Funny Dog Names: 25+ Hilarious Puppy Name Ideas

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There’s a stereotype that dogs should be given „dog names.” But what does it even mean? Your beloved furry friend deserves the best name you can invent. So there’s nothing wrong with letting your imagination run wild! But what if you don’t come up with anything interesting? Worry not – we’ve prepared something for you. The funny dog names listed below may serve you as an inspiration.

How to Find a Funny Name for Your Dog?

We all know that explaining jokes is the best way to ruin them. But let’s try to define the best ways to find fun names. This way, you may not even need our suggestions – maybe you’ll come up with a cool idea by yourself!

  • Create a contrast. Choose the name of a muscled superhero for your miniature breed doggy, and for a big dog, find a petite one.
  • Go for a pun. Play with the language to create some unexpected combinations.
  • Get inspired with pop culture. Maybe your pet will inherit the name of your favorite cartoon character or singer?
  • Make your dog royalty. A clumsy puppy with a royal name? Sound just about right! Look through royal and presidential names and find one that resonates with you the most.


If none of the above routes was successful for you, here’s another one. Look around you and name a random object. Then, think of a random body part. Combine the two together. What did you get? I got Bottletoe!

Most Popular Funny Dog Names

Some funny names never get old! You could, for example, choose the names of famous film dogs, like Einstein from Back to the Future or the iconic Beethoven. Or maybe you’ll stick with the always fitting Mister Paw?

Snoop Dog and Snoopy are other names that have gained a lot of popularity. They have a perfect two-syllable construction, and besides that, they’re both catchy and adorable, with references to popular culture! Snoop Dog will fit a chill, happy, and always relaxed pet.

Funny Dog Names With Puns

Puns with „paw” or „chew” are always a great solution. You can transform many names by playing with the language. If you don’t feel like creating them on your own, here are some ideas for punny names:

  • Chewpawcabra;
  • Chewpito;
  • Paw-er Ranger;
  • ChewChew;
  • Woofer.

Are you searching for some puns on well-recognized pop culture figures? We’ve got you covered. Consider one of these:

  • Andy Warhowl;
  • Snarls Barkley;
  • Jimmy Chew;
  • Kanye Westie;
  • Bone Jovi.
Funny Dog Names With Puns

Funny Tasty Dog Names

Look around in your cupboards and fridge – the inspiration for naming your dog is all around you! There are many cute names that are inspired by food. It’s a perfect solution for foodies who can’t decide how to name their dogs. You can let your creative juices flow or use these funny dog names that have already conquered many owners’ hearts. Let’s take:

  • Bubblegum;
  • Tic Tac;
  • Smartie;
  • Taco;
  • Pickles;
  • Mr. Bean;
  • Dr. Peppers;
  • Mochi;
  • Matcha;
  • Muffin;
  • Meatball;
  • Tofu.

When choosing among the tasty names, don’t focus only on those that sound mouth-watering for you. Find options that have two syllables and are easy to pronounce. And maybe don’t choose the simplest ingredients so that your pet feels unique. Look through your favorite cuisines and dishes to find something that sounds tasty or original!

Funny Male Dog Names 

Are you searching for some boy dog names that will be a great match? Get inspired with these popular name ideas for smaller and bigger boys!

  • Muddy Buddy;
  • Buddy Paw;
  • Nacho;
  • Rambo;
  • King Kong;
  • Captain Chaos;
  • Bubba.
Funny Male Dog Names

Funny Dog Names Inspired by Movies

The cinema is a bottomless supply when it comes to funny dog names. You can choose the name of your favorite character, or simply the one that fits your preferences best.

  • Chewbacca;
  • Pikachu;
  • Obi-Woof-Kenobi;
  • Winnie de Pooch;
  • Han Solo;
  • Paw2-D2;
  • E.T.;
  • Dobby;
  • McFly.

Did You Know…

The name Chewbacca comes from the Russian word sobaka, meaning „dog.” If you like names with double meanings, this is the way to go!

How to Choose a Good Dog Name?

Some believe that our name influences the way we are, and others don’t. When we’re born, we get a name right away, even though it’s hard to figure out the specifics of our personality. With pets, however, it can be different. 

Sometimes, the owners decide to wait a bit with choosing a name for their new dog. They observe the puppy’s behavior first to find the best match. This way, they can select something more relevant. Others choose a name based on the puppy’s physical features that are visible at first glance.

Regardless of which strategy you prefer, paying attention to your pup’s unique traits may be helpful. Otherwise, calling your dog with a particular name may feel a little odd.


Lay a few toys in front of your dog and see which one they take interest in first. A Kong? A Frisbee? A ball? Add a funny prefix like „goof” or „snooze.” What did you get? I got Sleepyball!

What Else Should You Pay Attention To?

Even if your priority is funniness, you should also remember that a good name is comfortable to use. Remember that at times, you’ll probably need to call your dog over and over. You may get irritated if it’s not easy to pronounce. Also, you should avoid names that are easy to confuse with commands. That’s a ready-made recipe for a behavioral disaster.


Remember that the name should not only fit the pet but also be easy to use. It shouldn’t be too long or complicated. Otherwise, you’ll most likely end up shortening it, anyway. Two or three syllables are the best length.


It’s easier to get your pup’s attention with a name that ends in a vowel. Take that into account when choosing a funny dog name for your new furry friend.


If you want a funny name, fine, go for it! Make sure, however, that it doesn’t bring negative associations to mind. This could cause unexpected problems, like the inability to find a dog sitter when you’re leaving home for a while. 

What Else Should You Pay Attention To?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Funniest Dog Name?

Some of the funniest dog names are Butch T. Barkin and Fido McFluffington. My vote for the funniest dog name would have to be „Sir Wagsalot!”

What Are Some Weird Dog Names?

Chomper, Fluffer Nutter, Bark Obama, Bacon Bits, or Woofenstein might just be what you’re looking for. We have an entire list of weird names for dogs if you’d like to check it out.

What Are Some Cringy Pet Names?

If you’d like to name your dog something cringy that people call their partners or children, here you go! Baby Doll, Ducky, and Snookums are some of the most hated pet names out there.

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