse – „gift of God”; Henri Matisse was a famous French painter
  • Mignon – „dainty”
  • Napoleon – the famous emperor
  • Obelix – „obelisk”; comes from the Asterix comic books
  • Olivier – „olive tree”
  • Orpheus – „the darkness of the night”
  • Paris – the capital of France
  • Pierre – „stone”
  • Rafale – „a burst of artillery fire”
  • Remy – „oarsman”
  • Sartre – after the well-known French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre
  • Severine – „stern”
  • Thibert – „bright”
  • Tintin – the main character from the French comic book Tintin
  • Vallois – „valley”
  • Yves – „yew.”
Male French Dog Names

Fun Fact

A lot of French names are ultimately of Latin or Celtic origin. It makes sense, since the French language evolved from Gallo-Romance, which came into existence when the Romans introduced Latin to the Celtic-speaking people of Gaul. Later, it was also influenced by Germanic languages.

Female French Dog Names

Your girl dog deserves a name that embodies her personality properly. That’s why we’ve made this list featuring only female French dog names. Go through them, and we can guarantee you’ll find the ideal pick for your new girl dog.

  • Adele – „noble”
  • Amie – „friend”
  • Alair – „cheerful”
  • Alette – „winged”
  • Babette – „my God is my oath”; a nickname for Elizabeth
  • Bebe – „baby”
  • Belle – „beautiful”
  • Bijou – „jewel”
  • Bonbon – „candy”
  • Brie – a type of French cheese
  • Bisette – „kiss”
  • Chanel – „water pipe”; after the famous French fashion designer
  • Chantal – „stone”
  • Delphine – „from Delphi”
  • Demoiselle – „young lady”
  • Desireé – „desired”
  • Douce – „soft”
  • Elle – „she”
  • Éclair – „flash of lightning”; also a kind of dessert
  • Elodie – „foreign riches”
  • Felicite – „bliss”
  • Fleur – „flower”
  • Gamine – „small girl”
  • Helene – „torch”
  • Hilaire – „merry”
  • Isabel – „pledged to God”
  • Joie – „joy”
  • Juliette – „youthful”
  • Lili – „lily”
  • Lyonette – „little lion”
  • Laure – „winner”
  • Margot – „pearl”
  • Monique – „wise”
  • Ninon – a type of sheer fabric
  • Nicolette – „victory”
  • Ophelie – „aid”
  • Reine – „queen”
  • Rosette – „little rose”
  • Soleil – „sun”
  • Sophie – „smart”
  • Therese – „harvester”
  • Vanille – „vanilla.”
Female French Dog Names

Popular French Unisex Dog Names

What if you don’t prefer names for dogs that are associated with a particular gender? Well, we have some great name ideas for you as well. Here’s our recommendation of unisex French dog names along with their English meanings.

  • Abeille – „bee”
  • Bijou – „jewel”
  • Bleu – „blue”
  • Cezanne – a French painter; the name is a variant of Susan
  • Doudou – „stuffed toy”
  • Eiffel – from Eiffel Tower
  • Fleuve – „river”
  • Gommette – „eraser”
  • Joujou – „plaything”
  • Louboutin – a brand of women’s shoes
  • Milou – a combination of the names Marie and Louise
  • Parfait – „perfect”; also a type of dessert
  • Pogba – from Paul Pogba, the French football player
  • Savon – „soap”

French Dog Names Based on Food

Some individuals love to name their pets based on their favorite food. If you’re among those people and looking for a French name, then perhaps this list can help. Check out our top picks to see if one seems like the perfect name for your canine.

  • Amande – „almond”
  • Brioche – a cross between a pastry and bread
  • Litchi – „lychee”
  • Cannelé – a type of pastry flavored with rum and vanilla
  • Beignet – a type of fritter or deep-fried pastry
  • Miel – „honey”
  • Fenouil – „fennel”
  • Chou – „cabbage”
  • Fromage – „cheese”
  • Marjolaine – a type of pastry related to dacquoise
  • Pamplemousse – „grapefruit”
  • Kaki – „persimmon”
  • Navet – „turnip”
  • Frite – „French fry.”
French Dog Names Based on Food

Did You Know…

Pastries are now a big part of French cuisine and culture, but it wasn’t always the case. The first pastry chefs appeared in France between the 13th and 16th century, thanks to foreign influences. The iconic croissant was brought there from Austria in the late 1830s, and the macaron was actually invented in Italy.

French Dog Names Based on Cities 

France has some of the most beautiful cities in the world that are known for endless attractions – cafés, gardens, museums and a lot more. So, it would be understandable if you decided to name your dog after one of the French cities.

  • Lyon
  • Bordeaux
  • Paris
  • Nice
  • Lille
  • Rouen
  • Dijon

Naming Your Dog After Famous French People

Here are the names of some popular French faces that can make a good name for your pup. Go through the list to see if you can find one to your liking.

  • Coco Chanel
  • Marie Antoinette
  • Blaise Pascal
  • Gérard Depardieu
  • Jacques Torres
  • Victor Hugo 
  • Claude Monet
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Marquis de Sade
  • René Descartes
  • Marie Curie 
  • Jules Verne
  • Albert Camus.
Naming Your Dog After Famous French People


French is a beautiful language, if not the most beautiful one. So it’s a great decision to give your dog a French name. Hopefully, by now, you’ve found a name that represents the French culture. As you can see, our list contains classic French dog names alongside the cuter ones. Let us know in the comments which one you went for!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do French People Name Their Dog?

Traditionally, French people name their dogs Rex, Médor, Fido, Rintintin, Sultan, Mirza, or Lassie. Oscar, Snoopy, Tina, Max, Titou, and Gribouille are some other popular pet names in France.

What Are Cute Pet Names in French?

Do you want to use a French term of endearment as a name for your dog? Some of the cutest are mon amour („my love”), mon trésor („my treasure”), mon coeur („my heart”), and mon chou („my sweet bun”). Loulou is another option – you could translate it as „wolfie.”

What Is the Prettiest French Word?

The prettiest French word, in my opinion, is l’amour, which means „love” in English. This word encapsulates all the beauty and romance of the French language, while also expressing a powerful emotion that can be felt by people around the world.

What Are Some Rare French Names?

Bellamy, Cress, and Quincy are some of the less popular French names. Any of them would work for a dog of any gender.

What’s French for Puppy?

Un chiot means „puppy” in French. The word can be used for both male and female puppies, although its grammatical gender is masculine. It’s pronounced approximately like „an she-oh.”

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