Hunting Dog Names: 30 Options for a Hound or Retriever Pup

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As you train your dog for hunting and tracking, calling them by a cool name can add so much fun to your journey. It can be something common like Buck or something totally rousing like Thunder! Whichever name calls out to you will be an awesome choice for sure! Here you can find the most popular (and unique) names for your hounds, terriers, beagles, and pointers. Today, we’ve put together not only the traditional hunting dog names but also some pretty badass ones! Have a look!

The Best Hunting Dog Names 

We have plenty of ideas for hunting dog names. The perfect name for your hunting dog could be any of these. So, read carefully and see what you like!

  • Ace: This can be the name for your new hound, especially if it’s great at running! Speedy dogs make cool flushing dogs, and Ace sounds just like one!
  • Ares: Hunters often like to name their dogs after Greek gods and goddesses. With Ares being the god of war, it’s a perfectly powerful name for a hound.
  • Artemis: Artemis comes from Greek mythology. It’s inspired by the goddess of the hunt. Looking for a unique name for your female dog? Artemis is all yours!
  • Arrow: If you’re a fan of Oliver Queen, you might have already considered naming your dog Arrow. So, this is your sign that you should! 
  • Arsène: There are enough dog names in English. But how many of them have the charm of Arsène? It’s a masculine French name that means virile.
  • Bolt: Remember that Disney movie about a cute dog with superpowers? You might not. But if you have kids, they might want to name the new pup Bolt. Before you know it, the name just grows on you!
  • Bear: No, it’s not like we’ve run out of dog names and are looking at an entirely different species for ideas. Bear is a pretty common name for hunter dogs. It feels endearing and tough at the same time!
  • Beau: Beau is a timeless name for bloodhounds. It’s elegant, unique, and pleasing to the ears. And above all, Beau is the French expression for handsome!
  • Brady: If your pup can’t make heads or tails of his hunting training, giving him a masculine name could work like a charm. What’s more masculine than Brady? Probably the next one!
  • Brutus: We all know Brutus, Julius Caesar’s „best friend,” who apparently stabbed him in the back. Brutus can be a cool name for a dog that’s flunking their training and won’t play by the book!
  • Buck: This name is often overused by deer hunters, but it’s charming nonetheless. If you’ve read The Call of the Wild, you would want to name your pup after its main character, Buck, who also happens to be a dog!
  • Captain: Captain is a great name for hunting breeds considering they’re authoritative and powerful animals. The name is almost a no-brainer for a Retriever or a hound.
  • Chase: It’s an effortless name for tracking dogs. If your dog is particularly skilled at following animal tracks, then they have earned the name Chase!
  • Dakota: It’s a popular name for hunting dog breeds in South America. You can also name your dog Dover, Denver, Danville, or Dayton after your birthplace!
  • Dash: Owners of flushing dogs, take note! Dash can be an awesome name for a Labrador Retriever or Bloodhound with a strong flushing game.
  • Duke: Choosing a hunting dog’s name can get confusing sooner than you think. If you’re down to your last idea, you can always call your gun dog Duke. 
  • Fox: The last thing you want is a clueless Spaniel on your hunting trip. So, Fox is a cool hunting name for a dog who’s wiser than their age.
  • Gunner: Calling your gun dog Gunner is the easiest decision ever. The same goes for Trapper, which is a classic name for treeing dogs.
  • Hunter: You can find the perfect name for your dog in Hunter, the most obvious one on our list of names. Who said you need a unique hunting dog name all the time? 
  • Mag: If you live for the fun of hunting magpie geese, you might as well name your hunting dog Mag! It’s short for magpie.
  • Nala: You know what a cool hunting doggie name would be? Nala, the fearless lioness from the Lion King who doesn’t mind standing up to the bad guys!
  • Rebel: Hounds can be aggressive. But under firm training, they can also be gentle. Rebel is a badass name for a hunting pup who’s both!
  • Ruger: Now, Ruger is a more fitting name for a German Shepherd because it has a German origin. It translates to „Renowned Spear,” something you can bring up in conversations!
  • Rex: It looks like we’ve run out of dog names inspired by guns, after all. Anyhow, a fierce hunting dog deserves the name Rex or something equally masculine. 
  • Scout: Scout is a unique name for a cool hunting dog. Call your pheasant hunting dog Scout to reward them for retrieving the game successfully every time!
The Best Hunting Dog Names

Editor’s Note

What if your hunting dog is actually a backyard digger? Or an expert Frisbee catcher? You can name them after their favorite activity. For example, a dog that loves to dig could be called Shovel or Scrape!

Female Hunting Dog Names 

Some popular hunting names for female dogs are Bailey, Ivy, Shiloh, Moxie, and Gamora. Interestingly, the names of female hunting dogs are often after Greek mythology characters. Let’s look at ten classic hunting dog names exclusively for female puppies!

  • Athena
  • Beck
  • Davy 
  • Dixie 
  • Duchess
  • Misty 
  • Raven
  • Summer
  • Payton
  • Xena
Female Hunting Dog Names

Male Hunting Dog Names 

If you still haven’t found a good enough name for your duck hunting dog, this is where you luck out. We selected 10 pheasant hunting dog names that are unique, majestic, and easy to follow! 

  • Atlas
  • Bane 
  • Cedar
  • Hercules 
  • Maverick 
  • Moose 
  • Sarge 
  • Texas
  • Jagger 
  • Wilder.
Male Hunting Dog Names

Did You Know…

The first domesticated dogs were bred for hunting. While hounds may not look the most similar to wolves (that honor goes to German Shepherds and Huskies), they’re some of the oldest and least-changed dog breeds in existence.

Bottom Line 

Dogs make the perfect hunting partners, and you’ll heavily rely on their hunting skills in action. Therefore, giving your new hunting dog a name is the start of many unforgettable journeys together.

Did you notice that most of the best dog names find their origin in hunting itself? We hope we helped you narrow down some great hunting dog names for calling your dog! Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Badass Dog Names?

We have a full list of badass names for dogs, but if you just want to see a few, here you go:

  • Ace
  • Shadow
  • Bandit
  • Loki
  • Zeus
  • Hercules
  • Maverick
  • Thor
  • Diesel
  • Titan.

Do you like any of them? If not, check out the others we linked to!

What’s a Good Name for a Male Hunting Dog?

A good name for a male hunting dog could be Hunter, Archer, Gunner, Buster, Sniper, Tracker, or Duke. They all have to do with hunting skills and agility. Can you imagine yourself calling out any of them in the forest?

What Are Some Wild Dog Names?

Some wild dog names include Apache, Shadow, Journey, Ranger, Bandit, Cheyenne, and Kodiak. Don’t they sound brave and adventurous? One of them is sure to fit your pup!

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