Harry Potter Dog Names: 19 Ideas for Your Magical Pooch

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Best Harry Potter Dog Names

As a fellow Harry Potter fan, I have a lot of ideas for dog names inspired by the series. If you’re on the hunt for inspiration, try these characters! From fan favorites to underrated critters, they’re all amazing Harry Potter dog name ideas.

Best Harry Potter Dog Names


Remember that scary-looking three-headed dog that was guarding the philosopher’s stone? How hilarious was it when we found out Hagrid, very lovingly, named that creature Fluffy? That being said, Fluffy is a great name for a dog. Hagrid himself is an option too!


Let’s face it, we all dreamed of owning an owl after observing how cute and loyal Harry’s feathery companion was. By nature, dogs are also very loyal. So, this is a great Potter-themed dog name.


Professor Dumbledore holds a special place in all Potterheads’ hearts. He is wise, and he protected Harry until his very last breath. Albus also translates to white, so if your new pet is white, this would be a suitable name.


Harry’s godfather, and the closest father figure, Sirius Black could actually turn into a dog to hide himself from people. That’s why this is a perfect name for your dog.


Although this was the name of Hermione Granger’s cat, it will make a unique name for any pet. Sirius Black called Crookshanks „the most intelligent of his kind,” and it’s not surprising, considering that he was half-Kneazle. Do you have a smart doggo to name?


This is the name of Hagrid’s own pet dog, who is a lover of all magical creatures. If you also love your dog a little too much, consider this Harry Potter-themed name for them. Fang was a boarhound, so it’s an especially fitting name for a Great Dane.


Pixies were depicted as annoying little magical creatures in the movies, but I cannot deny that as a name, Pixie is quite magical. It has that enchanting feel to it, just like the books and movies. If you have a magical dog, this is the name you should choose.


Speaking of magical creatures, this giant spider gave every kid nightmares when the movie came out. It was interesting to see the backstory of this majestic being. If you have a particularly large dog with a majestic vibe, consider this name.

Male Harry Potter Dog Names

Looking for Harry Potter dog names for a male pup? Here are a few ideas from the books and movies!

Male Harry Potter Dog Names


Remember Harry’s visit to this famous wand shop to get his famous wand? I bet you, like me, also dreamt of getting one of your own from here someday. Ollivander is a great candidate for male dog names. You can even call your pooch Ollie or Olive, for short.


Fawkes is the name of Dumbledore’s phoenix who was helpful to Harry in the second book. If you own a particularly intelligent pup, this Harry Potter name will suit him nicely because Fawkes was very intelligent, too.


Remus Lupin was one of Sirius’s allies. He was one of the good teachers, too. Since he was also a werewolf, this would be a good name for a Husky and any other breed that looks like a wolf. He was also known as Moony, which is another brilliant name for a dog!


This is already a popular name among dog lovers. Rufus worked at the ministry of magic as its head. You can also name your puppy after his full name, Rufus Scrimgeour, and call him by the first.


This character may not always have been helpful. In fact, Dobby created more trouble for Harry than he helped. However, this elf always had Harry’s best intentions at heart, and I know you shed a tear or two for him in the end, too. This name would be ideal for a shelter dog rather than a new puppy.


Harry Potter’s father may have been arrogant, but he was also talented, clever, and very devoted to his wife and child. He was certainly an overachiever in Hogwarts school. If your puppy shows these characteristics, you know what to call him!

Female Harry Potter Dog Names

If you own a female dog, here are a few names from the Harry Potter universe you can use for her.

Female Harry Potter Dog Names


This is one of the most popular female dog names from Harry Potter. Luna Lovegood was that quirky character we couldn’t help but fall in love with. If you have an equally weird but lovable pet, this is the name to choose.


She’s one of the most famous fictional ghosts, and she always seemed to have antics up her sleeve to annoy Harry. However, she was there for Harry when it was needed, which makes her name a great choice for a Harry Potter dog name.


Lily Potter doesn’t appear much in the movies or the books, but J.K Rowling beautifully portrayed just how much of an important character she was in the Harry Potter series. As such, this is another popular dog name inspired by it.


This magical school of witchcraft and wizardry has its fair share of favorite teachers, and professor McGonagall is many people’s favorite Harry Potter character. Minerva would suit a wise, friendly, and loyal dog.


She was a Death Eater who followed Lord Voldemort. As a witch, she caused a lot of trouble for Harry and his friends. Even so, you cannot deny that this name has a unique charm to it. 

Final Words

While this may not be the most comprehensive list, I have rounded up some great candidates if you were looking for the perfect name for your puppy. Hope I was helpful in your search for suitable Harry Potter dog names for your pet. Don’t forget to comment down below and let me know the name you choose.

Editor’s Note

If you loved the Harry Potter movies, you can also honor one of the actors, screenwriters or directors by naming your pooch after them. For example, Daniel is a fitting name if you loved Radcliffe’s acting in the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sirius’s Dog Name?

The dog that Sirius Black transformed into was called Padfoot. It can be an interesting name for a pooch with large paws!

What Is Hagrid’s Dog’s Name?

Hagrid’s dog was named Fang, although he was far from ferocious. If you have a pup that will likely grow to be a gentle giant, this can be a fitting name for them.

What Do You Call Your Pet in Harry Potter?

If you mean the animal that accompanies a wizard, often possessing supernatural abilities and assisting with magic, it’s called a familiar. Other than that, the wizards had pets just like ours – owls, cats, you name it.

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